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Chapter 225: Battling the Advanced Form Creation Stage

A powerful aura swept across the arena. Dark red Yuan Power enveloped Luo Jiu’s body, as an invisible pressure caused some of the weaker people to feel some difficulty breathing.

“Advanced Form Creation stage!”

When they sensed the exceptionally powerful aura in the arena, several people’s expressions fluctuated as a serious look filled their eyes. Even in the Great Desolate Province, one with this kind of power would be considered strong, and it would be extremely difficult to find someone who could contend against this kind of power in Great Eagle City. Luo Jiu may be domineering, but with this kind of strength, no one could say anything about it.

Of course, if he did not possess such strength, Luo Jiu would not have the guts to be so insolent…

Jiang Lei’s expression was somewhat complicated as he stared at the spirited Luo Jiu on the stage. The initial and advanced stages might only differ by a single word, but the gap between the two was fairly large. At least, Jiang Lei understood that with his current strength, his chances of losing to Luo Jiu was over eighty percent.

“Father… Lin Dong should be able to beat Luo Jiu right?” Jiang Xue lightly bit her red lips. Contained within her voice was a slight trace of worry. She had requested for Lin Dong to step forward, and if anything happened to him, she would never feel at ease ever again.

Jiang Lei slapped his mouth, unsure of how to reply. He knew that Lin Dong’s strength was also at the initial Form Creation stage. From the surface, Lin Dong was not Luo Jiu’s match, but in a fight, one’s exterior strength was not an accurate indicator.

Others might believe that even if Lin Dong was somewhat skilled, it was the kind of strength which relied on external factors. In a true life and death battle, this would be revealed in a few rounds. However, when Jiang Lei first saw Lin Dong, he had felt a kind of danger from the latter which originated from within his bones…

At that time, Lin Dong was akin to a ferocious beast which had just burst out from the deep mountains. That ferocious aura was definitely not something that someone who only knew how to shut himself indoors and cultivate would possess…

In fact, he even believed that this youngster, who did not look over twenty years of age, had experienced as many life and death struggles as old veterans like himself!

“If Luo Jiu underestimates him, there will be a price to pay…” Jiang Lei spit out a breath of air, before he slowly said.

Upon hearing these words, Jiang Xue’s tightly clenched lily-white fists loosened a little. Her beautiful eyes gazed at the young figure on the stage, which stood tall even under the pressure of Luo Jiu’s aura. In the face of this aura, he remained fearless, as a strange light flickered in his pupils.

“Is this the aura of the advanced Form Creation stage…”

Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed. He could feel Luo Jiu’s powerful aura, which was like a huge lake, as it spread out and enveloped his body. Pressure gushed towards him from every side. This kind of pressure could directly cause a Yuan Dan stage practitioner to lose the courage to fight.

He had previously felt this aura from Wang Yan’s body. At that time, he could only struggle for his life under that pressure. Yet, this level of aura was now unable to cause his body to feel even the slightest bit sluggish.

This clear comparison allowed Lin Dong to understand that he was now progressively growing stronger! Sooner or later, there would come a day when he would reach the stage where he could contend against that favored son of heaven, Lin Langtian!

“The advanced stage is merely so…” The corners of the youngster’s mouth slowly raised at an angle as he softly said.

“Such arrogance!” Lin Dong’s soft voice evidently did not escape Luo Jiu’s ears. Immediately, his expression darkened as he sneered, before his foot suddenly stepped forth.


Dark red Yuan Power erupted in a blaze, as Luo Jiu’s body leapt into the air like a vulture pouncing onto its prey. He wore an icy expression on his face, as his fists suddenly punched forward.

“Booming Heavenly Hammer!”

Vigorous Yuan Power exploded from Liu Jiu’s fists like artillery. This Yuan Power swiftly gathered together before it directly transformed into humongous red Yuan Power hammers. They gave off an oppressive aura as they ruthlessly hammered down on Lin Dong.

As he gazed at the giant Yuan Power hammers that were rapidly growing in his eyes, Lin Dong did not move into a dodging stance. With a flick of his mind, the four Destiny Soul Symbols in his Niwan Palace quickly started squirming, as waves of powerful Mental Energy gushed out, directly forming into a swamp-like Mental Energy defense around Lin Dong’s body.

“Ch ch!”

Giant Yuan Power hammers shot into the Mental Energy swamp as their speed rapidly slowed. In the end, they hovered meters away from Lin Dong’s head under the astonished gazes of the crowd.

“Mental Energy!”

When they saw this strange scene, many people immediately cried out. The gazes with which they watched Lin Dong turned a little more serious. To have cultivated Mental Energy to such a degree, it seemed that the latter was at least a fourth seal Symbol Master.


More and more giant Yuan Power hammers came to float above his head. Moments later, Lin Dong’s eyes flashed, as his finger pointed out. Mental Energy rapidly spread out, as the floating giant Yuan Power hammers suddenly turned around and flew towards Luo Jiu.

The sudden giant Yuan Power hammer counter attack clearly caused Luo Jiu, who was still in mid-air, to be slightly taken aback. The tip of his foot thrust down, as Yuan Power condensed beneath it, and he borrowed the resulting force to dodge and retreat.

