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Chapter 545: Great Gan Empire

Being the symbolic city within the north-western region, this Ancient Hall was quite a lively one. Moreover, ever since the appearance of the Ancient Treasure Trove, the human traffic in this place had reached a pretty terrifying level. Even after many months, this place was still considered to be flourishing.

The Ancient Treasure Trove was opened for quite a while. Hence, quite a number of people continuously entered during this later period of time. Of course, there were also some people, who had obtained some treasures, continuously exiting it with wild joy. Quite a number of people felt provoked upon seeing the kind of envious rewards obtained. Furthermore, with the Hundred Empire War looming closer and closer, many experts were anxious to increase their strength. Hence, the number of people who entered the Ancient Treasure Trove increased with the flow of time.

Similarly, the number of experts that were attracted to this Ancient Hall also crazily increased. Various high ranked empires swarmed over to this place, packing it to the extent that even water would have difficulty seeping out.

Disputes would naturally follow with an increase in the number of people. This was a principle that would never change.

With an increasing number of people surging into the Ancient Treasure Trove, the treasure trove would not be able to endure this kind of harvesting regardless of how rich the treasure trove was. Hence, after two months or so, most of the treasures and inheritance within the Ancient Treasure Trove have been obtained by others. In this way, it also resulted in others having no choice but to return empty handed.

Most of those who arrived in this place were unwilling to return empty handed. Therefore, a problem had occurred. Since they were no longer able to obtain any treasures, they could only snatch them…

This was a place where strength was honoured. As long as one possessed sufficient strength, no one would blame one for robbing another.

The birth of these thoughts had basically caused this Ancient Hall city to become chaotic overnight. Those people who had returned from the Ancient Treasure Trove with great rewards did not have any time to revel in their spoils after exiting the spatial ripple, when they sensed that they were already the focus of numerous greedy blood red eyes…

Snatching and resistance. Such events occurred in every part of the city. There were those which were small scale, while there was no lacking of large ones as well. In any case, everyone was aware that one could not be considered to have completely succeeded after obtaining the treasures. This was because, they must possess the ability to bring these treasures out from this Ancient Hall in front of the many malicious gazes!

There was no order in this place. Only one’s strength and fist existed!

Of course, regardless of how chaotic the place was, there was ultimately a difference between the strong and the weak. After the many shuffling of power within this Ancient Hall, the factions that had dominated this place in the past had long been swept away.

When one walked in this enormous ancient city, one would definitely gather at the middle of the gold coloured hall. When one raised his head, that spot was the most attention seeking spot in the entire city. It is reputed that the faction, which was currently occupying this gold coloured large hall, was powerful enough to tower over the entire city until no one dared speak back.

They were not from a high ranked empire. Instead… a super empire.

These three words did not appear gentle. Instead, it contained a heaviness that would cause one’s expression to change. The north-western region was filled with countless number of empires and they were just like the stars in the sky. Counting all of them was impossible. However, everyone knew that amongst these numerous star like empires, there are an extremely small number of them which stood at the peak.

Those were the super empires.

It was impossible for an ordinary empire to measure the strength of a super empire. In this north-western region, if one was to describe a super sect as the king, these super empires would be like the overlords. Although the strength and foundation of these super empires were lacking compared to those super sects, their strength was also at a level that one could not underestimate.

Those geniuses that had come out from those super empires not only had talents that an ordinary person had difficulty being compared with, but their foundation was also something that an ordinary person could not compare with. The moment that they entered this Ancient Battlefield, they were already at the peak. From a certain point of view, it was basically a given that they would be chosen to join the super sects.

Hence, the super empires were the strongest existence in this Ancient Battlefield. Wherever they went, no other empire dared to offend them. This was because everyone understood that they could not offend the super empires, given the latter’s strength.

Originally, there were no super empires that existed in this north-western region. These super empires in the Ancient Hall had arrived after the Ancient Treasure Trove appeared. From their appearance, it seemed that they were interested in the Ancient Treasure Trove.

However, everyone were a little uncertain as to why this super empire did not attack and snatch the treasures of others like they had expected after having forcefully occupy that gold coloured hall. Instead, they remained quiet. Their manner appeared as though they were waiting for something.

Their actions caused people to feel a little uncertain. However, there were soon some news that began to spread. These people from the super sect was indeed waiting here because of the Ancient Treasure Trove. However, they had quite a high standard. Ordinary treasure naturally had difficulty catching their attention. What they wanted was the four great mysterious sects’ inheritance in the Ancient Treasure Trove!

