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Chapter 199: Dragon Transformation


When he saw the fiery battle lust in Lin Dong’s eyes, city lord Shi could not help but let out a word of praise. Soon after, his expression slowly turned serious, as the clothes on his body started billowing although there was no wind. An exceedingly powerful Yuan Power undulation gushed forth like a tide and slowly spread outwards.

In face of this formidable Yuan Power undulation, the expressions of many people in Yan City changed. Some of the more quick-witted ones hurriedly made some distance, so as to avoid being injured by the aftershocks.

“This is…can it be possible that city lord Shi wants to use that move?” Xia Wanjin watched the scene in the sky while his expression suddenly changed a little as his alarmed voice sounded out.

“The most formidable move of the Great Jade Sword Style. It is said this move has already reached the upper class martial art level. Before city lord Shi had reached the From Creation stage, he relied on this move to kill two perfect Yuan Dan stage practitioners with a single strike of his sword…” Grandmaster Yan’s expression also turned a little serious as he explained.

“Does father really intend to take Lin Dong’s life?!” Ziyue bit her teeth. She naturally understood how terrible her father’s strongest technique was. If this technique was used, and if anything unexpected happened, blood would definitely flow!

“That might not be so…didn’t you see that city lord Shi was unable to defeat Lin Dong even after using the Great Jade Sword Style…moreover, this kid is not one to recklessly put up a false brave front. Since he dared to respond, he would at least be certain of surviving.” Grandmaster Yan muttered to himself for a while, before he shook his head and said.

However, although he said that, he inevitably felt somewhat nervous in his heart. After all, he had personally witnessed the might of city lord Shi’s move before…

While they were discussing, Lin Dong’s expression likewise gradually turned serious. He was also able to feel that powerful Yuan Power within city lord Shi’s body and he sensed that the latter’s next move would definitely be earth-shattering.

The ancient halberd in his hand slanted towards the ground, as Lin Dong suddenly slowly spat out a ball of white Qi. The Yuan Dan within his Dantian slightly shuddered, as all the golden Great Sun Thunder Yuan whizzed out, before pouring into the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd.


As the tremendous Yuan Power poured in, the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd immediately emitted golden rays of light. Faintly, the low sound of thunder rumbled out.


As the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd glowed brightly, an intense light also erupted from the Great Jade Sword in city lord Shi’s hands. An extremely vigorous Yuan Power undulated on the blade and swiftly gathered at its tip. In a split second, the body of the Great Jade Sword turned dim, while a fist-sized and extremely resplendent ball of light appeared at the tip of the blade.

This ball of light was filled with a terrifying and formidable undulation, as if all of the Yuan Power in city lord Shi’s body was concentrated within it.

The ball of light trembled, emitting ripples of Yuan Power undulation, which caused the Yuan Power surrounding city lord Shi to grow a little restless…

“Great Jade Sword Style, burn jade and stone!”

When the ball of light appeared, city lord Shi’s arm seemed as if it was somewhat unable to contain the immense power within, as it trembled a little. In the next instant, his expression suddenly turned solemn, as a shout rumbled loudly in the air like thunder.


As his shout rang out, the ball of light on the Great Jade Sword’s tip suddenly swept out like thunder, meanwhile, city lord Shi’s aura fell greatly, such that even the glow on the Great Jade Sword dimmed substantially. This strike seemed to have used up all of his power.

However, although this strike was extremely taxing, its might was clearly overwhelming. The ball of light was not large, yet, as it flew through the sky, the air seemed to explode around it, causing some of the tall buildings below to be directly blown to pieces. This power greatly alarmed quite a number of people, if such an attack were to fall in their midst, it would be a massacre…

The ball of light left behind a trail of light as it swept across the horizon, as if the sky itself had been ripped apart!

As the light ray swept forth, Lin Dong’s eyelids violently twitched several times. This move by city lord Shi was indeed exceptionally astonishing!

His twitching eyelids gradually regained its calm, as Lin Dong tightly gripped onto the Ancient Heavenly Scales Halberd which was emitting a golden glow. The halberd’s body suddenly shuddered, as the fine scales which covered it slightly erected, like a dragon which had just awoken!


Rays of golden light suddenly shot out from the ancient halberd, as Lin Dong’s foot stamped off the sword, and his body swept forward under numerous shocked gazes. His target was the ray of light which contained an extremely strong Yuan Power!

