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Chapter 152: Awe

“Zi Yue?”

When he saw this familiar, ice-cold yet pretty face, Lin Dong was stunned. From Zi Yue’s position, it was clear that she was the one in charge of this group of ‘black-armored guards’.

“Hehe, Zi Yue is the Yan City governor’s daughter.” While Lin Dong was puzzled, grandmaster Yan smiled as he approached and explained.

Upon hearing this, Lin Dong suddenly understood. No wonder he had felt that those people at the Symbol Master Guild were extremely respectful towards Zi Yue. It turns out that it was because she also possessed this important position.

“Over this period of time, all of my attention had been on the Symbol Master Tower and I did not know much about what was happening outside. Initially, I had even promised to settle the trouble between your Lin Family and the Blood Wolf Gang.” Grandmaster Yan’s voice was a little apologetic. After he found out about the situation, he had immediately rushed over. As for Zi Yue bringing the black-armored guard, that was her own idea. After all, the Blood Wolf Gang was no ordinary faction, without some substantial show of force, given Yue Shan’s character, perhaps he would not be willing to let the matter go.

In response to grandmaster Yan’s apology, Lin Dong smiled as he shook his head, showing that he did not really mind. The fact that they were able to rush here to help at this time was already more than enough.

“In a short few months…this brat has actually roped in the Thousand Gold Association, the Symbol Master Guild and the city governor…”

As he stared at the three tremendous forces which stood behind Lin Dong, even for someone who was as strong as Yue Shan, a sense of helplessness surfaced in his heart. He had always thought that the Lin Family would be unable to withstand a single blow, yet, the sight before him caused him to understand that in the future, the Lin Family would likely become one of the great factions in Yan City that cannot be provoked.

With the backing of three great factions, combined with Lin Dong’s astonishing talent, one could imagine the future potential of the Lin Family.

Although Yue Shan strongly resisted the coming of that day in his heart, at this moment, he also understood that this Lin Dong before him, was no longer the same passer-by that Yue Shan believed he could easily and conveniently dispose of.

Yue Shan deeply breathed in as the dark expression on his face swiftly disappeared. Next, a smile once again appeared as he clasped his hands towards Zi Yue and chuckled: “Since even Miss Zi Yue has personally made an appearance, if Yue Shan still does not give in, it would not be very tactful.”

It would not benefit the Blood Wolf Gang if he continued to force this matter. After all, though the Blood Wolf Gang was powerful, they were not stronger than the combined forces of the city governor, the Thousand Gold Association and the Symbol Master Guild. Since he was no longer able to force this matter, he could only back off. After spending so many years in Yan City, Yue Shan very clearly understood the principal, ‘where there is life, there is hope’.

The most difficult things to deal with were not vicious wolves but the hidden poisonous snakes.

“Since the Lin Family has Lin Dong, they truly cannot be touched…”

Upon seeing that even Yue Shan was forced to accept this situation, the other factions in the plaza looked to each other as they secretly sighed in their hearts. They very clearly understood that it would be best to forge good relations with the Lin Family in future.

“Hehe, little brother Lin Dong is truly a heroic youngster. So young and yet you’ve already reached this step. Perhaps it will not be long before you take over the spot of the strongest in Yan City. At that time, no one would be able to touch the Lin Family.” Yue Shan walked forward, all smiles as he said. He appeared particularly kind, as if the merciless and ruthless actions from before had never existed.

Lin Dong chuckled, he could hear the provocation in that guy’s words. Immediately, he softly replied: “Sect leader Yue Shan is such a flexible person, I just know that he will accomplish big things. As for today’s matter, I do hope that you will not bear a grudge against us.”

Lin Dong’s words directly put the three great factions into the same camp and it went without saying that also pitted them against Yue Shan.

The smile on Yue Shan’s face turned a little stiff, but soon after, he quickly recovered. He did not expect that Lin Dong would already have such a way with words at this young age.

“No no, the fault this time lies with the Ghost Blade Sect. Worry not, little brother Lin Dong, the first thing I will do after I return is make them return all the Yang Yuan Stones they had stolen.”

Yue Shan chuckled before clasping his hands towards Zi Yue and the rest: “Since today’s matter has been settled, I will not linger any further. Miss Zi Yue, if you have the time, please send my regards to the city governor.”

Zi Yue nodded her snow-white chin, in response, Yue Shan no longer lingered as he turned to leave. While he turned, the smile on his face faded as an a cold light flashed deep in his eyes. Today, nearly all his face was gone…


As he stepped past Gui Yan, his gazed at the latter’s extremely sorry figure and could not help but curse: “Useless thing.”

