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Chapter 459 Trouble

In the arena, several pairs of eye stared in shock at the Mental Energy Spear that protruded from Li Pan’s chest. As they watched the crimson red blood gushing out continuously from that bloody wound, for a moment, everyone’s minds descended into chaos.

Lin Dong had actually killed Li Pan…

This shocking news resounded in their hearts, before some of their legs turned into jelly. Li Pan was no ordinary individual; he was a Nirvana practitioner from the Devil Cliff Empire!

The Devil Cliff Empire typically acted in a tyrannical fashion and their methods were extremely cruel. Therefore, even some high rank empires did not dare to offend them. Yet, Lin Dong had actually brazenly slaughtered Li Pan…

Everyone in the arena was keenly aware of commotion this would cause once news of this matter got out. Based on the Devil Cliff Empire’s modus operandi, there was no way they would let Lin Dong off the hook. Therefore, since Lin Dong had thoroughly offended the Devil Cliff Empire, he would have an extremely miserable time in the future .

None of them had any doubts about this. Even though Lin Dong was able to rival a Nirvana stage practitioner and possessed a Soul Puppet, it was not enough to allow him to withstand the Devil Cliff Empire’s rage.

This fellow was simply too audacious……

Amidst the silence, Lin Dong’s face remained emotionless as he stared at Li Pan’s growing pupils, that were quickly losing all signs of life.

Thanks to the cooperation of Lin Dong and his Soul Puppet, Li Pan had taken a truly lethal hit. Previously, when that Mental Energy spear penetrated his body, its savage energy had completely destroyed all the inner channels in his body. In fact, even his life force was now gone.

Bloody bubbles continuously splurted out from Li Pan’s mouth. Meanwhile, his nearly lifeless eyes stared venomously at Lin Dong, before a twisted and hideous smile flashed across his face.

When Lin Dong saw him smile, he immediately narrowed his eyes. However, before he could retreat, Li Pan’s body started to swell up in a peculiar fashion before he finally exploded with a bang and turned into a bloody mist. Meanwhile, a bloody light shot out from the bloody mist and flew into Lin Dong’s body.

“Lin Dong, you cannot escape. In the future, you will be hunted down by my Devil Cliff Empire just like a dog with its tail between its legs. Haha!”

While a bloody mist filled the horizon, Li Pan’s hideous smile faintly ricocheted across this domain. Moments later, it finally dissipated gradually.

Lin Dong’s expression gently darkened, while his Mental Energy quickly scanned across his body. Finally, it stopped at a spot within his body before he discovered an extremely small red seal.

“This is a unique tracking method and it allows the Devil Cliff Empire to locate you…” Little Marten’s voice sounded out inside his heart.

“Can it be broken?” Lin Dong asked.

“It’s a little difficult. That fellow sacrificed his remaining life force to create this seal and it is not going to be easy to dispel it. You will need some time to do so.” Little Marten solemnly said.

Lin Dong gently furrowed his brows before he promptly stretched his back. As he lifted his head and stared at his serene surroundings, he realized that everyone was staring at him in shock. Some of them had awe in their eyes, while other had a trace of pity.

When the other elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners saw that Li Pan had been killed, they lost the courage to stay on as they immediately scattered off. When Lin Dong saw this sight, he could not be bothered to stop them. After all, these people posed little threat towards him. Furthermore, it would also impossible for him to conceal the fact that he had killed Li Pan…

In mere seconds, all the Devil Cliff Empire practitioners had fled. The overlords of this city had been completely crushed by Lin Dong alone.

Lin Dong chose to ignore the stares from the crowd. As he waved his palm, he immediately sucked a Qiankun bag from the ground. This was left behind by Li Pan. A Nirvana stage practitioner should possess pretty valuable belongings and since Lin Dong was lacking resources, this was an opportunity that he would not pass up on.

“Brother Lin Dong, you killed Li Pan…” Right now, Mo Tei and the rest finally recovered their senses. As they stared at Lin Dong, who was walking towards them, they muttered to themselves.

In their opinion, this sight was simply too stunning. Not only was Li Pan a member of the Devil Cliff Empire, he was also a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner. In their opinion, this cultivation level afforded one extreme prestige and status. However, this supposedly mighty practitioner was actually swiftly disposed off by Lin Dong in front of their eyes.

If it were not for the fact that there was still a bloody smell lingering in the air; if it were not for the fact that the whole area was in tatters and all the elite Devil Cliff Empire practitioners had scattered off; anyone would have thought that this was an illusion…

“Since there is already a grudge between us, there is no need to care if it is a small one or a large one. Even if I let Li Pan off today, the Devil Cliff Empire will not forgive me. In that case, I should remove one of their lethal tooth first.” Lin Dong gently smiled as he spoke casually. It was as if who he killed previously was not a Nirvana stage practitioner, but merely an insignificant demonic beast.

