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Chapter 533: First

Everything in front of Lin Dong’s eyes swiftly became dark the instant he entered the large bronze door. All of his senses even appeared to have been sealed within his body. His original powerful Mental Energy that lingered around his body, was also directly and forcefully suppressed back into his body.

This sudden sealing caused Lin Dong to be slightly shocked. However, he did not overly panic. After musing for a moment, he finally began to gradually relax.

Not long after Lin Dong’s body relaxed, the darkness suddenly disappeared. Rays of light once again broke through the darkness and shone onto Lin Dong.

Lin Dong narrowed his eyes. He adapted to this kind of light for a moment before slowly widening his eyes.

An incomparably large door was imprinted into his eyes. Lin Dong was as small as an ant when standing in front of this gigantic door. He raised his head and observed it. The kind of pressurising feeling from the door was so vast and mighty that it caused his heart to tremble violently.

The enormous door was pale green in colour. However, it was not shut at this moment. Instead, it was in a kind of opened state. Lin Dong’s gaze looked behind the large door. Everything was hazy and he was unable to clearly see anything. The extreme atypical and mysterious state caused him to become exceptionally careful. His heart also slowly sunk.

“This place… is this the site of the four great mysterious sect’s inheritance?” Lin Dong muttered to himself. The shock in his heart finally calmed gradually as he looked at the large opened door.

“Buzz buzz buzz buzz!”

A green glow suddenly gathered on that enormous door while Lin Dong was muttering to himself. There seemed to be an ancient character vaguely floating on it. It carried the heaviness of a tale that possessed the charm to capture one’s heart.

“Four Great Mysterious Sect, Green Dragon Hall.” Lin Dong’s stared at those ancient characters and softly spoke.

“Green Dragon Hall. Is this one of the four great mysterious sects?”

The green glowing ancient characters once again appeared on the enormous door while Lin Dong was musing.

“The Green Dragon Test is extremely dangerous. Most would die attempting it. Think twice before entering! Think twice before entering!”

The two ‘think twice before entering’ were highlighted with a bloody light, giving it a fierce and brutal appearance. Anyone who saw these words would be somewhat gripped with fear.

Lin Dong inhaled a deep breath of air.

“There’s still a test huh…”

Lin Dong looked at these ancient characters and began to frown slightly. He did not expect that he was actually unable to successfully obtain the inheritance even after experiencing a fight and entering the bronze door. Instead, he had to pass through this so-called Green Dragon Test.

Lin Dong looked around this mysterious place. It seemed that there was only one path in front of him. At this point, he could not even retreat. He involuntarily felt a little helpless. The person who designed this place was truly quite peculiar. On one hand, he told others to think twice before entering, on the other hand, he had sealed off one’s retreat path. Clearly, the only path that one could take was to enter this enormous door and experience that so-called Green Dragon Test. What was there to be careful and think twice about?

Lin Dong quietly cursed the designer of this space in his heart. After which, he lifted his foot and walked towards the large opened door. He had arrived here after much difficulty. Forget about a mere test. Even if he had to experience great danger, he would still make an attempt without resigning to the situation.

This was because he clearly understood that he must rely on these ancient inheritance in order to stand out in this Ancient Battlefield, that was filled with geniuses. A person’s hard work was indeed extremely important. However, these ancient inheritance could allow one’s hard work to be rewarded by ten times or even a couple of dozen times.

Moreover, Lin Dong did not have the additional time to search for another treasure and obtain the inheritance within it. Hence, he could only continue this path at this moment.

“Green Dragon Test. I want to experience just how dangerous you are!”

Lin Dong’s expression changed slightly as he stood in front of the large door. Finally, he gritted his teeth and ceased hesitating. With a step forward, he entered through the door.

The expected darkness did not appear after Lin Dong stepped across the door. His gaze merely became dazed with lightning like speed. Next, he sensed that the surrounding place had suddenly changed!


A ‘bang’ suddenly resounded in Lin Dong’s ears as a thunderbolt rushed past. The silver light shone onto Lin Dong’s body. Those usually calm eyes were currently gradually being occupied by traces of shock.

A seemingly endless silver coloured sea was being reflected from Lin Dong’s eyes. The top of this sea was dark clouds that stretched to the horizon. The dark clouds was of an unknown thickness with lightning flowing within it. Numerous gigantic thunderbolts whizzed down like furious dragons brandishing their claws. Finally, they mercilessly smashed onto the silver coloured sea below.


Large waves began to surge over the sea after it was being struck by the thunderbolt. However, Lin Dong was able to see a flickering lightning amidst the waves. The seawater was actually being completely filled by electricity!


