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Chapter 349: Get Down Now

The potent Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth rumbled above this arena just like clouds, while an exceedingly formidable Yuan Power shock wave swept forth, causing several people in the crowds to stare in bewilderment.

“Who is that? Such a formidable aura, he should at least be at half-step-to Manifestation?”

“Half-step-to Manifestation? In the entire Lin Clan, the younger generation members who have reached this step can be counted on one hand. Who is that person? To actually match up with those Lin Clan geniuses?”

“Judging from the situation, he should be from the branch family.”

“Such a talent could also emerge from the branch family? How is this possible?”


Countless pairs of eyes swept across the skies before they finally locked onto the young man hovering in mid-air. Instantly, incessant whispers among the crowd emerged.

“Is that… Lin Dong?! He actually dared to show up?”

Seated on the Lin Clan’s stands, several younger generation members were huddled together. One of them was somewhat stunned as he stared at that figure hovering in mid-air. That person was Lin Chen and he had met Lin Dong before. Previously, he travelled together with Lin Ke-er to the Yan City old tomb to search for treasures. During that period of time, he had a few conflicts with Lin Dong as well. Therefore, he was able to instantly recognize him.

“Lin Dong? The branch family member that offended big brother Lin Langtian?” When they heard his words, the surrounding sect disciples were all shocked before they promptly turned to look at the sky.

“Heh, that fellow is truly ignorant. After offending big brother Lin Langtian, he still dares to attend the Family Meeting. He just wants to embarrass himself!”

“That’s right. Compared to big brother Lin Langtian, he is not even an ant!”

As she heard their arrogant words, standing aside, a beautiful lady gently furrowed her eyebrows. That lady was Lin Ke-er. Right now, her head was lifted up while her beautiful eyes looked at that figure hovering in mid-air. She also never expected that Lin Dong would actually dare to attend the Family Meeting.

“That fellow is too reckless. Doesn’t he know that during this one year’s time, big brother Lin Langtian has improved by a terrifying extent.” Lin Ke-er gripped her jade-like hands while her eyes were filled with anxiety. Now that he had shown up, Lin Langtian would definitely not let him off easily!

The way that Lin Dong appeared was simply too overwhelming. In fact, even the elite practitioners from various factions scattered across the stands, turned their attention towards him. Countless pairs of eyes were continuously scanning across his body.

“He has finally shown up…”

Lin Langtian gripped on the teacup in his palm, while a ripple emerged in his teacup. Then, he gradually lifted his head as he stared coldly at that figure, before he gently flicked his finger on that teacup. Immediately, that teacup was ruptured into dust. In fact, even the tea inside the cup was directly ruptured thanks a stealthy force.

“There is a road to Heaven yet you chose not to take it, there is no door to hell yet you choose to barge through. Since you have shown up, I shall let you go through what your father did previously…”

That figure that suddenly appeared in mid-air had undoubtedly became the center of attention in the entire arena. Everyone was whispering about him.

“Brother Lin Dong!”

Beneath the arena, Qingtan was smiling brightly as she stared at that familiar figure hovering in mid-air. Even after two years, his scent was still familiar to her.

“You lass, if I did not intervene, were you really planning to just stand there?” Lin Dong’s figure gradually descended from mid-air, while his eyes stared lovingly at that prim and proper young lady, before he involuntarily smiled and said.

“Hehe, I knew that brother Lin Dong would show up!” Qingtan smiled coyly, completely displaying her youthful and lively demeanour.

“Are you Lin Dong? That arrogant dumb shit?! You actually dare to show up. This has exceeded my expectations.” In mid-air, Lin Feng’s eyes stared coldly at Lin Dong while he chuckled.

“Go back to father first. Let me take it from here.” Lin Dong did not bother with Lin Feng’s provocations, as he gently tapped Qingtan’s head and spoke with a smile.

“Yes.” Qingtan obediently nodded her head. Even though she knew that Lin Feng was very powerful, she had absolute faith in Lin Dong.

When he saw that butterfly-like Qingtan coyly jumping off the stage, Lin Dong finally gradually turned around, before he glanced at Lin Feng, who was in mid-air.

“Are you deaf or what? Didn’t you hear that I am talking to you?” With regards to Lin Dong’s attitude, rage gushed into Lin Feng’s eyes. Promptly, he coldly shouted out. The Dragon Elephant Overlord Fist that was supposed to be directed to Qingtan suddenly started to rage, before it viciously flew towards Lin Dong.

However, against his formidable attack, Lin Dong did not even bother to glance at it. Then, he intercepted it with his palm, before he directly blew apart that formidable Dragon Elephant Fist in mid-air.

