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Chapter 264: Second Encounter

In the deeper regions of Great Desolate Ancient Source, faintly, a large amount of splitting wind sound emerged. Then, as countless pairs of eyes turned to look towards the direction of the noise, they saw streaks of rainbow flashes, that were barely off the ground, dashing towards them at a lightning-quick pace, before they finally arrived at the deepest region.

Even though it required one to resist an immense pressure in order to fly at the deepest region of Great Desolate Ancient Source, a fairly skilled practitioner would still be capable of maintaining flight at a low altitude. However, if one wanted to truly soar across the skies, then perhaps, only a Nirvana stage practitioner could accomplish this feat.

The rainbow flashes dashed over, before under the attention of countless individuals, they hovered at a low altitude. Right at the front, was a glowing disc that gave off a rainbow aura. On top of that glowing disc were numerous individuals. However, among all of them, the one that evidently stood out the most, was the one who led the pack.

That figure had a tall and lean figure. He was dressed in green clothes, while his long hair swayed in the wind, giving him an elegant and unconventional look. With his hands behind his back, in addition to his stunning facial features, his aura was truly admirable.

Furthermore, the powerful scent that faintly emerged from within his green clothes, led one to understood that he was more than just a pretty face.

“That is Lin Langtian from the Lin Clan!”

A man with such a magnificent aura stood out just like a blazing sun. No matter where he was, he would undoubtedly draw the most attention. Therefore, once he appeared, wowed noises began to emerge from the crowd. In fact, for a few ladies, their eyes began to glimmer peculiarly.

Lin Clan, Lin Langtian!

Even in Great Desolate Province, this name still carried the same weight. After all, everyone knew that among the younger generation members in Great Yan Dynasty, this man stood right on top!

When he heard the deafening cheers and wowed noises from the crowd, Lin Langtian’s face remained expressionless, as he looked into the distance and stared right at that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet, that stood between Heaven and Earth. His actions gave off the impression there was no one in this world that was worthy of his attention. Faintly, a superior and prideful aura emerged from him.

However, despite his haughty actions, most people could not harbour any hatred towards him. After all, the former was simply too outstanding…

Lin Dong silently stared at that green-clothed man hovering on a glowing disc, with his hands behind his back. Promptly, he gripped his clenched fists, which were concealed in his sleeves, until they even began to tremble. However, he did not allow his emotions to spill on his face. After one gruelling year of training, he not only gained new abilities, but he had also refined his temperament.

Neither prideful nor hasty. Neither afraid nor fearful.

Even if his opponent was the most dazzling genius from the Lin Clan, Lin Dong still believed that he could surpass him!

“His aura is much stronger compared to a year before. Perhaps, he is already halfway to Manifestation stage. Heh, that fellow is truly talented. In just one year’s time, he had actually reached the borders of Manifestation stage. In the future, he will surely advance to Manifestation stage.” Little Marten’s voice suddenly rang out inside Lin Dong’s heart.

“Halfway to Manifestation stage.”

There was no changes to Lin Dong’s facial expression as he was evidently not surprised by this fact. He was clearly aware of how talented his opponent was. Furthermore, since he could advance from Perfect Yuan Dan stage to advanced Form Creation stage in one year’s time, then it was not impossible for Lin Langtian to reach Halfway to Manifestation stage.

“Based on your current strength, you are still unable to match up to him.”

Little Marten’s words were direct. Halfway to Manifestation stage. Though he was not a true Manifestation stage practitioner, his strength far exceeds that of an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. Currently, Lin Dong was barely able to match up against an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner for a limited time. Therefore, it would prove to be difficult for him to match up against an elite practitioner that was halfway to Manifestation stage.

“There is still one year’s time…” When he heard its words, Lin Dong smiled instead, before he lifted his head and stared at that figure, that was being admired by the masses. He had not wasted this one year’s time. At least, right now, Lin Langtian was no longer able to use his aura to suppress him and reduce him to a sorry and hideous state.

At the Clan Gathering one year later, he will fulfil the promise that he made that day!

I will make you compensate me a hundred times for that day’s incident!

Lin Dong’s attention turned towards the area behind Lin Langtian. For this trip, he did not come alone, as he brought along several elite practitioners from Lin Clan. Among them, Lin Dong saw a familiar and beautiful figure, Lin Ke-er. To be able to come to this treasure land and hunt for treasures, it seems like she must have a pretty respectable status in Lin Clan…

“Heh, this Lin Langtian is indeed as extraordinary as the legends proclaim…” While Lin Dong was staring at Lin Langtian and the rest, Wu Ci, who was nearby, carried his metal bar as he cast a glance at the latter and said.

“The Four Great Clans believe that there are the most powerful existence in Great Yan Dynasty. Therefore, they must act haughtily.” Standing aside, Mu Qianqian casually smiled as she said. Judging from her tone, it seems like she was not fond of the Four Great Clans.

“That man is strong.” Teng Lei spoke with an expressionless face.

