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Chapter 439 Thunder Granite Valley

Warm sunlight poured down from the horizon before it illuminated the massive mountain range. Under the sunlight, various chaotic noises faintly sounded out. On closer inspection, one could see a large group of men and horses swiftly travelling across the mountain range and heading towards the deepest regions.

Those people were naturally the men from Yang City. After the raid by the demonic horde last night, their numbers had evidently fallen. Meanwhile, the remaining members were fairly skilled. Therefore, they gave off a fairly formidable aura.

Lin Dong’s group was naturally among them. They did not choose to travel at the front and instead they chose the safer option and decided to stick around in the middle and follow behind that large group.

As that large group slowly travelled, even though they had already survived an attack by the demonic horde last night, as they travelled deeper into the Thunder Granite Mountain Range, the demonic beasts that appeared grew increasingly powerful. Therefore, this was no carefree journey for them as the demonic beasts that constantly leapt out caused several problems for them.

Lin Dong sat on Little Flame’s back, while Mo Tei and the rest surrounded him just like fanboys. Meanwhile, there was no longer any signs of disdain in the elite Steel Empire practitioners’ eyes. Instead, it was replaced by thick awe and respect. Lin Dong’s actions last night have thoroughly impressed them.

“Brother Lin Dong, at our current rate, we should arrive at Thunder Granite Valley around afternoon.” Mo Tei laughed heartily as he said. His face was filled with smiles. Along the way, several envious stares were constantly cast towards them. It seems like they were envious that he managed to find such a powerful ally. When he saw their envious stares, Mo Tei evidently felt extremely pleased. This was because most of them came from other small empires that he had a grudge with.

Lin Dong nodded his head. However, his eyes did not focus in front of him, instead he constantly turned to look behind him. After he accidently discovered that mysterious faction last night, he knew that this trip to the Thunder Granite Valley would not be a peaceful one. Even though there were several men from Yang City, they were widely dispersed and they fought for their own sake. Therefore, they hardly amount to anything.

Of course, Lin Dong was not the only one who was aware of this situation. Though many people understood it as well, it was a difficult matter to resolve.

In Yang City, there were various factions. Even though they were no genuine high-grade empires, they were several mid-grade empires. All of them were geniuses in their respective empires and it was impossible to make everyone submit with a wave of one’s hand. In fact, even Ling Yun Empire and Great Yuan Empire could not accomplish such a feat.

If they met a genuine high-grade empire, this dispersed group would probably crumble immediately. In fact, if a Nirvana stage practitioner appeared, it would probably cause several empires to crumble immediately.

Therefore, with so many powerful factions around, it would be quite difficult for Lin Dong to obtain the mysterious ancient key and Heavenly Symbol Spirit Tree.

“It is not going to be easy to obtain those treasures…” Lin Dong gently sighed as he muttered to himself.

Just as the men from Yang City quickly headed towards the Thunder Granite Valley, behind him, another large group of men stealthily flashed by. Compared to the chaotic Yang City members, they possessed strong discipline and teamwork, just as if they had been through intensive training. They were undoubtedly in a different class.

In the middle of that group, stood a man in black clothes, with his hands behind his back. His black hair swayed in the wind and he looked pretty suave. His footsteps flashed across mid-air without anything beneath supporting him, and it looked like he could sail across the sky. Compared to the rest who needed high trees as support, he looked much more suave.

Right now, if Lin Dong was around, he would realize that man in black robes was the Nirvana stage practitioner that he had discovered last night. Evidently, they were headed for the Thunder Granite Valley as well.

“Big Senior, we have discovered the Xuan Bing Empire’s tracks!” Within that group, a figure suddenly appeared beside that man dressed in black robes, before he reported respectfully.

“Have they finally arrived?” When he heard those words, that man in black robes gently furrowed his brows. Promptly, he smiled casually before he said: “Those fellows have it in for us.”

“Every empire is now searching for all sorts of treasures in the ancient battlefield. During this time, those fellows have been constantly tailing us. Previously, when we discovered a treasure trove, we were forced to surrender a share to them. Truly outrageous!” Besides that man in black robes, another man said.

“Big Senior, should we disrupt them?”

“There is no need. There is going to be a pretty large fight in Thunder Granite Valley. Though the men from Yang City are dispersed, they are still pretty good fighters. Furthermore, Ling Yun Empire and Great Yuan Empire have powerful fighters amongst them. Therefore, we may not be powerful enough to repel them. At that time, we may even have to force an alliance with Xuan Bing Empire in order to chase away those Yang City men, before we can hunt for treasures.” That man in black robes casually said.