If Gui Yan was able to kill Lin Dong in their exchange previously, this matter would not have developed to this stage. The reason why the city governor, the Thousand Gold Association and the Symbol Master Guild had aided the Lin Family was all related to Lin Dong. As long as Lin Dong died, these relationships would no longer exist, and they would not have risked war with the Blood Wolf Gang to help out.

Of course, though he cursed Gui Yan, Yue Shan still waved his hand and indicated for the Ghost Blade Sect’s men to carry Gui Yan away. Without further ado, Yue Shan led the Blood Wolf Gang as they a little raggedly escaped the plaza.

As they gazed at the Blood Wolf Gang which seemed to retreat like the tide, the surrounding factions also no longer dared to stay. They hastily left, afraid that Lin Dong would remember them and find trouble for them.

Thus, in a few short minutes, the originally noisy and crowded plaza became much emptier.

“This time, it’s all thanks to the three of you.”

Upon seeing the crowd withdraw, Lin Dong sighed in relief. He turned and clasped his hands towards Zi Yue, grandmaster Yan and Xia Wanjin as he sincerely said.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that you had already moved so many people.” Xia Wanjin chuckled. Truth be told, he was rather in awe of the fact that the Symbol Master Guild and the city governor had come to their aid. Although grandmaster Yan was usually quite close to their Thousand Gold Association, if the Thousand Gold Association truly went to war with the Blood Wolf Gang, the Symbol Master Guild would most likely maintain their neutrality. As for the city governor, it would perhaps be even more so.

Yet, today, for a single Lin Family, these two neutral faction in Yan City had appeared to help at the same time. This kind of thing rarely occurred over the past few years.

“This Lin Dong is no ordinary person, Xuan Su’s judgement is indeed sharp…” While feeling awed, Xia Wanjin was also glad and thankful that their Thousand Gold Association had some ties with Lin Dong.

Grandmaster Yan laughed as he said: “My Yan City Symbol Master Association owes Lin Dong a huge debt. Even if I did not appear this time, the other Symbol Masters would have come.”

“Father said you’re worth helping.” Zi Yue took one look at Lin Dong as she said in an indifferent manner.

Her words caused Lin Dong to be stunned. He unable to figure it out, he seemed to have yet to met that mysterious city governor right?

“Hehe, city governor Ning has heard of your performance in the Symbol Master Tower and your capabilities. In several years, perhaps even becoming a Soul Symbol Master would not be a problem. A Soul Symbol Master is worthy for him to curry favor with in advance.” Grandmaster Yan smiled as he said.

“Soul Symbol Master…”

Upon hearing these three words, Xia Wanjin’s expression turned a little blank for a moment. Soon after, looked towards Lin Dong in shock. A Soul Symbol Master was comparable to a three Creation stage practitioner…even in the entire Great Yan Empire, that kind of strength was considered first class. If Lin Dong was truly able to reach that stage, it would really be worth it for the city governor to personally step forward.

“If Yue Shan knows about this, he would likely regret incurring a grudge with the Lin Family…”

“Grandmaster Yan thinks too highly of this young one, who can know what will happen in the future.”

Lin Dong chuckled and did not speak too much on this matter. After chatting for a while, Zi Yue was the first to leave, bringing the ‘black-armored guard’ with her, while grandmaster Yan and the Thousand Gold Association also retired one after another.

“Let’s go, we should also return.”

Upon seeing that everyone had left, Lin Dong also turned his head and smiled towards Lin Zhentian and the rest.

As he watched Lin Dong, Lin Zhentian could not help but let out a bitter laugh. Originally, their Lin Family seemed to have no choice but to give in, yet, the former had reversed the situation and instead caused the Blood Wolf Gang to beat a hasty retreat, and furthermore, not dare be even the least bit discontent about it.

“It truly fortunate that my Lin Family has such a grandson.”

Lin Zhentian deeply sighed, on that wrinkled and aged face, uncontainable pride and gratification could be seen.

This originally extremely intense situation had ended in such a mild way. Not only did the overbearing Blood Wolf Gang and Ghost Blade Sect not achieve their goals, they had instead lost face.

When news of this matter spread, it caused waves in Yan City like expected. Only now did the onlookers understand that this newcomer in Yan City actually possessed such terrifying capabilities. Of course, they also clearly understood that the one behind all this, was only a youngster that was not even twenty years old…

Regardless, after such a matter had occurred, there would no longer be anyone in Yan City who would dare to find trouble for the Lin Family. After all, even the Blood Wolf Gang had failed, how could others dare to try?

Using the Blood Wolf Gang and the Ghost Blade Sect as stepping stones, Lin Dong had thoroughly shown his methods. Henceforth, the Lin Family’s position in Yan City would become extremely stable and none would dare to challenge them again.

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