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Chapter 320: The Seal is Broken

When Lin Dong once again opened his eyes, the world in front of his eyes was not pitch-black as before, while a gentle white glowing halo surrounded his body. That seemingly fragile glowing halo gave off an indestructible feel.

“Are you awake?” When Lin Dong opened his eyes, a figure flashed and appeared in front of him. It was Little Marten.

Lin Dong nodded his head as his body wiggled lethargically. This time, it seems like he had suffered quite severe injuries, both internal and external ones. His body was covered with layers of bloody wounds and it made him look extremely wretched.

“This must be the middle of Mysterious Black Yin crevice?”

When he heard Lin Dong’s question, Little Marten helplessly waved its paws before it said: “Did you think that you would be fortunate enough to escape from this impasse easily?”

Lin Dong laughed bitterly. Currently, he was in quite a dangerous situation. Even if he chose not to enter Mysterious Black Yin crevice, he would end up in the hands of the Ghastly Puppet Cult. In that case, he would be in dire straits as well. At the very least, he was still alive right now.

“The Earth Terminus Cold Qi has disappeared?” Lin Dong’s eyes twinkled. Then, he suddenly realized that he stood on solid ground and he was no longer free-falling. Meanwhile, surrounding him, the terrifying Earth Terminus Cold Qi turbulence has disappeared. Immediately, he exclaimed in surprise.

“This happens to be a calm zone inside the Mysterious Black Yin crevice and it allows one to avoid the turbulence. However, once we leave this area, we will probably be dead.” Little Marten took a look at Lin Dong’s palm, before he said: “It’s all thanks to the power of the Mysterious Stone Talisman. Else, you would have already been torn into shreds by that Earth Terminus Cold Qi.”

Lin Dong gripped his palm. This Mysterious Stone Talisman was indeed mysterious and it was indeed quite powerful. Unfortunately, based on his current strength, he was unable to fully utilize it.

“Right, Little Flame!” Suddenly, as if Lin Dong recalled something, his facial expression instantly changed. He remembered that in the middle of Mysterious Black Yin crevice, he was separated from Little Flame during the turbulence. Since he had the protection of Mysterious Stone Talisman, he was still safe for now. However, Little Flame…

“Don’t worry. Little Flame is a Demonic Beast and it had inherited the power of the Primordial Blood Bat Dragon’s bloodline. In this impasse, its odds of survival is probably higher than yours.” When he saw Lin Dong’s expression change, Little Marten comforted him.

“If something happens to Little Flame, I will make sure that Ghastly Puppet Cult bleed an entire river!” Lin Dong’s eyes were grim, while a potent killing intent slowly extended from within his words.

“That will have to wait until you can leave this Mysterious Black Yin crevice.” Little Marten said helpless . Then, it lifted his head and stared at the never-ending darkness above him. The turbulence caused by the Earth Terminus Cold Qi was simply too vicious. Even though Lin Dong had borrowed the strength of the Mysterious Stone Talisman to narrowly survive and land in this area, it was no easy task for him to escape from here.

“Let’s get you treated first. At the very least, you are still alive. After your injuries heal, we shall extract the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”. Even though this place is an impasse, it will be a useful place for you to cultivate “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”. At the very least, the earth-shattering phenomenons that it will invoke will not lead to any snooping from elite practitioners.” Little Marten said.


When he heard his words, Lin Dong also nodded his head. When he thought of the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol” in his possession, even though he was in danger, he was unable to contain the excitement in his heart. After paying such a huge price, he had finally managed to obtain the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”.

With this plan in mind, Lin Dong chose not to hesitate anymore. Immediately, he sat down on the ground, before he closed his eyes. Then, a short while later, he closed his eyes before he once again opened them, while his face was slightly pained.

“The Yuan Power in this domain is too chilly and I am unable to absorb it directly…” As he stared at Little Marten’s bewildered expression, Lin Dong tightly furrowed his eyebrows and said. If he cannot absorb the Yuan Power in this domain, then he wouldn’t be able to train? This was extremely bad news for him, especially since he was in this Mysterious Black Yin crevice, which was filled with danger.

“I forgot about this point.” Little Marten waved its claws, before it turned silent for a moment. Then, it suddenly extended his claws, while it dug out the Qiankun bag inside Lin Dong’s sleeves. Then, it waved its claws before it directly took out twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills that were inside.

That massive amount of pure Yuan Pills hovered in mid-air, while a gentle light gently slowly spread out and immediately drove away the darkness in the surrounding area. Then, a granite mountain was immediately revealed. At the same time, there were several birds and beasts’ corpses scattered across this vast mountain. It seems like those were the beasts that were dragged in by the turbulence.

“Let me set up a formation that can temper the vicious Earth Terminus Cold Qi in this domain. Even though it is unable to completely cleanse it, the remaining Earth Terminus Cold Qi will not be too vicious. Based on the tenacity of your physical body, you should be able to handle it. Though, you will probably still have to suffer a little.”

“Heh, it’s probably good for you to suffer a little. Even though the Earth Terminus Cold Qi is exceedingly vicious, it also possess tempering properties. If you continuously absorb it, it will help to strengthen your body as well.”

