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WDQK Chapter 50: Qingyuan Art

After the sensational Hunting Competition ended, Qingyang Town gradually returned to its originally peaceful and quiet days. However, right now there were still many people discussing about the “Hunt” and most of them were talking about the one who outclassed everyone else, Lin Dong.

Lin Dong was not someone who liked to show off. After the Hunting Competition, he spent most of his days quietly in the Lin Family and only went out occasionally. As such, many people were curious about the person who had replaced Lei Li as the strongest younger generation member in Qingyang Town.

In the early morning, a dense mist shrouded the mountains behind the Lin Family estate. Within that dense forest, a series of “bang bang” sounds suddenly echoed out.

On an open space within the woods, three human shaped wooden posts were situated in a triangular formation on the ground. At the center of the triangle, a deft figure swiftly dodged, retreated and blocked, managing to ward off all the wooden arms on the wooden posts which attacked every part of his body.

The “bang bang” sound was produced when the wooden arm collided with the human’s arm. From each sound, one could vividly feel the deep and powerful strength behind each blow.

Naturally, that human silhouette was Lin Dong. Right now, he was fully focused on the three wooden posts as he moved deftly through them, dodging and ducking. Moments later,  his expression turned serious as two of his fingers curled up and immediately attacked the wooden post in front of him.


Just as Lin Dong’s two fingers made contact with the wooden post, a bright glow exploded from the top his fingers. Instantly, the sturdy wooden post exploded as wood shrapnels flew out in every direction.

“Bang bang!”

Then, Lin Dong extended one finger from each hand towards the two remaining wooden posts. Immediately, both of them exploded as well, causing the ground to be littered with wood bits.

“The strength of Chun Yuan Finger is truly fearsome!”

Witnessing the destructive potential of his fingers, Lin Dong could not help but nod in satisfaction. This Chun Yuan Finger was the only Level 4 Martial Arts in the Lin Family. After Lin Zhentian and the rest tagged Lin Dong as a Martial Arts Genius, they immediately shoved the manual into Lin Dong’s face.

Of course, since Lin Dong had the aid of the Mysterious Stone Talisman, he could easily learn this Chun Yuan Finger. Furthermore, this martial art was not as complex as Wonder Gate Seal. Therefore, after a few days of hard work, Lin Dong had already become quite decent in it. And now, after a month’s time, Lin Dong had mastered it till he could easily execute it at any time. Of course, that was provided that he had sufficient Yuan Power in his body.

As he finished another part of his training regime, Lin Dong wiped off his sweat as he sat down on a rock nearby. With a serious expression on his face, he then proceeded to take out a yellowish old manual from a pocket in his clothes.

This old manual was the Secret Arts that was personally kept by Lin Zhentian. Yesterday, Lin Dong finally managed to obtain it from his grandfather. Even though it was only a 3rd Tier Secret Arts, if he successfully learnt it, it would still be highly beneficial for him.

Within this month, Lin Dong had also gained a better understanding of Secret Arts.

Basically, Secret Arts was actually a unique method to direct and refine Yuan Power. For example, their Lin Family’s “QingYuan Art” was able to unlock 4 hidden channels within one’s body. These four channels were directly connected to one’s skin. Therefore, after one learns QingYuan Art, they can use activate the Art to unlock these four inner channels and absorb the Yuan Power from between Heaven and Earth. As such, compared to other practitioners who can only absorb from breathing, one would be able to absorb Yuan Power more rapidly.

It is said that 1st Tier Secret Arts are able to unlock tens of hidden channels. In fact, some even more mysterious Secret Arts will teach a unique method to create a constant suction force below one’s skin. Such that even when one is not in a state of training, one would be able to constantly absorb Yuan Power from between Heaven and Earth, thereby tempering the body and enriching one’s Dan Tian.

Of course, Lin Dong would love to get his hands on those kinds of Secret Arts. However, those manuals were extremely rare and valuable. In fact, even a 3rd Tier Secret Art was a pretty valuable item and most people from ordinary families could never hope to learn these Secret Arts.

Even though he only needed to unlock four channels, this was not an easy feat to accomplish. After all, the human body is a highly complex and filled with many inner channels and numerous mysteries. Most of these inner channels were closed off, and if one wishes to open them, it was not going to be a walk in the park.

Based on Lin Dong’s knowledge, he knew that when Lin Zhentian was practising this “QingYuan Art”, he took half a year’s time before he successfully unlocked all four of his inner channels, whereas Lin Xiao, took three months.

As Lin Dong slowly read through that yellowish manual, he burned every word into his mind. Secret Arts and Martial Arts are two different things. If one fails to master a Martial Art, he can easily give up. However, if one makes a mistake when he attempts to learn Secret Arts, even a small error may cause one to lie in bed for several days, while a major error could cause one’s inner channels to rupture. Therefore, extreme caution must be exercised when one attempts to learn Secret Arts.

As such, even though the book had only ten over pages, Lin Dong took more than an hour to read through it. Finally, he withdrew his gaze and mulled over what he had learnt. Written on the book were numerous detailed descriptions and guidelines. If he followed them closely, it would save him a lot of time.

“Hmm, I wonder if the Mysterious Stone Talisman will help me out when I learn Secret Arts?”

As Lin Dong gently stroked the Secret Arts Manual, his eyes flashed as he suddenly remembered his perfect “mentor”.

At this thought, Lin Dong smiled gently. He unhurriedly shut both of his eyes as he entered into the Spiritual Domain.

Right now, this Spiritual Domain seemed to be brighter than before. The number of glowing figures had also increased to four. They were executing Penetrating Fist, Eight Desolations Palm, Wonder Gate Seal and Chun Yuan Finger.

After entering, the space behind the fourth glowing shadow gradually began to distort. Finally, another glowing shadow appeared. However, this time, the glowing shadow was seated on the ground.

Shortly after this fifth glowing shadow appeared, its body gradually became translucent as numerous glowing lines, resembling a body’s inner channel, began to surface on its body.

When the body became totally transparent, Lin Dong could vividly see a light suddenly emerge amongst the chaotic inner channels. It flowed along one of the inner channels before finally reaching the area just below the surface of the skin.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Dong immediately recognized that this was the first inner channel that must be unlocked for “QingYuan Art”. This teaching method was several times more engaging and enlightening as compared to the explanations on the manual.

After the first inner channel was lit up, three other channels were consecutively lit up. Thanks to the light and its transparent body, the paths of these four inner channels were extremely clear.

After Lin Dong had committed the paths for these four inner channels to heart, he silently nodded his head. However, just as he was about to leave the Spiritual Domain, he suddenly spotted another inner channel light up and successfully connect to a point on the skin.

“The fifth channel!”

Lin Dong pupils slightly shrunk as he looked at the path of that fifth inner channel. Looks like not only was this Mysterious Stone Talisman able to perfect Martial Arts, it was also able to perfect Secret Arts!

With this discovery, Lin Dong once again returned to his calm self as he kept his eyes peeled on the glowing shadow. He was curious to find out how many additional inner channels the glowing shadow could unlock.

Under Lin Dong’s steady gaze, minutes after the fifth channel lit up, another two other inner channels lit up in succession!

Seven inner channels!

As he stared at the twinkling paths of the seven inner channels, Lin Dong involuntarily gasped. This would nearly double the strength of “Qingyuan Art!”

This Mysterious Stone Talisman was truly made by the gods!

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