“It seems like plenty of people have came this time. It is reputed that there are factions coming from other neighbouring dynasties as well. Perhaps the three of us should ally ourselves this time.” Mu Qianqian covered his mouth before she coyly smiled and said.

With regards to her proposition, both Teng Lei and Wu Ci did not believe in it at all. The three major factions in Great Desolate Province were not a happy and harmonious family. Hence, who knows what sneaky acts they would do even if they allied themselves.

Of course, Mu Qianqian evidently understood that there was no way that they would accept her proposition. Immediately, she laughed.

Under the countless gazes from the crowd, after the Lin Clan arrived first, behind them, several other glowing flashes began to descend. The next one was a giant wind bird. As it flapped its enormous winds, it brought along a tyrannical gust before it finally hovered above the ground. Seated on top of that wind bird, Lin Dong once again spotted a familiar figure. He was the genius from Qin Clan, Qin Shi.

“Huang Pu Royal Family members have arrived as well.”

When he suddenly heard the murmurings from the crowd, Lin Dong was suddenly moved. Previously, at the old tomb, Ling Qingzhu had represented the Huang Pu Royal Family, this time…

Under Lin Dong’s somewhat complicated stare, at a distance away, a giant blade shadow sliced through the air. Then, once that blade shadow appeared, Lin Dong’s eyes immediately turned to stare right above it. At that spot, he indeed spotted a beautiful and slim figure.

Just as the blade shadow gradually hovered above the ground, a tinge of disappointment flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. That beautiful and slim figure did not belong to Xu Qianzhu. Rather, it belonged to a silver-haired lady, who was wearing a light-green dress. That lady was tall and slim and she seemed extremely beautiful. Evidently, she was a beauty that was comparable to Mu Qianqian. However, the icy cold aura that she gave off was distinctively different from Mu Qianqian.

“If I am not mistaken, that should be Huang Pu Royal Family’s exceedingly famous younger generation member, Huang Pujing. That girl’s aura is at initial Qi Creation stage. It seems like these Great Clans are indeed wealthy.” As he stared at that silver-haired lady in a green dress, Lin Dong muttered to himself.

“Following which, its time for the Wang Clan members to arrive…”

Lin Dong gently pursed his lips, before he stared at the horizons. At that spot, a splitting wind sound emerged. Then, his eyes gradually turned cold. Previously, when they were at the old tomb, the ultimate reason why Lin Dong was hunted by Wang Yan and nearly lost his life, was because of his greedy Wang Clan members who were lusting after his Soul Treasure. Therefore, this gave him a horrible impression of the Wang Clan.

Under Lin Dong’s attention, at a distance away, a resplendent golden glow lit up, before the splitting wind noise intensified. Then, a giant golden spear tore through the horizons, before it dashed forth. At the same time, an exceedingly prideful and domineering aura swept forth.

“Wang Yan!”

When he felt that familiar aura, Lin Dong’s downtrodden eyelight gradually lifted up. However, the cold glint within his eyes began to glow.

That giant golden spear hovered above the ground. Similarly, on top of that golden spear, there were several figures as well. Lin Dong’s eyes swept across them, before he stopped right at the front. At that spot, a figure with golden hair, that was dressed in golden robes, while his whole body gave off an prideful and domineering aura, stood out amongst his vision.

Even after a year, Wang Yan’s aura remained as domineering and prideful as before. However, right now, his aura seemed much stronger than before. Based on Lin Dong’s estimates, Wang Yan should have advanced to initial Qi Creation stage. However, merely that cultivation stage…

When he thought of his point, a icy cold smile gradually emerged on Lin Dong’s lips. One year ago, he had to rely on his luck and aid from Little Marten in order to escape from Wang Yan. However, right now, he was more than ninety percent confident that even if he fought alone, he would be able to thrash him till he became a dead dog!

The distance between them one year ago was now switched around!

Lin Dong’s icy cold eyes swept across Wang Yan’s body before his eyes turned to look behind him. At that spot, there was another familiar figure as well. He was indeed that greedy, deceptive and manipulative bastard that tried to steal his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd and caused the whole commotion, Wang Pan!

As he stared at Wang Pan’s figure, Lin Dong’s expression darkened, while a thick killing intent flowed in his heart.

Lin Dong did not bother to conceal the killing intent inside his heart. Hence, that Wang Pan felt his hair stand, as he stared in bewilderment at the area below him. Finally, he locked his eyes on a young man, that was seated on top of a large boulder. When he saw that familiar face, his expression began to turn cold immediately…

“Lin Dong, you useless bastard. You are actually alive!”

Wang Pan was evidently still infuriated by the fact that Lin Dong had taken away the Soul Treasure, that he believed to be rightfully his. Therefore, once he saw the latter, the venomous rage inside his heart instantly erupted. Immediately, his eyes darkened, before an angry roar erupted in mid-air.

That name was now no longer unknown in Great Desolate Province, or to the members of the Four Great Clans which had ventured into the old tomb. Therefore, when Wang Pan shouted out angrily, countless pairs of eyes instantly turned to look at that figure seated below…

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