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WDQK Chapter 42: Fire Python Tiger

Lin Dong gazed at the forest ahead as he rotated his wrist about. Lifting his head to observe the forests around him, he saw a massive crowd of people. The sight caused him to feel a little nauseous and the massive commotion slowly dispersed as the crowd started to spread out.

Right now, there were numerous people heading towards the forest one after another. Everyone was in a state of high alert.

Since the hunt has already begun, Lin Dong did not hesitate any further and he immediately walked at a steady pace towards the dense forest. As more and more people entered the forest, the original hubbub of the crowd gradually died down, filtered away by the forest.

When Lin Dong walked a certain distance into the forest, he suddenly saw the flicker of a few figures nearby. A few vigilant eyes looked at the tag on his body before they retreated. It seems like they had sensed that Lin Dong was not going to be an easy target.

As these people retreated, Lin Dong did not bother chasing after them. Taking his bearings, he decided to head towards the giant stage at the center of the forest. After all, every participants would arrive there eventually and this would save him the hassle of roaming around to hunt them down.

The originally calm forest was suddenly in an uproar after the huge swarm of people entered. Growls from ferocious beasts were constantly heard and a few panicked screams were also faintly discernable in between. It seems like some unlucky chaps had encountered fearsome beasts that were out of their league.

Nonetheless, Lin Dong did not slow down as he calmly walked towards the center of the forest. A few minutes later, a figure finally appeared in front of him. Only then did he come to a halt and somewhat excitedly looked at the three figures before him.

These three people looked to be around the same age as Lin Dong. Their bodies were toned, well built and tanned, giving them a slightly menacing aura. Moreover, what surprised Lin Dong was that even though most people who had entered the forests were conspiring against each other, the three of them had teamed up with each other.

“Hand over your tag.”

Standing right in the middle of the trio, a tanned young man stared at Lin Dong and said. While he spoke, his two allies slowly spread out and surrounded Lin Dong.

Gazing at the trio who had delivered themselves right into his hands, Lin Dong could not help but chuckle as he shook his head. He strolled forward with no intention of surrendering his body tag.


Upon witnessing Lin Dong’s movements, the trio’s expressions darkened as a faint glow appeared on their bodies. Tellingly, it seems like the three of them had reached at least Tempered Body 6th Layer.

As Yuan Power surfaced on the trio, they instantly pounced on Lin Dong viciously.

Even though they had the advantage in numbers, they hardly posed a threat to Lin Dong. Based on his current strength, he could easily defeat the three of them in a blink of an eye. Therefore, merely ten seconds later, the originally menacing trio were now lying helplessly on the floor.

Lin Dong was all smiles as he took their tags before he waved his hand and said: “Thanks.”

As he finished, he leisurely strolled past the three of them and continued his journey towards the depths of the forest. A bitter expression surfaced on the trio while they lamented their bad fortune.

After the trio, Lin Dong met another two other unlucky chaps who wanted to attack him. The two of them were quite strong as they were at Tempered Body 7th Layer. However, to Lin Dong who had already advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage, they were like lambs for the slaughter.

After a relaxing stroll, he successfully collected five tags. In addition to his own tag, he only lacked 4 more before he could attain the right to ascend onto the stone arena.

However, Lin Dong was not anxious. To be frank, with his Earthly Yuan level strength, it was simply a walk in the park for him to cross the forest.

As he continued on his path, besides encountering the fellows who had tried to rob him of his tag, Lin Dong also met with some ferocious beasts. However, they clearly posed little danger towards him and were likewise swiftly dispatched.

Following the passing of time, Lin Dong gradually made his way into the depths of the forest. Right now, the people that he encountered were all quite skilled. After all, you had to have genuine ability to make it this far.

Gradually walking deeper in, Lin Dong managed to obtain two more body tags. In all, he now had eight tags and he was just inches away from fulfilling the criteria. However, what perplexed Lin Dong was that he had yet to encounter Lei Li or Xie Yingying.

Inside the woods, Lin Dong sat down below a huge tree as he took out two biscuits he had prepared and ate them. Then, he closed his eyes as he prepared to take a short break.


Just as Lin Dong closed his eyes, a tree branch ahead of him suddenly shook and an arrow appeared and flew towards him.

Just as the arrow was inches away from Lin Dong’s body, he suddenly stretched his hand and caught the arrow before he immediately threw the arrow back in the direction it had came from.

As the arrow flew through the woods, a small figure darted out and landed on top of a tree branch and cautiously observed Lin Dong.

