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Chapter 368 Give Face But Don’t Want Face

Lin Zhi and the other three elders congregated on a pavilion outside the clan trove, their gazes tightly fixed onto the stone door of the clan trave. All them wore exceptionally grim expressions. Their originally flawless plan had completely unfurled and it was directly foiled by Lin Dong. For them, this was simply too embarrassing.

“That kid has already stayed in the clan trove for half a month, are we still going to continue waiting?” One of the elders wearing a gloomy expression opened his mouth and inquired.

In the past half a month, the four of them had closely guarded this place, however, Lin Dong showed no indications of appearing. This caused the four of them to become rather frustrated, given their status, what kind of younger generation would have the qualifications to make them wait in such a bitter manner?

“That kid has quite a few tricks, who knows what would happen if we carelessly enter the clan trove. If we wait outside, that brat will eventually come out. At that time, what could he possibly do?” Another elder sneered and said. Over the past half a month, they had been constantly brooding over the red light that had flashed past their eyes, and it was because of that, the four of them did not dare to recklessly enter the clan trove to find out what was going on. They were afraid that Lin Dong had set up a trap inside. This was unfavorable for them, and given their understanding of Lin Dong, it was very possible for him to do such a thing.

“Just a younger generation member, what’s there to be afraid of. Although this kid is quickly rising up, he is still unable to compare to Lin Langtian in the true clan member’s hearts. He does not possess the right to become a threat to Lin Langtian.” Lin Zhi grimly glanced at the stone door and slowly said in the end.

“However…” He paused before once again continuing: “Since we support Lin Langtian, we naturally have the duty to sweep away some of the obstacles for him. Since Lin Dong does not know what’s good for himself, don’t blame this old man for being vicious.”

“You plan on?” The other three elders exchanged a look before they asked in low voices.

“Over the past half a month, I have already ascertained that the energy within the clan trove seemed to have suddenly disappeared. This must have something to do with Lin Dong, moreover, some of the Soul Treasures have been damaged due to this.” A sinister light flickered in Lin Zhi’s eyes as he explained.

“As the guardians of the clan trove, we have the duty to punish anyone who damages the clan trove. When that kid comes out, we will immediately capture him, and if he resists, we will kill him on the spot. If the clan head investigates this matter, we will say that this kid was harboring criminal thoughts and disgracefully tried to destroy the clan trove, causing the four of us to do our best to stop him. We managed to stop him, but accidentally killed him in the process…”

“At that time, I think that even the clan head cannot possibly makes things difficult for the four of us just for a dead person.” Lin Zhi waved his sleeve as he icily chuckled. Looks like he had schemed quite a fair bit to kill Lin Dong, and would even dare to use such a despicable and vicious plan.

“Good plan!” Upon hearing the plan, a sinister look flitted across the three elders’ eyes. No matter how outstanding Lin Dong was, he was after all still a lowly branch family member in their eyes. Hence, it was no big deal if they killed him.

“I have already arranged for some elite guards to be stationed nearby. This time, I will make it such that this trash will not even be able to voice out his grievances!” Lin Zhi nodded his head in satisfaction. Soon after, malevolent expression furfaces on his face.

“Yes, we must help Lin Langtian get rid of this stumbling stone this time!”

The four exchanged a look before letting loose a sinister laugh. They sat down in the pavilion and quietly waited for Lin Dong to appear from the clan trove. They did not believe that Lin Dong could hide in the clan trove for his entire life!

Just as they had expected, Lin Dong could not possibly hide in the clan trove for a lifetime. Thus, not long after seating themselves, the clan trove stone door which had been tightly shut for half a month finally rumbled as it slowly opened.

The instant the clan trove stone door opened, Lin Zhi and the other three’s almost closed eyes abruptly opened as they quickly stood up, thick killing intent flowing in their eyes.

“Little piece of trash, I thought that you were really going to hide in there for your whole life!” A sinister smile flashed across Lin Zhi’s face. His body flashed and appeared in mid-air just outside the clan trove stone door. Behind him, the three elders immediately followed.

The four of them appeared, only to see a young figure slowly walking out from the opened stone door. In the end, he stopped and lifted his head to calmly gaze at the ferocious looks on Lin Zhi and the rest.

“Lin Dong, hand over the Soul Treasure you obtained from the clan trove for this old man to inspect!” Lin Zhi fiercely stared at Lin Dong, but did not immediately make a move and instead demanded in an indifferent manner. If Lin Dong truly obtained some kind of powerful Soul Treasure in the clan trove, it was better to first seize it before acting, which would perhaps increase their chances.

Lin Dong calmly gazed at Lin Zhi, no trace of any disturbance in his voice: “Was the formation in the clan trove activated by you?”

“Did you not hear what I said? Hand over the Soul Treasure you obtained in the clan trove! I am an elder of the clan, you dare to disobey my words?” Lin Zhi’s eyes turned cold as he sternly said.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong softly sighed and slowly shook his head. Within his sigh, an ice-cold killing intent slowly spread outwards.

“Old fogey, since you don’t want the respect I give you, don’t blame me for this!”

As Lin Dong’s voice faded, his eyes abruptly turned frosty. His figure moved, transforming into a wisp of green smoke as he dashed forward, his feet stepping profound steps, quickly advancing towards Lin Zhi and the rest.