Even with Lin Dong’s calmness, he still involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air upon seeing this scene. He suddenly looked around him and discovered that he was already within this sea. There was only a ten feet large rock under his feet. Numerous lightning of various liquid spread apart, striking onto the rock. The liquid shot out and landed onto Lin Dong’s legs. Immediately, a piercing pain sensation was transmitted from it.

The electric liquid was actually real!

That piercing pain caused Lin Dong’s body to suddenly tremble. His eyes involuntarily shrunk. Originally, he had thought that this might be an illusion. However, that kind of pain caused him to understand that this unbelievable sea of lightning in front of him was actually real!

The current him was deep within this electric sea!

Lin Dong felt his head immediately turned numb when he thought of this. Only at this moment did he understood how terrifying this Green Dragon Test was. This might not be some blade mountain or sea of fire, but it was a sea of lightning that was even more terrifying that a sea of fire!

“It is actually possible to do something like this. Looks like the strength of the person who created this test is quite terrifying.” Little Marten finally came out from Lin Dong’s body at this moment. It looked at the sea of lightning that spread to the horizon. A surprise involuntarily flashed across his eyes when he did so.

“Could it be that this test intends for me to pass through this sea of lightning?”

Lin Dong raised his head. Enormous thunderbolt descended from the thick dark clouds like a storm. Looking from afar, it appeared just like a lightning curtain and was incomparably spectacular.

The might of the heavens was just like a prison!

Lin Dong sensed a wild and violent energy from those thunderbolts. Even if it was him, it was likely that he would not be able to endure if he was repeatedly struck by this kind of thunderbolt.

“It should be intended for you to charge through these things. You can only pray in the face of these things.” Little Marten spread its claws and innocently said.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes when he heard Little Marten’s useless advice. However, he immediately let out a deep breath. His eyes stared at the sea of lightning and hesitated for a moment. The pride in his heart suddenly rose, “I want to experience just how difficult it is to pass through this sea of lightning!” After laughing out loud, Lin Dong pressed his toes onto the rock and his body rushed forward.


However, a force that could not be resisted, suddenly surged out from all directions the moment Lin Dong charged out from the area around the rock. It directly pressed his body down and cause him to fall into the sea of lightning.

Hiss hiss!

Lin Dong’s feet landed onto the sea of lightning but did not sink into it. However, the electric liquid came swarming over. Immediately, an intense pain surged out from his feet. This kind of feeling was as though he had stepped into a pot of boiling oil.

The intense pain from under his feet also caused Lin Dong to swiftly recover. He hurriedly maneuvered his Yuan Power. A gold glow surged from under his skin. Within the blink of an eye, his entire body was covered by the golden glow. Clearly, he had activated the Nirvana Golden body.

Creak creak!

With the activation of the Nirvana Golden body, the intense pain had quickly weakened significantly. However, Lin Dong was still able to sense threads of wild and violent energy surging into his body from his feet. Even his veins became a little swollen wherever the energy passed, appearing as though it had been electrocuted.


The hair on Lin Dong’s head directly became vertical at this moment. He appeared just like a hedgehog and was extremely comical. His mouth widened and a thread of black smoke was emitted from it.


Lin Dong’s expression was a little black. He gritted his teeth and cursed. After the experiment from earlier, he discovered that it was actually impossible to fly over this sea of lightning. In other words, he could only transverse this endless sea of lightning by walking!

The wild and violent energy within the sea of lightning continued to invade into Lin Dong’s body. Only by continuously activating the Nirvana Golden body did he manage to barely resist it. However, activating the Nirvana Golden body required the support of a large amount of Yuan Power. The exhaustion of activating this Nirvana Golden body as though one was consuming a meal was something that even Lin Dong had difficulty enduring.

“I have even walked across the darkness world of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. I don’t believe that I am unable to cross your sea of lightning!”

Lin Dong parted his mouth. A stubbornness had been stirred in him by this sea of lightning. Immediately, a thought passed through his mind. Wisps of golden light surged out from under his skin. After which, they agglomerated under his feet. Golden light dissipated from it and blocked the pouncing electric liquid.


Lin Dong transformed his feet into a pair of golden feet. After which, he clenched his teeth, raised his foot and walked forward.

Sizzle sizzle.

Lin Dong’s foot landed on the sea of lightning. Even with the protection of the Nirvana Golden body, he still felt as if he was walking on countless steel needles. Cold sweat had already seeped out of Lin Dong’s forehead, after only talking a couple of steps.

The intense pain spread upwards from his feet. However, the stubbornness in Lin Dong’s eyes became increasingly dense. His descending footsteps also became increasingly firmer.

Amidst the lighting curtain that filled the sky, a figure gradually walked into the distance under the protection of the faint golden glow.

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