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Chapter 418 Massacre

As the gigantic monster flew into the air, howling gales were swept up by its huge wings. Lin Dong’s gaze landed upon the gigantic beast only to see three figures standing loftily atop it. With a sweeping glance, Lin Dong spotted a insignia that emitted a saint light on each of their chests.

“They are indeed members of the Saint Light Empire…”

Lin Dong’s glance turned gloomy as he recognized the familiar insignias. He then said coldly, “If you hurt my three friends, I will slaughter everyone who belongs to the Saint Light Empire in the ancient battlefield.”

“Hehe, you have such an arrogant tone. I’m afraid you are the filth who will be slaughtered today!” Upon hearing Lin Dong’s words, the three men on the gigantic beast laughed sinisterly while their bodies surged with a killing intent.

“Do you think you can ride over the heads of the Saint Light Empire just because you killed Li Sheng that fellow. It seems that today you will understand how foolish you are to offend the Saint Light Empire!”

At the middle of the three men, there was a yellow-clothed guy. He gave Lin Dong a sneering look and then said, “Relax, although your three friends have been through some sufferings, we haven’t killed them yet. Therefore, it’s best that you start worrying about yourself now.”

After he finished his sentence, the man clapped his hand and three tightly-bounded figures were being pushed onto the citywall immediately. Lin Dong casted a glance in the direction of the citywall and realised that the three figures were Mo Ling and the rest. The three of them appeared to be covered in dirt, but other than that, their lives were not in any danger.

“Lin Dong, this time around, there are three peak Manifestation stage elites from the Saint Light Empire. If you can’t contend against them, just retreat as soon as possible!” Mo Lin’s facial expression changed drastically and then yelled after he saw Lin Dong returned.

“Haha, you’re quite a loyal friend, but no one will be leaving today. Once we get rid of this guy, we will lock up the three of you, who are his accomplices, and make you refine the Nirvana pills for the Saint Light Empire!” the yellow-clothed man laughed heartily.

Lin Dong’s face remained apathetic. No one knew what was going on beneath that calm-looking face. He took a glance at Mo Ling and the rest and then, shifted his gaze towards the three men and asked mildly, “Jin Mu did not come?”

“Pfft, who do you think you are? Are you even qualified to be killed by Big Senior? The three of us are sufficient to kill you. The Big Senior wants us to bring your head along to see him!” The guy beside the yellow-clothed sneered.

“So he didn’t come? What a pity…” Lin Dong shook his head slowly after he heard what was said. Then, he continued, “Since he wants a head so badly, I will send the three of your heads to him.”

At this moment, many people had gathered on the citywall. However, they did not dare to make any noise while looking at the ongoing scene in the sky, The mighty power of the Saint Light Empire was not something they could withstand. They knew that the overlord of this assembly point would change again after today. This place would fall under the control of the Saint Light Empire once again and their future would become extremely bleak…

They did not want to be despair so easily, but the power of the Saint Light Empire was far too dominant. The last time, the Saint Light Empire was able to become the overlord of this place with Li Sheng alone. Now, there were three peak Manifestation stage elites who were stronger than Li Sheng. Even Lin Dong, who had defeated Li Sheng, would have trouble facing such a powerful line-up.

“You are such an ostentatious fool. We know that you are capable of contending against peak Manifestation stage elites and possess some powerful Manifestation martial arts. However, you will find out how insignificant you are after the three of us combine forces and beat you!” Apparently, Lin Dong’s words had infuriated the three peak Manifestation stage elites of the Saint Light Empire. After giving a mocking laughter, the three of them broke into actions and formed a triangular formation.

Even though these three persons appeared to belittle Lin Dong on the surface, their movements and actions were still extremely cautious. Their formation and offense were extremely precise and well-coordinated.

“Boom! Boom!”

As the three of them flew out, three powerful waves of Yuan Powers surged through each of their bodies. The three energy waves showed signs of convergence and appeared exceptionally fearsome.

“Filth, your good days have come to an end, give me your life now!”

As their Yuan Powers erupted, the three peak Manifestation stage elites’ confidence boosted greatly as well. With a roar, their Yuan Powers converged and formed a huge mountain, which was then hurled ferociously towards Lin Dong’s direction.

The humongous Yuan Power mountain formed by the three Manifestation Stage elites contained immense power. Even the air exploded as it flew through the sky.

Even so, under numerous astonished gazes from the onlookers, Lin Dong did not move an inch in the face of a powerful incoming attack. When the Yuan Power mountain reached the top of his head, he blasted out a punch.

Lin Dong’s punch did not have a single trace of Yuan Power. It seemed he wanted to use only his physical strength to stop the incoming Yuan Power mountain. Upon seeing this scene, contempt swept across the eyes of the three peak Manifestation elites.

However, before the sneers on their faces disappeared thoroughly, stupefaction overwhelmed their faces when they saw what happened next. That was because, when Lin Dong’s fist collided with the mountain, it was the latter, instead of the former, that collapsed. With a loud bang, the Yuan Power mountain, which was conjured together by the three men, exploded into glitters that filled up the entire sky.

