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Chapter 257: Race Against Time

Great Puppet City, Ghastly Puppet Cult division.

Inside the spacious hall, many figures were scattered around while a dark and tense atmosphere stealthily set in, causing most people’s hearts to be burdened. In fact, for most of them, they ended up unconsciously suppressing their breath.

In the large hall now, nearly every elite member of this Ghastly Puppet Cult division had gathered here. However, right now, most of their heads were lowered down as they did not dare to look right at the front. At that spot, there was a elder dressed in grey robes silently seated down. Even though there were no emotions on his old and wrinkled face, everyone could sense a maniacal killing intent flowing below that emotionless face.

In the middle of that large hall were two figures standing in trepidation with their heads lowered down. The two of them were precisely the eagle-nosed duo that had accompanied Hua Zong to hunt after Lin Dong. Right now, both of their bodies were continuously trembling as they were evidently frightened.

“According to the two of you, because both of you fell for his diversion trick, you caused my Zong-er to be in danger?” When he heard the trembling words from the eagle-nosed duo, that elder seated in front casually opened his mouth. His voice sounded exceedingly coarse and cold. Just hearing the tone of his voice alone was enough to cause one’s heart to turn cold.

“Elder Hua, at that time, we thought that Custodian Hua would be able to handle that kid by himself…” As he detected the anger in the elder’s voice, that eagle-nosed practitioner hurriedly explained.


However, before he could finish speaking, a vicious Yuan Power exploded forth and viciously slammed against his body, causing him to be directly blown away before he finally slammed against a pillar. Immediately, he vomited out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Useless bastards. So many of you went after a single brat, yet you suffered so many casualties. What is the point of keeping all of you?” That elder’s voice was icy-cold while his glare resembled that of a devil.

“Your subordinates have failed you.”

That eagle-nosed practitioner spat out the fresh blood inside his mouth. He did not dare to object anymore as he hurriedly replied, while his face turned pale.

“Elder Hua, though Adminstrator Li had failed in his duties, now is not the time to pursue this matter. The most important thing now is to capture that bastard and avenge Custodian Hua!” A middle-aged man, that likely held some status, immediately spoke up.

“That little bastard is quite cunning. He must have hidden himself within the deep mountains. It will not be easy to locate him….: Another middle aged man sighed as he said.

“Send out a search warrant. Li Gou, I want you to sketch that little bastard’s face and spread it across the entire Great Desolate Province. I want to ensure that he will have no place to hide in this entire Great Desolate Province!” Standing ahead, the elder in grey robes once again coldly said.


When they heard his words, that eagle-nosed practitioner hurriedly agreed respectfully. Based on the influence that their Ghastly Puppet Sect held in Great Desolate Province, if they sent out a search warrant, then their intended target would be in for a rough time.

“Administrator Chen, take me to the place where Zong-er was killed. If that little bastard thinks that he can easily escape from me, he is simply too naive! When he is captured by me, I will make him understand that living can be even worse than death!” That elder in grey robes solemnly stood up before he walked out of the large hall. The other advanced Form Creation stage practitioner that had accompanied Hua Zong to hunt after Lin Dong, hurriedly followed behind.

As they stared at that menacing grey robed elder, who was filled with a vicious killing intent, everyone silently gulped. Right now, everyone knew that this elder, who was once infamous throughout Great Desolate Province, was about to unleash his cold and vicious side again.

The actions of the Ghastly Puppet Cult stationed in Great Puppet City were so significant,that they naturally could not evade the attention of the other major factions. Especially when they discovered that elder Hua Gu, who had always been cultivating within Ghastly Puppet Cult headquarters, had arrived in Great Puppet City, it caused a minor commotion. Several of these factions even sent out spies in order to uncover the reason behind the commotion at Ghastly Puppet Cult.

Great Demonic Sect’s division was located at the south-west corner of Great Puppet City. Right now, on top of a tower, a beautiful figure was leaning on a pillar, while her seductive eyes stared towards the direction of Ghastly Puppet Cult.

“Miss, we have uncovered the reason behind the commotion at Ghastly Puppet Cult. It is because Hua Zong has been killed…” Standing behind that bewitching beauty who wore a black dress, a figure suddenly appeared before he respectfully said.

“Oh?” When she heard those words, that beauty gently lifted her eyebrows before she tilted her head. She was the person that Lin Dong had encountered at the auction, Mu Qianqian.

“It’s no wonder that old fellow Hua Gu has came to Great Puppet City. It turns out his son was killed…” Mu Qianqian suddenly smiled coyly. Even though Great Demonic Sect and Ghastly Puppet Cult seemed to have a cordial relationship on the surface, they had clashed several times in the dark. Now that they had suffered a major loss, she was naturally delighted to enjoy the show.

