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Chapter 265: Rematch Against Wang Yan

“Lin Dong?”

The one who reacted the fastest to this name was Wang Yan. Previously, he was wounded by Lin Dong’s Symbol Puppet due to his negligence and he even lost his Qiankun Bag. Therefore, he had always regarded this incident as the most shameful one in his life. With regards to the latter, he hated him to the bones. Therefore, once he heard that name, his eyes instantaneously darkened, before he looked down and stared right at that young man seated on top of a giant boulder

When Wang Yan’s eyes turned to look down, that Lin Langtian’s expression also changed slightly, before he callously turned to look at Lin Dong. Right now, there were hardly any emotions on his face. With regards to that name, perhaps he had already forgotten about it since the day he left the Sky Fire Mountain Range. Besides, he was never bothered by the vengeful words that the latter muttered. After all, like he once said, there were countless younger generation members in Great Yan Dynasty that wanted to challenge him. Therefore, Lin Dong was merely a dime in the dozen, and he could not be bothered about the latter.

Standing behind Lin Langtian, Lin Ke-er was somewhat shocked as she turned to look below. With regards to Lin Dong, she had quite a favorable impression. However, immediately, she grasped the current situation before a tinge of worry flashed across her eyes. After all, she knew that Wang Yan hated Lin Dong till the bones. Now that they had met again, a fight would definitely occur. Furthermore, based on Lin Dong’s strength, he was obviously unable to match up against him. Therefore, once they fought, he would surely be disadvantaged.

Furthermore, Lin Ke-er clearly knew that it was impossible to rely on Lin Langtian for help. That most dazzling genius from Lin Clan, regarded all branch family members just like ants. In his opinion, besides the fact that their surnames were all Lin, those ants from the branch family were completely different from their main clan members.

“That fellow, shouldn’t he hide his tracks since he knew he was coming here!” Lin Ke-er somewhat angrily said. After he suffered previously, why hasn’t that fellow learnt his lesson?

Qin Shi from the Qin Clan somewhat glanced peculiarly at Lin Dong. Evidently, he had no recollection of the latter. Therefore, after casting a glance at him, he immediately looked away and did not pay much attention to him.

“Is that the person that Qingzhu sister mentioned before, Lin Dong?” Near the Huang Pu Royal Family members, Huang Pujing’s cold and beautiful face suddenly twitched, before she gently furrowed her eyebrows and looked at that young man. Meanwhile, contained within her beautiful eyes, were a curious glint.

“He seems ordinary. Why would Qingzhu sister mention him…” After her beautiful eyes swept across Lin Dong’s body, that Huang Pujing muttered to herself.

Despite the attention of the crowd, Lin Dong’s expression remained calm as he slowly stood up from the giant boulder. Then, the instance he stood up, a formidable glint flashed across his eyes, before his foot stomped against the ground. Immediately, his body dashed forth just like a bullet, before his palm gripped viciously at that Wang Pan. Following which, a powerful stream of Mental Energy turned into countless strings before they flew forth and lightning-quick bounded that Wang Pan.

After he tied Wang Pan up using strings made from Mental Energy, Lin Dong jerked his arm before that latter was forcibly pulled away.


Lin Dong’s move took everyone by surprise. No one had expected that he would actually dare to attack them in front of so many elite practitioners from Wang Clan. Hence, when Wang Pan was forcefully pulled away, several of Wang Clan’s elite members immediately regained their senses. Promptly, enraged roars sounded out.

After they shouted angrily, several elite Wang Clan members immediately attacked. Instantly, their formidable attacks directly flew towards Lin Dong.

“Get lost!”

However, as he faced their attacks, Lin Dong only activated his mind, before streams of Mental Energy howled forth and transformed into a giant Mental Energy hammer, before it viciously crushed their attacks.

“Lin Dong, what are you trying to do?! If you dare to harm me, my Wang Clan will make you suffer till you beg for your own death!” When Lin Dong grabbed onto his throat, that Wang Pan’s face turned flustered before he angrily shouted. However, while he shouted, a storm erupted in his heart. That was because he realized that under Lin Dong’s grip, no matter how much Yuan Power he utilized, he was unable to free himself from the latter. Obviously, Lin Dong’s current strength far exceeds his.


Just as Wang Pan finished shouting, a palm wind that carried a tremendous force unceremoniously slapped against Wang Pan’s face viciously. Immediately, the teeth in his mouth were rupted into dust, while his face instantly swelled up until he looked just like a bloody bun.


Fresh blood mixed with his ruptured tooth immediately flew forth, before Wang Pan was nearly knocked unconscious by Lin Dong’s slap. However, given the current situation, right now, he probably could not even groan.

