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Chapter 532: Entering the Great Bronze Door

After Lin Langtian fled, the tense atmosphere that had shrouded the ancient field, also suddenly weakened gradually. Everyone immediately quietly sighed in relief. Their eyes contained a rich fear and respect when they looked at the figure in the mid-air once again. All of them clearly understood that once the matter today was leaked to the outside world, Lin Dong’s name would shake the entire north-western region. In fact, he would even possess some reputation in this indefinitely large Ancient Battlefield.

Lin Dong eyes merely shifted slightly in the face of everyone’s frightened and respectful gazes. Immediately, he landed from the air with a calm expression. With a wave of his sleeves, the soul of the Heavenly Crocodile in the sky swiftly paled before transforming into a bright red glow and once again entered into the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear.

The summoning of the Heavenly Crocodile’s soul this time around had directly exhausted the two ancient bloodline in Lin Dong’s hands. If he was unable to obtain such a bloodline in the future, it was likely extremely difficult to summon the Heavenly Crocodile’s soul again.

Although Lin Dong had lost two ancient bloodlines, the deterrence that he had created was also quite great. From the looks of the gazes of those around, it was clear that there would no longer be any blind person who would come and irritate Lin Dong.

This battle had also beaten his sworn enemy, Lin Langtian, until the latter had received a serious injury to the point where it was impossible to tell if he would remain alive or dead. According to Lin Dong’s estimate, that finger had an eighty percent chance of killing Lin Langtian. He really could not imagine just who could save a person whose consciousness had been eroded to such a serious extent. Even that mysterious Yuan Spirit did not possess this ability!

“Big brother, are you alright?” Little Flame also quickly walked over at this moment. His eyes looked at Lin Dong’s face, which was a little flush red, as he inquired.

Lin Dong rubbed his chest that still had a remanent intense pain. That firm punch that Lin Langtian had landed earlier cause the interior of his body to be far from calm at this moment. Clearly, he was a little wounded. However, it was forcefully suppressed by him. Although he had established a majestic appearance from the earlier big battle, no one could guarantee that there would not be anyone who else who were crazy with greed in the face of the allure from the four great mysterious sects.

Little Flame clearly understood Lin Dong extremely well. When the former saw him in this manner, he slowly clenched the metal rod in his hand and stepped forward, He appeared just like a metal pagoda beside Lin Dong. Hostility flashed across those tiger eyes of his.

With the end of the intense fight, the wide field had currently descended into an abnormal silence. It was as though no one had completely recovered from the big battle earlier.

“Hehe, brother Lin Dong really possess some hidden skills. Once word of this battle spread, it is likely that you will also possess the qualification to advance into the Nirvana Ranking.” The first person to speak was Liu Bai, who had been an observer from the very beginning. He smiled towards Lin Dong as he uttered those words.

“It is just some unorthodox method. I was lucky.”

Lin Dong did not dare to slight this person, who was the one with the most hidden abilities amongst the four great overlords of the north-western region. By relying on the perception of his Mental Energy, he was able to sense that the strength of this Liu Bai was definitely greater than Tian Zhen and the two others. It was best that he did not easily offend such a person at this moment.

Although Liu Bai did not intervene and aid Lin Dong earlier, it was clear that Lin Dong would not bear a grudge over it. The relationship between them was a shallow one. Previously, since Liu Bai did not take advantage of the situation and attack him, it could be have counted as a form of assistance as well.

If Liu Bai’s group had also attacked earlier, it was likely that Lin Dong could only flee miserable today, regardless of how many trump cards he possessed. Although he was confident, he was not arrogant. Fighting Tian Zhen’s four men group was already reaching his limit.

“There are only victors in this world and not luck.”

Yan Sen by the side laughed faintly. His eyes stared at Lin Dong and uttered, “Looks like I have underestimated you. If it is not because the location now is inappropriate, I might be unable to control myself and spare with you.”

“Pluto Hand Yan Sen is quite renown in this Ancient Battlefield. However, if you wish to fight with brother Lin Dong, it is really impossible to predict just who will end up defeated.” Liu Bai smilingly said.

The corner of Yan Sen’s mouth moved but he remained non-committal

“Pluto Hand Yan Sen.” Lin Dong was slightly startled. It seemed that this Yan Sen was indeed no ordinary being. However, he was clearly not as well-informed as Liu Bai’s group. Therefore, he was unaware of what rumours there were about this Yan Sen.

“However, I am very curious as to why a person like you, who has been roaming in the north-eastern region, would come to our north-western region. Although this Ancient Treasure Trove is extraordinary, I heard that the north-eastern region also possess quite a great treasure, no?” Liu Bai smilingly asked.

“There are super empires who have targeted the treasure in the north-eastern region. Comparatively, this north-western region is the weakest place amongst the few large regions. Naturally, I have chosen to come here to shake things up.” Yan Sen spoke faintly.

