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Chapter 458 Killer

The resplendent light palm illuminated the entire plaza. The rumbling thunder and howling wind noises that surged within caused shock to surge on everyone’s faces. A Heavenly Symbol Master’s Mental Energy had actually reached such an astonishing level!


Under the wind lightning light palm, Li Pan wore an extremely serious expression. He could sense the terrifying energy contained within the wind lightning palm and he did not dare to be the least bit negligent. His hands abruptly clenched before dazzling golden light abruptly burst out from his body.

It was as if his entire body was made of gold at this moment!

Nirvana Golden Body, the mark of a Nirvana practitioner. In the face of such a powerful attack from Lin Dong, Li Pan had been forced to completely activate his Nirvana Golden Body.

Golden light flowing, Li Pan did not hesitate at all as frightening Yuan Power frantically condensed on his fists before he punched out.

There was nothing fancy about this fist, but the undulations contained within were powerful enough to heavily injure a quasi Nirvana stage practitioner like Liu Yuan!


Under the attention of countless individuals, the golden first directly clashed against the humongous wind lightning palm. Immediately, a loud and piercing sound echoed across the plaza.


As the loud noise resounded, berserk undulations also spread outwards. Ripples which could be seen with the naked eye, swept out, directly turning the stone stalls in the plaza into countless fine fragments, while cracks swiftly extended on the ground.

A cloud of dust spread out from the center of the plaza, while everyone nearby quickly retreated back. All of them knew that if even they were a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, if they were sucked into that mess, they would most likely be killed.


As the dust slowly settled, while the crowd eagerly awaited the outcome, a hideous figure quickly shot out from within. Furthermore, each time his foot touched the ground, the ground below will be blown into dust.

The crowd immediately turned to look at that hideous-looking figure, before their pupils shrunk. That was because that hideous-looking figure was actually Li Pan from Devil Cliff Empire. This scene immediately caused a series of exclaims to sound out from within the crowd.

Amidst the commotion from the crowd, Li Pan’s face was steely-green yet with a tinge of fear. Previously, even after he actually executed Nirvana Gold Body, he still lost out to Lin Dong’s powerful palm attack. Furthermore, the instant their palms collided, he could clearly feel a savage lighting force wind penetrate every pore of his body causing him immense pain.

That fellow has just advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master. How can his Mental Energy be this formidable!” Li Pan’s expression changed drastically. Evidently, that previous bout had caused waves to stir in his heart:

“It seems like your Nirvana stage is not as powerful!”

Just as Li Pan’s expression changed, that widespread dust suddenly vanished. Following which, Lin Dong’s figure resurfaced in front of the crowd. Right now, he was hovering in mid-air, while he looked down on Li Pan. After that previous exchange, he was clearly aware that even though Li Pan was also at Nirvana stage, he was severely lacking compared to Chen Mu and Mu Hongling. It seems like that fellow got lucky when he attempted to breakthrough to Nirvana stage.

When he heard Lin Dog’s words, Li Pan’s originally grim expression turned even more venomous. Gritting his teeth, he said: “Don’t be too arrogant. Once you offend my Devil Cliff Empire, you shall no longer have peace!”


However, just as Li Pan finished his sentence, thunder rumbled across the sky once again. Following which, Lin Dong chuckled before a formidable and savage lightning palm unceremoniously flew towards Li Pan.

When he saw this situation, Li Pan quickly activated this Yuan Power. Instantly, thunder ricocheted across the arena. When they saw Li Pan constantly falling back due to Lin Dong’s vicious attack, all the elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioner’s expressions changed drastically. None of them expected Li Pan to wound up in such a sorry state.

Outside of the arena, Mo Tei and the rest were extremely shocked by this sight. None of them had expected that this Nirvana stage practitioner who can practically dictate their lives, was rendered completely useless in front of Lin Dong.


A deep voice sounded out in the arena as Li Pan was once again blown back by Lin Dong’s powerful thunder palm. However, this time around, he was evidently wounded. As he attempted to forcefully stabilise his body, he immediately vomited out a mouthful of freshblood and there were actually lightning sparks contained within his crimson red blood. Evidently, Li Pan’s body had been invaded by a large amount of Lightning Power.

Li Pan wiped off the blood trails on his mouth and his expression looked extremely twisted. He stared right at Lin Dong, who looked down on him from above, before the rage inside his heart finally overwhelmed his mind. Immediately, he shouted out venomously: “Set up the formation!”

After facing him directly, he clearly knew that he was not Lin Dong’s opponent. Therefore, it was impossible for him to fight with him alone…

The other elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioner were already shocked by this fight. However they were no ordinary faction. Immediately, they quickly calmed themselves down, before a series of deep roars erupted. Following which, all of them quickly retreated, before they formed into a large formation in order to deal with Lin Dong.


Hovering in mid-air, when Lin Dong saw this sight, he coldly snorted instead. There were many elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners and all of them were fairly skilled. If he allowed them to set up a large formation, they may perhaps become a major problem for him. This was naturally a situation that he did not want to see.


Therefore, Lin Dong immediately waved his sleeves, before a fiery red figure lightning-quick flew out. In a flash, it dashed into the crowd of elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners. Following which, anyone who touched its palm attack, were all blown away before they vomited blood. Based on its actions, it seemed just like a wolf inside a sheep pen.

