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Chapter 369 Sparing No Feelings

As Lin Zhi gazed at the black mountain, which rose from Lin Dong’s hand and expanded rapidly in the mid-air, his eyes were filled with deep fear.

As one of the guardians of the clan trove, he knew everything about the various treasures in the clan trove. Even though the Heavy Prison Peak appeared ordinary on the surface, it was still placed inside the most valuable light canopy. The only reason for this was that ever since the Lin Clan obtained it, no one could actually activate it.

In Lin Zhi’s memories, there was once a practitioner, who had reached the apex of Manifestation Stage, who tried to move the mysterious Heavy Prison Peak by brute force. However, he was gravely injured by the Soul Treasure’s resistive force in the end. From that day onwards, no one tried to obtain the Heavy Prison Peak anymore. Even that time, when Lin Langtian entered the clan trove and tried many methods to activate it, he could not obtained it.

Even though no one was able to activate it,everyone knew that the mysterious Heavy Prison Peak must be a very powerful Soul Treasure. Unfortunately, this treasure seemed to require a unique method in order to be activated.

Lin Zhi previously wanted to obtain the Heavy Prison Peak as well, yet he failed to do so in the end. Therefore, when he saw the Heavy Prison Peak, which numerous Lin Clan elders were unable to move regardless of what methods they used, reappear gloriously on Lin Dong’s hand, he was unable to conceal the terror in his heart.

“It seems a old fart like you also know about the Heavy Prison Peak,” Lin Dong smirked when he heard Lin Zhi mention the name of the black mountain.

“Lin Dong, this Soul Treasure is the heirloom treasure of the Lin Clan. You have no right to take it away. Quickly hand over the treasure and impart the special technique required to activate it to me now, and maybe after doing these, I might forgive your insolent behaviour towards the clan elders!” Lin Zhi shouted fiercely, his eyes were flickering with intense greed.

“Old fart, it seems you are not aware what’s going on now. As I have said before, in my eyes, your status as the clan elder is worse than a dog!” Lin Dong’s eyes were ghastly. Towards Lin Zhi, Lin Dong‘s mind was surged with deep hatred and killing intent. This is the first time he came across such a hateful old fogey.

“You!” Lin Zhi’s face was pale with anger after hearing Lin Dong’s ruthless words. However, when he saw Lin Dong’s glance, his heart suddenly trembled with fear. That was a genuine killer intent. Lin Dong… actually wanted to kill him for real.


At this moment, while Lin Zhi was still terrified of Lin Dong’s killer intent, the latter did not give the former any time to talk. With a swipe of his gown, the Heavy Prison Peak, which had been expanded to more than ten feet tall, became a beam of black light and headed directly over to crush Lin Zhi.

Bang bang bang!

When the Heavy Prison Peak flew across the horizon, the air below it exploded. It was as if the sky was being ripped apart, forming a tear where the Heavy Prison Peak had flown through. An astonishing air wave began to diffuse rapidly. A heavy aura, as if it could suppress all living things, engulfed Lin Zhi thoroughly.

As the special type of heavy aura engulfed him, Lin Zhi quickly discovered that the air around him had become something like quicksand, rendering him unmovable. Furthermore, the heavy aura that was crushing him had caused all the bones in his body to produce clicking sounds. That kind of power appeared to be crushing him into flesh pulp.

“Blood Phoenix Scale!”

As he saw the enormous shadow approaching, Lin Zhi was terror-stricken. He knew that if he was to be crushed by this thing, his body would become a blood mist in a flash. Without further hesitation, he opened his mouth and a blood streak shot out from it. The blood streak appeared to be a palm-sized, blood-coloured scale. As the scale appeared, it expanded through the air and a blood light flashed upon it. It was like a shield, protecting Lin Zhi under it. On the shield, there was a huge blood phoenix flapping its wings indistinctly. It could be observed that this blood scale was a Earthly Soul Treasure as well. However, with regards to the other four Soul Treasures in the clan trove, its spiritual abilities pale in comparison.


Even though Lin Zhi had used his Earthly Soul Treasure, the Heavy Prison Peak did not seem to stop. Instead, its falling speed became increasingly fast and violent. Finally, it landed ferociously on the that huge piece of blood scale. Immediately, a clear and crisp metallic sound resounded through the air.


At this moment, the blood-coloured scale let out a mournful screech, and its bloody glow collapsed and became dimmer. It then fell powerlessly onto the ground. Upon the first collision, this Earthly Soul Treasure had been unexpectedly crushed by the Heavy Prison Peak.

“Cough! Vomit!”

When his blood scale broke, a pale-white look flushed upon Lin Zhi’s face. After that, he spat out a mouthful of blood and as if his body was being heavily hit, he flew and crashed into a particular pavilion ferociously. The tremendous power caused the entire pavilion to cave in.

In the mid-air, a delighted look swept across Lin Dong’s eyes as he witnessed the prowess of the Heavy Prison Peak. Apparently, he did not expect the Heavy Prison Peak to be so dominating. Even against an advanced Manifestation stage practitioner with an Earthly Soul Treasure like Lin Zhi, was defeated so quickly.

