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Chapter 497: Escalating Strength

The Nirvana Tribulation and Wind Lightning Tribulation continued for nearly half a day. Thunder boomed as waves of heat rippled from Lin Dong’s body, causing the training platform to become extremely hot. Even the Nirvana Qi that permeated the place turned increasingly violent as a result.

The simultaneous arrival of these two types of great tribulations could indeed be considered an unfortunate and fatal matter to an ordinary practitioner. However, for Lin Dong who possessed the mysterious Stone Talisman and the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, it was merely an opportunity to greatly advance his strength.

Although Lin Dong still suffered a little because of the simultaneous arrival of the two tribulations, it was completely insignificant compared to the subsequent explosion in power.

Hence, as the sky gradually darkened, the wild undulations within the crimson barrier quietly weakened. In the end, they completely disappeared.

Lin Dong’s body was quietly seated at the center of the training platform. At this moment, the golden glow on his body was completely concealed. Similarly, the wild and powerful aura from earlier had also accompanied the golden light and quietly hid itself deep within Lin Dong’s body.

From the Lin Dong’s gradually recovering skin colour as well as the now calm atmosphere, it was clear that Lin Dong had already successfully overcome the Nirvana Tribulation and the Wind Lightning Tribulation.


Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes suddenly opened. All of a sudden, lightning and wind flashed past. The air in front of Lin Dong had also exploded in that instant, unleashing a low ear-piercing blast.


Lin Dong’s fist was slowly tightened. As his muscles tensed, a strength that was several times stronger than before seeped out from every part of his body like oozing water from a sponge.

Lin Dong’s fist clenched as he threw out a punch.


The invisible air agglomerated under Lin Dong’s fist in a flash, compressing itself into an invisible air cannonball that whizzed out. It forcefully smashed into the bright red barrier of light, causing tiny ripples to spread outwards.

If an ordinary Nirvana stage expert were to receive this punch, he would be at minimum seriously injured.

A thought passed through Lin Dong’s mind as his fist was thrown out. Majestic Mental Energy instantaneously gathered around him, moving his body to stand in mid-air. Lin Dong’s hand widened a little. By relying on his powerful Mental Energy, he was able to sense the unceasing amount of Nirvana Qi that was surging in from outside of the crimson light barrier. He was even able to penetrate through the crimson light barrier and view everything outside of the Pill River in his mind.

At the same time, he naturally discovered Wang Lie and the others who were watching from outside of the training platform with ill intent. Immediately, the corners of Lin Dong’s mouth gradually lifted to form a cold smile.

“Have you successfully passed?” Little Marten and Little Flame cast a somewhat joyful gaze at Lin Dong. Although they were already aware of the answer, they still could not help but ask.


Lin Dong gently smiled and nodded. He could feel that his current strength really could not be compared with the strength he had previously. The one Yuan Nirvana Stage practitioners, whom he was originally a little afraid of, no longer posed any threat towards him.

The result obtained from the cumulation of his careful preparation this time had clearly far exceeded Lin Dong’s expectations.

The current him already possessed the confidence to fight those truly strong practitioners of the Ancient Battlefield. It would not be easy for even the mysterious and extremely strong Yan Sen from earlier to do as he pleased to Lin Dong, though Lin Dong admittedly did not have absolute confidence in defeating the former.

This was the confidence brought about by strength.

“Let’s go, the training here has come to an end. It is also time to completely resolve some minor troubles.” Lin Dong landed on the platform and smiled at Little Marten and Little Flame. The smile was filled with an chilling aura.

When his Mental Energy had spread out earlier, he had already become aware of the Wang Lie group’s actions. Lin Dong was a person who would not offend others unless others offended him first. Since the other party had already schemed against him, it was naturally illogical for him to just sit back and ignore this matter.

When they heard his words, Little Marten’s and Little Flame’s looked towards the outside of the bright red barrier. As if they had suddenly understood something, they immediately nodded their heads slowly.

Wang Lie and a large group of people were hovering in the midair at the edge of the Pill River. Their gazes were focused intently on a vaguely visible training platform covered by Nirvana Qi while impatience and viciousness flickered in their eyes.

“Does that Lin Dong really intend to train inside until this domain closes?” The gaunt face Chen Kun stared at the training platform with a dark and shadowy expression. His voice was already tinged with slight impatience. He had already waited for two days in this place. If this occurred during some ordinary time, they would not be concerned. However, this was the Ancient Treasure Trove. Everyone was going all out to search for treasures. Yet, they were so bitterly wasting their time here. Regardless of who it was, one would be quite unhappy in this situation.

The crowd nodded in agreement at this statement. The past two days of waiting had eroded the little patience most of them had.

“Brother Chen Ku, there is no need to be anxious. According to my information, the defensive formation of the training platform will not last for long and will automatically scatter after five days. This fellow won’t be able to hide for long.” Wang Lie hurriedly said when he saw everyone’s impatience.