“Be careful, that is a Soul Puppet!”

When he saw his formation rapidly breaking down, Li Pan’s expression changed drastically. Just as he was about to step out and block it, the ground beneath him suddenly cracked open. Following which, countless sharp mud columns wrapped with formidable Mental Energy shot out from the ground, just like poisonous snakes.

Mental Energy was not as vigorous as Yuan Power. However, it possessed unique properties which allowed it to control the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth. This proved to be a major headache for Li Pan and he did not dare to underestimate him as he could only avoid his attacks hideously.

“Buzz! Buzz!”

Just as Li Pan was being forced into a sorry state, the other elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioner were either wounded or killed by Lin Dong’s Soul Puppet. In the end, only the combined effort of two pseudo-Nirvana stage practitioner was able to barely halt the Blood Soul Puppet’s massacre. However, judging from their pale expressions, it was evident that they could not last for long.

The Devil Cliff Empire men, who were dominating Yang City, were actually being forced into such a sorry state by Lin Dong and his Blood Soul Puppet alone. This sight completely shocked countless onlookers.

Li Pan, who was constantly being pushed back by Lin Dong, had evidently noticed the situation. Immediately, he forcefully suppressed a tinge of bitterness that had swelled up in his throat, before he quickly retreated. Then, he coldly shouted: “Lin Dong, you have won today. However, don’t be too arrogant. Though your three friends have managed to run away, Senior Chen Mu is already after them. Once they land in our Devil Cliff Empire’s hands, you shall come to me on your knees!”


After he shouted, without a moment of hesitation, Li Pan’s figure flashed before he headed for the outskirts of Yang City.

However, just as he turned around, he failed to see that after he spoke, a venomous killing intent immediately gushed into Lin Dong’s eyes.

“Does your Devil Cliff Empire really believe that I am a pushover that is completely at your mercy? In that case, let me teach you guys a lesson!”

Lin Dong’s figure flashed, before he directly appeared above Li Pan. As his hands seal changed, majestic Mental Energy swept forth just like hurricane. Instantly, the clouds shook, before thunder and lightning ricocheted across the sky.

“Great Heavenly Thunder Voice!”

Countless dancing lightning snakes were reflected in Lin Dong’s pupils, as his hand seals changed. Following which, the storm clouds in the sky actually faintly formed into a large mouth, before an extremely terrifying sonicboom descended and completely enveloped Li Pan.

“Buzz Chhh!”

Even though Li Pan had instantly activated his Nirvana Golden Body, it seems like he had still underestimated the destructive potential of this “Great Heavenly Thunder Voice.” That voice penetrated through every single pore of his body and it seemed like he could hear dull explosive noises continuously sounded out from his body. Immediately, he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood.

This deadly attack finally forced fear to surge in Li Pan’s eyes. At this moment he finally began to panic. Previously, he knew that Lin Dong had no intention of killing him and he assumed that it was because the latter was wary of his Devil Cliff Empire. However, right now, he knew that the words that he just said had completely pissed off Lin Dong.

“Lin Dong, if you dare to kill me, our Devil Cliff Empire will make sure you pay back a thousand times in return!” Li Pan turned around. His face was pale, as he stared at Lin Dong, before he shouted fearsomely.

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy-cold. Originally, he did not plan to kill him since the Devil Cliff Empire was truly a tricky foe. However, judging from the current situation, it seems like even if he relented, the Devil Cliff Empire would not forgive him. In that case, he had no choice but to act in a merciless fashion.

“I am curious to find out what your Devil Cliff Empire can do to me after I kill you!”

Lin Dong’s expression was grim as he took a step forward. Following which, a long spear suddenly materialized in his hand, before he jerked his arm and viciously flung it towards Li Pan.

Outside the arena, countless people sucked in a breath of cold air as they stared at Lin Dong, who was overflowing with killing intent. Evidently, they had never expected that Lin Dong actually dared to kill a Nirvana practitioner from Devil Cliff Empire.

As he stared at that Mental Energy spear accompanied by an explosive splitting wind sound, Li Pan’s pupils shrunk. Immediately, a golden glow erupted on his body. With a deep growl, he suddenly stretched out his golden palms, before he forcefully grabbed onto that Mental Energy spear.

Tss! Tss! Tss!

That long spear caused sparks to emerge on his palm, while an intense pain spread out. Nonetheless, thanks to his all-out effort, that lethal spear finally stopped while it was merely inches away from his chest.

When he saw that he had intercepted Lin Dong’s lethal attack, Li Pan finally heaved a sigh of relief. Promptly, a poisonous glint flashed in his eyes. After he left Yang City, he must gather more men and hunt Lin Dong down like a dog!


Just as this thought flashed across Li Pan’s mind, a red glow flashed in front of him, before a fiery-red figure immediately appeared. Following which, it punched out and its impact landed right on the tail of that Mental Energy spear. Instantly, a terrifying force erupted, before that Mental Energy spear broke free of Li Pan’s grip with a loud swoosh. Finally, under the bewildered stares of the crowd, it viciously penetrated through his body before it appeared behind his back…

Instantly, the entire arena seemed to have quietened down.

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