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Chapter 143: Third seal Symbol Master

While the world outside was abuzz about the Tower Battle, the eighth level of the Symbol Master Tower remained peacefully quiet. Lin Dong’s figure was as still as a statue as he sat before the stone tablet.

Although Lin Dong did not move in the slightest, an extremely strong suction force filled the air around his body. Under this suction force, the exceptionally vigorous Mental Energy undulations on the eighth level was all sucked over before endlessly pouring the Niwan Palace inside Lin Dong’s mind.

Ten days. Ever since he had stepped onto the eighth floor, Lin Dong had stayed here for ten days.Over these ten days, he could actually sense it as his Mental Energy swiftly grew.

These ten days were short, but, to Lin Dong, they were comparable to almost half a year of cultivation outside.

Of course, this was naturally due to his Destiny Soul Symbol transforming into Soul Symbol vortexes. That frightening devouring power was even able to gulp down the Mental Energy pressure that filled the air, and finally turning it into vigorous Mental Energy that was stored in his Niwan Palace.

After ten days, Lin Dong was clearly able to feel that his Mental Energy was rapidly nearing the third seal stage. According to this speed, it would not be long before he could truly break through to the third seal Symbol Master stage!

This kind of speed could only be described using one word: frightening. After all, even grandmaster Yan had said that even if Lin Dong was able to enter the eighth level, the former could only guarantee that the latter would advance to the third seal Symbol Master level within half a year. Yet, at present…Lin Dong had completely shortened this time by more than ten times!

Although most of the credit went to the Destiny Soul Symbol, this speed was indeed too dreadful.

As time flowed, the figure that was seated before the stone tablet suddenly trembled a little. Soon after, Lin Dong’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened, deep within those eyes, a light fluttered.

After opening his eyes, Lin Dong mumbled to himself for quite some time before beckoned with his hand as lines of Mental Energy burst out from his Niwan Palace. The Mental Energy swiftly gathered in mid-air and finally faintly took shape. As the lines drew across the air, it gradually formed into a mysterious and profound symbol array that was several feet big.

Lin Dong’s gaze was tightly fixed onto the slowly forming symbol array. Over these ten days, he failed countless time. Trying to utilise Mental Energy to draw such a complicated symbol array was not only very demanding towards Mental Energy control, but, one also could not be even the slightest bit distracted. Or else, even the smallest slip-up would lead to the complete destruction of one’s previous efforts.

Fortunately, after experiencing countless failures, Lin Dong became increasingly proficient at drawing the symbol array. As he drew the symbol array, it no longer looked as amateurish as before…

Under Lin Dong’s full attention, the structure of the symbol array slowly took shape in mid-air. A long time later, the finally step finally perfected it…


In the moment where the symbol array was successfully constructed, a peculiar buzzing sound immediately vibrated across the eighth level. Next, an exceedingly formidable Mental Energy undulation rippled out from the symbol array.

“Such a strong Mental Energy undulation!”

As he felt the undulations that spread out from within the symbol array, Lin Dong could not help but be somewhat moved. Was this the might of a Qi grade Secret Spirit Skill? To think that it was strong to such a level.

If Lin Dong was proficient in the ‘Manifestation Symbol Array’ before his decisive battle with Wei Tong, he was completely confident that he cause the latter to lose even the strength to counter attack!

After sensing the might of the ‘Manifestation Symbol Array’, Lin Dong was delighted. Soon after, he waved his hand as the symbol array that floated in mid-air quickly shrunk before transforming into an formless glowing shadow which shot into Lin Dong’s eyes.

For this type of symbol array, as long as it was successfully constructed once, it would then be able to become a seed-like symbol array. When fighting with another person the the future, one no longer needed to so painstakingly and carefully construct from scratch. As long as this seed-like symbol array was summoned, and infused with Mental Energy, it would rapidly take shape for battle. However, if the seed-like symbol array was forcefully scattered by someone, it implicate the user’s body, causing some wounds to appear. All in all, it would be both one’s strength and one’s weakness.

After the symbol array entered his eye and was kept in his Niwan Palace, Lin Dong finally softly sighed in relief. After this nonstop practising over this period, he was at least able to obtain a bare minimum mastery of this ‘Manifestation Symbol Array’. So long as he continued to practise in the future, this would definitely become his ultimate killing move.

And after completing this ‘Manifestation Symbol Array’ training, Lin Dong was finally able to place all of his attention on Mental Energy cultivation.

Seated before the stone tablet, Lin Dong rested and reorganized himself for a while before his mind submerged into his Niwan Palace. Currently, vigorous Mental Energy rippled about his Niwan Palace. The two Soul Symbol vortexes ceaselessly spun as an unending stream of pure Mental Energy flowed in from the outside world before finally pouring into the vortexes.

