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WDQK Chapter 38: Change

Advancing to Tempered Body 9th Layer did not come as a big surprise to Lin Dong. After two additional months of training, plus the liberal use of elixirs, the Yuan Power Seed in his body long ago attained enough strength to overcome the Yuan Tian Barrier.

The reason why Lin Dong waited was because he was highly ambitious. After he advanced to the 9th Layer, he wanted to immediately try for Earthly Yuan level!

This idea could be considered slightly insane. Even though Tempered Body 9th Layer and Earthly Yuan level were only one step away, there was huge gulf between the two of them. In plain terms, an Earthly Yuan practitioner could easily dispatch several individuals at Tempered Body 9th Layer. This illustrated the vast chasm between the two.

When most people reached Tempered Body 9th Layer, they would usually resume their regular training. Only when the Yuan Power within their Dan Tian had reached a certain level, would they dare to advance to Earthly Yuan level. In fact, only a crazy handful dared to attempt something similar to Lin Dong.

Of course, even though this move sounded insane, it was not impossible for Lin Dong to pull it off. After all, his Yuan Power Seed was already much more powerful than most people. Furthermore, he had absorbed a huge amount of Elixir Pills and done extensive preparations. Therefore, he had a chance.


Like an arrow, a mouthful of white smoke was coughed out from Lin Dong’s throat. Lin Dong’s eyes gently opened as a warm sensation filled his lower abdomen, causing his entire body to feel as if it was brimming with energy.

“It feels really different after I opened my Dan Tian…”

As he felt the changes within his body, Lin Dong’s spirits were slightly lifted. Opening one’s Dan Tian was extremely important for any practitioner as it was the most crucial and fundamental step!

“Later, I would be able to train in Secret Arts after reaching Earthly Yuan level. At that point, the might of my Yuan Power will also increase dramatically…”

Secret Arts. These were merely two simple words. Yet, casually mentioning these words could lead to devastating conflicts. After all, secret arts were completely different from normal martial arts. Even though martial arts could utilize the might of one’s Yuan Power, secret arts can boost one’s Yuan Power from its roots!

Based on what scarce information Lin Dong knew, secret arts also had different categories. However, they were not as complex as martial arts because they only had three categories.

From lowest to highest, third-tier secret arts, second-tier secret arts, and first-tier secret arts. It was a simple yet effective classification.

The Lin Family also had one secret arts manual but it was only third-tier. Nonetheless, that manual was personally safeguarded by Lin Zhentian. Within the Family, only the practitioners that have advanced to Earthly Yuan level can know its existence and study it.

With regards to that secret arts manual, Lin Dong had very occasionally heard Lin Xiao mentioning it. Even though he did not fully comprehend, he still knew how important that thing was.

On his bed, Lin Dong shook his head as he tried to remove any distracting thoughts in his mind. It was still too early to think about secret arts. After all, once he officially advanced to Earthly Yuan level, Lin Zhentian would surely deliver that secret arts manual to him on a silver platter.

Lin Dong reached below his pillow and took out two bottles. Contained within the first bottle were ten brightly colored Elixir Pills, while the other contained numerous white Yin Pearls which emitted a forbiddingly cold aura.

Lin Dong removed two Elixir Pills and popped them into his mouth. Approximately half an hour later, he managed to fully absorb the medicinal power into his Dan Tian and he felt the amount of Yuan Power in his Dan Tian surge.

As he felt the vibrations in his Dan Tian’s Yuan Power, Lin Dong removed a Yin Pearl from the other bottle. Even though he had covered his palm with a layer of Yuan Power, he could still feel a stab of pain from the cold aura.

The so-called Earthly Yuan level was basically fusing the Yuan Power in one’s body with Yin Energy, thereby strengthening one’s Yuan Power. Henceforth, the most important step was absorbing the Yin Energy from between Heaven and Earth.

However, Lin Dong did not care for Yin Energy that existed between Heaven and Earth. After all, the Yin Energy contained within these Yin Pearls, that originated from Qing Tan’s body, were of Grade 5 quality. Therefore, if he successfully combined them with his Yuan Power, it would be boosted to a much larger extent.

As he gripped the Yin Pearl, Lin Dong sucked in a deep breath before he straightaway popped it into his mouth without the slightest hesitation.

