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Chapter 452 A Sudden Change

After that lady dressed in red clothes, called Mu Hongling was forcefully kicked out of this domain, Lin Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. Following which, he waved his palm before his Blood Soul Puppet destroyed that Blood Symbol Seal and quickly landed beside Lin Dong.

“I wonder where that lady came from. Even the Blood Soul Puppet could not handle her…” Lin Dong glanced at that palm print on the chest of his Blood Soul Puppet, before he promptly furrowed his brows. That lady was probably even stronger then Chen Mu and her methods were truly peculiar. Previously, she was actually able to trap his BLood Soul Puppet. If Little Flame and Little Marten had not secretly combined forces to help him, Lin Dong may be forced to resort to his final move.

Now that he had managed to chase her away, Lin Dong can be considered as the victor for this tussle. However, Lin Dong knew that he had now offended that lady. Though that Mu Hongling was beautiful and she spoke eloquently, Lin Dong knew that beautiful women were the hardest to deal with. Since he had offended her today, it would definitely cause problems in the future.

After furrowing his brows and contemplating for a moment, Lin Dong smiled. It was still too early to worry about this matter. Regardless of that woman’s background, he must obtain the mysterious ancient key. Therefore, even if he was given another chance to choose again, his decision would remain the same.

In order to become a truly powerful practitioner, he must not fear anyone.

“Hehe, that woman is truly something. Most ordinary men cannot handle her…” Little Marten flashed and appeared, before it smiled and said to Lin Dong.

Lin Dong rolled his eyes at him. Following which, he shook the mysterious ancient key in his hand, before he said: “Let’s go. Since we have gotten what we need, it’s time to leave.”

“Why do you want to leave now? If you leave now you will be teleported back to that large hall. Furthermore, Chen Mu and even Mu Hongling had previously warned that they would be waiting for you outside. Are you trying to court death?” Little Marten chuckled as it said.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong’s expression changed drastically. If Chen Mu, Mu Hong and the rest were waiting outside for him, he would genuinely be in dire straits. Regardless, currently, he was still unable to fight against a genuine Nirvana stage practitioner. Even though he had his Blood Soul Puppet and he could summon the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile, against those Nirvana stage practitioner, the odds still did not favour him.

“But I can’t hide in here forever as well…” Lin Dong hesitantly said.

“Idiot. Didn’t you obtain that tree veins symbol? Since it is peaceful in here, you can directly borrow the strength of that symbol and advance to Heavenly Symbol Master. At that time, you will possess the qualifications to match up to a Nirvana stage practitioner and you would no longer need to fear Chen Mu and the rest.” Little Marten said.

Lin Dong was hesitant for a moment before delight promptly gushed into his eyes. Evidently, he had almost forgotten about the tree veins symbol that he had just obtained. Once he had advanced to Heavenly Symbol Master, he would be equivalent to a Nirvana stage practitioner. At that time, he would no longer need to fear Chen Mu…

After all, only a Nirvana stage practitioner had the right to speak in the ancient battlefield.

Since he had made up his mind, without further ado, Lin Dong directly sat down. Following which, he gripped his palm, before that life-like tree veins symbol immediately appeared in his hands.

The tree vein symbol gave off a leaf-green glow and there were signs of life emerged from within. Amidst its potent life-force, there seems to be an even more formidable energy within. Just from gripping it, Lin Dong felt as if his Mental Energy was soaking in a sauna, as a warm vibration continuously extended in his Niwan Palace

“It is indeed the Heavenly Symbol Spirit Tree…”

As he sensed that powerful yet peculiar energy, a tinge of admiration flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes.

“This tree veins symbol came from nature and it is exceptionally difficult to refine it. Thankfully, you possess the Devouring Ancestral Symbol so you do not have to stress over it. However, whether you can advance to Heavenly Symbol Master after absorbing it will depend on your own fate.” Standing aside, Little Marten said.

Lin Dong gently tugged his sleeves, before Little Marten shot out from within it. After it released a low growl, it directly transformed into battle mode and stationed itself beside Lin Dong.

Even though there was no one else in this vast domain, Lin Dong still chose to play it safe. Therefore, should any unforeseen circumstances occur, he would be able to handle it.

When he saw Little Marten, Little Flame and the Blood Soul Puppet guarding him, Lin Dong finally relaxed. Following which, he gently shut both of his eyes, before that tree veins symbol in his palm slowly floated up, before it finally stopped in front of his forehead. Meanwhile, a leaf-green like glow glimmered within. However, it did not seep out. It seems what Little Marten said is indeed true and it was very difficult to refine this object.