“Boom boom!”

While his figure retreated, Luo Jiu’s fists once again danced in succession. Giant Yuan Power hammers once again formed, and directly scattered the incoming giant Yuan Power hammers.

“So he also cultivates Mental Energy, no wonder he is so arrogant!” After the exchange, a sneer surfaced on Luo Jiu’s face, yet, the disturbance in his heart was not small. A youngster below twenty years of age that was able to reach the Form Creation stage was indeed a genius, but if he was also able to cultivate Mental Energy to a stage that was not weaker than his Yuan Power, it would be a little terrifying…

It was only now that Luo Jiu finally understood why Lin Dong dared to challenge him with just the strength of the initial Form Creation stage. It turned out that Lin Dong also had the support of Mental Energy.

“This kid is going to be a little troublesome…”

Luo Jiu’s gaze slightly flickered. His hand suddenly grasped, as two scarlet red warhammers appeared within. Light gleamed on the warhammers, giving them an extremely heavy feeling. From a single look, one could tell that there two warhammers were both Soul Treasures. Although they were only low ranked Soul Treasures, they undoubtedly like adding wings to the tiger that was Luo Jiu.

“To think that Luo Jiu even took out his Heaven and Earth Hammers…” Upon seeing the two giant scarlet red hammers in Luo Jiu’s hands, a commotion erupted around the stage. It is said that Luo Jiu had used these hammers to smash a Form Creation stage practitioner to death!

“Kid, I gave you a way out, but you refused it and insisted on interfering in the matters of Great Eagle City. Since this is so, I shall take your puny life today. Heh, there are countless geniuses in this world, the ones that die prematurely are mostly those like you!”

With these two hammers in his hands, Luo Jiu’s aura turned much more formidable. He sneered as he stared at Lin Dong. Soon after, his expression suddenly turned serious, as his figure flashed, before violently charging forward.


Luo Jiu’s speed was extremely fast. In a flash, he appeared in front of Lin Dong. The two hammers in his hands were like two small mountains, as they exploded through the air and smashed towards Lin Dong.


As the warhammers approached, the ancient halberd in Lin Dong’s hand also violently thrust forward like lightning. It cleverly hit a certain spot on the warhammer, as a force suddenly erupted forth, slightly deflecting the warhammer.

“Swish swish!”

Taking advantage of that split second opening, Lin Dong’s expression was calm as his arm shook. The ancient halberd in his hands directly transformed into a dozen formidable halberd shadows which immediately surrounded Luo Jiu’s body, and attacked him.

“Clang clang!”

Faced with Lin Dong’s concentrated attack, Luo Jiu did not panic at all. Though the warhammers in his hands were extremely heavy, as the veins on his arms shook, Yuan Power gushed on the warhammers, transforming into a Yuan Power screen, which completely blocked the formidable halberd shadows.


The two hammers slammed into the ground, causing the solid stone floor to split open. Two portions of dark red Yuan Power were like fountains, as they shot out from under Lin Dong’s feet. When they burst out from the ground, the tips of the Yuan Power squirmed, as they transformed into sharp blades.


In response to Luo Jiu’s sinister attack, Lin Dong did not dodge or escape. His legs suddenly turned bronze in color, before he furiously stomped on the ground. A powerful force and body directly shattered the Yuan Power blades, before his body flickered and golden light burst forth, transforming into formidable halberd shadows which rained down onto Luo Jiu.

“Clang clang!”

Atop the stage, two figures rapidly intertwined, as halberd and hammer shadows filled the stage. An astonishing Yuan Power shockwave erupted from every clash, and this exceptionally intense exchange caused the blood of countless onlookers to boil.


Yet another heart palpitating Yuan Power shockwave exploded outwards, as the two figures parted, each causing a dozen meters long mark on the ground.

After an intense exchange, they seemed to be evenly matched!

“Lin Dong is so strong…” As he watched the intense and evenly matched fight, Wuzhen remarked with a shocked expression on his face.

“Yeah.” Jiang Lei was a little excited as he nodded his head. The strength that Lin Dong had displayed had already exceeded his expectations.

To one side, Jiang Xue’s lily-white hands could not help but gently press on her chest, where her heart was beating violently . The thrilling fight had caused her heart to jump to her throat.


On the stage, Luo Jiu panting slightly intensified. His eyes now no longer held the mockery from before, and in its place was an extreme seriousness. Although Lin Dong’s strength was only at the initial Form Creation stage on the surface, the battle power he displayed was already not even the slightest bit weaker than Luo Jiu’s.

This duel had truly become quite interesting…

Luo Jiu licked his lips, as the grip on the hammers slowly tightened. Vigorous dark red Yuan Power curled around them like a flame. Faintly, an extremely powerful undulation seemed to spread out.

“Kid, no matter how surprising you are, it stops here…”

Luo Jiu lifted his head, dark red Yuan Power frantically swirling in his eyes, as an extremely dangerous aura spread out from his body!

To the side of the stage, as Jiang Lei sensed this aura, his expression instantly changed.

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