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Chapter 250: Encirclement


Vigorous Yuan Power erupted in the forest, as the three Form Creation stage practitioners practically moved at the same time. Formidable attacks were aimed at Lin Dong’s vital points from all directions, while the dead trees on the ground were instantly turned to dust.

“Kid, lay down your arms obediently!”

The eagle nose Form Creation stage practitioner’s face was full of malevolence, as he looked towards Lin Dong as if he was a prey that was about to be obtained. Lin Dong’s aura was weaker than his by a tier, furthermore, the three of them were attacking together. From his point of view, Lin Dong had no chance to escape!

However, things did not go as he had expected. Lin Dong did not show any signs of escaping, instead, a cold light flowed on his calm face, before a resplendent gold light suddenly exploded.


Golden light burst forth, as a huge golden platform suddenly floated ahead of Lin Dong. Quickly, he extended his hands, and actually grabbed onto the golden platform, before ruthlessly slapping it towards the charging trio like a windmill.


The trio’s formidable palm strikes landed heavily on the golden platform. In the instance that they made contact, the trio’s expressions simultaneously changed abruptly. They could clearly feel an extremely terrifying force flowing from the golden platform, and violently dashing towards their bodies.

A ferocious wind spread out in mid-air, as the eagle nose man trio’s bodies actually flew backwards. Their feet pointed several times in the air, before they finally landed on the ground hideously.

“This kid possess such overwhelming brute force!”

When they landed on the ground, the trio looked at each other. Right now, all of them could also see the shock in each other’s eyes. Evidently, they had never expected that their combined might would be forcefully jolted back by a mere initial Form Creation stage kid.

“Interesting!” Atop the tree branch, the sneer on Hua Zong’s face turned a little more intense when he saw this scene. The more strength Lin Dong displayed, the more interested Hua Zong would be. If Lin Dong was easily dealt with in two or three moves, it would be truly too boring.


The golden platform moved as if it was full of power, as Lin Dong icily stared at the three figures. In the previous clash, he had been pushed back several steps. The combined powers of three Form Creation stage practitioners was not weak indeed. However, it was far from enough to make him stay!

“Don’t tarry any more, kill him!” The eagle nose man trio were clearly used to working together against an enemy, as their teamwork was extremely good. After exchanging a glance at each other, their figures suddenly swept forth. Vigorous Yuan Power erupted forth, transforming into three huge Yuan Power palms, which ferociously slapped down at Lin Dong at the same time.

“Clang clang!”

Lin Dong’s gaze turned a little more chilly, as the skin on his body quietly turned bronze-green. Immediately, his power once again surged. With the golden platform dancing in the air, it directly smashed towards the three Yuan Power palms in an extremely forceful manner.

After smashing that three Yuan Power palms, Lin Dong’s arm suddenly flung, as the golden platform in has hand was ruthlessly thrown. His target were the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners.

The golden platform swept across the air with terrifying force. As a result, even the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners did not dare to be the slightest bit negligent, as they hastily extended their hands, before they heavily slammed against the golden platform.


Just as the two clashed with the golden platform, Lin Dong lightning quick appeared before the initial Form Creation stage practitioner. A cold light flashed in his eyes, as a simple punch filled with astonishing power smashed into the initial Form Creation stage practitioner’s chest.

“Pu chi!”

Lin Dong’s punch was heavy as a mountain, and even an initial Form Creation stage practitioner could not endure it. Immediately, the unlucky guy’s expression paled, as he violently vomits a mouthful of blood, his body flying backwards, and ruthlessly smashing into a huge towering tree. His body curled up in pain, evidently, his wounds were not light.

Lin Dong’s attack was done in a flash. When the other two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners regained their wits, they saw their companion being heavily injured, at which they immediately burst into anger.

“Kill him!”

Upon hearing the two’s furious roars, the dozen or so surrounding figures immediately lifted the bows in their hands, targeting Lin Dong, as Yuan Power gushed forth, and numerous bloody arrows shot towards the latter.


Lin Dong coldly snorted as he sensed these arrows. Within his Niwan Palace, Mental Energy rushed forth, and the arrows instantly froze in mid-air, before turning around under his control, and flying back to where to came from at an even more ferocious speed.

“Plop plop!”

Arrows violently returned, immediately boring holes through some unfortunate fellows, as their bodies fell to down from the trees to the ground.

Just as Lin Dong used Mental Energy to withstand the arrows, a ferocious force once again swiftly swept towards him. The two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners had once more attacked at the same moment, as a powerful force enveloped Lin Dong’s body.