Lin Dong leisurely lifted his head and looked at that person. A look of surprise surfaced in his eyes as he realized that it was actually a girl.

On the tree branch stood a young lady in a leather skirt. The skintight attire caused the curves of her slim figure to be clearly visible. Her skin was not white like other girls but rather it was a healthy bronze color. Therefore, she gave off a wild and unruly kind of charm. In fact, this young lady was akin to a small female panther, filled with explosive power and ready to pounce at any moment.

At this instance, that young lady was vigilantly staring at Lin Dong. Held within her hands, was a wooden bow that had already been reloaded.

Of course, Lin Dong was not surprised by the gender of that person. Rather, he was taken back by her swift and adept reflexes. If he had to guess, this young lady had probably reached Tempered Body 8th Layer, definitely not a weakling.

“If you want the tag on my body, I am afraid you have found the wrong target.” Lin Dong said with a smile after he quickly shoved the dry biscuit in his hand into his mouth.

“You must be Lin Dong?” The young lady garbed in leather suddenly said as she stared at Lin Dong. Her voice was melodious like a young lady, yet it contained a little hint of hoarseness too. This hoarseness also caused her well-developed body to seem even more sexy.

“Yes?” Lin Dong was taken back, he did not expect that the young lady would actually know his name.

“Hehe, I was the one who told her.” Just as Lin Dong replied in astonishment, a laughter sounded out nearby. Soon after, some tree leaves parted to reveal a figure approaching Lin Dong. It was Wu Yun.

At Wu Yun’s arrival, Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows and asked: “What are you guys planning?”

“Don’t be mistaken. With so many tags around, I will definitely not go after yours. The reason why I looked for you is because I wanted to propose a collaboration.” Wu Yun hurriedly gestured with his hands and said.

“Why cooperate? Based on your abilities, it should be very easy to obtain ten tags.” Lin Dong replied.

“We discovered a Demonic Beast nearby.” Wu Yun softly muttered as he took two steps forward.

“Oh? What kind of Demonic Beast?” Lin Dong lifted his eyebrows. There were actually Demonic Beasts in these woods?

“Fire Python Tiger.” Wu Yun’s voice became even softer.

“Fire Python Tiger… Why would such a creature be here?”

Upon hearing this name, Lin Dong’s palm involuntarily shuddered. Then, with a strange expression, he stared at Wu Yun and said: “Do you have a death wish? A mature Fire Python Beast match up to a Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner! We can’t deal with it!”

Fire Python Tiger. When Lin Dong was at the Martial Arts Library, he happened to chance across a Demonic Beast index and this Fire Python Tiger was renowned as a ferocious monster. When it matures, it’s power would be equivalent to a Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioner. However, these kind of Demonic Beasts are normally found in the deep mountains, why would one appear here now?

“Don’t worry, that Fire Python Tiger is heavily wounded now. Based on its expression, it seemed to have escaped here from the deep mountains. More importantly, it had just given birth.” Wu Yun softly said as he stepped closer towards Lin Dong.

“Given birth?”

Upon hearing these two words, Lin Dong immediately took in a deep breath as his facial expression distorted. Fire Python Tigers become extremely aggressive when they mature. Owing to their aggressive nature, the only way to tame them, is to start when they are young. Therefore, anyone who could obtain this Fire Python Tiger cub, would essentially have a pet that could rival a Heavenly Yuan practitioner in the future!

If this news got out, everyone major faction in Qingyang Town would definitely lust after it. After all,  even after all these years of development, there were still only four Heavenly Yuan practitioners in the Lin Family.

“Lei Li and Xie Yingying are already heading towards that direction and they have acquired some helpers. Therefore, I can only turn towards you. After all, if we let the Lei and Xie Family obtain that Fire Python Tiger cub, it will only be bad news for both the Lin Family and the Raging Blade Dojo.” Wu Yun said seriously.

Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows. He did not expect such a sudden development during this hunt. If Xie and Lei Family got news regarding the existence of that Fire Python Tiger cub, Lei Bao might even disregard the entire competition and head down to hunt it personally. Fortunately, the news had not gotten out yet.

“So, how about it?” Wu Yun asked nervously as he looked at Lin Dong’s complicated expression. He knew that Lei Li’s side was powerful and without Lin Dong’s help, he would definitely be unable to grab the prize.

Lin Dong bit his lips. After a moment of silence, he finally nodded his head to the delight of Wu Yun.

“Alright, lets do it!”

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