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Chapter 440 Two High-Grade Empires

A figure silently hovered in mid-air, while an icy-cold aura flowed around his body. It seems like the temperature in this area had dropped because of him. Meanwhile, his aura, that was several times more powerful than a half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioner, caused everyone’s faces to change drastically.

After all, they were clearly aware that the one who could possess such an aura must be a perverted existence that had reached Nirvana stage!

Standing in front of the men from Yang City, Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi’s faces were grim as they stared at that man enshrouded by an icy-cold aura. It seems like their worst case scenario had eventually materialized and the mysterious ancient key had indeed attracted several troublesome individuals.

“I wonder which empire is this friend from? Thunder Granite Valley belongs to no one and our men from Yang City have travelled painstakingly to reach this area. Don’t you think that your actions are simply too much?” The first one to speak was Liu Yuan. Their Great Yuan Empire was once a high-grade empire and even though they had fallen, their old prideful aura remains. Therefore, when he heard that figure was chasing them away, he involuntarily spoke up.

“Millennium Ice Empire, Hua Yun. You must have heard of us.” That figure gently smiled as he said.

“Millennium Ice Empire?”

A commotion instantly erupted among the men in from Yang City, while thick fear flowed in their eyes. Evidently, many of them knew that it was a powerful high-grade empire.

“So unlucky. A high-grade empire has targeted this area!” When he saw this sight, Mo Tei’s face was grim as he grumbled unhappily.

Beside him, Tang Xuan and the rest’s expression darkened. If it were only factions like the Great Yuan Empire, based on their current strength, even though they may not be able to obtain the best treasures, they could obtain something as well. However, if they met a high-grade empire, they may not even have any leftovers to pick up.

After all, the gap between a high-grade empire and mid-grade empire is simply too large. Just the fact that they have a Nirvana stage practitioner is enough to deter them from making a move.

Lin Dong also gently furrowed his brows. He knew that the men that he saw last night was not from this so-called Millennium Ice Empire. That was to say, from his perspective, he knew that there were at least two high-grade empires in the Thunder Granite Valley!

Furthermore, this was all that he had seen so far. Nobody knew if there were any more secret empires or powerful practitioners hidden within these numerous mountain peaks.

It seems like this mysterious ancient key is truly attractive.

Standing right in front, Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi glanced at one another. Both of them knew how tricky this situation was. They had naturally heard of Millennium Ice Empire and they knew that it was a genuine high-grade empire. Furthermore, they had a real Nirvana stage practitioner backing them. Compared to them, they were much more powerful.

“You must be Liu Yuan from Great Yuan Empire? If you have successfully advanced to Nirvana stage, perhaps you will have the qualifications to negotiate with me. Besides, this is not the first time your Great Yuan Empire has participated into the Hundred Empire War. Therefore, you should be clearly aware of the rules in this land. Treasures do not belong to the fated, but to the strongest!” In mid-air, Hua Yuan looked down on the chaotic Yang City men. Even though they were many of them, his aura alone was enough to pressurize all of them till they could hardly breath. With his hands behind his back, his eyes were filled with an endless icy-cold glint while he stared at Liu Yuan and said casually.

When he heard his words, Liu Yuan involuntarily clenched his fists.

“This friend, though you come from a high-grade empire, if our Yang City men band together, you may not be able to stop us.” Ling Zhi solemnly said. Even though he knew that the men from Yang City fought for their own sake, at this juncture, he could only try to bluff.

In mid-air, Hua Yun waved his sleeves just as if he had heard a joke. Instantly, a breaking wind sounded echoed out from behind him, before a large group of men dressed in white robes dashed forth and appeared behind Hua Yun. Following which, streams of formidable icy-cold Yuan Power shockwaves emerged just like an icy-cold blizzard, before it swept across the Thunder Granite Valley and sent a chill down the Yang City men’s spine.

When they saw those imposing Millennium Ice Empire members, Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi’s pupils gently shrunk. They could detect that there were at least ten half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners amongst them. Furthermore, all of their auras were extremely formidable and they were all evidently skilled…

Once they appeared, it immediately showcased the might of a high-grade empire. In fact, no faction in Yang City could match up against them.

When they saw the Millennium Ice Empire’s lineup, fear even emerged on the faces of some Yang City men. This caused Lin Dong to secretly sigh. These men were indeed dispersed. Even though no faction alone could match up against Millennium Ice Empire, if they really banded together, it would be quite troublesome for that Millennium Ice Empire and they will be forced to compromise…

“Everyone, though a high-grade empire is powerful, do you remember how long we have planned for this journey? Along the way, we had to fend off the demonic horde and we have all lost countless men. Now that we are almost at the Thunder Granite Valley, are all of you going to become cowards and give up now?” Liu Yuan obviously detected their reactions. Immediately, he turned around before his loud roar sounded out in everyone’s ears like thunder. He was keenly aware that if the men from Yang City scattered off, they would lose the ability to fight against a high-grade empire!

