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Chapter 352 Two Words for You


Under the watch of countless gazes, in the final round, Lin Qing and Lin Mu, the two geniuses who were second only to Lin Langtian in the Lin Clan, were completely defeated at Lin Dong’s hands!

In a flash, intense shock climbed up everyone’s faces bit by bit. They stared at the two unsightly deep scars on the enormous arena, the astonishment in their hearts undoubtedly rising to the limit.

No one had expected this kind of outcome. Everyone believed that Lin Dong had spoken arrogant words previously. Yet, at this moment, the sneers of the people, who originally had mouths full of ridicule and were preparing to watch a good show, slowly froze. They looked rather comical and laughable like clowns.

A deathly stillness enveloped the humongous battle arena. In the end, it was broken by the sky shattering applause that suddenly erupted. The gazes that once again looked towards the young figure no longer had any traces of mockery, and instead, only reverence for the strong. Over these years, it was mostly the main clan members who enjoyed limitless glory during the Lin Clan gathering, while the branch families could only be reduced to part of the background. However, today, they saw for the first time a branch family participant display such a powerful side!

Moreover, there was no lack of truly discerning people in this place. In the previous ten round battle, they clearly understood that Lin Dong did not act in the first nine rounds and was completely on the defense, allowing Lin Qing and Lin Mu to attack. The only time Lin Dong truly showed his hand was in that final move!

Many people believed that if Lin Dong had used that move at the start, Lin Qing and Lin Mu would not even have time to stand steadily in the arena before they would be sorrily defeated.

Lin Dong had defended for nine rounds and only made his move in the final round. From a certain point of view, this was indeed giving enough face to the Lin Qing duo’s capabilities. This way, even if the two of them lost in the end, they would not be embarrassed, and thus showing consideration for the main clan’s face. After all, given the abilities of the clan elders, they should be able to discern this…

At this thought, several people were secretly a somewhat surprised. Lin Dong had showed a most domineering side when he appeared, causing several people to could not help but regard him as an impertinent man, yet, these fine actions caused some of them to feel a little awe in their hearts.

“Dong-er has won?”

Lin Zhentian and gang were also somewhat astonished as they stared at the arena, and were actually dazed for a time. They knew very well Lin Qing’s and Lin Mu’s strength in the Lin Clan, however, the two half-step-to Manifestation practitioners, whose combined might could rival an initial Manifestation stage practitioner, had suffered a crushing defeat at Lin Dong’s hands. What kind of terrifying level had Lin Dong’s strength reached?

“Haha, congratulations brother Lin Zhentian. The Yan City branch family has really raised eyebrows and blown off some steam this time.” While Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest were in shock due to Lin Dong’s strength, congratulatory laughter suddenly sounded out from all around. Lin Zhentian looked and found the various surrounding branch family heads crowding over, their faces full of smiles. The mocking smiles that they originally wore now had a flavor of flattery.

The strongest of these branch families were the Form Creation or Qi Creation stages, while the weakest were advanced Yuan Dan stage. Although Yan City Lin Family was not much different from them, an abnormal like Lin Dong had appeared, immediately raising their status. When even the half-step-to Manifestation Lin Qing duo had lost at Lin Dong’s hands, how strong would he be? How could these branch families which did not even have Qi Creation stage practitioners possibly dare to not show proper manners in front of Lin Zhentian and the rest?

In response to these pragmatic fellows, Lin Zhentian sneered in his heart, yet he still wore a smile on the outside as he cupped his hands together and chatted with them. He gazed at the surrounding fawning faces, and suddenly felt his nose was a little stuffy. At every clan gathering, all he had received were frigid irony and scorching satire, today was the first time in over ten years that such thing had happened.

To one side, Lin Xiao gently patted Lin Zhentian’s shoulders. He also knew exactly many years the old man had waited for this day…

While the place was in an uproar, the main clan members were silent. This scene was also a rather huge shock to them. Even the combined might of Lin Qing and Lin Mu was not Lin Dong’s match, looks like in this Lin Clan, only Lin Langtian would be able to dampen Lin Dong’s spirit.

“Humph, he does have a little skill.”

At this moment, even Lin Xue could only angrily mutter. She looked at Lin Ke-er, and contrary to her expectations, the latter appeared somewhat delighted, causing Lin Xue to instantly remark: “What’s there to be happy about, the more they celebrate, the more miserable he will end up when Lin Langtian is forced to act!”

“Take care of your own matters and stop cawing at my ears!” Lin Ke-er’s pretty face slightly darkened, seemingly somewhat unable to bear with Lin Xue as she scolded the latter.

After being reprimanded by Lin Ke-er, Lin Xue’s expression turned a little ugly. However, due to Lin Ke-er’s high status in the clan, Lin Xue could only snort and turn her head.