“Amongst those men from Yang City, the only ones we need to be wary of are Ling Zhi from Ling Yun Empire and Liu Yuan from Great Yuan Empire. The rest of them are not worth mentioning.”

“It’s best to be prudent. Who knows if there are any powerful practitioners hidden within. Leave now. Let’s travel using another direction and reach the Thunder Granite Valley before them.”

After that men in black robes spoke, he did not speak any further. As he waved his arm, he suddenly upped his speed. Surrounding him, all the other men quickly followed behind.

Moments after that large group of men left, a large tree gently vibrated before a graceful figure appeared. Her beautiful eyes glanced lazily in front of her, before she pursed her red lips and smiled gently: “Really interesting. I never expected a mysterious ancient key to appear in this area…”

As that large group of men continued to travel, the Thunder Granite Mountain Range was seemingly turned inside out as several demonic beasts were forced to come out. This led to much problems for the men from Yang City.

Thankfully, with the passage of time, they went deeper into Thunder Granite Mountain Range. Especially when the blazing sun was right above them, those densely packed men finally took a break. Then, streams of burning and greedy eyes stared right at that mountain col in front of them.

Behind that mountain col was several treacherous mountain peaks. Those mountain peaks extended to the heavens and penetrated the sky. However, in the intersection point between these mountain peaks, there was an extremely large crack. Faintly, a thick mist emerged from within. Amidst that midst, a faint thunder roar emerged and it was an extremely peculiar sight.

That was a mountain valley formed by that crack and it was Lin Dong and the rest’s destination, the Thunder Granite Valley that held the mysterious ancient key!

When that mountain valley finally appeared in front of their eyes, everyone who had worked intensively in order to reach this spot instantly cheered. All of them seemed really excited.

Lin Dong sat on his tiger’s back and there were hardly any traces of emotions on his face. That was because he knew that arriving at the Thunder Granite Valley only signalled the beginning of the fight for the mysterious ancient key. In fact, what happens next was the most important.

His eyes slowly swept across the treacherous mountain peaks surrounding him. Moments later, his pupils gently shrunk. Faintly, he could sense a few auras around him.

“Let’s go to the back.” Lin Dong titled his head before he softly spoke to an excited Mo Tei and the rest.

When they heard his words, Mo Tei and the rest were evidently stunned. Then, they turned to glance at one another. However, out of respect of Lin Dong’s strength, they finally nodded their heads in agreement.

“Rumble! Tumble! Tumble!”

The ecstatic Yang City members flooded into the mountain col before they dashed enthusiastically towards the Thunder Granite Valley. In their opinion, as long as they could head inside, they would be entitled to a share of the spoils. At that time, they would be rewarded for all their hardwork and effort.

The ones in front of that large group were the Ling Yun Empire and Great Yuan Empire. With regards to their spot, no one dared to object. After all, they were the most powerful ones.

Lin Dong and the rest were at the back. As they approached the Thunder Granite Valley, Lin Dong increasingly furrowed his brows. It seems like those auras were getting increasingly obvious.

“Let’s head inside!”

The men in front were already several hundred feet away from Thunder Granite Valley. At the same time, while Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan’s face was filled with excitement, standing at the back, Lin Dong’s pupils violently shrunk.


At this instant, the air in the sky suddenly erupted violently. Then, a hundred feet long formidable and icy-cold glint flashed by, before it flew with a terrifying speed and viciously slammed on the ground several meters in front of the men from Yang City. Immediately, the earth trembled, before a several hundred meters large ditch was forcefully ripped apart.

This sudden commotion caused the men from Yang City to riot. Standing right in front, Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan stared at this large ditch, before their pupils shrunk. Promptly, their faces darkened.

“I do not know which powerful man is blocking the way. Please show yourself!” Ling Zhi lifted his head before he shouted out.

“Go back to where you came from. This is not a place you should be at.”

After Lin Zhi shouted out, another voice slowly ricocheted across the sky. Meanwhile, after that voice landed, the temperature in the entire domain began to drop stealthily. Then, the crowd saw a figure hovered sailing along a gentle breeze, before he appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

That figure was swaying along the wind and he did not choose to activate his powers. However, a heart-palpitating vibration still stealthily emerged from his body.

“Nirvana stage!”

When they sensed that powerful vibration, Ling Zhi and Liu Yuan’s expression instantly darkened.

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