Base on the news that had been transmitted from the Ancient Treasure Trove, the inheritance of the four great mysterious sects had already been obtained by Liu Bai’s, Lin Sen’s and Lin Dong’s group. Moreover, the most shocking thing was that the seemingly weakest Lin Dong’s group had actually monopolized two of the great mysterious sects’ inheritance!

There was an even more shocking news that spread after this news. During the fight for the inheritance, Lin Dong had actually defeated Tian Zhen, Mu Shou and Jiang Shan, three of the overlords of the north-western region. He established his might and directly took two of the great mysterious sects’ inheritance!

Regardless of how many people scoffed when this news was spread, the entire city seemed to have become silent after Tian Zhen and the two others came out from the Ancient Treasure Trove in a dispirited manner. Quite a number of people quietly inhaled a breath of cold air. They were really unable to imagine that a person from a low rank empire was actually able to reach such a frightening level…

No matter what kind of enormous commotion that was stirred in the Ancient Hall or even the north-western region, however, his actual self had ultimately not appeared. This had given credence to the news that he was refining the mysterious sect’s inheritance.

After everyone became aware of the intention of this super empire in coming to this Ancient Hall, quite a number of people ended up gloating a little. They really wanted to see just what kind of performance Lin Dong, who had been continuously performing miracles, would be able to display in front of such terrifying opponents.

One month ago, while they were waiting with such ill intention, an unusual activity had appeared in the space of the Ancient Hall. After which, Liu Bai’s and Sen Yan’s group actually directly broke out of the space in front of the focus of the entire city.

This group of people had just appeared when it immediately stirred the attention of the super empire, which was present in the gold coloured large hall. At the same time, some super empire’s experts revealed themselves. However, everyone was a little surprised to find that the big battle which they had anticipated, did not appear. Both parties had an intense face off for a moment before the both parties felt a little wary of each other. After which, the super empire actually gave up and returned.

Quite a number of people were a little stunned in the face of this situation. Only those who were well-informed were aware that although the super empire had arrived at the Ancient Hall, Liu Bai and Yan Sen also possessed quite a strong background behind them. It was likely that the super empire had weighed the situation a little, before deciding that they did not wish to end up with a conflict with the factions behind these two just because of this inheritance.

Some people were a little disappointed over this result. Soon after, however, they braced their attention once again. This was because they understood that although both parties did not fight this time around, there would not be such an anticlimax the next time around.

Liu Bai and Yan Sen possessed quite a strong background, but Lin Dong had came from a low ranked empire. Hence, no super empires backed him. Therefore, as long as he dared to reveal himself, it was likely that he would have to obediently hand over the inheritance…

This was because the one which attacked him this time around was a super empire!

In this Ancient Battlefield, the prestige of a super empire was definitely not something that someone who had originated from a low rank empire, would dare to provoke. Even though he had performed many miracles, the strength of a super sect was already sufficient to eliminate any miracles…

Great Gan Empire.

This was the super sect which was present in this Ancient Hall. It was a name that could cause the hearts of many to tremble in fear even in this entire Ancient Battlefield.

The Great Gan Empire had three kings and four generals. All of these people were renowned individuals on the Nirvana Ranking. Their strength had already reached quite a terrifying level.

At this moment, two of the four generals from this Great Gan Empires were quietly waiting in this Ancient Hall for the appearance of Lin Dong.

Fire General, Zhu Tianhuo.

Mountain General, Muhuang.

Two great individuals who had once shaken the Ancient Battlefield. They were the true genius and elites in this Ancient Battlefield.

Countless number of people in the Ancient Hall were all anxiously anticipating the fight that would erupt soon. This was because all of them wanted to know whether this young man from a low rank empire would be able to continue creating his miracles in the face of such true great beings.

The end of the miracles or the miracles becoming even brighter. The answer would likely be revealed very soon…

Countless number of people thought in this manner within the Ancient Hall. A moment later, they suddenly raised their heads and looked at the spatial swirl that had suddenly appeared in the space. All of them were stunned for a moment.

The spatial swirl was slowly formed as a wild and violent ripple spread from it. After which, two young familiar looking figures gradually appeared from within the swirl.

The eyes of some sharp eyed individuals suddenly shrunk tightly upon seeing the figure that was the leader. Soon after, sharp uncontrolled joyous voice sounded in a ear-piercing manner.

“Lin Dong has appeared!”

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