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WDQK Chapter 49: Martial Arts Genius

Eventually, the Qingyang Town Hunt was successfully concluded. Though Lin Dong and Lei Li dropped out, causing the “Hunt” to lose some of its glamour, most people were still satisfied with this time’s Hunting Competition. Especially since they managed to witness a grand gamble between the Lei Family and the Lin Family.

As expected, the champion of this “Hunt”,  ultimately came from the Raging Blade Dojo. While the Lei and Xie Families, the traditional powerhouses, did not gain a single benefit from this “Hunt”. The Lei Family in particular was even more heavily impacted since they lost an important Steel Wood Manor.

As for the Xie Family, even though they were jealous of the Fire Python Tiger cub that Wu Yun obtained, they knew that based on Xie Yingying’s current strength, she was still lacking compared to Wu Yun. Furthermore, after the precedent set by the Lei Family, they did not dare to wager any of their valuable possessions to gamble with the Raging Blade Dojo. Therefore, they could only give up on the Fire Python Tiger cub.

Therefore, the ultimate victors of this “Hunt” were undoubtedly the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo!

In the Lin Family, ever since Lin Zhentian and the rest returned from the Monster Arena, news of Lin Dong’s impressive victory over Lei Li spread like wildfire. This sensational news caused everyone to be dumbstruck. However, most of them were also filled with pride upon hearing this news. After all, Lin Dong’s accomplishment had skyrocketed the status and reputation of the entire Lin Family.

As nightfall approached, the Lin Family’s backyard was filled with lights and peals of laughter.

In the large hall, Lin Zhentian sat at the center with a wide smile on his face. Seated on his right, were neither Lin Ken nor Lin Xiao, but instead Lin Dong.

With regards to this special seating arrangement, Lin Dong felt somewhat resigned. But because of Lin Zhentian’s insistence, he had no choice but to sit obediently in this prickly position.

At dinner time, everyone ate as they conversed joyously. Lin Dong glanced at Qing Tan, Lin Xia and the rest, who were seated a distance away from him. He could only roll his eyes and silently eat his meal.

“Heh heh, Dong-er….” After a light chat, Lin Zhentian finally turned to look at Lin Dong who was seated beside him. As Lin Dong saw his beaming grandfather, he felt a little uneasy.

Just as Lin Zhentian spoke, everyone immediately turned to look at Lin Dong.

“After all these years, today was the day where our Lin Family felt the most proud, and it was all thanks to you.” Lin Zhentian stared at the young man beside him as he softly sighed.

“Grandpa, I am part of the Lin Family too.” Lin Dong placed his chopstick down, humbly scratching his head as he replied.

“Haha, well said…” Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian let out a content smile. As he turned to look at Lin Xiao and Lin Mang, he said: “I know the two of you have been at loggerheads since young. However, the most important matter for a family, is to stay united. After all, you are both core members of our Family and if we want to become truly formidable, we must not fight among ourselves. If not, the Lin Family will eventually fall.” As he spoke, Lin Zhentian’s facial expression turned increasingly stern.

“Father’s words are correct.”

After he heard Lin Zhentian’s lecture, Lin Xiao respectfully agreed. Sitting beside him, Lin Mang also nodded with a complicated expression on his face.

“It’s good that you all understand.”

Seeing that both of them replied with proper attitudes, Lin Zhentian gently nodded his head. Promptly, he turned to Lin Dong and asked him with a wide smile: “Dong-er, the last martial art that you used against Lei Li today, should be the Wonder Gate Seal from our Lin Family right?”

“Here it comes…”

After hearing these words, Lin Dong’s stomach did a somersault. Lin Zhentian and the rest had evidently seen some discrepancies in the Wonder Gate Seal that he displayed today. However, he was resigned to his fate. After all, the Wonder Gate Seal was only an incomplete manual comparable to a Level 3 Martial Art, how could it ward off the Lei Family’s Level 4 Martial Art Dashing Lightning?”