Just as Little Marten spoke, its claws danced as those twenty thousand pure Yuan Pills swiftly spread out. Then, they formed into a giant glowing formation in front of Lin Dong, while potent Yuan Power flooded forth with a hua-la-la sound.

“Mysterious Tempering Yuan Formation!”

When that glowing formation materialized, Lin Dong instantly realized that the Earth Terminus Cold Qi in his surrounding domain had gradually weakened. It seems like this formation was indeed quite effective.

“Thankfully you brought along several pure Yuan Pills. Else, we will not be able to temper the Yuan Power in this domain.” Traces of Yuan Power glow continuously descended from the middle of that giant formation. Little Marten basked in the glow and felt extremely comfortable. In this pitch-black area, with light around, it helped one to calm down.

Lin Dong smiled. With Little Marten at his side, it had truly been of great help. Even though the latter was not as powerful as during its peak, its experience was extremely beneficial for him.

After the giant formation materialized, Lin Dong chose not to hesitate anymore, before he once again sat down. Then, he activated his secret skills and began to rapidly absorb the Yuan Power that had been tempered by the giant formation.

The Yuan Power in this Mysterious Black Yin crevice was filled with potent Earth Terminus Cold Qi. If ordinary practitioners absorbed it into their bodies, their inner bodies would undoubtedly be brutalized by that savage Earth Terminus Cold Qi. Thankfully, Lin Dong’s physical body was quite powerful. Therefore, even though sharp pain continuously emerged during the absorption process, it was still tolerable for Lin Dong.

While he endured that pain, Lin Dong’s depleted Dan Tian was once again filled with Yuan Power. His Yuan Dan, which had dimmed after his intense battle, was once again glowing just like before. Furthermore, the brightness of its glow was evidently more resplendent than before the fight. It seems like even though this battle was quite painful, Lin Dong benefitted from it as well.

Layers of bloody shackles dropped off Lin Dong’s body. All the hideous wounds caused by the Earth Terminus Cold Qi slowly began to recover. At the same time, the benefits of having a powerful physical body was beginning to show itself. At least, in terms of recovery speed, even a Manifestation stage practitioner could not be compared to Lin Dong.

He silently cultivated for nearly five hours, before Lin Dong once again opened his eyes. A bright glow shimmered in his eyes, while potent Yuan Power ballooned around his body. Faintly, it seems like he had actually reached the pinnacle of initial Qi Creation stage.

As he sensed the potent Yuan Power building up inside his body, Lin Dong gently smiled. With his strength back, he finally felt safe again. Especially since he was in a danger zone, he did not know what dangerous situation may suddenly occur.

“Kid, since you have recovered, then extract the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol.” Haha, this “Devouring Ancestral Symbol” has been lost for several years, I never expected that it will appear in this small Great Yan Dynasty!” When he saw Lin Dong recover, Little Marten flashed over as it hurriedly spoke.

When he heard his words, Lin Dong smiled, before he promptly flipped his palm. Then, that black symbol once again appeared in the middle of his palm, before streaks of glowing light violently shot out from within the black symbol and crisscrossed together. Finally, a glowing black ball appeared in front of Lin Dong.

A glowing black ball silently hovered, while several black threads were deeply woven within. Just as Lin Dong quietly stared at it, he could also see a black-hole like ancient symbol quietly hovering in the deepest region of that black glowing ball, just like a sleeping dragon…

Lin Dong stared fervently at that black glowing ball, before he slowly extended his palm. However, just before his palm touched the black glowing ball, that black eyed elder phantasm once again appeared on that glowing ball. Then, a coarse emotionless voice echoed out.

“Without obtaining the necessary permission, you have no affinity with this symbol!”

When he saw this situation, Lin Dong gently smiled before he humbly bowed at that phantasm. Then, his waved his palm, before a light beam instantly shot out from within that black symbol and shone on that phantasm.

Under the glow of that light beam, that black eyed elder phantom actually begun to dim. An intelligent glow actually flowed into his originally hollow eyes.

In that instant, it seems like that phantasm possessed intelligence!

“Ancestral Symbols were materialized by the Heavens, hence one has the duty to protect the world. The heir of the Ancestral Symbol must remember your duty. When an catastrophe arrives, you must protect the world!”

That black eye elder’s eyes stared right at Lin Dong’s body, before its coarse voice slowly sounded out.

“A catastrophe…” Lin Dong was slightly taken aback. Promptly, disbelief surfaced in his heart. Right now, even a Ghastly Puppet Cult could force him into such dire straits and he could not even protect himself. Therefore, the idea of protecting the world seems a little farfetched to him.

However, just as he muttered to himself about a catastrophe, that extremely dark and peculiar life-form that he saw in the Ancient Tablet Spiritual Domain once again emerged in his mind. Somehow or another, he felt like this two matters were interrelated…

Just as this thought ran across Lin Dong’s mind, that black eye elder phantasm released off several black glow. Then, that black glowing ball gradually begun to melt down layers by layers…

Just as that black glowing ball begun to melt down, that black-hole like Ancestral Symbol hidden deep within was finally exposed right in front of Lin Dong’s eyes.

As he stared at that black-hole like Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong’s body shook involuntarily. That legendary “Devouring Ancestral Symbol” had finally appeared naked in front of him!

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