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Chapter 151: The Four Great Factions

“You dare!”

As he gazed at the sword suddenly shoot towards Gui Yan, a chill flashed across Yue Shan’s heart before it turned to red-hot rage. If he was not able to stop Lin Dong even after he had interfered, in the future, who would dare to join hands with the Blood Wolf Gang?

Yue Shan was extremely experienced, while the shout left his mouth, his palm ferociously swatted out, as Pure Yuangang Energy gushed forth, tearing through the air to furiously slap at the sword.

The powerful Pure Yuangang energy forcefully caused the trajectory of the sword to deviate. Although Lin Dong’s actions were exceedingly unexpected, Yue Shan was still after all rather powerful.

As he gazed at the sword which had been jolted off course, Lin Dong’s eyes flashed as the sword turned. The sharp blade seemed to transform into a dazzling flash as it swept towards Gui Yan’s arm like lightning.


The ear-piercing sound of a sword entering flesh quietly echoed out in the plaza as it flew while leaving behind a trail of blood and a cut off arm!


A scream also rang out in that instance. As they gazed at Gui Yan, who was hugging the remains of his cut off arm, a chill arose in everyone’s hearts.

No one had believed that with Yue Shan personally interfering, Gui Yan would still lose an arm. Though he kept his life, with this kind of injury, Gui Yan’s power would definitely drop. The might of the Ghost Blade Sect hinged upon Gui Yan’s strength, once he received a heavy injury, the reputation of the Ghost Blade Sect would definitely plunge…

“You bastard, I will definitely slaughter you today!”

As he gazed at this scene, Yue Shan’s eyes turned scarlet. The sole of his foot abruptly stepped off the ground as his body violently dashed forward, transforming into an arrow, which flew towards Lin Dong. An extremely overwhelming Yuan Power undulation burst out from the former’s body.

“Humph, Yue Shan, are you really going to treat me as if I don’t exist?!”

Upon seeing that Yue Shan wanted to use his full strength against Lin Dong, Xia Wanjin’s expression turned frosty as his figure flashed and appeared in front of Lin Dong. Though a perfect Yuan Dan stage expert could not fly, he was capable of floating for short bursts of time.

“Xia Wanjin, get lost!”

Yue Shan was clearly furious at Lin Dong’s actions, when he saw Xia Wanjin step in, Yue Shan not only refused to retreat, but even shouted out in a stern voice.

In response to his shout, Xia Wanjin merely snorted. Bright Yuan Power frantically gathered on his hands before he straightaway punched out.


As this fist punched out, an ear-piercing sonic boom rang out in the skies. The formidable pressure of the Yuan Power spread out in the air, causing quite a few people’s expressions to turn concentrated.


In response to Xia Wanjin’s move, Yue Shan also abruptly punched out. Both fists interweaved in mid-air, emitting a tremendous noise as a terrifying Yuan Power undulation erupted. In the end, the crowd watched as the two figures were pushed a dozen steps back before finally landing on the ground.

As perfect Yuan Dan stage experts, and also opponents who had fought countless times, It was evidently rather difficult to decide the victor.

“Sect leader Yue Shan, there is no need to be so furious. We already agreed not to interfere beforehand, why did you…” As she gazed at the dark expression on Yue Shan’s face, Xuan Su covered her mouth as she laughed and said.

The corners of Yue Shan’s eyes twitched for a moment, he stared at Lin Dong, who was in mid-air, as he spoke in a bitter voice: “Brat, weren’t you a little too merciless?”

Lin Dong’s figure gently descended from the sky, after hearing Yue Shan’s words, he could not help but chuckle: “Sect leader Yue Shan, righteous people need not beat about the bush, you should know that if I did not defeat Gui Yan today, perhaps my fate would not be as simple as losing a mere arm right?”

This battle was originally not a friendly bout, there was no need for mercy and compassion. However, to indulge one’s enemy was to ask for trouble. As newcomers, if the Lin Family did not display some truly ruthless methods to intimidate these restless people, they would definitely encounter an endless stream of troubles in the future. Thus, merciless methods were a must.

Yue Shan’s expression was dark, he naturally knew of this principle, but because Lin Dong had secretly chopped off one of Gui Yan’s arms while fighting with the former, it had undoubtedly hurt Yue Shan’s reputation.

“If you don’t give me an explanation for today’s matter, even if the Thousand Gold Association steps in, I, Yue Shan, guarantee that I will first wipe out your Lin Family!”

Yue Shan’s tone was heavy with malice, today’s matter had damaged his prestige, if he did not do anything to fix it, perhaps, he would become a laughing stock in future. He would not be able to tolerate such a thing.

Furthermore, he had the confidence that even if the Lin Family had the aid of the Thousand Gold Association, if they truly fought, given the strength of his Blood Wolf Gang, they could definitely completely wipe out the Lin Family like a thunderbolt!

Lin Dong eye’s wore an indifferent expression and he did not reply. He raised his palm as four swords floated before him. His actions were clear, there was nothing to talk about, but if Yue Shan wanted a fight, Lin Dong was ready.


Upon seeing Lin Dong’s actions, Yue Shan’s face turned increasingly white. Anyone could tell that he was already at his limit.