“Yes, it was indeed Wonder Gate Seal.” Lin Dong braced himself as he replied

“Why was the Wonder Gate Seal that you used somewhat different from the Wonder Gate Seal of the Lin Family?” Lin Zhentian queried suspiciously.

Lin Dong opened and closed his mouth as he contemplated all the possible answers he could give. Immediately, he rejected them all. Finally, he took in a deep breath and said: “The Lin Family’s Wonder Gate Seal is incomplete… I merely slightly improved it…”

“Pa pa pa…”

After Lin Dong spoke, several chopsticks and bowls fell onto the ground. Even Lin Zhentian’s smiling expression stiffened subconsciously.

“Do you mean… That you actually improved the Wonder Gate Seal on your own?” As he suppressed the raging waves in his heart, Lin Xiao slowly put down his chopsticks as he asked.


After he saw the even more fearful expression than that of seeing a ghost on faces of the crowd, Lin Dong once again sighed secretly in his heart. Even though what he said was highly incredulous, he wanted to keep the Stone Talisman a secret.


In the quiet hall, sounds of people suddenly swallowing their saliva echoed out. Improving Martial Arts? Even though there were many Level 1 Martial Arts, their creators were all highly talented Martial Arts practitioners. Furthermore, the Wonder Gate Seal was not a Level 1 Martial Arts, but at the stage of a Level 3 Martial Arts even though it was incomplete!

The ability to improve a Level 3 Martial Arts, was something that perhaps no one else in entire Qingyang Town could do. In fact, only experts that had advanced to Yuan Dan Stage possess such qualifications!

However, right now Lin Dong claimed to have improved Wonder Gate Seal! Moreover, he was merely at Earthly Stage Yuan. Most importantly, the current Lin Dong was only fifteen years old!

A fifteen years old youngster, yet able to improve a Level 3 Martial Arts. How fearsome is that?

Logically speaking, Lin Zhentian and the rest would definitely dismiss such an incredulous claim. However, after they personally witnessed Lin Dong execute Wonder Gate Seal, they knew that the strength behind it equaled a Level 4 Martial Arts. Therefore, it might actually be plausible that Lin Dong had improved the Wonder Gate Seal.

If this was true, there could only be one logical explanation. As they reached the same conclusion, Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest immediately exchanged glances as ecstasy bubbled in their eyes.

A Martial Arts Genius!

They had heard that there existed some people that were especially gifted in Martial Arts. These people could easily master any Martial Arts. Therefore, they were called Martial Arts Geniuses.

However, this was clearly a very rare existence. Did Lin Dong truly possess this level of talent for Martial Arts?

“When Dong-er was learning martial arts, he could indeed grasp them easily……” Lin Xiao murmured to himself as he recalled the times when he tried to teach Lin Dong Penetrating Fist and Eight Desolations Palms. He faintly remembered that the latter was able to comprehend them rapidly.

After hearing those words, the corners of Lin Zhentian’s eyes twitched for a while. With his palm at his chest, he violently gasped a few times. Did a demon-like genius really emerge from their Lin Family?

As he stared at Lin Zhentian and the rest’s reactions, Lin Dong was at a loss. He never expected that they would term him as a Martial Arts Genius. After all, he was able to progress rapidly thanks to a perfect “Teacher” and his own determination and hard work.

“There should be several chapters to the Wonder Gate Seal. The manual in the Lin Family only contains the first chapter. I used half a year’s time to perfect the second chapter. That was the move that defeated Lei Li.” Lin Dong continued.

“If Grandpa is interested, I can teach you all the second chapter of Wonder Gate Seal. As for the remaining chapters, it will depend on whether I can continue to improve the Wonder Gate Seal.”

At these words, Lin Zhentian and the rest dropped their jaws as they stared at the earnest young man before them. A dream-like sensation filled their minds as they realized that the Lin Family now seemed to possess another Level 4 Martial Arts?

As the crowd looked at each other, they found themselves at a complete loss. The consecutive surprises today had caused them to begin to feel somewhat numb……

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