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Chapter 350 The Meaning of Arrogance

“Get down here!”

A calm voice exited Lin Dong’s mouth; yet it reverberated throughout the duel arena like peals of thunder.

Silence descended upon the entire arena. Even some elders within the clan stared in shock, their jaws gaping. This was the first time they witnessed someone from Lin Langtian’s generation speak to him in such a manner!

Given Lin Langtian’s position in the Lin Clan today, even some elders have to use an amicable tone when speaking to him. Who would dare to shout and yell at him, not to mention doing that before such a crowd!

“Who on earth is this Lin Dong? How dare he challenge Lin Langtian’s dignity in the clan gathering? I mean he’s the favoured son of heaven! Let’s not talk about his peers – even some elders aren’t a match for him!”

“Yeah… Lin Dong is way too arrogant. Although from the previous match he seems to have some capabilities, but how can he compare himself with Lin Langtian – the favoured son of heaven?

“Heh, I don’t think this person is a reckless idiot. If he dares to talk like this, he must have some cards up his sleeve. To think that the clan gathering this time is gonna be so exciting! Someone finally had enough and is gonna challenge Lin Langtian’s number one position in the Lin Clan!”


After the momentary death-like silence in the grand arena, countless exclamations and chatter broke forth in the crowd, merging into a terrifying wave of noise and spreading all over Lin City.

The commotion caused by Lin Dong’s words was simply too terrifying!

Who was Lin Langtian?

He was the number one genius of the Lin Clan, who stood in the spotlight in the Great Yan Empire, in a league of his own. Few dared to compare themselves with him in the entire empire. Yet on this day, on the Lin Clan Gathering, he was challenged by a man from a branch family with such an overbearing tone.

It had been many years since anyone had witnessed such a scene. No wonder tension erupted like a volcano in that arena. Everyone’s eyes were filled with excitement and anticipation.

“What? Dong-er actually challenged Lin Langtian?”

In that remote corner, Lin Zhentian, Lin Xiao and the rest were similarly stunned by Lin Dong’s words. Although they were clear that Lin Dong seemed to possess great strength presently, the pressure that exuded from Lin Langtian was simply too overpowering. Therefore, Even they were skeptical that there was anyone who could be a match for this favoured son of heaven.

“Lin Dong is trying to avenge your past humiliation!” Lin Mang glanced at Lin Xiao before suddenly slapping his shoulder, laughing, “You’ve got quite a son there! Haha… That chap’s got charisma!”

Standing aside, Lin Hong and Lin Xia’s hearts beat with shock and excitement at such unparalleled gutsiness. It had been merely two years and yet they could sense Lin Dong’s unmistakable and total transformation!

A trifle dry in his mouth, Lin Xiao stared at the youthful figure hovering in the air above. Hie eyes turned red all of a sudden and both his fists clenched tight. The words of that youth, spoken as he left home that year, still rang in his ears.

The humiliation that his dad suffered shall be avenged by his son…

He could only guess at the kind of training that the youth away from home, must have had suffered for the sake of those words. Perhaps he had had to hover many times on the edge between life and death.

“Dong-er…,” Lin Xiao raised his head and sucked in a deep breath, his eyes turning sour. At the same time, however, a look of gratification appeared on his face. Heaven was kind to him afterall…

With a son like that, everything had been worth it.

Under countless gazes, Lin Dong, hovering on thin air, stared coldly at the figure seated on the golden seating booth. Lin Langtian remained expressionless, his palm moving casually across the surface of the table, as if he had not heard Lin Dong’s words.

“Lin Dong, watch your behavior! This is the Lin Clan Gathering, how dare you make a ruckus here. Get lost!” A grey-haired elder seated next to Lin Langtian upon one of the golden seats shouted with a stern face.

Lin Langtian enjoyed an extremely high position in the Lin Clan. With his capabilities and popularity, he could very well become the next head of the Lin Clan. Naturally, this fact enabled him to win supporters, among them including even some elders. Plainly, the one who had shouted was one such elder who possessed rather high authority and speaking rights in the Lin Clan. Since he leaned towards Lin Langtian, he naturally attempted to prevent Lin Dong from affronting Lin Langtian’s reputation.

“Lin Langtian, spineless scoundrel!” Lin Dong exclaimed in a slow manner, ignoring the grey-haired elder and glaring at Lin Langtian.

“How dare you!”

The grey-haired elder slammed the table in anger and rose, about to attack – but was stopped by the purple-robed elder in the middle, with his hand.

