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Chapter 498: Overwhelming

Xiu Xiu!

Three figures rushed through the air like ghosts as waves of abnormally vigorous undulations burst out from within their bodies. In the face of such undulations, even the thick Nirvana Qi around the training platform was slightly scattered.

The simultaneous attack of three one Yuan Nirvana experts was exceedingly powerful. Clearly, the Wang Lie trio were inwardly not completely unafraid of Lin Dong. Moreover, Wang Lie had also personally tasted the terrible might of Lin Dong’s Devouring World previously. If they were to be trapped within, their battle power would fall drastically.

Hence, trio went all out in their attack, the Yuan Power within their bodies pushed to the maximum output. Evidently, they were planning to finish off Lin Dong instantly.


Behind Lin Dong, a fierce glow flashed across Little Flame’s eyes when he saw the three people charging at Lin Dong in a torrential manner. The black metal rod in his hand smashed heavily onto the ground as the scales all over it rippled and flickered with a chilling light.

“There is no need to intervene.” However, just as Little Flame was preparing to move, Lin Dong smiled and waved his hand before slowly stepping forward under the crowd’s watching eyes.

“Is this fellow actually thinking of relying on his own strength alone to deal with three one Yuan Nirvana Stage experts?”

“His boldness is truly so great that it could cover the heavens. When he was at the Ancient Hall, he was only able to end up in a draw against Shi Xuan despite having used all his power. Each of these three individuals here now are stronger than Shi Xuan!”

“Heh, it is hard to say. Ever since I first heard of this fellow, his actions have always been really difficult to understand with common sense. Who knows if he has some other tactics this time.”

This seemingly arrogant action of Lin Dong had undoubtedly given rise to some private conversations around the Pill River. Many of those present had heard of Lin Dong’s strength, and it was due to this that they felt surprised that Lin Dong had been able to contend against the Devil Cliff Empire. Yet, it was not just a single person who was attacking now. Instead, there were three genuine one Yuan Nirvana stage experts!”

Similarly, the attacking Wang Lie was momentarily stunned by Lin Dong’s actions, but soon after, a wild joy revealed itself on his face. If Lin Dong were to allow Little Flame to intervene, he would perhaps have to struggle for a while. However, this fellow had actually voluntarily stepped forward by himself. It was clear as day that he intended to face the three of them alone.

“Kill him!”

Chen Ku let out a low roar as a viciousness look flashed across his sinister face. It would be a waste not to take up such an opportunity after it had been delivered right to their doorstep.

However, the skeptical Zheng HeiZhu reacted differently from the others. His eyes flickered intensely as the slight trace of unease that had originally vaguely existed in his heart seemed to rapidly grew.

His eyes were firmly fixed onto the slowly advancing Lin Dong. The latter’s face did not show even the slightest bit of panic due to their attack. Instead, there was a somewhat eager expression on it.

“Sky Eagle Mountain Shattering Claw!”

“Dark Demonic Corpse Howl!”

Wang Lie and Chen Ku had already unleashed their extremely powerful martial art killing moves with fiendish looks on their faces while thoughts flashed across Zheng HeiZhu’s mind. Immediately, wild and violent Yuan Power abruptly swept outwards above the Pill River.

“He is but a brat from a low ranked empire. What is there to be afraid of?”

There was already no way to back out at this juncture. Zheng HeiZhu’s eyes suddenly turned cold as he gritted his teeth while Yuan Power gushed out from within his body.

“Tyrant Bear of the Barrens!”

Zheng HeiZhu obviously did not show any mercy when he attacked, directly unleashing the strongest martial art he knew. His fist shot out as formidable Yuan Power agglomerated into an enormous ancient bear that roared at the sky. With an incomparably ferocious fist aura, it ruthlessly charged at Lin Dong.

“Boom Boom!”

In the blink of an eye, the full force of three one Yuan Nirvana stage experts arrived in front of Lin Dong. With such a level of Yuan Power blocking his path, the current Lin Dong would find it difficult to retreat even if he wanted to.

Lin Dong raised his head and gazed at the incoming attack that gave off a great pressure. However, he smiled. A thought passed through his mind as the surging Yuan Power that was previously being suppressed within his body completely erupted.


Formidable Yuan Power whizzed around Lin Dong’s body. Those undulations were not weaker than any one of the Wang Lie trio!

“One Yuan Nirvana stage!”

The undulations that had suddenly erupted directly caused a series of exclamations to explode around the Nirvana River. Even the pupils of the Wang Lie trio abruptly shrunk, rich disbelief within them.