“Lin Dong, you dare to insult a clan elder, truly no etiquette at all. Today we will capture you and properly teach you how to behave!” Upon seeing Lin Dong close in on them, Lin Zhi furiously shouted, his face twitching a little. He had obviously not expected the former to be so bold as to actually dare to make a move on elders like them.

“Attack together with me and capture this brat!”

After he roared, Lin Zhi took a step forward. Immediately, the powerful aura of the advanced Manifestation stage burst forth. Behind him, the three elders also completely let loose their auras, revealing three initial Manifestation stage practitioners!

One advanced and three initial. This lineup was enough to turn factions like the Great Devil Sect upside down. The powerful might of the Lin Dong was now revealed in this place.

“Little piece of crap, did you truly believe that your small achievements in the clan gathering would allow you to be so arrogant before this old man and the rest?!” Four auras surged as waves of formidable Yuan Power rippled around their bodies. When he felt how powerful their auras were, Lin Zhi’s confidence soared as the slight trace of fear in his heart dissipated. He had already decided that he would properly take care of the arrogant brat before them.

“Who do you think you are, to dare and rely on your elder status in front of me!” Lin Dong sneered, not giving the so-called elders any face. Although their lineup was rather grand, he was now officially an initial Manifestation stage practitioner, and he did not fear Lin Zhi at all.


Lin Zhi and the other three were clearly greatly angered by Lin Dong. Immediately, they roared as they simultaneously attacked. Formidable fists carrying surging Yuan Power ruthlessly slammed towards Lin Dong.

“Get lost!”

However, in response to their combined attack, Lin Dong did not show any signs of dodging. His feet moved in a profound manner as a scorching sun suddenly rose up from within his body. A frightening energy undulation instantly gushed out as he punched. The air in front of him exploded as a surging force heavily collided against Lin Zhi and gang’s fists.


A loud and clear noise suddenly resounded in the skies as a strong wind swept outwards. Lin Dong’s shoulder violently jerked while stepping two bizarre steps, and actually negated the incoming wind. In contrast, besides Lin Zhi who was only pushed back a single step, the other three stumbled dozens of steps backwards, while the qi and blood in their bodies churned.

“This kid has such a terrifying strength!”

After the exchange, Lin Zhi and gang’s expressions changed a little. Although they had personally witnessed Lin Dong’s and Lin Langtian’s epic battle, only after they personally fought with the latter did they clearly understand and feel exactly how frightening his power was.

“Lin Dong, as elders, we have authority over any matter in the clan. If you still dare to resist, don’t blame us for being merciless!” Lin Zhi grimly shouted.

Upon seeing that the old fellow was still using his elder status to oppress others, the sneer on Lin Dong’s face grew even uglier. His body flashed, directly displaying the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps as his body instantly became as intangible as the mist.

“Old bat, in my eyes, your elder status is not even worth a single cent. So stop using this status to disgrace yourself!” Lin Dong’s body was like the mist as a mocking laughter sounded in Lin Zhi’s ears, immediately causing his face to turn purple.

However, Lin Dong did not give him too much time to be angry. His mistly figure suddenly swept forth, but did not directly attack Lin Zhi. Instead, he sidestepped the latter as a powerful attack was launched towards the three initial Manifestation stage elders!

“Nine Destruction Purple Shadow!”

Nine after images rapidly appeared in mid-air. Lin Dong was like lightning as he appeared in front of the three elders whose blood and qi had yet to quieten down. With an ice-cold expression, three fists punched forward almost simultaneously.

Bang bang bang!

Lin Dong’s attack was as quick as galloping thunder, and borrowed the power of the Supreme Purity Sky Wanderer Steps. Before the three elders could respond, the attacks had already slammed into their bodies. The Yuan Power protecting their bodies instantly crumbled as a formidable force poured onto the trio.


Faced with such a ferocious attack from Lin Dong, the trio’s complexions turned deathly pale in an instant. They violently vomited a mouthful of fresh blood as their bodies flew backwards like a cannonball, smearing three deep trenches that were several hundreds of meters long on the ground.

As he watched the three elders who were unable to last even a single round against Lin Dong, Lin Zhi’s pupils abruptly shrunk. Only now did he realize that Lin Dong’s aura was actually several times stronger compared to half a month ago!

“Good, good, little piece of trash, you actually dare to injure the clan elders. This time, even the clan head cannot save you!” Although he was shocked in his heart at Lin Dong’s rise in strength, Lin Zhi was even more enraged. He would never have imagined that a younger generation would dare to attack a clan elder.

“You should think about how to save yourself first…”

However, Lin Dong ignored Lin Zhi’s roar as he slowly turned his head and looked towards Lin Zhi. With a flip of his palm, a black mountain appeared within his hand.

“Didn’t you want to know what Soul Treasure I have taken away from the clan trove?”

Lin Dong faintly smiled at Lin Zhi as the small black mountain in his hand slowly rose up in the air before swiftly expanding under Lin Zhi’s astonished gaze.

As Lin Zhi stared at the swiftly expanding black mountain, a howl of disbelief suddenly echoed in the skies above.

“This… this is the ‘Heavy Prison Peak’ that no one could move?! How is this possible! How could you possibly activate it!”

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