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Chapter 419 Proceeding Towards Yang City

In the sky, an enormous sharp blood python penetrated the gigantic beast and the bodies of the yellow clothed man duo atop it. Fresh blood continuously poured down from the sky like pillars, turning the land below blood red.

The one who had sneaked attack in the end was naturally Little Flame. After absorbing the Ancient Heavenly Crocodile’s blood within the Sacred Spirit Pool, its python tail had transformed into an Earthly Soul Treasure that did not lose out to the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear in Lin Dong’s hands. Even advanced Manifestation stage practitioners would find it difficult to defend against this python tail. If it was a hidden attack, it was extremely like for even a peak Manifestation practitioner to be pierced, just like the current scene before their eyes.


Little Flame waved its python tail, which was as sharp as a blade, before ferociously throwing the three corpses towards the ground below. Immediately turning them into a bloody pulp as they smashed into the ground.

Upon seeing this, Lin Dong grabbed out with his hand as three Qiankun bags flew over before steadily landing in his hands. His Mental Energy roughly spread out, as a smile flashed across his face. The trio’s collection was rather bountiful, and there were a total of six thousand Nirvana pills in the Qiankun bags. Although this was lesser than Li Sheng, it was not bad at all.

After roughly checking his spoils of battle, Lin Dong’s figure moved and dashed up the city walls. Currently, there were still several Saint Light Empire Manifestation practitioners on the city walls. However, when they saw Lin Dong charge at them, fear rose up in their eyes as they shrieked while hastily escaping.

Lin Dong obviously did not plan on showing mercy to any of these Saint Light Empire lackeys. Several punches exploded in the empty air, the berserk as a volcano fist wind directly killing all of these Saint Light Empire lackeys besides one. This scene caused the legs of all the onlookers to tremble, they never imagined that in the short few days they had not seen him, Lin Dong’s strength would actually reach the terrifying stage of instant killing an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner and even heavily injuring a peak Manifestation practitioner in a single punch!

After taking care of the lackeys, Lin Dong’s figure appeared beside the Mo Ling trio. With a wave of his hand, he broke the bindings on their bodies and asked, “Are you guys alright?”

“Nothing too serious. These guys thought that you had escaped and wanted to use us as hostages to make you appear. Hence, they did not truly intend to murder us.” Mo Ling bitterly smiled as he shook his head. Even those guys did not expect that once Lin Dong appeared, they would not even have the opportunity to use the hostages before being cleanly finished off by Lin Dong.

“Your strength?” Du Yun stared at Lin Dong in astonishment and could not help but ask.

“I’ve successfully mastered a martial art, thus my strength has risen a little.” Lin Dong offhandedly chuckled before speaking again, “Looks like Jin Mu really wants to take my life. Since he could not come himself, he sent his underlings.”

“Heh, they’ve lost another three peak Manifestation stage practitioners this time. I believe Mu Jin would go crazy with rage when he finds out.” Man Shan evilly chuckled before remarking.

“When does brother Lin Dong plan on heading towards Yang City?” Mo Ling looked towards Lin Dong. Now that he knew Lin Dong had been successful, he would definitely want to head for Yang City to vie over the ‘Ancient Secret Key’.

“I will be leaving tomorrow.” Lin Dong pondered for a moment. Without further ado, he grabbed the one lackey he had left alive and threw him towards Mo Ling, “Fish out some information from him. They were all Jin Mu’s followers and should know a little news about the Ancient Secret Key.”


Upon hearing these words, the Mo Ling trio nodded their heads. Soon after, they evilly looked at the remaining scared stiff Saint Light Empire member. Although they did not have to worry about their lives after falling into the Saint Light Empire’s hands, they had suffered a little and it just so happened that they could use this unfortunate fellow to vent their resentment.

After taking care of these troubles, Lin Dong ignored the gazes from the gathering point and flew towards the high tower after informing the Mo Ling trio.

Seated within the high tower, Lin Dong’s gaze turned towards Little Flame, or more accurately, Little Flame’s strange python tail. Some tiny changes had occurred to the python tail and it now looked like a hammer. The python tail was also finely covered in blood red scales which were matchlessly sharp. Together, they gave off a spine-chilling feeling, and even Lin Dong’s eyes turned a little serious when he saw the flickering light from it.

“With Little Flame’s current strength, its sneak attack was enough to kill a peak Manifestation stage practitioner. The power of this python tail did not lose out at all to the Heavenly Crocodile Bone Spear.” Lin Dong softly praised. Little Flame was becoming stronger and stronger, which was great news for him.

Tomorrow, he would head for Yang City. The powerful practitioners there were as numerous as the clouds in the sky, and even included half-step-to Nirvana practitioners. At his side, there was currently only Little Flame who could help him. The Mo Ling trio’s strength would at most be able to delay a peak Manifestation practitioner, and was incapable of beating one.

