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Chapter 353 The Battle with Lin Langtian!

Get lost!

Arrogance and dominance had been portrayed perfectly by this phrase.

There were faint signs of twitching on several people’s faces in the huge battle arena, while the Lin Clan members seemed to show indications of falling apart. This was the first time in many years they had ever seen someone speak to Lin Langtian in such a manner!

It was as if the revered war god in their hearts was not worthy of any respect in Lin Dong’s eyes. Such contrast brought about a rather exciting look on their faces.

“Such an ill-mannered thing!” Seated in the golden seating booth, the corners of the grey hair old man’s mouth twitched before he finally spat out in a dark voice. For Lin Langtian to be the next clan leader, he must possess an extremely high prestige. The various actions of Lin Dong was hurting Lin Langtian’s reputation, and this was something he could not stand.

“He was just being sharp-tongued. However, he will soon understand that there is only one exceptional genius in the Lin Clan, Lin Langtian. There is no one who can outshine Lin Langtian’s brilliance,” the black-robed elder smirked indifferently.

After listening to what the two men had said, the purple-robed elder smiled, declining to comment. His gaze was fixed upon the figure in the arena. Ever since Lin Dong had made his appearance, he had displayed an entire brash and arrogant side. This was exactly the same as any other young genius over the years, who were wilful, arrogant and thought themselves unbeatable under the heavens.

However, for some reason, he felt that this was not Lin Dong’s nature. He was able to rely on the pitiful resources and influence of a branch family to surpass the Lin Clan geniuses, Lin Qing and Lin Mu, at such an age. If Lin Dong was a fool who was only capable of using brute force, he would not even have the chance to experience countless dangers and successfully stand here now.

Since he was no fool, he should know the consequences of challenging Lin Langtian. No one would throw away their lives for no reason, and Lin Dong was no exception. Yet, he still dared to do this. This proved that he possessed confidence and trump cards!

“I am actually quite curious. Is there anyone from the younger generation who is able to shake Lin Langtian’s position?” The purple-robed elder mumbled in his heart, while lightly tapping his long and wrinkled fingers along the edges of the teacup.

Of course, he was not the only one who had such expectations. Most of the audience in the arena were looking forward to see who would get the last laugh in this battle of titans.

Lin Zhentian and his people were ushered by an elder to seats closer to the battle arena. Upon seeing this, the other branch families were green with envy. However, there was nothing to be done as an abnormal existence like Lin Dong would not appear so easily. Evidently, they did not have such good fortune.

Seated on this kind of seat, Lin Zhentian felt somewhat uneasy for a time. It had been many years since he received such treatment. Even in the past, his status in the clan was far from reaching this level.

“Sigh, let’s enjoy Dong-er’s performance. No matter what he does, we will always support him without any reservations,” Lin Zhentian softly sighed as he raised his head and gazed upon the figure at the center of everyone’s attention.

Even though their power was insignificant compared to Lin Dong’s, no matter what, when someone had unwavering support from others behind him, it would be very gratifying. After all, Lin Dong had already done enough for them…

“Humph, that lad thinks that he will receive great prestige just by infuriating big brother Lin Langtian. I am afraid that when the time comes, not only will he not receive any prestige, but he will instead become a corpse. When that moment comes, you will have to collect his body!”

Just as Lin Zhentian completed his sentence, an ear-piercing voice suddenly sounded out from the side. Upon hearing these words, Lin Xiao and the rest were furious. They turned their heads, only to see a few main clan members sneering and staring at them. It seems that these clansmen were unhappy that branch family members were occupying the seats in front of them.


Upon these fellows words, Lin Xiao and the rest were visibly enraged. Just as they were about to shout out in anger, they were stopped by Lin Zhentian.

“Shut up!”

At this moment, the elder who ushered Lin Zhentian and his group to their seats, stared sharply and reprimanded those few clansmen. Upon seeing the elder’s berate them, the clansmen walked off resentfully.

“We will see if these people still got the cheek to sit here after that lad is defeated by big brother Lin Langtian.”

“They are merely leeching off that lad’s sudden success. If that lad is killed accidentally by big brother Lin Langtian, they will have to return to where they belong.”

Although the clansmen had turned around and walked off, faint mocking laughters could still be heard. Lin Xiao’s and the rest’s faces turned grim. In the end, the only thing they could do was to ignore the mockery and divert their attention to the battle arena. It was clear to them that the moment Lin Dong was defeated, all kinds of mockery and insults would rapidly gush over like a wave and drown them.

