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Chapter 212: Demonstrating his Prowess

“Little bastard, have you refined the thunder source?!”

Di Teng and Liu Kui’s faces were steely green as they stared right at Lin Dong. Based on their expressions, it seemed like they were dying to devour the latter alive. After their previously exchange, even though Lin Dong’s ability was truly stunning, both of them knew that Lin Dong had yet to advance to Form Creation stage. However, right now, based on Lin Dong’s aura, he was a real Form Creation stage practitioner!

In order to achieve such alarming progress in a few day’s time, it was not achievable through ordinary cultivation means. Therefore, the answer was obvious. That is, Lin Dong had used these few days time to refine the thunder source!

When they thought of this point, Di Teng duo’s hearts burned in rage till they lost their minds. They had planned for such a long time in order to obtain the thunder source and used up nearly all of their family’s resources. However, in the end, Lin Dong was the one who reaped all the benefits.

With regards to their poisonous glances, Lin Dong chose to ignore it. As he gripped his palm, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd surfaced. A light golden glow shimmered as a formidable aura spread out.

Right now, he knew that it was impossible to peacefully negotiate through today’s matter. Both Di Teng and Liu Kui were filled with killing intent and any further words were totally unnecessary.

“Little bastard, don’t think that there is nothing we can do since you have refined the thunder source. After we capture you, I will hire a Soul Symbol Master and use Mental Energy flames to refine you. Then, we will extract the lightning energy from your Yuan Dan and your flesh!” Di Teng’s face was grim, as the words that came out from his mouth were filled with cruelty and viciousness.

“We shall see if you have what it takes!” Lin Dong chuckled.

“Old ghost Liu Kui, that kid is extremely cunning. Let’s go all out and attack him together. This time, if we let him escape again, we will never have the chance to capture him again!” Di Teng solemnly said.


A cold glint flashed across Liu Kui’s eyes as he solemnly nodded his head. He was similarly outraged by the fact that Lin Dong had refined the thunder source, and he was naturally not going to allow the latter to escape again.

“Everyone listen up. Whichever direction that little bastard tries to run towards, block him immediately!” Di Teng duo’s command echoed out in their troops’ ears.


When they heard their commands, the Di Family and Liu Family troops hastily replied, before they started maliciously at Lin Dong. Then, both factions began to spread out. Once Lin Dong showed any inclination of escaping, they will strike at the same time to halt and kill him.


After they shouted, that Di Teng and Liu Kui evidently did not plan to give Lin Dong any time to prepare. Immediately, a formidable Yuan Power exploded forth from their bodies. Then, as they gripped their large hands, two Yuan Power palms quickly materialized, before they flew viciously towards Lin Dong with a powerful breaking wind sound.

“Kid, even if you have advanced to Form Creation stage, it is a piece of cake for us to kill you!”

Lin Dong lifted his head as he stared at the Yuan Power palms that was growing rapidly within his eyes. Then, a cold smile surfaced on his face : “Fools!”

This time, as he faced their combined attack, Lin Dong did not use any Yuan Power or Mental Energy. Instead, as he gripped his palm, his entire hand immediately turned bronze-green. Then, taking a step forward, he solidly punched against those two Yuan Power palms.

“Bang bang!”

As his arm jutted forth, it caused a deep explosive sound. Then, two deflating noises echoed out, as those two Yuan Power palms were directly blown apart by a single punch from Lin Dong!

“How is that possible!”

When they saw that Lin Dong had actually blown apart their Yuan Power palms using his fist alone, both Di Teng and Liu Kui’s facial expression changed drastically.

“With those abilities alone, you wish to capture me. Scram!” Lin Dong’s eyes glimmered in gold. Suddenly, he extended his palm forth before streams of resplendent golden Yuan Power quickly formed into a several meteries wide golden platform in mid-air.

“Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm!”

Lin Dong waved his arm, as that menacing-looking golden platform immediately slammed down!

Right now based on Lin Dong’s Form Creation stage ability, since he activated Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm, the golden glow on that platform was exceptionally resplendent. As the golden glow poured forth, it seemed just like a real platform made from pure gold. In fact, its appearance did not lose out to the one that Wang Yan created previously.

Right now, he could finally display the true power of “Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm”.

“Boom boom!”

That golden platform answered his call as it slammed down, causing the air below to be forcefully blown away. The resulting air explosion caused some boulders on the ground below to be blown into dust.

“That kids strength has surged several times!” As they felt the aura emitted by that golden platform, both Di Teng and Liu Kui’s faces turned extremely grim. Standing below that golden platform, both of them felt extremely endangered.

“Let’s work together!”