Hence, Lin Dong was rather delighted with Little Flame’s increase in strength.

Lin Dong gently rubbed Little Flame’s large head. Moments later, he slowly shut his eyes and once again entered a cultivation state. However, his quiet cultivation only lasted for three hours before being broken by the arrival of the Mo Ling trio.

“We have obtained the information.” Upon hearing the first few words Mo Ling said, a smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. Yang City was a gathering of dragons and snakes, thus, for him to mix in with them and vie for the Ancient Secret Key, information was absolutely necessary.

“There are currently practitioners from several empires gathered at Yang City. Their target is the Ancient Secret Key. Looks like this ancient hidden treasure hoard is quite a heavyweight, or else, it would not possess such an allure.” Mo Ling was clearly a little happy. If they could obtain the hidden treasure, they would definitely possess the chance to attack the Nirvana stage.

Lin Dong nodded his head, unsurprised by this information. Within the ancient hidden treasure hoard was the Samsara pill that could cause even Little Marten to be wild with joy. It was obviously no ordinary treasure hoard.

“Because there are too many parties in Yang City, even that fellow doesn’t know the exact number. However, among those empires that he knows off, there are four empires that have half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners. These four empires are rather famous in Yang City.”

“These four empires are the Great Hidden Empire, the Iron Empire, the Sea Scale Empire and… the Saint Light Empire…”

Lin Dong slowly nodded his head. These empires were far stronger than the Great Yan Empire, hence, having half-step-to Nirvana practitioners was nothing to be surprised about. Moreover, although Lin Dong needed to take a cautious approach towards half-step-to Nirvana practitioners, this was far from being fear. With the Blood Soul Puppet, unless a true Nirvana stage practitioner appeared, no one would be able to kill him.

“Is there a true Nirvana stage practitioner in Yang City?!” Lin Dong thought for a while before inquiring.

“The waters in Yang City are deep, and contain all sorts of characters. Although some of the empires are not as famous as these four, they are not weak at all. No one knows whether they are hiding any half-step-to Nirvana stage practitioners. However, there are likely no true Nirvana stage practitioners.” Mo Ling replied.

In the current ancient battlefield, as long as one was able to step in the realm of half-step-to Nirvana, they would be one of the top ranking practitioners. As for genuine Nirvana stage practitioners, there were likely none to be found even in Yang City. After all, though Yang City was the largest gathering point in a ten thousand mile radius, compared to the entire ancient battlefield, it was extremely insignificant. Hence, no Nirvana stage practitioners should appear here…

In response to Mo Ling’s words, Lin Dong did not comment. If the ancient treasure hoard could stir even Little Marten’s heart, a true-blue Nirvana stage practitioner would definitely be unable to resist. No one could say for sure that there were no Nirvana stage practitioners lying in ambush within Yang City, indifferently eying the battle between the empires, and waiting like a fisherman to act at the final moment.

However, even if there truly was a Nirvana stage practitioner in Yang City, Lin Dong was determined to win the Ancient Secret Key. This matter not only involved Little Marten’s creation of a physical body, but he also knew that if he could obtain this secret treasure, he would definitely be able to use this to attack the Nirvana stage, and rise above the rest in the sky-shaking war a year later!

The number of participating empires in the Hundred Empire War were innumerable. Among them were countless geniuses and monsters, they all started off at different points and their destinies were all greater than Lin Dong’s. After all, the luck in this world could not possible all fall upon Lin Dong. Hence, to contend against the geniuses and monsters from the various empires, Lin Dong needed to be prepared.

It was impossible for him to yield something like the ancient treasure hoard to others!

“We will move out tomorrow and proceed towards Yang City to fight for the mysterious key!” With these thoughts, Lin Dong naturally no longer had any hesitations as he declared in a low voice.

In response to Lin Dong’s declaration, the Mo Ling trio solemnly nodded their heads. Not only were they not fearful, there was instead passion in their eyes. They had absolute faith in Lin Dong. Since the start of their journey, the feats that Lin Dong had displayed caused them to celebrate the fact that they had chosen him over Lin Langtian…

The next day, just as the morning light tore apart the darkness and sprinkled onto the land, a powerful wind sound echoed in the skies above the gathering point. Some people lifted their heads, only to see four figures dashing out from the high towers before landing on a ferocious Demonic Beast’s back. Bringing with them a roaring gale, they flew towards the edge of the horizon.

As they watched the disappearing shadows, several people in the gathering point felt a little frustrated and disappointed. They knew that Lin Dong and gang would no longer return, and instead head for greater and more magnificent places within the ancient battlefield to fight over more resources, and from there distinguish themselves in this Hundred Empire War. In comparison, the ones left behind would perhaps slowly vanish from the ancient battlefield, and their previous reputations as geniuses of their various empires would follow and fade away…

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