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Chapter 256: Complete Breakthrough

In the dense woodlands, Lin Dong’s figure was just like an athletic leopard, as even the leaves at the tip of his feet did not tremble in the slightest when he landed.


As this figure dashed forth, nearby, suddenly a tiger roar echoed out, before another figure quickly emerged from within the trees and landed solidly in front of that figure.

“Little Flame!” When he saw that Little Flame was safe, Lin Dong heaved a sigh of relief. However, he understood that now was not the time for casual chit-chat. Immediately, his figure flashed before he jumped on that tiger’s back. Then, Little Flame released a deep roar before it flapped its lightning-wings and hovered into mid-air, before it lightning-quick dashed into the deep mountains.

With regards to today’s matter, Lin Dong was clearly aware of its consequences. Therefore, the most urgent task at hand was to quickly locate a safe hideout in order to refine the powerful yet somewhat chaotic Mental Energy inside his Niwan palace.

With regards to the manhunt that he would likely face, it was best for him to readjust himself first. Besides, this mountain range is extremely wide and no matter how influential the Ghastly Puppet Cult was, it was no simple feat for them to locate him in this area.

Furthermore, once he regained his peak condition, it would almost be time when that Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet seal weakens. At that time, there will be countless people gushing towards the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet. Due to the overwhelming human traffic, even a faction as powerful as the Ghastly Puppet Cult will have a difficult time locating him among the crowd. Therefore, Lin Dong could simply make use of that opportunity to slip into the Great Wastelands Ancient Tablet.

With this thought in mind, Lin Dong began to gradually calm down. First, he took advantage of Little Flame’s speed to travel towards the north-western direction for half a day’s time, before he gradually slowed down when he reached the middle of a deep mountain. Then, he slowly landed onto a tiny valley within.

Within that mountain valley, there was a waterfall. At the spot where the water landed, a watery mist emerged….

Lin Dong’s figure deftly landed on a several meters tall boulder in the middle of that lake, before he promptly sat down on it. He could sense that the Mental Energy inside his Niwan palace was becoming increasingly chaotic. Hence, if he did not quickly refine it, it might prove problematic for him in the future.

“Little Flame, Little Marten, protect me!”

Lin Dong hurriedly commanded the marten and tiger located beside him, before he immediately shut his eyes. His consciousness quickly entered inside his Niwan palace. Right now, his Niwan palace was fairly chaotic as large patches of greyish Mental Energy were howling around. If they had not been subdued by his four Destiny Soul Symbols, these Mental Energy would have forcefully dashed out of his Niwan palace.

“Pfft, once you have entered into my domain, you have no right to throw tantrums!”

As he stared at the greyish Mental Energy that were howling inside his Niwan palace, Lin Dong coldly chuckled. Previously, he did not have time to deal with them. However, now that he was free, it was only going to be a simple matter for him to handle them.

With a flick of his mind, a resplendent glow suddenly erupted from his four Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace. As these bright lights gushed forth, they shone on the patches of greyish Mental Energy.

“Buzz buzz!”

When those greyish Mental Energy were shone upon by the bright lights, a buzzing sound immediately erupted. Then, traces of a greyish residue began to slowly seep out from within, before they were directly reduced to nothing under the glow of his Destiny Soul Symbols.

Even though Hua Zong’s Mental Energy was quite formidable, it was pretty rebellious. This was likely due to the fact that he had swallowed several people’s Mental Energy and had failed to thoroughly refine them. Therefore, if one swallowed his Mental Energy, there was a good chance that it would damage one’s cultivation roots.

As time passed by, traces of greyish residue continuously seeped out. Then, the color of that formidable Mental Energy began to gradually change. The dark greyish tinge began to slowly slip away,while a peaceful and righteous color took its place.

Lin Dong’s Destiny Soul Symbols were evidently quite effective at removing the impurities within Mental Energy. Therefore, in approximately two hours time, the Mental Energy floating inside his Niwan palace had already been thoroughly purified.

“Destiny Soul Symbols, absorb!”

When the last trace of greyish residue disappeared, Lin Dong once again heaved a deep sigh of relief. Then, with a flick of his mind, the four Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace began to contort before they transformed into Destiny Swirls. Following which, traces of suction force immediately emerged as they continuously sucked in streams of Mental Energy.

As streams of Mental Energy were sucked into his Destiny Swirls, Lin Dong could clearly feel his Mental Energy growing rapidly. At this rate, Lin Dong could even possibly use this opportunity to cultivate his fifth Destiny Soul Symbol and progress to become a Soul Symbol Master!

The sky above the valley began to darken, before a gentle moonlight poured down and shone on the lake. A glittery glow then emerged on the lake’s surface. It was a truly beautiful sight.

Little Marten hovered above Lin Dong’s head as it casually basked in the moonlight. Meanwhile, Little Flame was like a truly loyal guard as it stood beside Lin Dong and cautiously surveyed his surroundings. Any movement in this area could hardly evade its eyes.