When the Yin Pearl entered his body, Lin Dong’s body instantaneously stiffened as chilling cold air rapidly spread throughout his body and even his skin was swiftly covered in a layer of frost.

Chilling cold air was constantly emitted from his body, however thanks to his prior training, Lin Dong’s body was already tough enough to withstand the cold.

“Brr brr…”

Lin Dong’s face turned pale as his teeth chattered nonstop. He was aware of the Yin Pearl entering his body and going straight into his Dan Tian. Once it had reached its final destination, it immediately caused an upheaval…

Just as he experienced the explosive impact of his Yuan Power colliding with the Yin Energy, Lin Dong’s facial expression changed. He realized that he may have overextended himself as the Yuan Power within his Dan Tian was unable to hold back the Yin Energy!


The commotion in his Dan Tian gradually intensified. Approximately ten minutes later, a healthy red glow returned to Lin Dong’s cheeks as he involuntarily spit out a mouthful of blood. Contained within that mouthful of blood, were lumps of ice bits.

Evidently, Lin Dong’s latest endeavour had failed.

“What a pity…”

As Lin Dong wiped off the bloodstains at the corner his mouth, a healthy red glow gradually returned to his pale cheeks. At first, he shook his head in resignation. However, after a moment of contemplation, he realized that even though his attempt to rush to Earthly Yuan level has failed, he had learnt much from this experience. Furthermore, he managed to gain some progress as well. After all, there was now a trace of Yin Energy within his Dan Tian and it had successfully combined with his Yuan Power. Therefore, even though it was a tiny step, this was still a small improvement.

As he kept the bottles, Lin Dong dripped two drops of Stone Talisman Ling Liquid into his mouth before he left his room. Even though he only managed to harvest a tiny trace of Yin Energy from one Yin Pearl, he was not troubled as he had a sufficient supply of Yin Pearls. Furthermore, after this experience, he was confident that he would be more successful the next time….

It’s only a matter of time before he reached Earthly Yuan level.

Time passes like flowing water, in the blink of an eye, autumn had left as winter approached. Snowflakes danced in the air as they gently floated to the ground, causing the land to sparkle. It was truly a beautiful sight.

As Qingyang Town was slowly surrounded by snow, the atmosphere in the town gradually reached its peak. This was because there were only ten days left before the Qingyang Town Hunt began.

In a snow-filled open area within the woods, two figures crossed blows. As their palms and fists collided, the impact caused the snowflakes in their surroundings to be completely scattered.

Two figures, one was steady while the other was graceful like a butterfly as she swung her jade-like hands. Her movements were especially agile, yet they looked elegant as well.


As both palms collided, one figure jerked his shoulders as he exerted more force, causing the young lady to hurriedly retreat a few steps.

“I give up. I can’t seem to win.” The young lady pouted as she grudgingly stared at the young man before her.

Lin Dong smiled as he stared at the coy young lady, awe filling his heart. In just a month’s time, with help from him and thanks to Qing Tan’s unique body constitution, she had nearly advanced to Tempered Body 8th Layer. In fact, she was already very close.

Right now, Lin Dong was imparting some martial arts to Qing Tan and she had nearly mastered them. Hence, Qing Tan was no longer helpless like before. In fact, based on Lin Dong’s calculations, the only younger generation members in Lin Family who could defeat her were probably Lin Hong and Lin Xia.

“Lin Dong-ge, in just a few days time, it will be the Qingyang Town Hunt. You must work hard.” Qing Tan sweetly smiled as she approached Lin Dong. Stretching out her tiny hands before gently sweeping off the snowflakes on Lin Dong’s shoulder.

As he stared at the elegant young lady in front of him, Lin Dong smiled as he nodded. He stretched out his palm and intimately patted Qing Tan’s tiny head. However, just as his palm touched her, Lin Dong’s body froze as a look of surprise filled his eyes.

Under Lin Dong’s astonished gaze, the Stone Talisman that was hidden in his palm, suddenly released an explosive light. The instant the light appeared, Qing Tan immediately fainted.

Just as Qing Tan fainted, a strong suction force broke out from Lin Dong’s palm. Due to this suction force, the fearsome Chilling Cold within Qing Tan’s body was immediately sucked out and violently transferred into Lin Dong’s body through his palm.

As he was invaded by that terrifying Chilling Cold, Lin Dong’s body was instantly covered by a thin layer of frost.

Right now, he had turned into an ice-man.

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