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Chapter 321: The Dark World

That ancient symbol silently hovered in front of Lin Dong. That symbol was not large and it was merely the size of a human skull. Furthermore, that symbol did not have a fix trajectory and instead it only wiggled occasionally. As it fluctuated, regardless of how the symbol fluctuated, it’s body slowly swirled just like a black-hole, while traces of an domineering suction force that could absorb the heavens flowed out continuously, and caused the entire domain to shake.

It was a black hole, a black hole created by a Heavenly Symbol!

Lin Dong stared solemnly at that “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”. Right now, there were no movements coming from that Ancestral Symbol. It seemed like it was still asleep. However, amidst this silence, Lin Dong could still feel that the Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace was still vibrating continuously, while a fearful sensation emerged from within…

Lin Dong’s Destiny Soul Symbols were originally derived from the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”. Now that they have encountered the original body, it was natural for them to experience such emotions.

“Hehe, is that the legendary Devouring Ancestral Symbol? It is indeed extremely magical!” Little Marten continuously sized up that “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”, while its eyes were filled with curiosity.

“What should we do next?” Lin Dong rubbed his hands and asked quietly.

“Refine it and attain its approval.”

Little Marten stared at Lin Dong, before its eyes suddenly turned solemn as it said: “If you can really refine the “Devouring Ancestral Symbol”, then your future potential will be limitless. However, let me warn you first, refining the Devouring Ancestral Symbol is filled with countless dangers as well. Furthermore, that Devouring Ancestral Symbol is extremely dangerous. If you are not careful, it will swallow your Mental Energy and you will never be able to recover!”

“In this word, there are eight Ancestral Symbols and each of them possess magical abilities. In the past, I once encountered an extremely powerful practitioner who wanted to refine the Flame Ancestral Symbol. However, eventually, he was burnt into crisp by that Thousand Heavenly Flames that was invoked by the Flame Ancestral Symbol.”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly froze. A practitioner that can be termed as powerful by Little Marten must be extremely formidable. However, regardless, he was still unable to successfully refine that so-called “Flame Ancestral Symbol”.

“Strictly speaking, one does not merely require strength in order to obtain approval from the Ancestral Symbol. Among the eight Ancestral Symbols, the Devouring Ancestral Symbol is the most mysterious one and this is the first time that I have seen it. Therefore, it will be even more difficult to obtain its approval and you should be mentally prepared.”

As Little Marten stared at him solemnly, Lin Dong silently nodded his head. His eyes focused at that black-hole like Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Moments later, he suddenly sucked in a deep breath, before he softly said: “Even though it is difficult, now is not the time to give up. In order to obtain this Devouring Ancestral Symbol, I had already put in much effort. Now that I have finally obtained it, even if it is only a slim shot, I will not give up!”

Little Marten silently nodded his head, before its claws pointed at that Devouring Ancestral Symbol and said: “If you truly not fearful of it, then put your Mental Energy into it. If you can obtain its approval, then you will be able to safely leave. Of course, if you fail to obtain its approval, then… you will be devoured by that Devouring Ancestral Symbol and become a trace of its energy contained within, while your mind will be scattered across the world…”

Lin Dong’s eyes concentrated on that Devouring Ancestral Symbol. The latter was slowly squirming while it mutated into various black-hole structures. Its darkness was incomparable compared to the darkness in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice.

At the very least, in this area, some light could still bloom. However, inside the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, even light could not exist!

To take the initiative and put one’s Mental Energy into that manical darkness, that courage was not something that everyone possesses.

“Even though I don’t possess the grand ambition to protect the world, I wish to protect my closest kin. Therefore, I need strength. In order to obtain it, I am willing to pay any price!”

Lin Dong’s calm voice slowly echoed from within his mouth. A determined look was plastered on his youthful face.

“Young man, in the darkness, use your heart to find your way. Stay true to yourself and don’t get distracted. Remember that all the various illusions are all fake.”

That black eyed elder’s coarse voice swirled around Lin Dong’s ear. Promptly, its figure slowly dissipated, before it completely disappeared from this world.

Just as that black eyed elder phantasm disappeared, Lin Dong slowly closed his eyes. Mental Energy quickly gushed out from within his Niwan palace, before they transformed into a thin light beam that flew bravely into that black-hole esque Devouring Ancestral Symbol.

“Buzz buzz!”

As if it could sense Lin Dong’s arrival, that originally silent Devouring Ancestral Symbol actually began to slowly swirl. Meanwhile, its body began to grow rapidly. In a blink of an eye, that Devouring Ancestral Symbol directly transformed into a black hole!

That black hole was not large, yet it was terrifying beyond words. Even when light was shone within, it instantly disappeared, just like it was being directly swallowed. That object was completely out of this word and it could devour anything…

“Wu wu!”

