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Chapter 453 Takeover

This sudden change of events surprised everyone and even the sharp-witted Little Marten did not expect this to happen. However, it was very quick to react, immediately sensing something as its eyes turned frighteningly grim. This was the first time it had shown such a heart palpitating expression since the day it had first met Lin Dong.


Little Marten was fuming with rage as this ghastly word seeped through its clenched teeth. Soon after, it shifted its gaze towards the blown up corpse. The greyish light beam should be a Mental Energy Brand left behind by the dead practitioner. Usually, this kind of Mental Energy Brand would not activate if Lin Dong did not touch the corpse. However, while Lin Dong was devouring the tree veins symbol, the life energy that was given off must have activated the Mental Energy Brand, causing it to rise up with the intent of forcibly taking over Lin Dong’s body.


Little Flame seemed to have sensed something too. Its blazing scales twinkled with a red radiance as it continuously bellowed in Lin Dong’s direction.

Lin Dong’s body laid rigidly on the floor. His eyes had become dull and appeared to be in a struggle from time to time. Currently, his Niwan Palace was in chaos. The greyish light beam that invaded his Niwan Palace had become an extremely terrifying hurricane with its brutal ripping force eager to thoroughly tear apart Lin Dong’s Mental Energy.

This was the first time Lin Dong had come across such a situation. He could feel an extremely gloomy and cold energy from the greyish light beam. The greyish light beam appeared to have some sort of intelligence. Its objective was extremely obvious; to destroy Lin Dong’s Mental Energy and cause him to lose control of his own body.

“God dammit!”

Even though Lin Dong was a little frantic due to this scene, he did not lose himself to fear. Furthermore, it was not as if he did not know how to deal with such a situation. Instead, he had tactfully retracted his Mental Energy and hid within the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

The grey hurricane wreaked havoc in Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace and it was extremely dangerous. Luckily, Lin Dong had the Devouring Ancestral Symbol as his guardian. Even though he did know how to deal with this situation for a moment, but with help of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he could defend himself safely behind it and stop the greyish light beam’s hurricane from invading his body any further.

“Hand me your body and I shall grant you unlimited power!”

The greyish light beam tried to invade Lin Dong’s body with its hurricane for a few times but still could not break the latter’s steel-like defense. Suddenly, an extremely weak but sinister voice came through the hurricane.

“Get out of here, you bastard!”

At this moment, Lin Dong was already incensed at the unexpected calamity. Therefore, when he heard the unknown voice, he immediately broke into a fit of rage.

“You actually possess a mystical artifact in the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. However, because of your weak body, you can’t activate your Mental Energy effectively. Once I get the control over your body, I will let you lead a grand life that is full of glory!” A menacing voice came through the hurricane once again. After which, the hurricane expanded abruptly. A terrifying, heaven and earth-crushing force accompanied the hurricane and blasted towards the Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong did not dare to slack off. He could sense that the greyish light beam was not particularly powerful, yet its Mental Energy-controlling skills were of several levels higher than Lin Dong’s. Therefore, even though the latter possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, he could only use it for defense purposes.


As the hurricane collided against the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, a tremendous pressure broke out abruptly. Waves of pressuring force dissipated and this caused Lin Dong’s facial expression to change drastically. However, a surge of ruthlessness soon gushed through his mind. With a twitch of his mind, he frantically activated his Devouring Power. This time around, his attack appeared to be going straight for the hurricane. Lin Dong actually wanted to devour this entity of an unknown origin forcefully!


Lin Dong’s action went beyond the mysterious entity’s expectations. At once, it gave off a dull snort and the frantically spinning hurricane unexpectedly stopped the Devouring Power. However, from time to time, the entity did not manage to obtain much result. Thus, the collision between the hurricane and the Devouring Power ended up in a stalemate.

“Lad, it’s your fortune to be chosen by Your Lord. If you are still so stubborn, Your Lord will crush your Mental State thoroughly and make you vanish into the thin air!” A cold and angry voice rumbled through the hurricane. Apparently, the entity did not expect Lin Dong to be so troublesome.

“Crush? Are you even qualified to say such things? Once you are dead, stay dead then. How dare you create troubles in front of Grandpa Marten, do you think I can’t subdue you!?”

However, just as these angry words left Little Marten’s mouth, gigantic waves swept up in Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace. With a sharp roar, an extremely huge claw appeared and ferociously grabbed onto the hurricane. It’s tremendous strength then forced the hurricane to retreat.