Upon seeing Lin Xue finally shut her mouth, Lin Ke-er secretly sighed in relief. Soon after, she lifted her head and looked towards the figure which now had everyone’s attention, her lily-white hands slightly clenching as she mumbled in her heart: “Must you truly force Lin Langtian to act…”

She very clearly understood that although Lin Dong had defeated Lin Qing and Ling Mu, and displayed an astonishing strength, this did not mean that he possessed the power to contend against Lin Langtian. The latter’s talent and concealed strength was truly too terrifying. If he truly made a move today, Lin Dong’s would face worrying consequences.


On the highest arena within the majestic and enormous battle arena, Lin Dong’s stood perfectly straight like a spear, allowing the countless fiery gazes to gather on his body while his expression remained calm. He cast a glance at the defeated Lin Qing and Lin Mu before slowly turning his head and looking towards the golden seating area, firmly locking onto the figure that had not moved since start to end.

“Now, are my qualifications enough?”

Lin Dong’s flat voice sounded out in the skies, echoing in everyone’s ears. Immediately, everyone’s breathing steathily started to weaken. Lin Dong was indeed still intent on challenging Lin Langtian!

However, no one mocked Lin Dong’s words this time. After the overwhelming great ten round battle from before, no one dared to hold contempt for this branch family youth.

In the golden seating booth, the grey-haired elder’s expression was somewhat dark. Never did he imagine that Lin Dong would actually truly be able to obtain victory over Lin Qing and Lin Mu in ten rounds.

“Hehe, truly a heroic youngster. The fact that such an outstanding seed can be born from the branch families is truly my Lin Clan’s good fortune.” The purple robe elder lightly clapped with praise in his eyes.

“Treating the clan so arrogantly in front of so many people cannot count as outstanding. He is at most a thorn that sticks out.” The black robe elder remarked in an indifferent manner.

“The branch families do not have abundant resources to support them, yet he was able to reach this step. This shows that his talent is not worse than any genius in our clan. If this cannot be considered as outstanding, who can be worthy of the word?” The purple robe elder smiled and replied.

“Do you really want him to challenge Lin Langtian here? What status does he have and what status does Lin Langtian have? No matter win or lose, it will only benefit this brat in the end.” The black robe elder’s eyebrows furrowed as he spoke.

“We have already agreed so previously in front of so many people, how can we possible go back on our words?” The purple robe elder asked in an indifferent manner. Within the main clan, there were also various factions fighting each other and he was not from Lin Langtian’s faction. Hence, he naturally did not intend to protect Lin Langtian using every possible mean. In his eyes, no matter the clan or branch families, as long as an outstanding seed appeared, it was worth promoting. New blood was the most important for a great clan to constantly flourish.

“Lin Hao, go immediately to find the Yan City branch family members and arrange good seats for them!” The purple robe elder turned his head and instructed an elder beside him.

“Roger!” Upon hearing these words, the elder immediately responded before withdrawing.

“You!” When he saw this, the black robe elder’s eyes immediately turned cold. From the looks of it, the former was clearly planning to win Lin Dong’s support.

“No need to fight.”

However, while the two were striving to oppose each other, a soft voice suddenly rang out. Immediately, the golden seating area became quieter as some gazes turned to the direction of the voice before stopping on a young figure. It was Lin Langtian.

“Since someone does not know the immensity of heaven and earth, I will make an exception this one time.”

Under the watch of countless eyes, Lin Langtian slowly stood up from the golden seating booth.

“Lin Langtian has gotten up!”

“Is he finally going to act?”

“This is the true battle between giants, I really want to see exactly who is the Lin Clan’s genuine son of heaven!”

As the existence practically everyone was most aware of, Lin Langtian’s every movement would cause waves. Now that he had stood up, countless excited voices erupted in the enormous battle arena.

“Big brother Lin Langtian is finally going to act!”

The main clan members wore faces full of excitement. In their hearts, Lin Langtian was an unbeatable war god. They believed that no matter how black this black horse Lin Dong was, he would become dim and unable to shine in the hands of Lin Langtian!

“That Lin Dong will definitely regret in a while!”

Lin Xue’s eyes were practically glued onto that resplendent figure. Soon after, she was a little pleased with herself as she glanced at the frowning Lin Ke-er.

As the entire arena focussed on him, Lin Langtian’s figure moved. When he appeared again, he was already in the sky above the arena. He looked down from above at the figure below as his indifferent voice sounded out: “Lin Dong, I will give you one final chance now. Kneel and admit defeat, or else, you will fall at this place.”

Below, Lin Dong lifted his head as an ice-cold smile slowly formed on his face. He extended a finger as his voice also slowly echoed out, causing countless people to be flabbergasted.

“I have two words for you. Get lost!”

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