When he saw that his all-out attack had actually been so easily dismissed by Lin Dong, Lin Feng’s expression violently changed. It was until now that he realized he had underestimated the former.

Nonetheless, Lin Dong did not give him any time to react. With a gentle smile, his figure moved before he directly flashed across the horizon like a puff of green smoke and appeared in front of Lin Feng.

When he saw Lin Dong’s phantom-like speed, Lin Feng hurriedly used his Yuan Power to form a shield in front of him.


However, just as that Yuan Power shield materialized, Lin Dong’s palm instantly ripped it apart. In the next moment, he directly gripped onto Lin Feng’s throat.

Defeating him with one move.

Countless pairs of eyes stared at Lin Feng, who was now struggling in Lin Dong’s arms. Instantly, the crowd suddenly turned silent while a tinge of shock flashed across several people’s eyes. Right now, Lin Feng’s aura was equivalent to a half-step-to Manifestation stage practitioner. However… he could not even handle a single attack from the former?

At a secluded corner of the stands, Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest gasped in shock as they stared at this sight. A half-step-to Manifestation practitioner was practically a legendary existence. However, such a formidable practitioner could not even handle a single attack from Lin Dong?

In the short span of two years, just how terrifyingly has Lin Dong became?!

“You are still so useless even after you took a pill to forcefully squeeze out your potential.”

Lin Dong calm voice ricocheted across mid-air. Soon after, he waved his palm, before a crisp noise sounded out. Then, Lin Feng, who was in his arms, was directly blown away. While his body was ejected just like a cannonball, he violently vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood mixed with ruptured teeth, before he landed hideously in the middle of the arena.

When they saw Lin Feng who had been instantly thrashed like a dead dog, a commotion instantly erupted in the arena. This was the first time that they ever saw a inner clan member being beaten so viciously.

In the middle of the golden-colored stand, a white-haired elder in purple robes stared in shock at this sight. However, he did not speak at all.

Nonetheless, though he did not speak up, several clan members could no longer hold it in. Immediately, an elder in grey robes stood up before he viciously shouted out: “Kid, who are you? Don’t you know the rules of this competition? Summon your family elders right now!”

“Rules? When this man was using pills to force out his potential during the fight, why didn’t you speak up?” Lin Dong stared coldly at that elder with grey hair, before he said.

“You branch family member, how dare you speak to me in this manner?! You are simply outrageous!” After he was rebutted by Lin Dong, that grey haired elder instantly raged. Then, his figure flashed, before his palm directly slammed against Lin Dong.


However, even before that grey haired elder could come within ten meters of Lin Dong, the latter once again waved his palm. Prompty, countless people in the crowd were bewildered when they saw that the clan elder was directly blown away by Lin Dong’s slap, before he landed hideously on the ground.

“In my opinion, power reigns supreme. Branch family member or not, it doesn’t matter. If anyone is unhappy,come out and tell me just how noble you are?” Lin Dong hovered in mid-air, while his eyes slowly turned towards the golden stand. At that area was the true elites of the clan.

Lin Dong’s words caused the crowd’s expression to turned very interesting. After all, one needed a substantial amount of courage in order to speak so haughtily in front of the entire clan.

“Haha, well said. Branch family or not, it does not matter. Power reigns supreme.” In the golden seats, that white-haired elder gently smiled. However, he was not enraged. In fact, his expression was somewhat peculiar as he stared at Lin Dong.

“Little fellow, which branch family are you from?”

Lin Dong stared at that white-haired elder. The vibrations inside that man’s body caused him to feel a peculiar oppressive sensation. It seems like he must be a pretty high ranking Lin Clan member.

“Yan City Lin Family, Lin Dong.”

Lin Dong’s voice was calm and he was not the slightest bit moved by his question. However, his answer was not that he was from the Yan City branch family, but rather the Yan City Lin Family!

He wanted everyone to know that Yan City Lin Family was not beneath the Lin Clan!

Some clan member obviously understood the intention behind his words. Immediately, rage flowed in their eyes. However, because of what happened previously to that elder, for a moment, none of them dared to speak up. Furthermore, none of the elite elders have spoken as well…

However, Lin Dong could not be bothered to deal with them. His eyes slowly turned before he finally stopped at a corner of the golden stand. At that spot, another figure was similarly staring back at him coldly.

Two pairs of eyes criss-crossed in mid-air. Faintly, all the Yuan Power between Heaven and Earth started to rage.

In mid-air, Lin Dong’s hands were behind his back. However, the calm words that came out from his mouth caused the entire arena to turn silent.

“Lin Langtian, get down now.”

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