“Little Marten!” Lin Dong was surprised to see a sudden helping hand from Little Marten.

Gigantic waves were surging in Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace. Amongst the chaos, an incredibly huge monster could be faintly seen. Its enormous wings were huge enough to hide the sky and block out the Sun. It was as if the monster was above everything else, portraying a terrifying image.

Lin Dong’s state of mind was in shock as he stared at the enormous monster in the chaos. This must be Little Marten’s true body. He did not expect it to be so intimidating.

“Celestial Demon Marten?”

A shocking voice came through the hurricane. Clearly, the entity had identified the enormous monster.

“What an ignorant fool that can’t be in peace even when you’re dead…. How dare you, a mere remnant of a Mental Energy Brand, incite trouble here. However, since you have appeared, you shall not escape from here!”

The voice of the enormous beast was piercing and tyrannical. As it flapped its two huge wings, two tornados swept up and bombarded the hurricane with a lightning speed.

Even though Little Marten only had a Demonic Spirit Body, its mastery of Mental Energy far exceeded Lin Dong’s. Therefore, it was far more powerful than Lin Dong in the Niwan Palace. All of its movements erupted with terrifying powers.


The hurricane was driven back forcefully by the two tornados until the point that it exploded thoroughly. Then, a faintly discernible grey shadow appeared in Lin Dong’s mind.

The entire body of the grey shadow was nearly transparent. However, his appearance could still be vaguely seen. To Lin Dong’s astonishment, the grey shadow looked exactly like the corpse that he had seen previously!

“Sure enough, it’s that fellow who is creating troubles!” Lin Dong cursed in rage. He almost fell into the hands of this dead man today.

“Celestial Demon Marten, I just want the body of this lad. You are merely in the form of Demonic Spirit. If Your Lord can resurrect, I will revive you as well! Why are you safeguarding a nameless scrub!” The grey shadow roared as it glared fearfully at the enormous monster.

“Grandpa Marten has followed this lad for so long and I never have had such intention before. An outsider like you actually dare to do this in front of Grandpa Marten! Give me your life now!”

Upon hearing Little Marten’s piercing scream, if Lin Dong could show his emotions now, his face would be unsightly.

Apparently, Little Marten did not plan to give the grey shadow any chances. In the dark, the gigantic mouth of Little Marten, which was said to be able to swallow an entire mountain, opened up and a darkish-purple light beam shot out from it abruptly. The light beam then ripped through the chaos and landed ferociously onto the body of the grey shadow with a scary speed.

“Since you are dead, stop creating troubles and rest in peace!”

After the grey shadow heard Little Marten’s chilly words, dread and fear swiped across his eyes. Soon after, his body exploded abruptly and the Mental Energy Brand was savagely blew up by Little Marten.


As the grey shadow exploded, a surge of powerful and vigorous Mental Energy erupted in Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace.

“Lin Dong, devour these Mental Energy and attack the Heaven Symbol Master’s stage!” Little Marten’s voice rang across Lin Dong’s ears as the Mental Energy began to dissipate.

Upon hearing what was said, Lin Dong was slightly startled but nodded his head fiercely. With a jolt of his mind, his Devouring Ancestral Symbol activated and became a massive black hole. It then barbarically devoured all the Mental Energy that was produced by the destroyed Mental Energy Brand.

With the absorption of such massive amount of Mental Energy, Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace began to fluctuate. The existing chaos began to subside and the Heaven and Earth in the Niwan Palace started to split apart. Vaguely, thunder rolls could be heard as well.

At this moment, the Niwan Palace had completely transformed into a mini world.

Just as the mini world split apart, a bizarre bell ring came through the depths of Lin Dong’s mind. It seemed that the sorrowful bell ring had expanded Lin Dong’s Mental Energy capacity.

As his Mental Energy became stronger, more and more Mental Energy gathered in the mini world with a lightning speed. Indistinctly, the Mental Energy began to coagulate into a real figure. This figure was the physical body of Lin Dong’s mind!

No doubt, this physical body of Lin Dong’s mind was countless times stronger than it was in the past. The Mental Energy that it emitted far exceeded the Mental Energy capacity that a high-grade Symbol Master could possess.

Heavenly Symbol Master!

Lin Dong clenched his fists and felt the surging Mental Energy in his body. His eyes were gushing with ecstasy as well. He had finally reached this level!

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