Behind him, many of the Blood Wolf Gang troops also sensed Yue Shan’s murderous aura as they quietly raised the weapons in their hands, which reflected a cold, glaring light.

At this sight, the men from the Thousand Gold Association and the Lin Family also gripped onto the swords in their hands. The atmosphere in the plaza had turned extremely intense in a flash.

When saw that a war was about to break out, the other surrounding factions hastily backed away, afraid that they would be embroiled in the killing. That would truly be unfortunate.

“Clatter clatter!”

Just as the battle was about to start, the urgent clatter of horse hooves was suddenly heard from outside the plaza. The crowd watched as a black flood swiftly galloped over before finally coming to a halt just outside the plaza. Under the rays of the sun, the light reflected off the black helmets and armor seemed a little cold.

“The city governor’s black-armored guard?”

“Why are they here? Didn’t the city governor overlook this place?”

As they gazed at the superior equipment, one look was enough to tell them that these were trained soldiers. The crowd in the plaza was alarmed as whispers sounded out.

The sudden arrival of these black-armored guards also caused Lin Dong, Xia Wanjin and the rest to be stunned. The hostile atmosphere in the plaza also dissipated as a result.

“Yue Shan, in any case, you are considered one of the old-timers in Yan City, why hold a grudge against this youngster?” While the crowd was astonished, an elderly figure sat atop a black horse as he walked out from the black-armored guards and said with a smile on his face.

“Grandmaster Yan?” Upon seeing that familiar figure, Lin Dong could not help but smile.

“Grandmaster Yan Xuan, this is a grudge between my Blood Wolf Gang and the Lin Family, I hope that you do not interfere.” Yue Shan replied in a low voice.

“Lin Dong has helped my Yan City Symbol Master Guild protect and keep the Symbol Master Tower. This can be said to be a huge debt, this old man is not an ungrateful person, if the Lin Family is in trouble, my Yan City Symbol Master Guild will definitely not sit still.” Grandmaster Yan said in an indifferent manner.

When grandmaster Yan’s words were spoken, it undoubtedly drew an uproar in the plaza. Some knowledgeable people knew how powerful the Symbol Master Guild was, their strength did not lose out to the top three factions in Yan City. However, they usually remained neutral and would very rarely appear to aid another.

Yue Shan’s expression likewise turned extremely ugly after hearing grandmaster Yan’s words. Never did he expect that the always neutral Symbol Master Guild would actually so bluntly aid Lin Dong!

If this was so, wouldn’t it mean that, behind this tiny Lin Family, now stood two factions that were not the slightest bit weaker than the Blood Wolf Gang?

Once he thought about the Thousand Gold Association’s and the Symbol Master Guild’s combined strength, Yue Shan’s heart involuntarily trembled. If he started a battle against these forces, the end result for the Blood Wolf Gang would not be good…

“I think we should forget about today’s matter, let the Ghost Blade Sect return the Yang Yuan Stones they had stolen to the Lin Family. A little friendliness does wonders for everyone, don’t you agree, sect leader Yue Shan?” Grandmaster Yan chuckled as he said.

Yue Shan’s face twitched as his gaze turned gloomy, but he did not reply. He was clearly extremely discontented with this outcome.

“Sect leader Yue Shan, everyone knows who started this matter. Let the Ghost Blade Sect hand over all the stolen Yang Yuan Stones to conclude this. If this continues, it will not be a good thing for the Blood Wolf Gang.”

While Yue Shan was silent, a clear voice suddenly sounded out from beside grandmaster Yan. A figure wearing black armor trotted forward on a horse. This figure was rather slim and even the black armor was worn especially gracefully. One could tell in a single look that there was definitely a slender and soul-stirring figure under that black armor.

“I hope that sect leader Yue Shan can stop finding trouble with the Lin Family in future on account of the city governor.”

“City governor?”

Upon hearing these words, Yue Shan’s expression finally changed. The numerous surrounding factions also cast stupefied gazes towards the graceful figure.

Though there were three top factions in Yan City, everyone knew that the faction truly in control was the city governor. They were the rulers and government of the city. Although they usually maintained order in the city, no one would doubt the city governor’s strength. Like the Symbol Master Guild, they would seldom interfere in struggles between the various factions. Situations like today, very rarely occurred.

These two words caused the plaza to turn a little quieter, shock surfaced in many of the shrewder people’s hearts. There were now three top factions standing behind a single Lin Family, the city governor, the Thousand Gold Association and the Symbol Master Guild. What in the world was this?

If these three factions joined hands, even the Blood Wolf Gang would be completely destroyed in mere days!

“Such a frightening guy…”

Some gazes which oozed with fear looked towards Lin Dong. Within the Lin Family, who else besides him could have lined up such a terrifying team?

However, what they did not know was that while they were startled, Lin Dong was also a little lost as he looked towards the graceful figure in black armor. The Symbol Master Guild arriving to aid the Lin Family was not out of his expectations, but as for the city governor, he had not interacted with them before…

While Lin Dong was at a loss, the slim figure in black armor also reached out a lily-white hand and gently removed her face armor, revealing a face that was pretty, yet as cold as ice and frost.

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