A commotion broke out on the citywall. Even Mo Ling, Du Yun and Man Shan were dumbstruck at this sight. Lin Dong relied only on his physical strength to ward off the combined attack by the three peak Manifestation stage elites. Isn’t this display of power a tad bit scary?

Furthermore, they clearly knew that Lin Dong was not this powerful a few days ago. Otherwise, he would not struggle so long with Li Sheng before pulling off a victory. This goes to show that Lin Dong’s powers had increased sharply within these few days!

“There is something weird about this lad. Do not hold back, all-out attack!”

Upon seeing what Lin Dong had done, the facial expressions of the three peak Manifestation stage elites changed drastically. However, the three of them were considered to be experienced fighters. Therefore, with a battle roar, they were able to remobilize their Yuan Power and prepare for an all-out attack.


Even so, Lin Dong did not give them much opportunities to retaliate. He did not want to drag this kind of battle any longer. Thus, he already took a heavy step forward before those three men could prepare their attacks.


Abruptly, the air under Lin Dong’s feet exploded. Like an artillery shell, Lin Dong flew over a few hundred feets and broke into the three-men formation mysteriously. A formidable energy ripple then erupted and forcefully separated the three men.

“Be careful, he wants to beat us down one by one!” One of the peak Manifestation stage elite bellowed after he witnessed what had happened.

“Even if you know what I’m going to do, it’s useless!”

Just as he finished his sentence, the air beneath him suddenly exploded. Like a ghost, Lin Dong’s figure then appeared behind him.

“Armour of Light!”

The moment he felt a surge of frantic energy behind him, the peak Manifestation stage elite’s facial expression changed slightly. Then, with a jolt of his body, his Yuan Power formed an armour of light on the surface of his body.


Just when the armour was formed, Lin Dong’s punch landed heavily on it with a loud bang. Immediately, a terrifying power erupted from his punch.


As the punch landed on its target, vibrations resounded through the air. At this moment, that peak Manifestation stage elite’s face was gushing with fear. That was because he discovered that the armour of light he just formed was as weak as a piece of thin paper.


As the armour of light exploded, the physical body of that peak Manifestation stage elite followed suit and exploded as well. Lin Dong’s brutal strength had directly entered the elite’s body and destroyed him from within.

Numerous gasps broke out from the onlookers on the citywall as they saw the slowly dissipating blood mist on Lin Dong’s fist. No one had expected Lin Dong to kill a peak Manifestation stage elite with one punch!

At the same time, the yellow-clothed man and the other elite were stunned by this scene as well. They did not expect their companion, who was of the same skill level as them, to be killed by Lin Dong with a single punch. Apparently, the intel that they gathered on Lin Dong was extremely inconsistent with what was happening now. All they knew was Lin Dong killed Li Sheng by luck after a bitter battle. Therefore, when Jin Mu sent them on this mission, they already treated it as a successful mission. However, as they saw what was going on now, they realised that they had made a mistake this time around…

Of course, there was no chance for them to regret. As such, when Lin Dong shot them an apathetic glance, their facial expression changed and retreated together. Both of them had witnessed Lin Dong’s terrifying physical strength and naturally did not want to end up like their companion

“Bang! Bang!”

Given their speed, it was impossible for them to escape from Lin Dong. Thus, at that moment, Lin Dong flew towards them and punched out both his fists. Two violent gusts of fist wind ripped through the air and landed squarely on the escaping duo.

As the powerful fist wind came in contact with them, the yellow-clothed guy and the other elite finally understood why their dead companion would turn into a blood mist. This kind of power is comparable to half-step-to Nirvana Stage elite’s power!

“Cough! Vomit!”

Two mouthful of blood spat out from each of the duo’s mouths. The two of them could withstand the attacks because Lin Dong was punching them through nothing but air. However, their faces had turned pale-white and their eyes were surging with fear. They seemed to lose their arrogance as well.

“Faster leave now! This man is too powerful, only the Big Senior can handle him!”

These two men were decisive individuals. The moment they saw how tough was Lin Dong, they did not want to linger at that place any longer. With a jolt of their bodies, they leapt onto their gigantic beast. The beast then flapped its huge wings and escaped from that place.


Just as the gigantic beast was making its escape, a scarlet light streaked across the sky. An extremely sharp, blood-red python whip pierced through the body of that flying beast. Without any reduction in its power, the whip continued its path and accurately pierced through the yellow-clothed guy and his last companion. Finally, a bloody mist could be seen bursting out from the duo’s skulls.

At this moment, a dead silence swept through the onlookers on the citywall when they saw that a huge bloody python had pierced through the two escaping figures.

Even Mo Ling, Man Shan and Du Yuan could not help but secretly swallow their saliva. All three peak Manifestation stage elites had just been killed without any hesitation…

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