However, since Lin Dong possessed the Ancestral Devouring Symbol, this evidently posed little problems for him. The Ancestral Devouring Symbol specializes in devouring and refining and any energy source would be transformed into primal energy thanks to that Ancestral Symbol…

With a flick of his mind, that Devouring Ancestral Symbol, that was hovering in Lin Dong’s Niwan palace, leapt out from his head. Then, it squirmed before it directly transformed into a black hole. As that black hole slowly grew, it directly enveloped that sturdy tree veins symbol.

Buzz! Buzz!

The Devouring Force swarmed in from every direction. That tree veins symbol, that originally refused to budge regardless of what Lin Dong did, finally started to tremble, before traces of leaf-green like energy were forcefully pulled out. Finally, it was swallowed by that black hole surrounding it. At the same time, after it was refined, streams of peculiar energy slowly trickled out before they passed through Lin Dong’s scalp and entered into his Nirwan palace.

As those peculiar leaf-green like energy gushed in, a revolutionary change began to occur in Lin Dong’s Niwana place, just as if fire had met snow.

Originally, his Niwana Palace was scattered and chaotic with the Ancestral Devouring Symbol seated right in the middle. Looking ahead, it was extremely chaotic just like virgin land.

However, thanks to the infusion of this peculiar life-like leaf-green energy, a transformation finally occurred as it became less chaotic and it began to split apart just like Heaven and Earth, while light and darkness finally descended…

Lin Dong naturally realized the sudden changes that were occurring in his Niwan palace. However, he did not panic and he was delighted instead. That was because he knew that in order to advance to Heavenly Symbol Master, he must destroy the chaos in his Niwana palace and create a new world in order to sync with the outside world. Only then, would be able to freely utilize the energy in the universe to its full potential.

However, it was evidently no simple task to create a new world in his Niwan palace. Even with streams of peculiar life-like energy continuously gushing in from that tree veins symbol, it was still going to take some time…

Nonetheless, Lin Dong was already well aware and prepared. If it was so easy to advance to Heavenly Symbol Master, it would truly be unfair to those practitioners who had to painstakingly gather Nirvana pills in order to attack Nirvana stage.

One had to go through a slow and careful process in order to obtain a fine product.

Lin Dong was quietly seated within the serene mysterious ancient key domain, while a black hole in front of him slowly extended. In the center of that black hole, was a magical tree veins symbol. Right now, that symbol continuously trembled, while streams of pure and potent energy, filled with life, endlessly gushed out, before they poured into his Niwan palace and helped him to shape a new world.

Beside him, Little Marten and Little Flame quietly sat still and waited for him. This time around, if Lin Dong could successfully advance to Heavenly Symbol Master, he would be join the ranks of the elite in the ancient battlefield…

The domain was silent. However, just as Little Marten concentrated on taking care of Lin Dong, none of them realized that a trace of life-like energy had slowly seeped out from that black hole before it was finally absorbed by that nearby corpse.


Faintly, a mysterious glow flashed beneath that corpse’s lifeless skin.

Lin Dong knew that it was going to be a while before he could create a new world in his Niwan Palace. However, he never expected that a whole month had passed since he shut his eyes.

In this one month’s time, his body had not moved at all. Meanwhile, that formidable glow from that tree veins symbol had evidently dimmed down. Furthermore, all of the energy within had almost been completely drained by Lin Dong.

Standing aside, when Little Marten saw that darkening tree veins symbol, its heart sank. It could detect that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had grown at an alarming rate over this past month. However, it was still insufficient for him to breakthrough to Heavenly Symbol Master. Furthermore, if Lin Dong was unable to create a new world before the energy within the tree veins symbol runs out, his dream of advancing to Heavenly Symbol Master would have to be delayed. This was not good news for them.

While Little Marten fretted over their situation, another three days had passed. Finally, that tree veins symbol within that black hole violently shook before it disappeared with a loud bang.


When it saw this sight, Little Marten softly sighed. While it sighed, Lin Dong, who had shut his eyes for over a month, finally slowly opened his eyes. There was a tinge of disappointment and regret in his eyes.

“Just a little more…”

Lin Dong helpless shook his head. Obviously, he did not expect that even after borrowing the strength of the tree veins symbol, he was still unable to breakthrough to Heavenly Symbol Master.

With his eyes filled with disappointment, just as Lin Dong stood up, an new event suddenly occured. Standing nearby, that corpse suddenly exploded, before a peculair greyish light beam shot out quickly before it tunneled into Lin Dong’s mind. Instantly, the latter’s body froze.


Standing aside, Little Marten was stunned by this sight. Promptly, an icy-cold aura shot out from its eyes.

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