The devouring ability emerging from within that black hole was not too vigorous. However, the Mysterious Black Yin crevice instantly started to turn chaotic, while countless Earth Terminus Cold Qi manically swept forth. However, when these Earth Terminus Cold Qi, that was powerful enough to brutalize any Manifestation stage practitioner, came within a thousand meter radius of that black hole, it instantly turned gentle, before it continuously streamed into that black hole…

Little Marten stood below the Devouring Ancestral Symbol. Its devouring ability did not include it as well. Therefore, it could safely lift its head and observe this sight, before it involuntarily shook its head. Thankfully, they were in the Mysterious Black Yin crevice. Else, if they were outside, it would surely invoke an earth-shattering natural phenomena and countless elite practitioners will surely snoop by. In fact, even elite practitioner outside of Great Yan Dynasty would sense it…

Just as that black hole materialized, Lin Dong’s Mental Energy was directly swallowed by it…

The instant Lin Dong’s Mental Energy went into that Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong’s body completely froze, while his face was calm. Then, he shut his eyes, just like a statue.

“Kid, you must return safely. Grandpa Marten does not want to stay in this shit hole for the rest of my life…” When he saw Lin Dong dashing into that Devouring Ancestral Symbol recklessly, Little Marten rubbed its claws as it muttered.


When he dashed into that black hole formed by that Devouring Ancestral Symbol, Lin Dong’s eyes were swiftly covered by darkness. That darkness was extremely pure, not only did it disable one’s sight, it even disabled one’s touch.

Darkness. This was the world of darkness without a trace of light or a trace of noise. The entire world was just like before creation occurred!

One cannot describe with mere words the torment that a man experiences in this type of environment. In that darkness, one did not even know if one existed.

In the darkness, after panicking initially, Lin Dong began to gradually calm down. This environment was enough to drive any ordinary person insane. However, he clearly understood that at this juncture, it was more crucial for him to remain calm. Else, he would be stuck in this darkness forever and he would never be able to escape. That torment he would experience then would be even more terrifying than death!

If one could obtain the approval of the Devouring Ancestral Symbol, one would have the potential to become a powerful legendary practitioner. However, before attaining its approval, one would have to undergo trials and tribulations that most ordinary individuals cannot endure!

Lin Dong silently walked through the darkness tirelessly, step by step. In the darkness, he must endure the darkness and endure the silence…


In the dark world, time seemed like it was endless. A figure walked aimlessly in the darkness, just like a sadhu and it seemed like he would never stop…

A long time seemed to have passed, one year, two years… five years…

Lin Dong had lost all concept of time. Being in this endless darkness, he had panicked before and he had despaired as well. After all, this place was the most terrifying prison in the world!

However, after panicking and despairing countless times, Lin Dong’s mind began to turn increasingly calm and vicissitude. Eventually, he even forgot his own existence. In the darkness, a figure slowly walked on.


In the darkness, time slowly passed; Almost a hundred years.

A figure slowly walked in the darkness. His footsteps was always the same, without a millimetre in difference. He seemed to have forgot about himself, forgot about the darkness, forgot about everything.

“As I walk in the darkness, I have learnt the truth about devouring. After devouring, nothing remains!”

In the darkness, this thought stealthily spread out. That figure, which had walked on endlessly, actually began to slow down.

The instant that figure slowed down, suddenly, amidst that never-ending darkness, a glow suddenly extended from behind that figure before it finally reached its feet. Based on this sight, it seems like as long as he turned around and stepped onto that light, he could finally break free of this never-ending darkness.

That light stopped on that figure’s feet, before he lowered his head and stared at that light, which he had not seen for a while. Light suddenly flowed into his hollow eyes. Then, a calm gentle smile suddenly appeared on his lethargic youthful face.

“The way is in your heart. All of the various illusion are all fake. Devouring Ancestral Symbol, I have left your dark world.”

That figure gently smiled. Contained within the tone of his voice, was actually a vicissitude sensation. However, he did not turn around and walk towards the light, instead he courageously headed towards the darkness.

Just as he took a step forward, the light behind him instantly crumbled. Then, the darkness began to distort, before it exploded with a loud crack just like broken glass.

When that darkness exploded, a warm glowing sensation emerged. Darkness transformed into a beautiful starry night sky. Then, that figure stepped into that star-studded night sky. In front of him, an ancient symbol silently hovered in mid-air. On top of that symbol, one could faintly see a blurry figure.

Staring at that ancient symbol, a small curvature slowly emerged on Lin Dong’s almost numb face. He knew that this was the Symbol Soul of the Ancestral Devouring Symbol…

If he could see the Symbol Soul, that would mean that he had successfully obtained… its approval.

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