Even though this area was in the inner sanctum of the Lin Clan, the repeating and roaring sounds of activity had aroused the attention of numerous clan members. At the moment when the deafening sound broke through the sky, numerous clan members rushed over. However, when they saw the three elders groaning on the ground, their facial expressions changed drastically.


Just as the clan members’ facial expressions began to change, a wretched figure flew out of the collapsed pavilion. As the onlookers saw what had happened, they cried out in alarm immediately.

“Is that Elder Lin Zhi? What happened?”

“It’s Lin Dong. These elders seem to be fighting with Lin Dong!”

“What? Lin Dong dares to attack the elders? After all, Elder Lin Zhi is an advanced Manifestation Stage practitioner!”

“Idiot, there is nothing that Lin Dong don’t dare to do. Can’t you see the situation now? Not only does Elder Lin Zhi look wretched, but even the other three elders are gasping for air. Apparently, they have just fought with Lin Dong and were all defeated…”

“How could it be?”


Upon hearing the outcries of shock, Lin Zhi’s already pale face further ashened, appearing extremely twisted and sinister. He wiped off the blood stain on the corner of his mouth and raised his head towards Lin Dong, who was floating in the mid-air. He then shouted sternly, “ Listen to my orders, clan guards. This man is conspiring against the Lin Clan, kill him on the spot now!”


Just as Lin Zhi finished his sentence, a deafening sound broke out from all corners of the area. Immediately, numerous intimidating elite guards appeared on the huge trees around the pavilions, with their sharp eyes fixated on Lin Dong.

“Capture him for me!” Lin Zhi cried out coldly, with a sense of ghastliness flickered in his eyes. Even if these guards could not arrest Lin Dong, as long as the latter dared to kill them, he would have to sever his relationship with Lin Clan after today!

As they heard Lin Zhi’s commands, these guards immediately flew out violently. They then combined their auras and formed a formation, encircling and moving in towards Lin Dong.

Upon seeing these guards rush over, Lin Dong furrowed his brows slightly and took a glance at Lin Zhi. Then, he smirked to himself. He was not a fool who would do anything rashly and naturally and he knew what those old fogeys were up to. Immediately, with a flick of his mind, formidable Mental Energy instantly swept forth as quick as lightning. Then, he gripped his palm, before the guards’ auras were all directly broken. Soon after, crystal bubbles formed from Mental Energy emerged and surrounded them, before it flung them onto the ground.

“As the clan guards, you should know right from wrong. Lin Zhi and the three others tried to manipulate the formation in order to assassinate me when I entered the clan trove. Therefore, when the clan leader arrives, I will personally explain to him. If you guys still insist on attacking me, I will spare no mercy.” Lin Dong’s icy-cold voice emerged from mid-air, before it clearly echoed out in every guards’ ears.

When they heard his voice, the guards’ facial expressions gently changed. As they stared at the crystal Mental Energy bubbles that surrounded their bodies, all of them knew that Lin Dong could instantly kill them with a single thought.

“Lin Dong, you dare to defy the clan’s enforcement guards!” When Lin Zhi saw this sight, he shouted out venomously.

“Noisy old fart!” Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. Then, his figure flashed before he transformed into a green puff and dashed forth.

When he saw this situation, Lin Zhi’s expression changed as he hurriedly tried to retreat. However, how could he outrun Lin Dong. The figure in front of him flashed, before his arm lightning-quick ripped through the arm and viciously gripped onto Lin Zhi’s throat.


When they saw Lin Dong had actually captured Lin Zhi, the surrounding crowd began to suck in a breath of cold air, while some of them even involuntarily retreated. Naturally, they did not want to have anything to do with his matter. After all, both parties were vicious and they could not afford to offend any of them.

“Lin Dong, don’t be rash!”

However, just as Lin Dong grabbed onto Lin Zhi, an anxious voice echoed out from a distance. Promptly, a figure flashed by, before Lin Mu immediately appeared in this area. Right now, as he stared at this carnage surrounding him, his face began to twitch. Then, he hurriedly shouted at Lin Dong.

Regardless, Lin Zhi was still a clan elder. If Lin Dong really killed him, it would definitely cause a huge commotion.

When he saw Lin Mu appear, Lin Dong’s icy-cold eyes swept across a flustered Lin Zhi, before he promptly waved his sleeves and vicious slapped Lin Zhi’s face. The vicious force behind his attack caused him to be directly blown away, before he hideously landed and rolled on the ground. After a dozen over tumbles, he finally stopped before he vomited out a mouthful of freshblood mixed with his teeth. His appearance struck fear into the hearts of the crowd. Lin Dong was simply too vicious and he even dared to hit a senior elder till such a sorry extent.

When Lin Mu saw this situation, he released a pained laugh. He was aware of Lin Dog’s vicious and vengeful character. Thankfully, Lin Dong still held back and he did not actually kill Lin Zhi…

“Haix, you…”

Lin Mu sighed. Just as he was about to speak, in another section of the clan, an exceedingly powerful aura suddenly shot into the sky. Then, it begun to head toward this direction at an exceedingly formidable pace.

When he sensed that familiar aura, the pained smile on Lin Mu’s face intensified. That must be Lin Langtian, which had just finished his training. Based on his character, he would definitely not sit by and allow his allies Lin Zhi to be beaten till such a sorry extent.

“More trouble ahead…”

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