“Moreover, as long as we capture that brat, we will obtain the Soul Puppet in his possession. Spending a little time for such a prize should be quite worthwhile.”

“Ke ke, that’s right. Additionally, won’t this training platform be ours once we finish off that brat? At that time, won’t all our losses be made up by training inside?” Zheng HeiZhu also laughed in a seemingly simple and honest manner. However, a cunning and vicious expression flashed deep within his eyes.

“Humph. In that case, we shall wait a little longer. That brat is really patient and is practically a tortoise. Once we capture him, I will let him have a good taste of my methods.” Chen Ku’s expression became a little relaxed after hearing the words of the other two before he finally declared.

“Sure, anything brother Chen Ku says. When we capture that brat, you can decide how to deal with him.” Wang Lie’s lips cracked open into a smile while a sinister light flickered in his eyes.

Chen Ku nodded. Just as he closed his eyes to wait, his expression suddenly changed drastically. He suddenly turned towards the crimson barrier and smiled viciously, “Is he finally planning to come out?”

“Oh?” Wang Lie and Zheng HeiZhu suddenly became alert when they heard these words as their gazes hurriedly shifted towards the light barrier. Sure enough, they were indeed able to see that the light barrier that covering the training platform was becoming fainter at a rate visible to the naked eye.

“Ha ha, this brat is finally unable to wait no longer!”

Wang Lie involuntarily laughed at the sky when he saw this. The experts from the Sky Eagle Empire behind him also revealed excited expressions. They had waited here for a long time in order to finish Lin Dong off.

Currently, there were quite a number of people waiting around this area. Every single training platform on the Pill River was being eyed by quite a number of people and this place was no exception. However, the Sky Eagle Empire and two other high rank empires had currently taken fancy to this place. Despite their desire, others knew that their chances of success would not be great even if they attacked. Hence, they had remained in this place merely to watch the show and to see if they had any opportunity to gain from the conflict.

Over the past two days, they were clearly aware that Wang Lie’s group was waiting in this place for Lin Dong to emerge and had also heard of Lin Dong’s name. Their first impression of this fellow was that he was really a troublemaker. Having recently offended the Devil Cliff Empire, he had now once again offended another similarly powerful empire, the Sky Eagle Empire, mere moments after entering the Ancient Treasure Trove.

Now, the Sky Eagle Empire had gathered its allies and quite a number of renown experts. Clearly, they did not intend to give Lin Dong the opportunity to flee. Hence, everyone understood that the moment Lin Dong left the training platform he would likely meet his demise in this Pill River…..

It was due to this that an expression of pity was revealed in their eyes as they watched the crimson light barrier gradually fade away.

“Ke ke, what are you all so happy about. Why not tell me and let me laugh about it with all of you?”

The crimson light barrier became increasingly faint. A moment later, it finally disappeared. Two figures appeared before everyone’s eyes. Meanwhile, a soft laughter echoed from the training platform.

“You will know immediately whether you should laugh or cry. Lin Dong, this Pill River will be the place where you die today!”

A fierce glow surged in Wang Lie’s eyes as he stared intently at the figures that had appeared from behind the crimson light barrier. In that instant, he could faintly sense that there was something different about these two figures compared to two days ago. However, this was only a fleeting feeling which he did bother investigating. No matter what, the men from their three high ranked empires were all gathered here today. Moreover, there were three genuine one Yuan Nirvana Stage practitioners present. In the face of such a lineup, it was likely that Lin Dong would have difficulty escaping death even if he was superhuman!

“Brother Chen Ku, Brother Hei Zhu, let’s attack!”

Wang Lie released a stern cry, as though he was afraid that Lin Dong would turn around and flee. He did not give Lin Dong any time to reply as he charged forward.

“Heh heh, brat. We have waited so long. Obediently hand over the Soul Puppet of yours!”

Chen Ku’s gaze was filled with greed as he stared at Lin Dong. His already impatient self had rushed out the instant Wang Lie’s voice sounded out. Powerful Mental Power gathered and whistled around his body.

The last person was the seemingly simple and honest Zheng HeiZhu. He was cautious by nature, and thus, even at such a moment, he would not be charging at the frontlines. His many years of experience had caused him to vaguely feel a little uneasy.

However, this kind of feeling was similarly not investigated too deeply by Zheng HeiZhu. One reason was that there was no time while another was…… this lineup of theirs was indeed rather overwhelming. Although he did not dare to declare that there was no risk at all, they had a ninety percent chance of finishing Lin Dong off!

Hence, Zheng HeiZhu shook his head and tossed aside the little bit of unease he had felt. He chuckled sinisterly before rushing out in front of the many pitying gazes that were directed at Lin Dong.

Three powerful one Yuan Nirvana stage practitioners were attacking at the same time. Everyone understood what this meant. Perhaps, from today forth, Lin Dong, who already possessed some fame within the north-western region, would disappear in this Ancient Battlefield. In the future, no one would remember the brightness that he had once shined with.

After all, this world was the stage of the strong. A loser could only completely fade from this world along with the flow of time.

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