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Chapter 142: The Outcome of the Battle

In the blink of an eye, six days had passed. Yet, not only did the number of people outside the Symbol Master Tower not decrease, instead, it continuously increased. A black mass of people watched the eighth level of the Symbol Master Tower together. There, a speck of light refused to budge.

“It’s been six days…”

At the head of the crowd, grandmaster Yan’s throat slightly moved. Like the rest, he faced upwards as he stared at the speck of light on the eighth level.

Originally, they had believed that regardless of whether it was Lin Dong or Zhou Tong, even if one of the two had managed to forcefully enter the eighth floor, he would definitely be unable to last for too long. Yet, this time, reality once more caused them to understand that they had guessed wrongly again.

That speck of light had already stayed at the eighth level for six days. If it were not for that fact that everyone had absolute faith in the tower, many would have questioned if that speck of light was a mistake…

“If that person is Zhou Tong, in the future, my Yan City Symbol Master Guild will perhaps be suppressed until we can no longer lift our heads, so much so that even the Symbol Master Guild from Tiandu City will be threatened.” Grandmaster Yan’s expression was somewhat solemn. He very clearly understood the repercussions of this matter, but, even under this kind of intense anxiousness, deep in his heart, he still hoped for the best…

Which was: that the one who had successfully charged into the eighth level, was not Zhou Tong but Lin Dong!

If this was true, a Soul Symbol Master that could shake the Great Yan Empire in the future would be born in Yan City!

A Soul Symbol Master. At that stage, even those top elites who had advanced to the three Creation stage, would not dare to slight one. One word was all it took to move the mountains. Even in the whole Great Yan Empire, their ability was considered as truly first class!

However… since Lin Dong and Zhou Tong had yet to surface, the only thing they could do was wait.

By the seventh day, the number of light specks remaining inside the Symbol Master Tower could be counted on one hand. Those who could endure for such a long duration were likely the cream of the crop from both cities.

When noon of the seventh day arrived, Liu Long and Cao Zhu somewhat gloomily emerged from the Symbol Master Tower. Both of them seemed a little hideous, as their palms were drenched with blood. However, from their eyes, one could tell that they were in good condition. It seems like they had benefitted from the training over these past few days.

Just as the two of them walked out, they saw the crowds gathered in front of the Symbol Master Tower. Immediately, they were stunned, especially when several pairs of eyes turned towards them, causing their hearts to skip a beat. After staring about blankly for a moment, they very carefully proceeded forward and slipped to Han Yun’s side.

“Master Han, what happened?” Liu Long and Cao Zhu cautiously inquired. They were both shocked by this odd situation.

Han Yun did not reply. Instead, he indicated towards the higher floors of the Symbol Master Tower with his chin. When Liu Long and Cao Zhu saw this, they also hurriedly lifted their heads. As their eyes stopped at the location of the eighth floor, their mouths instantly went ajar.

“The eighth floor?!”

Violently sucking in a breath of cold air, Liu Long and Cao Zhu were both ecstatic as they exclaimed: “Is it senior Zhou Tong?”

The two of them had absolute faith in Zhou Tong’s abilities, and they believed that no one could match up to him in Yan City. Therefore, the only person who could possibly enter the eighth floor would be him.

However, just as they spoke out, they immediately saw Han Yun’s mouth twitch and actually did not reply.

When they saw his expression, Liu Long’s and Cao Zhu’s facial expressions changed as they probed: “Could it be Zi Yue?”

Han Yun slowly shook his head, trying as much as possible to keep his voice calm: “It could be Lin Dong. However, there is a better chance that it is Zhou Tong.”

“It could be Lin Dong…”

When they heard his words, Liu Long’s and Cao Zhu’s body began to tremble involuntarily. As they turned to look at one another, an uncontrollable horror emerged in their hearts. That fellow…to think that he was actually able to have a showdown with senior Zhou Tong.

“It will be our senior.” Liu Long forced a smile as he said. However, when he saw Han Yun remain silent, his heart slowly began to sink.

Cao Zhu, who was standing aside, did not dare to utter another word. Originally, they planned to lodge a complaint against Lin Dong and forced him to spit out the items that he had taken from them. However, the reality of the situation made them understand that it was probably wise to avoid offending this person. Hence, their loss this time could only be written off as a lesson.

Even though he was a little wild, he was no fool. He clearly understood that if Lin Dong was truly able to barge into the eighth level, the potential he possessed was immensely terrifying. This was not a person that he could even come close to touching.

After Liu Long and Cao Zhu left the Symbol Master Tower, there remained only three specks of light within it. Everyone knew the trio these light specks represented.

On the seventh day, the light speck on the sixth floor disappeared. Soon after, an alluring purple figure appeared at the entrance of the Symbol Master Tower.

When they saw Zi Yue appear, a commotion erupted outside the Symbol Master Tower. Since the former had surfaced, this confirmed that the final two light specks in the Symbol Master Tower was indeed Lin Dong and Zhou Tong.

When Zi Yue saw that massive crowd outside the tower, a shocked expression surfaced fleetingly on her icy-cold yet pretty face, before it promptly disappeared. She took small quick steps as she walked towards grandmaster Yan, before she softly murmured: “Teacher, I am sorry.”