“Who killed Hua Zong? According to my sources, that fellow should have advanced to Soul Symbol Master. Furthermore, with assistance from his Symbol Puppet and protection from Mysterious Earth Armour, even an advanced Form Creation stage practitioner cannot kill him…” Mu Qianqian’s beautiful eyes darted before she asked with a smile.

“It is reputed to be a man named Lin Dong. He had a small conflict with Hua Zong at the auction house. After which, when Lin Dong went to refine his Soul Treasure at the Thousand Treasure Tower, he was discovered by Hua Zong. It seems like Hua Zong tried to forcefully buy over his Soul Treasure, and they eventually left on unhappy terms…”

“Lin Dong? It is actually him?” When she heard those words, Mu Qianqan was instantly taken aback, while a tinge of shock flashed across her beautiful eyes. Evidently, she never expected that Lin Dong had actually killed Hua Zong.

“This Lin Dong’s strength is truly surprising. It seems like he has hidden it pretty well. However, now that he had drawn out that old fellow Hua Gu, it would probably be a tricky issue…” Mu Qianqian was somewhat regretful as she said. Hua Gu’s reputation was well known throughout Great Desolate Province. Since Hua Gu was personally taking charge this time, Lin Dong would probably meet his demise. With regards to the latter, she had thought about asking him to join them. However, right now, she could only dismiss this idea.

“Keep a close eye on them. If there are any new developments, report to me immediately…”

“Yes!” When he heard Mu Qianqian’s command, that figure hurriedly replied. Then, his figure flashed before he quickly exited the tower.

Mu Qianqian’e eyes twinkled seductively, as she stared towards the outer regions of the city. Moments later, she softly sighed as she muttered: “What a pity. When that old fellow Hua Gu makes his move, there will not even be a body left. This time, Lin Dong is in deep trouble…”


Just as the entire Great Puppet City was somewhat heated up by the actions of the Ghastly Puppet Cult, over at a distant mountain valley, it was totally serene.

Little Marten hovered in mid-air as its eyes stared somewhat solemnly at Lin Dong, who was seated in the middle of a lake. Right now, the latter’s skin was completely blood-red. In fact, drops of fresh blood were seeping out of his pores, before they dyed the boulder below him blood-red.

Just as Little Marten said, the energy within the Thousand Beast Fruit was extremely savage. Even though he tempered it with “Starry Yang Fruit”, it’s energy was still too much for most ordinary people to handle. If Lin Dong had not mastered Bronze Thunder Body and Demonic Ape Transformation, right now, his body would have likely been blown to bits by the savage energy within that Thousand Beast Fruit.

Little Flame patrolled around the boulders. Right now, it could feel that Lin Dong was not in a stable condition. A tinge of anxiety was contained in it’s tiger eyes. However, in order not to disturb the latter, it chose to suppress its voice.

Under Little Marten and Little Flame’s intense attention, Lin Dong’s body grew increasingly reddish, while traces of fresh blood on his body’s surface began to transform into a blood cocoon. Right now, his appearance seemed quite alarming.

“This kid is simply too anxious…” Little Marten furrowed his eyebrows. He could sense that Lin Dong’s current condition was not ideal. Right now, there must surely be a revolutionary transformation occurring within his body. If Lin Dong could endure this transformation, his strength would likely surge. However, if he failed to do so, his body would likely be destroyed into pieces.

Time stealthily passed by. In a blink of an eye, half a day’s time had passed by. Meanwhile, Lin Dong’s breath became increasingly faint. In fact, his heart rate seemed to have slowed down significantly.


This nearly lifeless state continued for an hour, before suddenly, an extremely soft sound echoed out. Then, cracks began to emerge on the blood cocoon on Lin Dong’s body, before pieces began to fall off…

When those blood shackles fell off, Lin Dong’s bronze-green skin was slowly revealed. However, right now, there seemed to be a tinge of a warm jade-like color mixed within the dark bronze-green hue…

“Is Bronze Thunder Body evolving…”

When he saw that jade-like speck, Little Marten’s eyes sparkled. Promptly, its eyes turned exceedingly solemn. This was the most critical juncture for Lin Dong. If he could successfully evolve Great Thunder Body to Jade Thunder Body, then Lin Dong would be able to completely absorb the tyrannical energy within the Thousand Beast Fruit!


Little Flame also knew about Lin Dong’s current predicament. Immediately, it released a deep growl before it fluttered its lightning-wings and flew into the skies. Then, it majestically surveyed its surroundings while acting as Lin Dong’s most loyal bodyguard.

Just as Lin Dong was in a race against time to evolve his Jade Thunder Body, at a distant mountain range, an elder dressed in grey robes was coldly surveying a messy site, which had just been through a massive battle.

“Vibrations from Symbol Puppet Mark…”

That elder’s eyes suddenly stopped, before he suddenly lifted his head violently. Then, he stared at a distant mountain range, before an exceedingly venomous smile emerged on his wrinkled face.

“Little Bastard, you will not escape from me!”

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