“All of you are geniuses from your respective empires. The art of cultivation requires one to steel one’s hearts as well. A soft hearted man can never become a truly powerful practitioner!”

When they heard Liu Yuan’s loud roar, even Lin Dong involuntarily raised his brows. Evidently, he never expected that this ape-like fellow could actually muster such a motivating speech.

Evidently, his words achieved a pretty significant impact. At the very least, the men who were previously flustered, began to slowly calm down, while their eyes glimmered.

In mid-air, when Hua Yun saw this sight, he immediately narrowed his eyes.

“Regardless, our Yang City has more men than them. If you guys are worried about that Nirvana stage practitioner, me and Ling Zhi will attack him together and stop him. Are you guys still afraid that with so many of us around, we will lose out to them?” Liu Yuan decided to seize the momentum as he shouted out again. He clearly knew all of them were terrified of Hua Yun. Therefore, he volunteered to handle Hua Yun together with Ling Zhi. Both of them were powerful practitioners that were about to advance to Nirvana stage. Therefore, if they combined forces, they may be able to handle Hua Yun.

His words took a heavy load off the frantic hearts of the Yang City men. Immediately, their hesitant eyes glimmered before it changed into a decisive look.

“Yes, with so many of us around, there is no need to fear!”

“A dozen of our guys have died in order for us to reach here, how can we leave so easily!”

“Since they want to block us, let’s fight with them!”

When they saw the enraged Yang City men, Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi heaved a sigh of relief. Then, they turned to look at Hua Yun before they solemnly said: “Hua Yun, your Millennium Ice Empire is indeed powerful. However, why must you be so overbearing!”

“Liu Yuan, do you really believe that by banding this mob together, you can fight against me?” Hua Yun gently smiled and there was a tinge of mockery in his words. Promptly, he casually said: “Wu Mo, what are you waiting for?”

“Haha, Liu Yun, like I said, just your Millennium Ice Empire alone is not enough to deter them.” After Hua Yun spoke, at a cloudy mountain peak behind him, a hearty laugh and several splitting wind noise suddenly sounded out. With a few swooshes, several figures dressed in black appeared in front of the Thunder Granite Valley.

However, what caused the Yang City men’s expressions to change was a man dressed in black robes, sailing with the wind before he landed next to Hua Yun. At the same time, an extremely formidable shockwave emerged from his body and caused several faces to turn pale.

It was another high-grade empire and another Nirvana stage practitioner!

“Great Crow Empire, Wu Mo!”

When they saw that empire and powerful practitioner appear, a pained expression appeared on Liu Yuan and Ling Zhi’s faces. Though they could handle one Nirvana stage practitioner, they were powerless against two of them.

Lin Dong stared at that man dressed in black, while he secretly sighed. It seems like they had finally appeared. Those were the men that he saw last night…

“Liu Yuan, what do you have to say now? Do you want to leave? Or do you want a fight?” Hua Yun glanced at the Liu Yuan duo, before he casually smiled and said.

Two high-grade empires standing in their way! Even if the men from Yang City banded together, it would be very difficult to stand up against them. Furthermore, the combined might of two Nirvana stage practitioners is simply too overwhelming.

The men in Yang City descended into silence. The courage that had barely gushed out was now on the brink of slipping away after the appearance of the Great Crow Empire. It was not that they were cowards, but rather, their opponents were simply too powerful…

Standing in front, Ling Zhi’s expression was in flux. Then, he turned to Liu Yuan before he softly asked: “What should we do now?”

Liu Yuan was at a loss for words. Moments later, he finally said: “If there is another practitioner that can handle a Nirvana stage practitioner, we can give it a go.”

When he heard his words, Ling Zhi involuntarily pursed his lips. They were the most powerful practitioners among the men from Yang City and they must combine forces in order to handle a Nirvana stage practitioner. Therefore, who else possessed such capabilities?

Liu Yuan was silent for a moment. For no particular reason, his eyes suddenly turned to look behind him, before they glanced past the crowd and finally locked onto a young figure.

Ling Zhi was similarly stunned by his action. Promptly, he turned to look at that figure before he involuntarily said: “Do you want to ask him?”

Liu Yuan did not reply. Right now, he was at his wits end as well and he was simply desperately grasping at straws…

Swoosh. Swoosh.

As the temporary leaders of the Yang City group, many people immediately followed their eyes as well. In fact, even Hua Yun and Wu Yun, who were hovering in mid-air, were also shocked as they turned before their eyes locked on a young man.

For a moment, it seems like even the air in this domain had frozen.

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