“Grand elder, this fellow is too arrogant. Many of our Lin Clan guests are here today, how can we allow him to make a scene?” the grey-haired elder grumbled, clearly disgruntled by the purple-robed elder’s intervention.

“Haha, Lin Zheng, this Lin Dong counts as one of our clansmen too. Furthermore, looking at his strength, he obviously is extremely talented as well. If we suppress him callously, won’t we lose the hearts of the branch families?” the purple-robed elder replied jovially.

When he heard the words of that purple-robed elder, that grey-haired elder involuntarily furrowed his brows, before he turned to look at a black-clothed elder seated beside him. Based on their actions, it seems like there was quite a bit of politics between the various Lin Clan factions.

“No matter how talented he is, he is nothing compared to Lin Langtian.” That black-clothed elder’s eyes casually scanned across Lin Dong as he spoke.

“However, if he wants to challenge him, no one would object to that. Nonetheless, if Lin Langtian has to step in anytime a random three-legged cat comes along and holler at him, wouldn’t he be extremely busy? If he wants to challenge him, he must show that he possess the necessary qualifications.”

That black-clothed elder’s words were not hidden. Hence, they calmly entered into Lin Dong’s ears. “What qualifications do I need?” Lin Dong twinkly eyes stared at that black-clothed elder as he chuckled. He could see that old fart was clearly siding with Lin Langtian as well. It seems like he had a pretty strong network within the clan.

“Prove yourself worthy by reaching the final arena.”

This time, the one who spoke was the purple-robed elder, that even Lin Dong was slightly wary of. He was gently smiling as he pointed at the highest platform of that gigantic conical arena.

“LIn Langtian was the previous clan gathering champion. If you want to challenge him, he must first defeat the other clan members, before you can reach that stage.”

“Besides, let me warn you first. This time around, there are three exceptional candidates. The first one is Lin Langtian, while for the rest of them, even though they are slightly weaker than Lin Langtian, they are considered geniuses as well.”

“As for you, if you want to reach the final platform, you must go through the two of them.”

“Lin Qing, Lin Mu!”

As that purple-robed elder softly shouted out, two extremely formidable aura instantly erupted violently in the middle of the arena. Promptly, two figure flashed, before two bodies appeared on two different platforms respectively.

Lin Dong’s eyes stared at the two of them, while his expression turned somewhat solemn. Both of them seemed slightly older than Lin Langtian. Even though their aura was weaker than his, they were both actually at half-step-to Manifestation. Furthermore, it seems like both of them were at the pinnacle of half-step-to Manifestation. In fact, with a little luck, both of them could easily bridge the final gap and advance to initial Manifestation stage. It’s no wonder the elder claimed that they were only slightly behind Lin Langtian.

Besides, what stunned Lin Dong the most was that the two of them looked exactly the same. Obviously, they were twin brothers and they were connected by blood. In fact, even their aura faintly showed signs of fusion. If they joined forces, even a initial Manifestation practitioner would have a slim chance of victory. This goes to show just how powerful they are!

“It is indeed the Lin Qing brothers. Pfft, that Lin Dong is simply too arrogant. Does he really believe that it will be so easy to challenge big brother Lin Langtian? The Lin Qing brothers are about to advance to initial Manifestation stage and their strength is nowhere compared to garbage like Lin Feng!”

“Wait till Lin Dong is defeated by Lin Qing brothers, then we will see if he still dares to challenge big brother Lin Langtian!”

“Disgraceful. A branch family member dares to challenge the main clan!”


When the Lin Clan’s disciples saw the two of them, joy instantly surged into their eyes. Based on their expressions, it seems like they had already decided that Lin Dong would lose.

Of course, it must be said that among younger generation members, the Lin Qing brothers only lost out to Lin Langtian. However…

Lin Dong lifted his head, as he stared at the elders seated on the golden seating booth. Then, his figure flashed before he directly landed on the highest platform on the arena. Finally, he calmly said: “There is no need to split it into two rounds, come at me together.”

Arrogant, Ignorant!

When Lin Dong’s words landed, rage instantly swarmed into the main clan member’s eyes, before they continuously chuckled.

However, just as they chuckled, standing at the highest platform, Lin Dong gently waved his sleeves, before his calm words once again sounded out.

“Within ten rounds, if the two of them still remain on the platform, it is my loss!”

After his words landed, even the expression of the elders, seated in the golden seating area, violently changed. Right now, the word arrogant could not even begin to describe him.

Since you guys ask for my qualifications, let me show it to you!

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