Right now, Mo Tei had finally recovered most of his senses. When he heard his words, he gently nodded his head. Since Lin Dong had obtained the mysterious ancient key, just based on this fact alone, the Devil Cliff Empire would not let him off. In that case, there was no need for him to show mercy to them.

“What do you plan to do next?” Mo Tei sheepishly asked. He always felt a little guilty for causing so much trouble for Lin Dong.

“The ancient battlefield is so vast. Do you worry that I will have nowhere to go? Though the Devil Cliff Empire is strong, they are not powerful enough to rule the entire land…” Lin Dong smiled, before he turned around and told Mo Tei: “You guys will be leaving Yang City soon right? However, I will not be joining you.”

When he saw Lin Dong’s smile, Mo Tei turned silent. He knew that perhaps in the future, Lin Dong would be continuously hunted down by the Devil Cliff Empire. Therefore, he would definitely have a rough time ahead of him.

Even though he was worried about him, Mo Tei knew that if he stuck around Lin Dong, he would be of little aid towards him. In fact, he would only be a burden as he would distract Lin Dong by forcing him to worry about his well-being.

“Brother Lin Dong, words cannot express my gratitude. In the future, if I have the opportunity to do so, I will definitely repay this favor!”

Mo Tei solemnly bowed at Lin Dong. Then, without further ado, he waved his hand. Following which, Tang Xuan and the rest turned around before they left. They were planning to leave Yang City.

As they stared at Mo Tei and the rest, the crowds surrounding them felt a little hollow. Yang City was a pretty good resting point. However, due to the events that occurred, it forced them to leave.

Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi glanced at one another, before they both secretly sighed. Then, they turned to look at Lin Dong. The latter was also smiling back at them. Based on his suave reaction, it seemed like he was not the slightest bit worried even after he offended Devil Cliff Empire. They were rather envious of his attitude. If Lin Dong could handle the Devil Cliff Empire, he would have a fairly renowned reputation in the ancient battlefield and he may even be chosen by those super sects. At that time, he would be like a carp jumping out of a pond to become a dragon…

“Let’s go. We should leave Yang City as well. This is no-man land and we should not linger on.” Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi instructed their men, before they bowed at Lin Dong. Then, they lead their men and left.

Lin Dong stood in the middle of the arena. When he saw the crowds continuously departing, he gently smiled. Promptly, he lifted his head, while his eyes were just like sharp knives as he stared towards the northern sky. Though others did not dare to offend the Devil Cliff Empire, I, Lin Dong, dare to do so. Let’s see how arrogant you guys are!

Moments after Mo Tei and the rest left Yang City, Lin Dong also made a move as well. However, he walked in the opposite direction from Mo Tei and the rest. When the crowds saw his figure disappearing into the horizon, all of them softly sighed. None of them knew whether this young man, who had shocked the entire Yang City, could actually survive the raging flames of the Devil Cliff Empire…

This was an unbroken mountain range. On top of a mountain peak, several black figures flashed before they appeared. The one leading the way was naturally Chen Mu, who had previously clashed with Lin Dong in the Thunder Granite Valley.

“Senior Chen Mu, those three fellow are simply too sneaky. Even after so many days, we are still unable to catch a glimpse of their shadows…” Standing behind Chen Mu, a man spoke.

Chen Mu gently furrowed his eyes. Since the mysterious ancient key had ended up with Lin Dong and he was currently missing, the only way to force him to appear was to capture his three buddies from the same empire. However, even after searching for a long while, they had not accomplished much. After all, the Mo Ling trio were extremely slippery and even though the Devil Cliff Empire had far-reaching limbs they were unable to capture them.


Just as Chen Mu furrowed his brows, a glowing mirror suddenly flew out from within his Qiankun bag. As it hovered behind him, a dazzling glow erupted, before it actually transformed into a glowing light.

When that glowing light appeared, even Chen Mu’s eyelids twitched. Behind him, several of them quickly bowed down respectfully.

“Li Pan has been killed…” A casual voice sounded out from within that glowing light.

When he heard those words, Chen Mu’s pupils instantly shrunk. Promptly, as if he realized something, he solemnly asked: “Is it that Lin Dong?”


That glowing light nodded it’s head, before it spoke casually: “All along, no one dared to kill our Devil Cliff Empire’s members. Furthermore, this time around, they had actually killed a Nirvana stage practitioner. There is no need to care about those three fellows. When Li Pan died, he left a blood seal in that fellow’s body. All of you should be able to use your secret arts to detect it. I want you to head over now and return with the mysterious ancient key and that kid’s head.”

“That kid has advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master and he is fairly skilled. In order to circumvent any unforeseen accidents, Lei She will accompany you…”

When he heard that name, Chen Mu’s lips twitched. Promptly, a hideous expression gushed into his eyes: “Lin Dong, you are really daring!”

He was anxious to see just how terrified Lin Dong would be after he saw that fellow…

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