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Chapter 224: Martial Arts Arena

“Lin Dong!”

As he stared at the figure who suddenly intervened, Jiang Lei was stunned as well. Evidently, he never expected that the latter would suddenly appear. Immediately, he shouted out cautiously: “Be careful, Luo Jiu is extremely powerful!”

Lin Dong gently nodded his head as he stared at Luo Jiu, who was standing right infront of him. Advanced Form Creation stage, just his aura alone, was far more powerful than initial Form Creation stage. It’s no wonder Jiang Lei, who was at initial Form Creation stage would be driven to such a sorry state.

“Dojo master Luo, why are you so angry. Your son lacks manners and I merely helped you to educate him. The Great Desolate Province is quite chaotic, if he had met someone else, they would have likely slaughtered him…” Lin Dong casually chuckled as he said.

“Heh, what an arrogant brat!”

Luo Jiu was evidently infuriated by Lin Dong’s words. With a hideous expression, he said: “Who do you think you are, what qualifies you to educate my son? Since you like to teach others so much, then today, as your senior, dojo master will teach you ignorant brat a lesson!”

After he grimly shouted out, a exceedingly formidable Yuan Power exploded forth from his warhammer. Then, he viciously slammed it against the ground ahead of him. Instantly, the ground cracked open, before an exceptionally powerful force, just like a mud dragon ripped through the ground and lightning-quick flew towards Lin Dong. As dust and rock flew forth, his attack seemed quite formidable.


As he faced Luo Jiiu’s attack, Lin Dong coldly snorted before he solidly slammed his ancient halberd onto the ground. A hidden force similarly erupted from the ground, just like a golden lightning bolt, before it slammed against that mud dragon.


When that mud dragon and golden glow collided, an exceptionally powerful Yuan Power shockwave exploded forth. The impact directly ripped a thick crack on the ground…

“You are indeed skilled!” When he saw that his attack was actually so easily countered by Lin Dong, that Luo Jiu’s pupils shrunk.

This outcome had evidently surpassed the expectations of several Eagle Martial Dojo members, as shock emerged in their eyes. Previously, based on the fact that Luo Jiu had managed to overpower Jiang Lei, they knew that Luo Jiu’s ability had reached an exceptionally powerful stage. However, right now, Lin Dong could actually match up against him. Could it be that this youthful-looking young man ahead of them, was actually more powerful than Jiang Lei?

“Dojo master Luo Jiu, why are you so impatient. Tomorrow, in the martial arts arena, I will replace dojo master Jiang Lei and fight against you. At that time, feel free to use any tactics that you have. In fact, you can also use that opportunity to avenge your son.” The ancient halberd in Lin Dong’s hands was pointed to the ground as he stared at Luo Jiu, before he suddenly laughed and said.


When he heard those words, not only was Luo Jiu shocked, but troops from both Jiang Lei and Luo Jiu’s factions were taken aback as well.

“Snort, this is a matter between my Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo and the Eagle Martial Dojo. Who do you think you are to interfere in our matters?” Luo Jiu’s eyes were dark as he coldly chuckled.

“I guess I can be considered as a disciple of Martial Eagle Dojo. A new member too, right? Jiang old brother.” Lin Dong gently smiled, as he tilted his head and asked Jiang Lei.

“Ah? Haha, Lin Dong little brother is right!” Even though Jiang Lei was somewhat shocked, thankfully he had good reflexes. Immediately, he began to laugh heartily, as his originally sunken heart was now being reinvigorated. He was never quite able to discern Lin Dong’s true strength. Though this young man seemed quite youthful, his whole body gave off a dangerous aura. Even though he was not certain that Lin Dong could defeat Luo Jiu, who was at advanced Form Creation stage, he knew that at the very least, if Lin Dong fought instead, he would have a much higher chance for victory!”

With regards to asking Lin Dong for help, he had thought about it before. However, since their relationship was not a deep one, he was afraid that his request may trouble Lin Dong and lead him to depart immediately. However, now that Lin Dong had voluntarily offered his assistance, he was naturally overjoyed.

Standing outside the martial arts dojo, when Jiang Xue heard Lin Dong’s words, her heart heavily heaved a sigh of relief. Meanwhile, her beautiful eyes fluttered as she stared at that young man holding onto a long halberd.

“Jiang Lei, after such a long time, this is the kind of helper that you find. Heh, so pathetic…” A mocking expression emerged in Luo Jiu’s eyes. Based on the aura given out by Lin Dong’s body, he could detect that the latter was at initial Form Creation stage. Hence, even though the latter was more powerful than Jiang Lei, he still posed no threat towards him. Therefore, if this was Jiang Lei’s final trump card, then this Eagle Martial Dojo was truly an worthless existence.

“Alright, since you wish to leave the fate of your Eagle Martial Dojo to this little bastard, I shall grant your wish. At the martial arts arena tomorrow, I will make sure you understand that regardless who you send, the final outcome of your Eagle Martial Dojo will remain exactly the same!”

Luo Jiu started maliciously at Lin Dong, as the savage expression on his face intensified: “Little bastard, I shall let you live for one more day. At the martial arts arena today, I will crush every bone that you have into dust!”

“Let’s go!”

After he shouted out, that Luo Jiu coldly glared at Jiang Lei and every member of Eagle Martial Dojo. Finally, he leapt back onto his horse back. With a wave of his hand, he lead the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo members and left pridefully.

As he stared at the departing Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo members, a cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. He could have directly engaged with Luo Jiu right now. However, at that time, a massive battle will surely erupt between both martial arts dojos and this will result in several casualties. However, if he was able to defeat or even kill Luo Jiu in front of everyone at the martial arts arena, then the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo’s reputation will be ruined and their morale will collapse. In fact, several of their members may even try to sneak away. Hence, at that time, even without a battle, the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo will surely collapse on its own…

Evidently, that was Luo Jiu’s plan as well. Else, he would have definitely not backed off so easily today. Even though Luo Jiu’s Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo was expanding steadily, if they truly fought against the Martial Eagle Dojo, they would suffer heavily as well. In fact, that was a price that Luo Jiu could not afford to pay.