They clearly knew that Lin Dong’s Yuan Power was merely at the half-step-to Nirvana stage two days ago. In their eyes, the only thing that Lin Dong could use was likely his Heaven Symbol Master’s Mental Energy. Yet, the current situation before their eyes was vastly different from what they knew.

“Do not panic. Even if this brat was truly at the one Yuan Nirvana stage long ago, he will not be able to withstand the three of us!” Wang Lie’s eyes swiftly swept over Chen Ku and Zheng HeiZhu and hurriedly cried out when he saw the unease and panic on their faces.

If they did not eliminate such an enemy as soon as possible, they would definitely have difficulty sleeping at night.

“You have truly overestimated yourselves..…”

Lin Dong softly chuckled in response to Wang Lie’s cry. When he was at the mere half-step-to Nirvana stage, he had been able to defeat a genuine Nirvana expert. Moreover, the strength of the current him had already truly soared. Although he was facing off against three opponents, there was no difference from Lin Dong’s point of view……

A dazzling array of seals were repeatedly formed one after another at Lin Dong’s hands. In the next instant, his expression suddenly turned to one of concentration. Surging Yuan Power suddenly screamed out from within his body, directly transforming into five enormous light pillars that shot towards the clouds.

The light pillars condensed themselves, forming five enormous ancient fingers in an instant. Waves of heart palpitating undulations repeatedly rippled from the five fingers.

“Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger, Unleashing Five Fingers, Imprisoning The World!”

As Lin Dong’s strength rose, he was now able to completely unleash the Great Desolate Imprisoning Heavenly Finger at will.


Fiver fingers that had formed screamed down as the air below them exploded. Even the Pill River below was affected, causing numerous enormous whirlpools to emerge.

The five titanic ancient fingers came whistling down before the crowd’s shaken gazes. In a flash, it collided head on with the Wang Lie trio’s attacks!


Lin Dong’s eyes instantly turned frosty the moment the collision occurred. An ice-cold voice softly echoed from his mouth.

“Boom Boom!”

Wild and violent energy ripples crazily unfurled. Immediately, shocked expressions surfaced to replace the ominous looks on the Wang Lie trio’s faces.

The reason for this was because the martial art killing moves that they were extremely proud off showed signs of crumbling under the five ancient fingers attack.

In the span of a few short breaths, the trio’s attacks completely scattered in the sky. Five enormous ancient fingers directly smashed through their attacks in a seemingly unstoppable manner while crushing the confidence that remained in their hearts.

Only at this moment did they feel the sensation of cold sweat on their backs. There was a world of difference between the Lin Dong before them and the one from two days ago!


Thick horror suddenly gushed up in their eyes, but the enormous ancient fingers had already smashed heavily into their bodies like meteorites falling from the sky.


Three human figures shot backwards like broken kites while emitting a series groans as three mouthful of blood were wildly spat out. Finally, they landed at the edge of the Pill River in an extremely miserable manner.

They had been defeated by a single move!

There was no initial warm up. Both parties had used their strongest killing moves at the very first moment. The result, however, had exceeded everyone’s expectations……

The area around the Pill River was completely silent. Everyone was shocked at the scene before their eyes. Defeating the combined attacks of three one Yuan Nirvana Stage experts with a single attack. Just what kind of tactic was this? Only those practitioners who had endured the second Nirvana Tribulation would able to achieve this. Yet, it was actually achieved by this Lin Dong who was a mere half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner two days ago……


Lin Dong’s figure rushed forward while the entire place was silent. He closed his hand as the eerie white Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear flashed and appeared. Immediately, the tip of the spear was raised. It carried a chilling light as it mercilessly thrust at the fatal points on the bodies of the Wang Lie trio.

Lin Dong would not show any mercy towards his enemies. Once he attacked, he would completely eliminate all trouble!

An intensely cold killing intent spread out from Lin Dong’s body, causing the hearts of quite a number of people to constrict.

The Wang Lie trio’s faces turned even paler when they saw Lin Dong rushing over with rising killing intent. Wang Lie hurriedly raised his head and looked around as he cried out, “Brother Shi Kun, are you still not going to act?”


Before Wang Lie’s cry could fade, an unusually fierce and formidable Yuan Power accompanied by thick killing intent suddenly swept over.

Lin Dong’s pupils shrunk abruptly at this moment as the bone spear in his hand explosively pierced outwards, the sharp spear directly splitting the wild and violent Yuan power. After which, Lin Dong slowly lifted his head and looked towards a spot nearby.

“Has Shi Kun finally passed through the second Nirvana Tribulation?”

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