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Chapter 213: Annihilation


As he stared at Di Teng and Liu Kui who were being punched and kicked by Lin Dong, that young man dressed in black facial expression changed dramatically as he hurriedly shouted out.


On the ground, Di Teng somewhat hideously crawled up with a slightly pale expression on his face. Previously, Lin Dong’s attack was too vicious and his hurricane-like close contact blows directly caught them off guard. Thankfully, even though they were injured, these injuries were not lethal. Evidently, beforehand, even when they were being hit, they were doing the best to protect their vital spots.

“Heh, you can still stand up!” When he saw Di Teng and Liu Kui stand up, Lin Dong’s eyes twinkled as he chuckled.

“Little bastard, regardless of the price I have to pay, I will rip you to shreds today!”

Di Teng’s eyes were malicious and filled with a poisonous hatred. As he turned to glance at Liu Kui, both of them solemnly nodded their head. Instantly, the Yuan Power inside their bodies howled forth, before they completely poured into the middle finger on his right hand!

As streams of these potent Yuan Power gathered together, Liu Kui’s middle finger seemed like it was wrapped by fiery-red flames. In fact, faintly, drips of blood filled with a slight malicious aura were flowing out.

As Di Teng’s eyesight turned increasingly hideous, a formidable Yuan Power gradually undulated on one of Liu Kui’s arm. As these Yuan Power gathered below his palm, faintly, it seemed like his palm had turned into a extremely sharp sabre.

One finger and one palm. As Yuan Power undulated, a heart-palpitating sensation emerged. Anyone could tell that this attack was definitely going to be the most powerful attack from the duo.

“Blood Yuan Remnants Finger!”

“Black Demonic Sabre Palm!”

When they saw this sight, several elite practitioners from Di and Liu Families were stunned. Evidently, they recognized these two formidable Martial Arts. Both of these Martial Arts were considered as upper category Martial Arts, and they were the most powerful Martial Arts from each family!

Even though both of their bodies will suffer after they execute these Martial Arts, it’s combined strength was legendary throughout the entire Dayang Province. It was indeed their signature move.

Unless both of them had no other option, they were typically reluctant to use their signature moves. However, the current situation has totally exceeded their expectations. Even when they combined forces, both of them were beaten ruthlessly by Lin Dong. Therefore, if they continued to save their signature move, they would probably have to report to the King of Hell with their signature move.

“Upper category Martial Arts.”

As he felt the formidable Yuan Power undulating on their palms, Lin Dong gently lifted his eyebrows as he was not too surprised. This Di and Liu Family’s might were evidently much stronger than Yan City. Hence, if they did not possess any upper category Martial Arts, it would be too shabby.


Lin Dong gently gripped his palm, before his Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd resurfaced. With a golden glow shimmering, he jerked his halberd, as a formidable and menacing aura spread out.

“Little bastard, prepare to die!”

Every bit of Yuan Power inside the Di Teng duo’s body has been pushed out. In the next instance, both of their eyes turned cold, as their palm and finger instantly attacked.


A fiery-red light beam, that seemed just like flames, exploded forth from Di Teng’s finger. The undulations contained within caused one’s heart to chill. In fact, faintly, one could detect a slight bloody scent spreading out. Turning to look at Di Teng’s palm, they suddenly realized that his palm had actually became somewhat shrivelled. it seems like the blood inside his palm had been completely devoured by these flames-like beam!

The instant that fiery-red beam shot forth, Liu Kui also chopped down his palm in rage. An illusionary-looking black shadow sabre shot out like a ghost. This attack did not seem as formidable as Di Teng, however it was just like a serpent hiding in the dark, and caused one to feel highly uneasy.

“Bang bang bang!”

Wherever it passed through, this attack that contained the most powerful Martial Arts from two Form Creation stage practitioners, directly tore apart the ground below and created a several meters-long ditch. It’s strength caused several onlookers to stare in awe.

One red and one black, one light and one dark beam flashed across in Lin Dong’s pupils, as his face turned increasingly solemn. Promptly, waving the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd in his hand, his Great Sun Thunder Yuan howled forth, as a deep thunder roar slowly echoed out from within his body.

“Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd Technique, dragon scales halberd!”

As a golden light danced, a giant dragon shadow then formed on the tip of that ancient halberd. Promptly, it roared at the heavens, just like an enraged dragon that was venting its formidable might after it had been awoken from a long slumber.

When that golden dragon shadow emerged, Lin Dong promptly took a step forward. With a formidable glint in his eyes and without a trace of fear, he heavily slammed his ancient halberd down before that golden dragon shadow immediately viciously collided against that fiery-red light beam and black shadow sabre!


An earth-shattering noise erupted forth in these woodlands, as an exceedingly powerful Yuan Power shockwave exploded on this mountaintop. Every giant tree within a several miles radius was directly ruptured into pulp, while the rocks on the ground also turned into dust before they scattered off!

As they stared at this formidable clash, all the Di and Liu Families’ troops involuntarily sucked in a deep breath, as they hastily retreated in order to protect themselves.