“Little brother Lin Dong, thank you for your assistance!” Jiang Lei kept the broadsword in his hand, before he cupped his fists and thanked Lin Dong sincerely.

Lin Dong smiled as he waved his hand. Then, taking a glance at Jiang Lei, he asked: “Old brother Jiang Lei, are you confident enough to let me represent Eagle Martial Dojo and fight against that Luo Jiu at the martial arts arena? What if I lose…”

“I am already blessed since little brother Lin Dong is willing to aid my Martial Eagle Dojo. With regards to the outcome, it shall be decided by the heavens. No one is to be blamed!” Jiang Lei solemnly echoed.

“However… if the worst outcome really materializes, I hope that little brother Lin Dong can take care of my two daughters…” Jiang Lei hesitated for a moment, before he said.

“For the sake of what you just said… I can’t afford to lose…” Lin Dong shook his head helpless. Jiang Lei’s words were more heavy than any pressure exerted. If he had to take care of Jiang Xue and little Yinyin, that was akin to asking him for his life…

Turning around, Lin Dong stared at the spot where Luo Jiu disappeared. Suddenly, he began to feel the blood inside his body boil. He knew that when tomorrow arrives, he will face a massive battle!

“Advanced Form Creation stage. Let’s find out just how strong you are!”

The next day, when sunlight poured on Great Eagle City, the entire city seemed to heated up instantly before countless individuals streamed towards the central location in the city. After all, everyone knew that there was going to be an earth-shattering battle happening today.

The Eagle Martial Dojo and the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo were the two largest factions in Great Eagle City. Both of them have fought numerous times and each time, there was no clear victor. However, today will evidently spell an end to this stalemate.

The martial arts arena was located in the center area of the city and it was extremely spacious. This was the most significant building in Great Eagle City, because this was often the place, where the eventual overlord of Great Eagle City was decided upon.

Right now, the martial arts arena’s stands were filled with people. Everyone knew that the victor of this battle, would become the next overlord of Great Eagle City!

This was the most crucial battle between these two major martial arts dojo!”

“After today, among the two major martial arts dojos in Great Eagle City, only one shall remain…”

“It is said that Luo Jiu has made a breakthrough to the advanced Form Creation stage. Thus, he should be much more powerful than Jiang Lei. It seems like this time around, the odds of the Bloody Vulture Martial dojo emerging victorious is quite high…”

“That may not be the case. According to my sources, the Eagle Martial Dojo has invited a helper, who is quite powerful as well. It is reputed that he had fought against Luo Jiu yesterday, and he did not lose out to him. Hehe, it seems like it’s going to be an exciting match at the martial arts arena…”

“The fellow that Martial Eagle Dojo invited looks barely twenty years of age. I wonder where that kid popped out from. Even though he is quite powerful, I doubt that he can match up against Luo Jiu, who has trained himself through countless life and death battles…”

“Indeed, a truly powerful elite cannot be forged from close-door cultivation alone. Else, during a death match, he would surely lose out.”

“Jiang Lei is no fool. He must have his reasons for making this decision. Anyways, it seems like this match will be an interesting one…”


At the martial arts arena’s stand, countless whispering voices sounded out from the crowds. All of their conversation topics seemed to be centred around the match today.

“The Bloody Vulture Dojo members have arrived!”

Amidst all the whispers, suddenly, a large group of men arrived before they forcefully split the crowds apart and walked towards the spot closest to the martial arts arena.

“The Eagle Martial Dojo members have arrived too!”

After the Bloody Vulture Martial Dojo members arrived, another large ground of men came in from another direction, before they stopped just below the martial arts arena. As both factions stared at each other, sparks seemingly erupted as the atmosphere immediately tensed up.

Luo Jiu’s eyes swept maliciously across the Eagle Martial Dojo members just like a poisonous snake, before he finally stopped at Lin Dong’s body. Immediately, the smile on his face turned hideous. It seems like he has already visualized the sight of Lin Dong’s bones being completely broken by him…

Luo Jiu’s feet stamped on the ground, before his body flew forth just like a vulture. Then, under the stares of the crowd, he landed solidly on the martial arts arena. Then, staring maliciously at Lin Dong: “Little bastard, it’s not too late to kneel on the ground and beg for mercy!”

The attention of the entire crowd was swayed by his voice, before they turned towards that young man, who was leading the Martial Eagle Dojo. Immediately, several whispers echoed out. Evidently, they were shocked by the latter’s age.

With regards to their glances, Lin Dong chose to ignore it as he gently stretched his neck. Just as he planned to step forth, suddenly a slightly icy yet soft jade-like hands grabbed onto his arm. Promptly, a soft and sweet voice entered his ears.

“Be careful.”

Lin Dong turned around, before he gently smiled at Jiang Xue, who had a hint of worry between her eyebrows. Promptly, his feet tapped against the ground before he gently floated onto the martial arts arena. At the same time, his laughter echoed out.

“I am afraid that you do not have the qualifications to make me kneel on the ground and beg for mercy…”

As he stared at Lin Dong’s smile, the savageness in Luo Jiu’s eyes intensified. Licking his lips, an unconcealable killing intent and cruelly was clearly contained in his ghastly voice.

“Little bastard, you have lost your final chance… Since that is the case… Then… Prepare to die!”

After he finished speaking, a dark-red Yuan Power immediately gushed out from Luo Jiu’s body, as a powerful aura swept across the entire arena!

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