“Haha, as long as you did your best.” Grandmaster Yan smiled as he shook his head, before he lifted his head and said: “The final victor has yet to be decided…”

After hearing these words, Zi Yue also lifted up her head. When her beautiful eyes focused on that light speck on the eighth floor, she suddenly clenched her slender, lily-white hands. Meanwhile, a storm started to brew within her originally peaceful heart.

“Who is it?” Zi Yue’s voice trembled as she asked.

“We are still not sure.” Grandmaster Yan released a pained laugh as he said: “It could be Zhou Tong, or Lin Dong…”

“Lin Dong…” Zi Yue’s teeth softly bit her rosy lips as she recalled that young man. She never expected that this ordinary young man, could actually stand head to head with the number one younger generation Symbol Master from Sky Fire City.

“My judgement was poor.” Zi Yue silently mocked herself as she shook her head. The young man, whom she presumed to be not of much use, was now shouldering the reputation of all of Yan City’s Symbol Masters.

As Zi Yue left the Symbol Master Tower, the atmosphere outside became extremely tense. Everyone knew that the next person who walked out of the Symbol Master Tower, would seal the outcome of this Tower Battle!

Under this agonizing wait, another two days slowly passed…

When the ninth day arrived, a chorus erupted outside the Symbol Master Tower. This commotion caused the tensed atmosphere to explode.

“The glowing speck at the seventh floor is heading down!”

Everyone’s eyes instantly moved, only to find that the light speck which had endured for nine days at the seventh floor, was now heading down level by level…

As they stared at the light speck that was descending, outside the tower, everyone abruptly stood up as their eyes stared unblinkingly at the entrance.

The appearance of this person would tell them who was the final victor in this Tower Battle!

Under the watchful gaze of the crowd, after several minutes, that light speck finally appeared on the ground floor…

It suddenly became much quieter outside the Symbol Master Tower. Faintly, one could hear a soft sound of footsteps sounding from within the tower. Moments later, a fuzzy figure walked out of the shadows and slowly appeared in front of the crowd.

When they saw that exhausted and drained man standing outside the Symbol Master Tower, the crowds immediately turned silent. Meanwhile, a gentle breeze blew, sweeping up the fallen leaves on the ground…

Zhou Tong!

As his eyes were fixated on the entrance of the tower, a dizzy sensation immediately gushed up Han Yun’s head. Beside him, a look of disbelief surfaced on Liu Long and the other Symbol Masters from Sky Fire City.

While they were in disbelief, some people involuntarily turned to look at the eighth floor. When they confirmed that the light speck was still there, they violently sucked in a breath of cold air.

The answer has finally been revealed. The person who had successfully barged into the eighth floor was not Zhou Tong, but Lin Dong!

The dead silence lasted for a split second, immediately, celebratory sounds erupted from Yan City’s Symbol Master Guild. After two years of consecutive losses to Sky Fire City, their Yan City had obtained victory.

When he heard that earth-shattering celebratory noise, a heartening smile blossomed on grandmaster Yan’s aged face as he heaved a sigh of relief. This time, he had won the gamble…

Beside him, Zi Yue pursed her rosy lips as her beautiful eyes turned to look at the light speck on the eighth floor. The coldness in her pupils had mostly dissipated now. No matter how prideful and frosty she was, after Lin Dong’s extraordinary performance today, she had no choice but to fully concede!

Amongst the celebrations, Zhou Tong silently walked forth before he stopped in front of Han Yun and rubbed his face. After doing so, his face seemed less haggard than before. Meanwhile, his eyes regained their former spirit.

“Let’s head back to Sky Fire City.”

Zhou Tong calmly spoke to Han Yun. It seems like his spirits were not utterly crushed because of this defeat.

When he saw Zhou Tong’s calm expression, Han Yun let out a bitter laugh. Nonetheless, he did not scold the former. The attitude displayed by the former was very admirable even to him. For this kind of person, even if he could not match up to Lin Dong in the future, he would definitely accomplish great things.

After Zhou Tong words fell, he took the lead and lifted his legs up as he walked away. Meanwhile, the surrounding crowds swiftly began to disperse.

Zhou Tong led the group from Sky Fire City as he walked. As he was walking past the crowds, his footsteps suddenly stopped. At this moment, he was the focal point of the plaza. Hence, when they saw him stop, all of their attention immediately turned to focus on him.

“Grandmaster Yan, please tell Lin Dong that this time, I fully acknowledge my loss. However, the next time, should we have the opportunity, I will definitely surpass him!”

After he spoke, Zhou Tong did not bother to linger on, as he directly walked away and disappeared from the crowd’s sight.

“That fellow did not crumble after his defeat. He is really something…” As he stared at Zhou Tong’s departing figure, grandmaster Yan softly sighed as he said.

The surrounding Symbol Masters nodded their heads after hearing his words. Even though he lost, Zhou Tong’s mannerism was truly admirable.

Grandmaster Yan gently smiled as he turned his head to look at that light speck on the eighth floor.

“Haha, however our guy from Yan City is even more remarkable…”

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