“Bang bang!”

Golden Yuan Power wrapped Lin Dong’s body, and his firsts were like mountains. Every time they punched forth, a low explosion sounded out. When they collided against the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners, a frightening gale unfurled outwards, causing the dirt on the ground to fill the air.

Atop the tree branch, Hua Zong gazed down upon the extremely intense battle, as a look of concentration gradually appeared in his cold eyes. Lin Dong merely had the strength of the initial Form Creation stage, yet, he had withstood two advanced Form Creation stage practitioner’s attacks, and had even found an opportunity to injure an initial Form Creation stage practitioner. If this battle result was spread, it would be enough to make his name shake Great Puppet City…

“From the way the color of his skin changes, it should be a type of body enhancing martials art, no wonder his raw power is so overwhelming. It will likely be able to match up the those guys of the Great Devil Sect…”

“You are indeed quite capable, no wonder you dare to disregard my words. However, before my Ghastly Puppet Cult, every genius ultimately becomes nothing but thrash…” Hua Zong stared at that intense battle below, while the grin on his face slowly grew.


Lin Dong’s bronze-green fist viciously collided with the eagle nosed duo’s palm attack, before a terrifying Yuan Power vibration exploded forth. Promptly, the three of their bodies were blown back, as they hurriedly tried to stabilized themselves.

Lin Dong retreated four steps. However, just as he made his final step, a cold breeze suddenly emerged behind him. Immediately, inside his Niwan Palace, an extremely powerful Mental Energy exploded from his four Soul Symbols, before they formed an extremely solid Mental Energy Barrier behind him.


The instant he formed his Mental Energy barrier, a piercing squeaking sound swiftly echoed out, as three greyish narrow blades, filled with a menacing killing aura stealthily flew towards him. However, when those three sharp greyish narrow blades encountered the Mental Energy barrier, their sped immediately dropped.

Taking advantage of the drop in pace, Lin Dong’s figure suddenly flashed. Then, these three narrow blades filled with a bone-chilling aura exploded forth, before they narrowly missed Lin Dong’s head.

“Haha, good reflexes.” A narrow blade penetrated through the air and hovered in mid-air, before Hua Zong’s figure slowly drifted forth and stepped onto it. Then, staring at Lin Dong, he said with a twinkly smile on his face.

When he saw Hua Zong’s expression, Lin Dong’s eyes twinkled. Evidently, the former was about to make his move. Right now, he was in a somewhat tense situation. Even though he had injured the initial Form Creation stage practitioner, however, Hua Zong and the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners remain the real threat. Therefore, if the three of them attacked together, coupled with Hua Zong’s sneaky Mental Energy attacks, even Lin Dong would be somewhat troubled.

Moreover, there were still several of Hua Zong’s gang around, continuously eyeing him. Once he revealed an opening, it would probably lead to a deadly blow.

Therefore, this fight cannot be dragged on…

Lin Dong’s eyes gently glimmered, before his facial expression suddenly turned solemn. Then, ignoring the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners, he gripped his palm before his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd immediately appeared. With a golden glow, the size of his halberd directly swelled by two times, before Lin Dong’s figure lightning-quick merged with his halberd and transformed into a rainbow flash. With a powerful and unstopped force wind, he viciously stabbed towards Hua Zong, who was hovering on a narrow blade.

When he saw Lin Dong’s menacing incoming attack, that Hua Zong coldly chuckled and he did not forcefully counter his attack. Instead, his figure flashed before he dodged it immediately.

However, the instance when he dodged, he was suddenly hit with a realization. Once he dodged, he had created an opening in his enclosure.

“Haha, Hua Zong. If you want the ancient halberd in my hands, then feel free to chase after me. I shall entertain you!”

However, by the time he had realized this, it was already too late. Immediately, Lin Dong took advantage of the opening created, before his figure flashed and lightning-quick darted into the vast woodlands. Then, a cold chuckle sounded out from a distance.

“Chase after him. I want this kid’s life!”

As he stared at Lin Dong’s disappearing figure, Hua Zong’s face gradually turned increasingly hideous and dark. Promptly, he waved his hand, before a menacing voice, coupled with a skull numbing chill slowly sounded out.

After he spoke, he immediately took charge and lightning-quick dashed into the woodlands. Behind him, the two advanced Form Creation stage practitioners hastily nodded their hands, before they followed behind him with hideous looks!

They had arranged such a formidable lineup, yet they were unable to trap a mere initial Form Creation stage practitioner. If they really let him escape, then in the future, wouldn’t they become the butt of jokes?

Therefore, this person must die!

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