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Chapter 27: Symbol Puppet Lair

The ancient relics that were ahead of Lin Dong were so huge that it caused one to marvel in awe. Looking across the horizons, one could see various majestic buildings which were lined up and directly extended till the edges of one’s vision. There were a variety of buildings that were used for cultivation, and they give off an endless and ancient feeling. Standing in front of these relics, a human undoubtedly seemed as insignificant as an ant.

Staring at these huge and seemingly neverending ancient relics, Lin Dong’s eyes were filled with awe. Promptly, he secretly sighed inside his heart. At its peak, this ancient sect was actually this terrifying. In fact, the scale of this ancient sect was practically equivalent to that of a small nation.

“This area is extremely large and spacious, and there are several secrets hidden within. Over the years, there must have been several people who have already ventured and explored around. However, they have yet to thoroughly explore this place.” Little Marten sat on Lin Dong’s shoulders, while it stared at these ancient buildings and said.

Lin Dong nodded his head. If one wanted to thoroughly explore this complicated area, one would definitely need a long time. Even though over the years, several people have entered this ancient tablet spiritual domain, their attention was focused on looking for treasures. Therefore, they naturally did not spend time to understand the geography of this location.

“I wonder if the Four Great Clans, Great Devil Sect and other powerful factions have arrived here. This place is extremely huge and it is practically impossible to tell.” Lin Dong muttered to himself.

“Forget about them. Let’s look for the “Devouring Ancient Symbol”. Your Destiny Soul Symbol was derived from the “Devouring Soul Symbol”. Therefore, it should resonate slightly with it.” Little Marten waved its claws and said.


When he heard its words, Lin Dong nodded his head. Then, he pat Little Flame, before the latter immediately flapped its lightning wings, and flew towards that spacious ancient relics.

As he enjoyed the breeze swirling above the ancient relics, Lin Dong stared at these great buildings, which gave off an ancient and vicissitude sensation now, after years of decay. Then, he involuntarily sighed inside his heart. Even a faction as powerful as such was unable to withstand the flow of time.

While Lin Dong leisurely flew above these ancient relics, he would occasionally see some figures flash past him from within these ancient relics. He guessed that they should be groups that were familiar with this area. However, he did not approach them. The people that came here did so by themselves or in trusted groups. Therefore, they were naturally wary of strangers. Hence, if he approached them, he may fail to gain any benefits and instead only invite trouble.

“Little Flame, slow down!”

Lin Dong leisurely surveyed his surroundings in mid-air. This situation lasted for nearly half an hour, before Lin Dong, who was seated on Little Flame’s back, suddenly moved and turned his attention towards a distant spot. At that spot, stood a exceptionally magnificent mountain peak. Meanwhile, on top of that mountain peak, stood several unique cultivation buildings. Based on their appearance, it seems like it was probably off limits to most ordinary sect disciples.

Furthermore, the Destiny Soul Symbols inside Lin Dong’s Niwan palace also gently reacted towards something within that magnificent mountain peak. Even though it was a slight vibration, right now, Lin Dong had been constantly monitoring his Destiny Soul Symbols. Therefore, he was able to detect this sudden change.

“Did you detect something?” Little Marten was shocked, before it hurriedly asked.

“There seems to be something there.” A tinge of delight surfaced in Lin Dong’s eyes. Promptly, he pat Little Flame, before the latter flapped its lightning wings and dashed towards that magnificent mountain peak.

This mountain was extremely tall and it was filled with strange stone forests, while a potent and terrifying Yuan Power was gathered at that area. Faintly, they even showed signs that they were turning into a mist.

On top of that mountain peak, stood several tall buildings that were used for cultivation. Based on this sight, it seems like this area was reserved for members that held a pretty respectable status. At the very least, most ordinary disciples would not be allowed into this area.

When Lin Dong landed on this mountain peak, he immediately discovered several pairs of eyes staring at him. These people had all arrived here prior to him. After all, this mountain peak was so magnificent that it even stood out amongst these vast ancient relics. Therefore, it would naturally attract the attention of several people, who were now roaming through the mountain to look for treasures.

When they saw Lin Dong arrive, several of them were immediately wary. However, none of them dared to make a move. After all, most of them were taken aback by the strength that Lin Dong had displayed previously. Therefore, none of them wanted to offend a strongman like him.

Since no one bothered him, Lin Dong was left to mind his own business. One human, marten and tiger directly dashed into the dense woods, before they followed that light and indescribable vibration, and travelled within the deep mountain.

Covering the giant mountain was a gentle Yuan Power mist, causing one’s vision to be obstructed. Furthermore, there were several vicious Demonic Beast hidden within these deep mountains. Therefore, most ordinary people did not dare to venture in. However, this evidently did not pose much of a problem to Lin Dong. With Little Marten covering his scent, he did not have to worry that he would be discovered by these Demonic Beasts. Therefore, after travelling through the ancient mountain woods for nearly half an hour, his footsteps finally slowed down, before he stared in awe at a large stone door in front of him.

That stone door was extremely large and it was filled with moss, while an ancient sensation emerged from it. Plastered on that stone door, were several obviously complicated symbols. However, perhaps due to the passage of time or other reasons, those symbols have dimmed down. Nonetheless, Lin Dong was still faintly able to detect how powerful those symbols were.