“Little bastard, you will break!”

Three Yuan Power light beams were intertwining manically, as they reflected Di Teng’s maniacal expression. As he stared maliciously at Lin Dong, suddenly he spat out a mouthful of blood filled with rich Yuan Power. Instantly, the bloodied smell of that fiery-red light beam intensified, while the Yuan Power contained within suddenly surged.

“Old Ghost Liu Kui, what are you waiting for?!”

After he spat out that blood filled with Yuan Power, Di Teng’s aura dimmed before he stared at Liu Kui with blood-red eyes and shouted out.


When he heard Di Teng’s shout, that Liu Kui’s eyes sparkled. Finally, a cringed expression fleeted across his face, before he spat out multiple mouthfuls of blood filled with rich Yuan Power. Instantly, the strength of their attacks surged, before that fiery-red light beam and black shadow sabre actually directly sliced that golden dragon shadow apart!


When that dragon shadow crumbled, instantly, countless golden dots gushed out. It was an exceedingly beautiful sight.

“Little bastard, let’s see if you still dare to be so arrogant!” As he saw that dragon shadow dissipating, Di Teng instantly chuckled as an extremely satisfying sensation filled his heart.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch!” Just as Di Teng’s finished laughing, Lin Dong’s voice suddenly emerged from within that golden glow.

When they heard his voice, Di Teng and Liu Kui’s pupils shrunk. Then, at the area where the golden dots were glowing, a powerful energy source that was unlike Yuan Power suddenly gushed forth!

“Mental Energy!” When they detected this energy source, Di Teng and Liu Kui’s facial expression changed.

“Buzz buzz!”

A formidable Mental Energy dashed out from within that golden glow, before it swiftly turned into a peculiar array: “Manifestation Symbol Array, Manifest, Thousand Flames!”

As that symbol array swirled, a powerful Mental Energy gathered at the centre. In a short period of time, two large flames were formed.

This time, the Thousand Flames that formed were totally different compared to before. Not only was it several times larger, even the shape of its body became highly peculiar as traces of lightning sparks were mixed within. In fact, it seemed just like Mental Energy flames formed from lightning bolts!


Just as these two Lightning Thousand Flames materialized, they immediately howled forth. Instantly, a sharp breaking wind sound echoed out in the woods, causing one’s ears to sting in pain and lose consciousness.

“Mental Energy flames?!”

As they saw that Lightning Thousand Flames dashing towards them, a look of awe surfaced on Di Teng and Liu Kui’s eyes. They had never expected that Lin Dong not only exceeded them in terms of Yuan Power cultivation, but also when it came to Mental Energy, he too possessed such a formidable affinity.

“Bang bang!”

As they panicked, the two of them hurriedly used all the Yuan Power in their bodies to form layers of thick Yuan Power shields in front of them. However, when that Lightning Thousand Flames dashed forth, these defences were largely useless, as they were easily blown apart with a pop sound.


Ripping through their defences, that Lightning Thousand Flames finally viciously slammed against their bodies before it exploded.

“Buzz chhh!”

The hurricane following the Mental Energy explosion caused that Di Teng and Liu Kui to spit out multiple mouths of fresh blood, as their bodies heavily slammed against the mountain walls. Then, a searing pain emerged inside their minds. Promptly, pained screams echoed out.

This time, the two of them had finally suffered major injuries. That Lightning Thousand Flames not only hurt them physically, but it also corroded their mental states!

Nonetheless, Di Teng duo were indeed Form Creation stage practitioners. Even though they were heavily injured, they still managed to endure the pain and climb up. Just as they planned to escape, a formidable wind blew in front of them, before a sharp halberd shadow blocked their paths.

“Move another step and you die.”

When they heard that casual voice sounding out in their ears, Di Teng duo’s faces turned pale. Their bodies instantly became stiff as they did not dare to move at all. After all, both of them knew that this person in front of them was not kidding.

“Kill that kid!”

When he saw that the Di Teng duo had been thoroughly thrashed by Lin Dong, that young man dressed in black became highly alarmed as he hurriedly shouted out.


Right now, after the Di Teng duo had been captured, this young man dressed in black then took over command. Hence, once he shouted out, elite practitioners from both families immediately attacked. Then, like a Yuan Power meteor rain in the sky, streams of potent Yuan Power were viciously directed towards Lin Dong.

When he saw that these fellows still dared to attack him at this juncture, Lin Dong’s eyes turned cold. However, just as he was about to teach these guys a lesson, suddenly a familiar beast roar echoed out.


After that beast roar echoed out, promptly, a resplendent lightning glow exploded forth as it directly penetrated through the Yuan Power meteor rain in the sky, before the savage energy within directly blew all the Yuan Power away.


This sudden attack caused everyone to be stunned. As they hurriedly turned to look, they saw that hovering above that crumbled mountain hole, was a giant beast with a pair of lightning wings. Meanwhile, an aura that did not lose out to Lin Dong or Di Teng emerged!

When they saw that familiar beast, that young man dressed in black and the rest’s faces turned exceedingly pale.

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