Upon seeing that Lin Dong did not try to dodge but instead took the initiative to face the attack head on, shocked cries erupted from the entire Yan City, and quite a few people believed that the former had gone insane…

“This…” Nearby, grandmaster Yan and the rest were also frightened by Lin Dong’s action. Even a Form Creation practitioner would have to avoid this attack, yet, Lin Dong actually dared to charge forward…

The three of them looked at each other, clearly unable to understand why the usually cool-headed Lin Dong would act this way. Could it be that he truly had the means to face city lord Shi’s formidable attack head on?


While everyone was whispering about Lin Dong’s seemingly impulsive actions, a peculiar roar suddenly sounded out across the skies. Quickly, the crowd saw the ancient halberd in Lin Dong’s hands emit an extremely eye-piercing golden light. The golden light gathered on the ancient halberd and seemed to transform into an enormous dragon!

The dragon image soared high in the skies, as it gave off an extremely tyrannical aura. It almost felt as if a terrible dragon had truly appeared!

This sudden change immediately caused the whispers to stop. Only now did they finally understand that Lin Dong was not reckless, but instead genuinely had the means to contend!

“Heavenly Scales Halberd technique, transform into the dragon halberd!”

A cold shout suddenly rang out in the skies, as the golden dragon image wrapped around that figure, bringing gusts of wind and lightning with it as it swept formidably across the horizons!


Under those countless nervous gazes, the golden dragon image and the ray of light, that had been condensed to the limit, collided. In an instant, a frightening Yuan Power storm erupted in the sky, as resplendent golden rays filled the horizon…

The Yuan Power ripples swept down from the sky, oppressing several people below, making it difficult for them to lift their heads while some of the weaker ones were barely able to breathe, as horror filled their faces. This was only the weakest waves, if their bodies were struck directly, would there even be any ashes left?

“Such a powerful attack!”

Filled with astonishment, grandmaster Yan, Xia Wanjin and the rest slightly narrowed their eyes, as they watched the skies. The golden dragon image caused them to feel a heart palpitating aura. They knew that if they were attacked by this move, they would be killed instantly!

“Rumble rumble!”

Resplendent golden rays poured down from the skies, as a clap of thunder sounded out. A tiny cracking sound quietly rang out, as the crowd suddenly saw a golden light rip through the horizon at an unimaginable speed. In a flash, it appeared behind the city walls.

The battle was concluded surprisingly quick. Just as the golden light lit up the skies, it suddenly dimmed slowly, before finally dissipating, while the golden dragon image also quietly faded…

As they gazed at the suddenly quiet skies, countless gazes instantly looked towards Lin Dong, who had appeared on the city walls, and city lord Shi, who was a distance behind.

“Who won?”

Gazing at the two figures, urgent voices swiftly sounded out in the city. The golden light from before was too resplendent, and they were unable to clearly see who had won and lost.

“Hehe, I did not expect that such a young and outstanding talent would appear in my Yan City. I am sure that my young friend Lin Dong will definitely stand among the ranks of the finest practitioners in the Great Yan Empire in less than five years. This time, I have lost!” City lord Shi’s body slowly landed on the city walls. He looked at the now dull Great Jade Sword in his hand and a strand of hair on his shoulder, as he softly sighed.

He knew that Lin Dong’s previous attack was astonishingly powerful. Even he found it difficult to withstand it.

“City lord Shi has actually lost!”

City lord Shi’s words were undoubtedly like a bomb, causing the entire Yan City to instantaneously erupt in an uproar. One by one, gazes unfathomably gazed towards the back of the young figure. They felt admiration when Lin Dong defeated Yue Shan, yet, they did not feel truly shocked, but now…

Their original gasps of admiration had no choice but to start changing. Being able to match up to a Form Creation stage practitioner at such a young age, how dreadful would he be in future?

Many people looked at each other, as they began to understand exactly how terrifying an existence this Lin Dong from the Lin Family was. While such a person was alive, who would dare to have any ill thoughts about the Lin Family?

“City lord Shi is too modest, I currently have no strength left to battle.”

Lin Dong chuckled, and with a flick of his hand, he kept the ancient halberd into his Qiankun bag. His figure directly leapt off the tall city walls, as a red shadow dashed over for him to mount. Together, they swiftly dashed away.

“Heh heh, city lord Shi, I’m sure we’ll meet again some day!”

As the fiery shadow faded into the distance, a faint chuckle sounded out from afar, causing those were still submerged in that intense exchange from before to be awoken from their stupor. They gazed towards the vague and free-spirited figure in the distance, as admiration and respect surfaced in their hearts.

Atop the city walls, city lord Shi gazed at the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared, as a bitter smile appeared from the corners of his mouth. The previous blow had consumed all of Lin Dong’s power, but, wasn’t he in the same situation himself?

This time, it was at best a draw…

“I really want to find out what kind of unparallelled person he will become when he returns to Yan City again…”

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