“Someone is already inside…” Lin Dong stared at the tiny crack between the stone door, before he saw the footprints on the ground. Instantly, he furrowed his eyebrows. The vibration that he felt had completely disappeared at this spot. Hence, he guessed that there should be something related to the “Devouring Ancient Symbol” inside this deep mountain cave.

“Let’s go in.” Little Marten waved its claws. Even if someone has already entered inside, we must snatch that “Devouring Ancient Symbol!”

“Yes.” Lin Dong evidently did not plan to give up due to this fact. Immediately, he nodded his head before he dashed inside that mountain cave. Then, Little Flame and Little Marten swiftly followed behind.

After he passed through the stone door, his surroundings darkened. Then, Lin Dong swiftly travelled along a mountain road. Along the way, he realized that this mountain passage was slightly tilted, and he seemed to be headed underground.

The area inside that mountain cave was extremely large and spacious, and it was filled with various mountain passageways. It was extremely complicated just like a maze. If an ordinary person came in, he would probably be dazzled instantly.

However, even as Lin Dong encountered several hundreds of passageways, he did not hesitate at all. Thanks to the unique vibration that faintly appeared, he knew which path to travel. Therefore, without hesitation, he immediately ran towards a stone passageway.

One man and two beast dashed through that stone passageway as quick as lightning. While they ran, Lin Dong began to furrow his eyebrows. That was because he discovered that even in this area, there were some footprints as well. In fact, some of these footprints looked rather fresh. Evidently, someone else had ventured into this area shortly before him.

“Have we really been overtaken?” When he thought of this point, Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows even harder, before he upped his speed. Several minutes later, he suddenly stopped, and halted Little Flame and Little Marten, who were behind him. Right now, in front of him, there was a glowing light. Then, he carefully approached it, before instantly, an extremely large and circular black cave, that resembled that of a bee’s hive, appeared in front of him.

“This is…”

Lin Dong stared in bewilderment at that gigantic circular black cave. That black cave seemed to extend till the core of the earth. Meanwhile, there were several caverns surrounding that cave. Faintly, one could even see some broken limbs scattered around, and it caused one to be terrified.

“Those are Symbol Puppets.” Just as Lin Dong was shocked by the sight of all these broken limbs, Little Marten’s voice suddenly rang out beside his ear.

“What is this place?” Lin Dong somewhat inquisitively asked.

“Should be a Symbol Puppet Lair. Most powerful ancient sects have disciples that cultivate in Yuan Power and Mental Energy. Therefore, this type of Symbol Puppet Lair would be used to forge Symbol Puppets for their disciples.” Little Marten said.

Lin Dong silently gulped. These ancient sect disciples were truly blessed. Even Symbol Puppets were readily prepared and provided for them. In fact, even Ghastly Puppet Cult could not afford its disciples such a luxurious treatment.

“Someone has indeed been here.” Little Marten’s following words caused Lin Dong to be shocked, before he promptly turned to look. Then, he saw that within that huge Symbol Puppet Lair, stood several figures. Upon close inspection, there were several metal chains that extended across the Symbol Puppet Laair and formed into a metallic net. Then, several figures stood on top of that metallic net.

“It’s the Ghastly Puppet Cult members!” Lin Dong’s attention immediately turned towards a figure, who had previously fought with him. Immediately, his eyes darkened. That fellow was Teng Lei.

“There are also the Great Devil Sect members.” Little Marten interrupted.

“Yeah.” Lin Dong turned around, only to see that at a distance away from the Ghastly Puppet Cult members, Mu Qianqian was around as well, with her Great Devil Sect members. However, the current atmosphere between both parties did not seem amiable.

“Let’s observe the situation first.”

Lin Dong softly said. This place was extremely wide and spacious and a human was just like an ant. Therefore, it was extremely easy for them to hide in this place.

Little Marten nodded his head, before one man and two beast stealthily exited the tunnel and hid behind a giant rock located near the edges of the Symbol Puppet Lair. Then, they turned to look down at the two opposing factions that were on the brink of war.

Since they were at a distance away, even though Lin Dong knew that both parties were feuding, he was unable to discern what they were feuding over.

“They are fighting over a High Grade Symbol Puppet.” Little Marten stared at them, before it suddenly said.

“High Grade Symbol Puppet?” When he heard those words, Lin Dong’s expression instantly changed. Those types of Symbol Puppets could match up to a Manifestation stage elite practitioner. Were those fellows so blessed that they actually met one which they could tame?

“Where is that Symbol Puppet?”

Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered before he softly asked. He had quite a grudge with the Ghastly Puppet Cult. Therefore, if he allowed that Teng Lei to obtain that High-Grade Symbol Puppet, he would probably use it to deal with him. Therefore, he did not want that item to land into their hands.

With regards to the Great Devil Sect, though Lin Dong did not have any grudges with them, he did not want to give such a treasure away. Nonetheless, even if he failed to obtain the Symbol Puppet, he could choose to aid the Great Devil Sect and finish off Teng Lei and the rest…

“Hehe, good kid. You are truly a cunning one. However, Grandpa Marten likes that about you. Treasures should not be given away!” When he heard Lin Dong’s words, Little Marten smiled, before it started peculiarly at Lin Dong and chuckled.

“However, there is no hurry now. Let’s wait for them to fight first, before we try to sneak inside. Then, when they are all distracted, we will steal that High-Grade Symbol Puppet!”

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