Even though they had been at loggerheads for years, both of them were evidently in sync. As they turned to look at one another, the Yuan Power inside their body began to gush forth before they quickly formed into two menacing giant Yuan Power sabres in front of them.


As they jerked their arms, those two giant Yuan Power sabres immediately tore through the air and viciously hacked that golden platform.


A ear-splitting sound echoed out. When Lin Dong saw this situation, he chuckled before he suddenly pressed his palm down: “Break!”


When that golden platform slammed down, those two Yuan Power sabres directly broke apart. Subduing Golden Platform Magic Palm was a genuine upper-class martial arts. Therefore, it will not be easily countered by any ordinary martial arts!

After it easily destroyed those two Yuan Power sabres, the golden glow on that golden platform only dimmed a little. Then, it once against viciously slammed towards the Di Teng duo, who were merely inches away.

On the mountain peak, when the Di and Liu Families troops saw that Lin Dong was able to reduce Di Teng duo into such a sorry state alone, shock surfaced on their faces. A few days ago, Lin Dong was barely able to resist them, before he cunningly slipped away. Hence, they never expected that the situation had now dramatically reversed itself.

“When did this little bastard become so strong!” When that young man dressed in black, whom had his Soul Treasure snatched away by Lin Dong, saw this sight, his face turned steely green as a hint of fear briefly surfaced in his eyes. Evidently, he was in shock after witnessing Lin Dong’s performance.

“Old ghost, if you continue to hold back, then we will both die!” As that golden glow flew towards them, that Di Teng shouted out in rage.

“Snort!” That Liu Kui coldly snorted. Promptly, his hands began to dance as a powerful Yuan Power swiftly gathered between his palms like a lightning bolt. Then, on his palm, that Yuan Power quickly materialized into a black cuticle with traces of Yin Energy.

“Small Yin Wind Palm!’

That Yin Energy formed a tiny black hurricane inside Liu Kui’s palm. Then, with a formidable expression, an exceedingly powerful palm attack was viciously executed.

“Great Yan Heaven Finger!”

When he saw Liu Kui finally executing his Liu Family’s signature Martial Arts, that Di Kui softly heaved a sigh of relief. Then, straightening two of his fingers, both of his fingers suddenly turned fiery-red. It seemed like all the Yuan Power in his body had been gathered on his fingers.

“Little bastard, see how we destroy your Martial Arts!”

With a powerful Yuan Power, their finger and palm attack simultaneously launched forth and viciously slammed against that golden platform. Instantly, an extremely savage Yuan Power shockwave exploded forth in mid-air!


Black and red light beams exploded below that golden platform. That powerful force wind directly created a small crack on that golden platform, before it eventually exploded with a bang.


When they saw that they had destroyed Lin Dong’s attack, that Di Teng and Liu Kui snorted immediately. However, just as they planned to attack again, as that golden glow exploded, a figure lightning-quick dashed forward. This was no Yuan Power attack. Rather, this was a deep echo caused when a bronze punch was executed.

This sudden close combat evidently startled the Di Teng duo. As Yuan Power gushed forth, a series of Yuan Power palms were quickly directed towards that bronze man, that was rapidly approaching them.

“Clang clang!”

When their palm attack hit on that body, sparks flew forth while a clear metallic sounds could be heard.

“Quickly retreat!”

The determination and coldness of the aggressor caused the Di Teng duo’s heart to sink, before both of them tried to retreat at the same time. However, Lin Dong would not let them go so easily. After he executed Bronze Thunder Body, his physical body had been enhanced to nearly perfection. Besides growing in strength, his speed has grown as well. Right now, he was just like a sentient Symbol Puppet!

“Bang bang!”

Lin Dong’s figure was just like lightning. In a flash, he approached the Di Teng duo. Right now, every part of his body had become his most lethal weapon!

Fist, finger, head, elbow…

There was no rhythm behind his attack, however his attacks rained down like a thunderstorm!

At this moment, the whole mountain peak was silent as both the Di and Liu Family troops were in shock. Right now, their practically invincible patriarchs were… Due to Lin Dong’s attack, there were just like sandbags. Each time they tried to retreat, they would be caught up, then… they would be beaten into a bloody pulp…


Another powerful uppercut. Di Teng finally could not resist anymore, as he spat out a mouthful of blood, before his body was blown away hideously, causing a ten meter long mark on the ground.


After his punch blew Di Teng away, Lin Dong’s body flashed before he unleashed a powerful swirling kick on Liu Kui’s chest. A deep sound seemingly echoed out from the latter’s body as he flew several meters away.


When they looked at the duo that were being beaten senseless by Lin Dong, everyone involuntarily gulped. That sound was exceptionally piercing in this quiet environment.

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