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WDQK Chapter 43: Snatching the Cubs

“Haha, Brother Lin Dong is indeed magnanimous!”

After he saw Lin Dong nod his head, Wu Yun could not help but let out a hearty laugh as an excited smile surfaced on his face.

“Here, let me introduce you guys. This is Mu Lingsha from the Mu Family, my good friend since long ago. Hehe, don’t underestimate her just because she is a lady, she has advanced to Tempered Body 8th Layer and is extremely good at archery. With her on our side, we will have an easier time.” Wu Yun smiled as he pointed towards the slim young lady standing on a tree-branch.

“Mu Family?” Lin Dong was slightly taken back as he nodded his head. This Mu Family was situated within a hundred miles of Qingyang Town and they had quite a reputation. Naturally, Lin Dong had heard of them before.

“Based on my knowledge, there are a total of three Fire Python Tiger cubs. If we succeed, each of us can get one.” Wu Yun smiled as he said.

“It’s too early to be discussing how to split the spoils. After all, the Fire Python Tiger is no ordinary creature. Even if it was heavily injured and just gave birth, it will still be a difficult beast to handle. In fact, we may even sustain some damage.”  Lin Dong sighed as he shook his head.

“Ah ha, don’t worry. The Fire Python Tiger is not a problem. The main issue lies with Lei Li and company. If I am not mistaken, Lei Li should have advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage. Therefore, he is probably the strongest amongst all the contestants.” Wu Yun chuckled before he promptly signed.

“Let’s head over there first, before we assess the situation.” Lin Dong said as he nodded.

Upon hearing these words, Wu Yun also nodded in agreement. He lifted his head to look at Mu Linsha and she promptly leapt off the branch before glancing at Lin Dong and saying: “Follow me.”

Immediately, she dashed towards the forests on the right side with Wu Yun and Lin Dong swiftly behind.

As the three of them ran through the woods, they met several idling contestants who wanted to rob them of their tags. However, whenever any of them tried to make a move, an arrow will rip through the air and pierce the ground before them. The force behind that arrow clearly showed that should the arrow be pointed towards their bodies, it would definitely rip a bloody hole in their bodies.

With the aid of Mu Lingsha’s brilliant archery skills, they three of them had a smooth journey. After they travelled through the woods for approximately ten minutes, Mu Lingsha’s pace slowed down and she deftly hid behind a large tree. Her swift movements clearly demonstrated that she held a great understanding of the forests.

“We have arrived.”

Wu Yun deliberately muffled his voice as he told Lin Dong who was behind.

Upon hearing these words, Lin Dong stealthily took two steps forward. He scanned around before spotting something and concentrating his attention on it.

Imprinted in his eyes, was a spacious forested area. There, stood more than ten people with large wooden spears. Leading the pack were Lei Li and Xie Yingying.

Right in the middle of the group was a towering Demonic Beast. The Demonic Beast was covered in fur that looked like fire and its head resembled that of a fearsome tiger. Its tail was arched over its back, like a snake ready to pounce, and looked exactly like a flaming python.

This was completely similar to what Lin Dong had seen on the Demonic Beast Index. However, the Fire Python Tiger, which was supposed to look majestic and intimidating, seemed extremely weak as fresh blood constantly gushed out from its body, dyeing its surroundings blood red. After witnessing the damage taken by the Fire Python Tiger, Lin Dong now understood why Wu Yun had mentioned that the Fire Python Tiger was hardly a concern.

Based on its injuries, it would eventually bleed to death even if no one made a move. Lei Li was clear on this point as he only led probing attacks on the beast, not willing to directly engage it in battle. After all, the Fire Python Tiger could match up to a Heavenly Yuan expert and even its final death throes were no laughing matter.

“The Fire Python Tiger Cubs are on the rocks right behind it.” Wu Yun secretly whispered to Lin Dong from behind.

Lin Dong vision instantly turned towards the rocks behind the Fire Python Tiger. Right there, he could see three blood-stained cubs on the rocks. Their eyes were not even open as they squealed and rolled on the rocks in an attempt to stand up.

“These are indeed cubs.”

After witnessing this sight, despite Lin Dong’s level of cool-headedness, a fiery passion could not help but be lit up in his eyes. If he could obtain just one cub, then his Lin Family would effectively gain another Heavenly Yuan Practitioner. This would be a huge score for his Lin Family.

