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WDQK Chapter 39: Earthly Yuan Stage!

The abrupt change caused fear to rise in Lin Dong’s heart. The Chilling Cold which had gushed into him from Qing Tan’s body was fearsomely powerful and cold. In fact, it was on a whole new level compared to the Chilling Cold contained with the Yin Pearls.

Lin Dong lost control of his body as it was gradually covered in layer after layer of frost. The sensation was akin to having numerous steel needles furiously stabbing every part of his body. Due to that intense pain, Lin Dong’s body and its internal organs started to twist and contort in pain, even his blood flow had became sluggish….

All these signs indicated that he was facing a dire situation!

However, as he faced these dire circumstances, Lin Dong was powerless. As he encountered the fearsome beast-like Chilling Cold from Qing Tan’s body, he knew that his own power simply paled in comparison. However, he did not understand the reason why there was a sudden change in the Stone Talisman today. After all, this was not the first time he had contact with Qing Tan. Yet, this incident still occurred.

Under the invasion of the Chilling Cold, Lin Dong gradually began to lose consciousness. However, just before he blacked out, the Stone Talisman embedded within his palm finally made its move.

A suction force rapidly erupted from the Stone Talisman. Soon after, every bit of Yin Energy spread out across Lin Dong’s body was rapidly absorbed and swallowed by the Stone Talisman.

“Buzz buzz.”

Right after all the Yin Energy in Lin Dong’s body had been drained, the Stone Talisman started vibrating. Moments later, a pulse of icy-blue Yin Energy was directly emitted from the Stone Talisman and it followed Lin Dong’s internal channels and rapidly gushed towards his Dan Tian.

Though this pulse of icy-blue Yin Energy seemed like a tiny amount, Lin Dong’s remaining consciousness felt a trepidation from this force. He could feel that this pulse of icy-blue Yin Energy was not as simple as it seemed…

That pulse of icy-blue Yin Energy flowed directly into Lin Dong’s Dan Tian. Soon after, Lin Dong could feel an extremely fierce battle break out in his Dan Tian again. As the Yin Energy and Yuan Power collided, he could faintly feel tiny bursts of pain from his Dan Tian.

As he faced the ongoing clash, Lin Dong could only sit aside helplessly since he had already lost all control over his body. However, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief as he could sense that the Yin Energy, perhaps due to the Stone Talisman, was not as brutal as he had expected. Therefore, after 70-80% of the Yin Energy had been slowly shaved away by the battle, the Yuan Power and Yin Energy within his Dan Tian finally started to fuse together…

Within his Dan Tian, the two forces gradually fused. The originally colorless Yuan Power suddenly turned a deep blue color. Furthermore, the originally fist-sized Yuan Power Seed suddenly evaporated into an icy dark blue mist. At the fringe of the mist, Lin Dong could vividly feel a trace of Chilling Cold.

Just as the icy dark blue mist was formed, Lin Dong’s body violently jolted. Instantly, he felt a fearsome power that he had never known before swiftly surge out from the deepest region of his body before finally dispersing to every nook and cranny of his body.

“Crack crack…”

In this instance, cracks began to appear on the layer of frost surrounding Lin Dong’s body as chunks of ice started to fall off.

Lin Dong focused on his Dan Tian. This was the first time he could “see” his own Dan Tian. The icy dark blue mist was especially alluring as it slowly swirled. Circling it, were traces of Yuan Power, tinted with a chill, and readily available for Lin Dong to deploy.

Lin Dong relaxed his mind and left his Dan Tian. With his eyes tightly shut, he could feel a strange ripple spreading out from within his mind. He could now vividly sense every detail of his surroundings up to a ten meter radius.

“Is this Earthly Yuan stage?”

The feeling of being in control caused Lin Dong’s body to tremble uncontrollably in excitement. Advancing to Earthly Yuan Stage indicated that he had officially became a true practitioner!

After all, this was the first major checkpoint in the path of training!

In order to breakthrough this hurdle, Lin Dong had slogged hard during this period. However, the unexpected developments today finally helped to fuse the Yin Energy and Yuan Power within his Dan Tian, thereby allowing him to advance to Earthly Yuan Stage!

Receiving this wonderful surprise caused Lin Dong to have a sudden desire to shout out at the heavens and announce his delight. However, he managed to suppress this desire right at the last second.

In the dense forest, the layer of ice on Lin Dong’s body had completely fallen off and transformed into a puddle of water on the ground below. Soon after, Lin Dong shook his body, as he gently opened his eyes.

As he opened his eyes, a ray of icy blue light flitted across his eyes before it soon disappeared.

As Lin Dong clenched his fists, he could feel that the power contained within his muscles had grown by several times. In fact, based on his conjecture, one normal punch from him now probably rivalled his Penetrating Fist Tenth Echo from before!


Lin Dong exhaled a somewhat ice-cold breath, suddenly joining his hands together to form a complicated hand-seal. This was Wonder Gate Seal.

Lin Dong was extremely curious to find out just how powerful Wonder Gate Seal would be after he advanced to this new level of strength.

As Lin Dong skillfully executed different hand-seals, streams of icy blue Yuan Power rapidly flowed from the icy blue mist within his Dan Tian and gathered under Lin Dong’s palm.

As that beautiful icy blue Yuan Power enveloped Lin Dong’s right palm, a chill rose up, causing the surrounding temperature to fall.


As he finished the last hand-seal, Lin Dong took a step forward. He immediately slammed his palm into a tree trunk, which was as thick as two thighs, right ahead of him.

The hand-seal exploded and the thick tree was immediately blown apart. Numerous wooden shrapnels flew in every direction. Furthermore, right at the point of impact, there was a layer of frost. If this attack had landed on a human body, just the Yin Energy contained within the Yuan Power alone would cause the opponent to suffer greatly.

The power of Earthly Yuan practitioners far exceeds any Tempered Body practitioner!

As he witnessed the strength behind his blow, a look of delight surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes. Just as he was about to celebrate, he turned and realized that Qing Tan was still lying unconscious on the ground and instantly an awkward expression surfaced.

The reason why he managed to advance to Earthly Yuan stage was because the Mysterious Stone Talisman had absorbed the fearsome Chilling Cold within Qing Tan body and tamed it before allowing it to enter Lin Dong’s Dan Tian. Or else, based on Lin Dong’s ability, if he had tried to forcibly absorb the Chilling Cold within Qing Tan’s body, he would have probably turned into an ice statue.

“Thank goodness, she is fine. Or else, Father and Mother would definitely kill me.”

After a quick examination, Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief when he realized that Qing Tan had only fainted. Stroking his right palm, he let out a pained smile before he lifted the beautiful sleeping princess carried her out of the forest.

Thanks to today’s unexpected developments, Lin Dong managed to advance to Earthly Yuan stage ahead of his expectations. Nonetheless, it was definitely good news that he could accomplish this step before the Qingyang Town Hunt.

“The Lei and Xie Family have profited so much from my Lin Family. It’s time to make them spit it all out!”

As he carried the young lady back home, a sneer surfaced on Lin Dong’s face.

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