This silence lasted for a while, before Lin Dong began to gradually open his tightly shut eyes while he deeply exhaled. The Destiny Soul Symbols inside his Niwan palace were already on auto-pilot they absorbed Hua Zong’s purified Mental Energy. As to whether he could advance to Soul Symbol Master after he finished absorbing, it would be up to his fate and destiny.

“Kid, it seems like you have reaped much benefits this time.” When Lin Dong opened his eyes, Little Marten floated forth before it said with a wide smile. Clearly, it could sense that Lin Dong’s Mental Energy had grown significantly.

Lin Dong gently smiled. With a flick of his mind, ripples emerged on the surface on the lake. Then a giant water palm immediately flew out and casually pulverized a giant boulder near the edges of the lake. It seems like compared to before, his Mental Energy has truly grown. Right now, one could only imagine just how powerful he would be should he successfully advance to Soul Symbol Master.

“If I guessed correctly, that kid’s father should be at advanced Qi Creation stage…” Little Marten said.

Lin Dong casually dismissed that giant water palm, before he gently nodded his head. After he used up all of his techniques, he could safely escape from an initial Qi Creation stage practitioner. However, he could not confidently do so when facing an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. After all, even though they only differed by one cultivation level, the difference between these two stages was akin to a huge gulf.

Furthermore, Lin Dong was keenly aware that if he fought against an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner now, he would likely be defeated.


Lin Dong deeply exhaled before his eyes turned somewhat icy-cold. Flipping his palm, two different colored Elixir Fruits appeared in his hands. Then, a forceful energy shockwave emerged, before it caused ripples to emerge on the lake.

These two Elixir Fruits were naturally the “Thousand Beast Fruit” that Lin Dong had stolen from the Ancient Dragon Ape, and the “Starry Yang Fruit” that he won from the auction. Right now, he was at initial Form Creation stage. If he could successfully refine the “Thousand Beast Fruit”, he should be able to breakthrough to advanced Form Creation stage. More importantly, this “Thousand Beast Fruit” had excellent tempering properties on one’s body. Therefore, Lin Dong could even take advantage of its tempering properties to master Jade Thunder Body. At that time, his abilities will surge to a completely different level!

Right now, Lin Dong was unable to match up against an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner. However, once he broke through to Soul Symbol Master, advanced Form Creation stage and mastered Jade Thunder Body, in addition to the other tricks up his sleeve, even an advanced Qi Creation stage practitioner will pose little threat to him.

“Heh, kid. Are you planning to gamble on it?” When he saw Lin Dong take out the Thousand Beast Fruit, Little Marten involuntarily chuckled.

“I don’t like to stir trouble. However, since they continue to persist on, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Lin Dong gently smiled. Even though he had fled quite a distance away, he felt like he was being marked by some indiscernible item. Therefore, it would not be a wise long term decision for him to merely evade them.

Since he could not flee from them, he could only quickly upgrade his strength. Then, at that time, even if Hua Zong’s father truly came to avenge his son, he would possess the ability to fight against him and he would no longer need to fear him.

“That Thousand Beast Fruit was formed by countless Demonic Beast essence blood, and it is extremely savage. Even if you used “Starry Yang Fruit” to temper it, it would still be pretty risky. Are you certain about your decision?” Little Marten warned.

“Just keep me safe!”

Lin Dong smiled. Without further ado, he lowered his head and looked at the two Elixir Fruits, that were giving off a terrifying energy vibration. Then, he took in a deep breath before he directly stuffed the two Elixir Fruits into his mouth simultaneously.


When these two Elixir Fruits entered into his mouth, they swiftly dissipated before an enormous and terrifying energy wave gushed towards Lin Dong’s every extremity just like a tidal storm.

“Boom boom!”

Bits of the energy even escaped Lin Dong’s body and directly blew a giant water column inside the lake…

As a watery mist filled the horizons, Little Marten stared at Lin Dong, whose skin had turned blood-red, while a solemn expression fleeted across its eyes. The “Thousand Beast Fruit” was meant to be consumed by powerful Demonic Beasts like the Ancient Dragon Ape. Even though Lin Dong’s physical body was extremely strong, it was still highly risky for him to forcefully refine this “Thousand Beast Fruit”.

“Kid, whether you emerge as a dragon or fall to become a snake, it all depends on you now…”

Just as Lin Dong was at a critical juncture in his training, at a distance away, inside Great Puppet City, the atmosphere was turning increasingly tense. As they stared at the numerous Ghastly Puppet Cult elite practitioners that were gathering together, many people did not know what their exact intentions were. However, everyone knew that someone was headed for a bad time…

In Great Desolate Province, offending the heinous Ghastly Puppet Cult was an extremely stupid move!

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