“Hehe, I told you? So, what now?” Wu Yun cheekily smiled after he saw Lin Dong’s expression.

“Let’s wait for the Fire Python Tiger to die first.” Lin Dong took a deep breath as he calmed himself before he softly replied. After all, it would be too risky if that creature was still alive.

“Yes.” After hearing Lin Dong’s suggestion, Wu Yun nodded in agreement.

“At that time, once the Fire Python Tiger dies, I will intervene to stop Lei Li and the rest while Mu Lingsha shall covertly assist me. Wu Yun, your mission is to grab these Fire Python Tiger Cubs. Once you obtain them, you must leave immediately and we will meet back at our rendezvous point.” Lin Dong licked his lips as he told outlined his plan to the rest.

“You are planning to fight them by yourself?” Upon hearing his plan, Wu Yun was shocked. There were about ten of them at Lei Li’s side, furthermore Lei Li had advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage. If Lin Dong were to appear, he would surely be captured in a jiffy.

“Don’t worry, I will not overextend myself.” Lin Dong smiled as he waved his hand.

Upon seeing the smiling expression on Lin Dong’s face, Wu Yun was stunned. Suddenly, a frightening thought flashed in his mind, however he immediately killed it.

“Alright, lets follow your plan. You focus on Lei Li and Xie Yingying. Leave the rest to me, I will stop them.” Mu Lingsha also stared at Lin Dong in shock, yet she did not question him.

“Thank you.” Lin Dong smiled gently. Without another word, he turned to look at the forest.

The situation with the Fire Python Tiger had reached a gruesome stage. As it was being provoked by Lei Li and the rest, it could only sluggishly chase after them. However, as it moved, fresh blood gushed onto the floor until eventually, even its internal organs began to spill out.


The injuries sustained were truly fatal. Therefore, after a short chase, the Fire Python Tiger release a roar of despair as it fell on the floor with a thud.

Delight surfaced in Lei Li, Xie Yingying and the rest after they saw the Fire Python Tiger finally breathe it’s last breath. A hungry expression quickly replaced their delight as they turned to stare at the three Fire Python Tiger cubs on the rock. A split second later, they dashed towards the cubs.


Just as Lei Li and the rest rushed forward, Lin Dong released a low growl as he kicked his foot off the ground, shooting forward to obstruct both Lei Li and Xie Yingying.

“Swish swish!”

Just as Lin Dong made his move, Mu Lingsha’s beautiful face turned icy. She swiftly pulled her bow back and arrows flew through the woods to promptly stop the rest of the group following behind Lei Li and Xie Yingying.

“Lin Dong!”

This sudden developed caused Lei Li and Xie Yingying to be startled. As they stared at the man blocking their way, an ugly expression surfaced on their faces. Lei Li released a sneer as he heavily stepped off the ground and jumped towards Lin Dong, attacking him with a punch. The powerful force contained within his blow caused the surrounding air to vibrate.

“Since you delivered yourself straight into my hands, don’t blame me!”

Lin Dong lifted his head to gaze at the figure who was rapidly growing bigger before his eyes. Based on the force contained within this punch, Lin Dong understood that Lei Li had indeed advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage. In fact, if this punch was delivered to a Tempered Body 9th Layer practitioner, he would suffer massive injures.

“Lin Dong, watch out. Dodge quickly!”

As Wu Yun was dashed towards the cubs, he hurriedly shouted out upon witnessing this scene.

However, Lin Dong chose to ignore Wu Yan’s warning. Keeping both of his eyes firmly on Lei Li, he took half a step back while his fingers gripped together. Then, he retaliated with a punch, forcefully countering Lei Li’s powerful blow.

Wu Yun’s face turned pale after he saw Lin Dong’s decision to retaliate. Just as the former was about to retreat and save Lin Dong, he suddenly saw that at the epicenter, Lei Li’s body had actually been blown back. In fact, he landed awkwardly and even took a few steps back, nearly falling to the ground.

The chaotic woods instantly fell silent. Even Xie Yingying gasped in surprise, unable to believe what had just happened. Lei Li had advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage, yet he was blown back by a single punch from Lin Dong!

“Dammit…has that bastard advanced to Earthly Yuan Stage?”

Wu Yun stared at Lin Dong’s back in complete shock. The terrifying thought that had flashed in his mind previously was now finally confirmed…

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