Lin Dong vaguely had some understanding of the outer areas of this Ancient Battlefield after hearing the conversation between the two by the side. There were countless number of treasures in this Ancient Battlefield. Even a treasure that was on a level similar to this Ancient Treasure Trove was not unique. There was only half a year’s time to the Hundred Empires War. During this remaining time, those experts who wanted to stand out in the Hundred Empires War would need to obtain various inheritance, absorb, hone and completely control them.

Hence, it was likely that this entire Ancient Battlefield had descended into a frenzy in search for treasures. Even those super empires, which were blessed with an extremely strong background, were unwilling to fall behind.

Intense fights similar to the one that had occurred in this Ancient Treasure Trove are likely currently appearing one after another in various places within the Ancient Battlefield.

At this moment, almost everyone were attempting to strengthen themselves. This was because the Hundred Empires War was where the true elites would gather. Attempting to stand out amongst those countless number of geniuses and be selected by those super sects was no simple task.

Liu Bai smiled. After which, he ceased saying anything else. Instead, he turned his head and looked at the four large ancient doors on the field. A heated expression gradually surfaced in his eyes.

“Sine the fight is already over, we should begin the most important step…” Liu Bai extended his hand. An Ancient Secret Key appeared on it. Meanwhile, rays of light was scattered from the Secret key.

Following the unique glow that was scattered from the Secret Key, an ancient large door, which had remained still and without activity despite the various techniques used by those around, actually had a faint luster seeping out from it.


The Ancient Secret Key slowly drifted from Liu Bai’s hands. The glow emitted became increasingly dense. Finally, the light gather and seemed to have formed a mysterious symbol that shone onto the tightly shut ancient door.


After the mysterious symbol light was shone onto it, the large bronze door, which had been tightly shut for countless number of years, finally slowly formed a gap in front of the many boiling hot eyes.

“Keke, brother Lin Dong, it seems that my Secret Key is the key to this bronze door. We shall enter first. Let us meet up if there is an opportunity to do so in the future!” Liu Bai’s heated eyes looked at the bronze door where a gap had been created. After which, he smiled towards Lin Dong. With a wave of his hand, the ancient Secret Key unleashed a light circle that covered his group. After which, they emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound and charged into the bronze door.


After Liu Bai’s group entered, the bronze door, which had opened to reveal a slight gap, was once again tightly shut. This caused everyone to be disappointed.

“Let’s do it too.”

An excitement rose in Lin Dong’s heart after seeing Liu Bai’s group successfully entering the bronze door and obtain an inheritance. After which, he turned towards Little Flame and uttered those words.


Little Flame nodded. The two of them took out an Ancient Secret Key at the same time. Soon after, two ancient bronze doors emitted a unique glow. Signs of it been opened was vaguely present.

At the same time, Yan Sen had also took out his Secret Key which echoed with the last large bronze door.

Everyone around the large field watched this scene with incomparable greed. The breathing of some people involuntarily became ragged. Clearly, there was a struggle between their greed and reasoning.

Lin Dong acted as though he did not notice the many pairs of greedy eyes around him. His gaze merely stared at the bronze door, which the Secret Key in his hand had made contact with. He could sense the ancient ripple that was present within the large bronze door. A kind of chain from somewhere seeped out from within and lingered around Lin Dong.

“Is this the inheritance that belongs to me?”

Lin Dong muttered to himself. Immediately, the Ancient Secret Key in his hand formed an old symbol that was imprinted onto the large bronze door. After which, the sealed large door was finally slowly opened.


At the same time, the two bronze doors in front of Little Flame and Yan Sen were also gradually opened. An primeval scent was slowly spreading from within it.

“Little Flame, be careful.”

A light wrapped around Lin Dong. He could sense the suction force that was being emitted from the bronze door, vaguely pulling his body into it. Immediately, he turned his head, faced Little Flame and reminded with a gave voice.

Subsequently, the two of them would be separated for some time. No one knew just what they would meet in that inheritance. By giving an Ancient Secret Key to Little Flame, Lin Dong had given him a great opportunity. Whether Little Flame would be able to make full use of the opportunity would be determined by his own ability…


Little Flame nodded heavily. He knew that this Ancient Secret Key was very precious. In fact, they had to survive an intense life and death battle in order to retain this key.


The bodies of the trio began to be lifted after being wrapped by the light circles. After which, they rushed towards that opened bronze door.


Just as the three of them moved, over ten figures with blood red eyes suddenly rushed out from around them. However, they were attacking. Instead, they directly charged towards the opened bronze doors.

It seemed that there were still many people who could not control the greed in their hearts.

Boom boom!

Lin Dong’s group quietly watched the ten plus figures that had charged forward and shook their heads slightly. After which, they saw that the bodies of these people suddenly blasting into clusters of fresh when they were just about to enter the bronze door.

Fresh blood scattered across the field. The blood scent spread, causing the expressions of those who were about to act to turn pale.

Amidst those many gazes that were gradually turning dim from disappointment, Lin Dong’s group finally rushed into that ancient bronze doors. After which, the large doors emitted a ‘creak’ before it slowly shut off. They were lasting and unmoving, appearing just like earlier, when they were covered in dust.

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