When the crowd saw that Lin Dong had beaten Wang Pan’s head into a pig-head with one slap, several of them were taken aback. They had never expected that Lin Dong was actually this vicious, and that he dared to beat one of their members in front of so many elite Wang Clan practitioners…

The surrounding atmosphere instantly tensed up, before wowed noises erupted from the crowd. Several of them even cheered him on. After all, most people who dared to venture here were fairly skilled. Even though the Wang Clan was powerful and influential, not everyone feared them…

“Bastard, you dare!”

However, Lin Dong’s action undoubtedly invoked the wrath of those Wang Clan elite practitioners. Immediately, their eyes turned blood-red before they angrily roared.

“Since you guys failed to teach him properly, I have no choice but to teach that unrefined bastard a lesson.” Lin Dong’s face was calm as he casually tossed an unconscious Wang Pan onto the ground. When one of the Wang Clan elite practitioners saw this scene, he immediately dashed forth and caught Wang Pan’s body. Else, that unlucky fellow would have taken another hit.

“Who do you think you are? What gives you to right to discipline my Wang Clan members?” On top of the giant golden spear, an elder with red hair, stared at Lin Dong with an exceptionally ghastly expression while he spoke.

“Kid, you will pay the price for your rash actions!” Another initial Qi Creation stage white haired elderly said venomously.

While they spoke, two powerful auras began to gradually emerge from these two elder’s bodies. Based on their expression, they were evidently planning to capture Lin Dong.

However, just as they were about to make their move, Wang Yan, who was standing in front, suddenly raised his hand and halted them. His eyes stared coldly at Lin Dong, before he suddenly tilted his head and turned to look at Lin Langtian, and casually asked: “Langtian brother, this man humiliated my Wang Clan members in public. If I kill him now, would you object?”

“Up to you.” Lin Langtian cast a glance at Lin Dong, before he immediately looked away. Meanwhile, there were no traces of emotion in his voice.

“Lin Langtian brother!” When he heard his words, standing behind, Lin Ke-er immediately shouted out worryingly.

“Since he wants to show off, he must be prepared to pay the price. After all, once a wastrel always a wastrel. Even if we keep this kind of garbage around, it will only taint our Lin Clan’s name.” Lin Langtian casually said.

Lin Ke-er stopped, however anger still flowed in her heart. Despite the fact that Lin Dong acted rashly, he was still part of the Lin Clan. Now that he was being bullied, Lin Langtian still refused to assist him. He was simply too cold-hearted…

“Haha, Lin Langtian brother is wise. A mere dumbass from the branch family. If you allow him to live, it would only worsen the relationship between our two families…” When he heard Lin Langtian’s words, that Wang Yan smiled cheerfully. Promptly, he cracked his neck, before he stared venomously at Lin Dong: “Previously, you were lucky enough to escape. This time, in front of the crowd, I will make a useless bastard like you understand that a branch family member can never catch up with the main clan!”

After Wang Clan spoke, he realized that there were a few peculiar expressions below. However, he was unable to understand the reason why.

“Oh, so Lin Dong was from a branch family of the Lin Clan…” Standing below, when Mu Qianqian, Wu Ci and the rest heard his words, they were slightly taken aback, before they turned and stared peculiarly at Wang Yan. If that fellow knew what Lin Dong had accomplished in Great Desolate Province, perhaps he would realize that he deserved a slap instead.

If a mere twenty years old kid, who was able to severely injure an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner, was considered as a useless bastard, then, ninety nine percent of the people here would be even worse than useless…

No matter which clan in Great Yan Dynasty, even if it were a branch family, if they possessed such an extraordinary talent, it would most definitely be joyous news. Therefore, Wang Yan’s comment about catching up with the main clan seemed even more ridiculous.

“It seems like this Lin Dong is quite skilled…”

Of course, some members of the crowd also detected their peculiar expressions. In particular, that Huang Pujing also noticed as well. Immediately, her beautiful eyes twinkled, before the curiosity in her eyes intensified. Could this fellow truly match up against Wang Yan?

With regards to the stares from the crowd, Wang Yan did not mull over it. Immediately, he gripped his large hands, before that giant golden spear began to gradually shrink down until eventually, it snugged tightly within his palm. Then, a prideful aura swept forth from his body just like a hurricane!

“Lin Dong, the Great Desolate Ancient Source will be your tomb!” As he gripped onto his golden spear, Wang Yan’s dishevelled hair was waving in the wind, while streams of potent Yuan Power continuously swept forth.

As he faced Wang Yan’s formidable and prideful aura, Lin Dong’s expression changed slightly, before a sharp blade-like smile slowly emerged on his lips.

“Before we fight, may I speak first…”

Lin Dong lifted his head, before the smile on his face grew.

“This time around, have you prepared your Qiankun Bag?”

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