“Relax, Dong-er will not disappoint us.”

Lin Zhentian slowly patted Lin Xiao’s shoulder. There was a convincing look of confidence on Lin Zhentian’s aged face. He believed that his grandson, who had brought about countless miracles, was not the slightest bit inferior to the exceptional genius of the clan, Lin Langtian.

When that moment came, these resentful clansmen would naturally shut their foul mouths!


Everyone’s eyes were focused on the only giant platform at the roof of the huge battle arena.

Lin Langtian was hovering in the mid-air, stepping on nothing but empty space. His face was expressionless, as if Lin Dong’s words had no effect on him. However, only a more perceptive individual would discover that an aura of cold-blooded killing intent was seeping out from within Lin Langtian’s body.

Lin Langtian’s killer instinct had awakened!

Upon witnessing this scene, numerous practitioners inwardly shivered. The Lin Clan’s most brilliant genius had been thoroughly infuriated by Lin Dong’s brashness.

“It’s a bit too early for you to be so arrogant. However, it’s okay. I doubt you will have such a chance to be arrogant from now onwards,” Lin Langtian slowly said as he stared down at Lin Dong with a pair of ice-cold eyes.

“If that’s the case, show me your skills!” Lin Dong icily chuckled.

“It seems that you have encountered some kind of miracle in the past year that allowed you to leap from the Qi Creation stage to the half-step-to Manifestation Stage. At the same time, it also seems to have given you the impression that you are qualified to challenge me,” Lin Langtian slowly extended his palm, as a faint wave of unnerving Yuan Power radiated from within.

“However, I will let you understand that in my eyes, you were all along nothing but a pathetic worm chasing after my footsteps!”

“When you reached the half-step-to Manifestation Stage, I have already long surpassed it. Now, I will let you realize how wide the disparity between us is!”


As Lin Langtian’s final word was coldly spat out, radiant Yuan Power beams formed abruptly on his palm. Waves of Yuan Power, which even half-to-step Manifestation stage’s practitioners feared, started to spread out at a lightning speed. These waves of Yuan power ultimately merged into a resplendent light beam, which tore apart the skies at an astonishing speed and viciously shot towards Lin Dong.

Lin Langtian’s attacks were as fast as lightning and practically unavoidable. Those berserk Yuan Power undulations were deadly enough to blow apart a half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioner!

Through this attack, Lin Langtian had displayed a power that far surpassed the half-step-to Manifestation. Terrified looks could be seen on the faces of countless people. To wield such power, as expected of the Lin Clan’s most brilliant genius!

The Yuan Power beam tore apart the skies, practically reaching the spot above Lin Dong’s head in a split second. However, Lin Dong’s expression did not change in the slightest in the face of Lin Langtian’s deadly attack. There was no sign of retreat from Lin Dong, instead he stepped forward and delivered an explosive punch under the crowd’s gazes!

This punch did not have any Yuan Power undulations. However, the instant the fist punched out, the air in front of Lin Dong exploded!


Lin Dong’s punch landed squarely on the incoming light beam. Immediately, an astonishing force swept outwards, causing the huge conical arena to tremble.


An indescribable force converged into solid ripples, which extended upwards through the light beam. Lin Dong let out a grunt as the Yuan Power beam, which was capable of ripping apart half-step-to Manifestation stage’s practitioners, exploded due to this single punch from Lin Dong right in front of the astonished audience!


The Yuan Power beam blew up, causing the ground to tremble violently for a while. Specks of light spread out across the sky, resembling a majestic downpour of light.

Numerous gazes were fixed upon the center of the arena as the rain of light poured down in torrents. The figure who walked out from the midst of the downpour was Lin Dong!

In the first confrontation, Lin Dong did not show any signs of being in a disadvantageous position. Relying solely on his physical strength, Lin Dong had detonated Lin Langtian’s Yuan Power beam, which was sufficient to tear apart a half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioner, with a single punch!

Countless people felt a stifling sensation due to the display of such terrifying power. Immediately, an extremely fiery glow surfaced in everyone’s. They knew that this battle would shake the entire Great Yan Empire.

Under the countless watchful eyes, Lin Dong slowly raised his head and looked at the figure who was hovering in mid-air as his cold voice echoed out.

“ Lin Langtian, I will be very disappointed if your power has only increased by so little in the past two years. Show me your true capabilities.”

In the sky, Lin Langtian’s eyes gradually turned icy. A cold and piercing voice filled with strong killing intent, propagated through the sky.

“Since you are determined to court death, it shall be as you wish!”

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