In response to this endless streams which poured in, the Soul Symbol vortex was like a bottomless pit that was unable to be filled. However, as its master, Lin Dong was able to sense that an extremely strong Mental Energy was condensing within the Soul Symbol vortex. When the Soul Symbol vortex truly stopped, perhaps, the time would come for him to successfully advance to become a third seal Symbol Master…

As he observed the Soul Symbol vortex, moments later, Lin Dong suddenly realized that he was not able to interfere much. The Soul Symbol vortex was completely independent as it operated. Even if he did not intentionally urge it on, the vortex would still spin untiringly, absorbing the boundless Mental Energy in the eighth level…

Towards this, Lin Dong could only somewhat helplessly scratch his head. He retrieved a biscuit from his Qiankun bag and quickly wolfed it down before closing his eyes. These ten days of training made him understand how mystical this place was. Since he had climbed up with great difficulty, he naturally needed to get his money’s worth before leaving.

Thus, while Lin Dong carried this thought, ten days once again quietly passed without his notice.

Now, outside the Symbol Master Tower, the originally black mass of people had shrunk by quite a lot. Only grandmaster Yan and the rest came here everyday to wait for the guy who had already spent more than half a month in the tower.

Initially, with regards to the fact that Lin Dong was able to last for ten days at the eighth level, grandmaster Yan and the rest were already extremely shocked. Everyone knew how strong the Mental Energy pressure of the eighth level was, being able to endure for three or four days there was already fairly amazing. Yet, Lin Dong had spent a full ten days there without any signs of coming down.

However, this shock gradually turned to numbness as time passed. Especially when they counted till the record breaking twentieth day, their faces no longer contained even the slightest traces of astonishment. At this time, if someone else told them that Lin Dong was prepared to spend his whole life up there, they would perhaps numbly nod their heads.

Outside the tower, grandmaster Yan lifted his head and gazed at the speck of light on the eighth level. He stroked his neck as he asked: “It’s already the twenty fourth day, is this guy truly not intending to come down?”

“The Mental Energy pressure in the tower is growing stronger and stronger, how is that guy able to bear with it?” Beside him, Zi Yue wrinkled her umber-black brows as she said in bewilderment.

“Who knows…”

Grandmaster Yan let out a bitter laugh. Although he was somewhat confident in Lin Dong, he had never expected that Lin Dong would be able to reach the eighth level and even stay there for more than twenty days. All these years, there were very few who could stay in Yan City’s Symbol Master Tower for over twenty days, in particular, lasting for more than twenty days on the eighth level was as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn’s horn.

In the future, these existences would become the most outstandingly renowned and top-tier experts in the Great Yan Empire…

“Could something have happened?” Zi Yue was a little worried as she asked.

Upon hearing these words, grandmaster Yan’s expression slightly changed, he was silent for a while before he replied: “I doubt so. Let’s wait for two more days, if there are still no signs of Lin Dong appearing, I will personally go and take a look. *Sigh*, the Mental Energy pressure in the Symbol Master Tower is too strong, even I dare not so lightly step in…”

Zi Yue lightly nodded her head. Just as she was about to speak, her pretty face suddenly changed as she quickly lifted her head. Her beautiful eyes were concentrated on the eighth level of the Symbol Master Tower, there, she suddenly felt an extremely powerful Mental Energy undulation!

“It’s Lin Dong’s Mental Energy undulation!”

Grandmaster Yan likewise sensed it as he lifted his head to stare at the eighth level of the Symbol Master Tower. His gaze turned a little serious as he slowly said: “This guy…no wonder he refused to come down for so long. It turns out that he wanted to break through to the third seal Symbol Master stage in one go!”

“How is that possible?”

Zi Yue immediately said in alarm. Though the Symbol Master Tower had an especially intense effect towards condensing Mental Energy, it was after all not at the earth-shattering level. How could it allow one to break through from the second seal to the third seal stage in less than a month?!

“It is indeed impossible, but, it is indeed true. However, as for whether he succeeds, it’s still hard to say…” Grandmaster Yan laughed bitterly. That Mental Energy undulation could not be mistaken, it indeed belonged to Lin Dong.

While the two spoke, the Mental Energy undulation that spread out from the eighth level became stronger and stronger. In the end, even grandmaster Yan seemed a little moved. This kind of undulation was not like any ordinary third seal Symbol Master’s. This guy truly had quite a few secrets.

While grandmaster Yan and the rest were amazed by the Mental Energy undulations that were spreading outwards, in the eighth level, a great change was occurring in Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace. The originally two Soul Symbol vortexes had already fused together as an extremely formidable Mental Energy undulation spread out from within the vortex.

“Buzz buzz!”

As the Mental Energy undulation spread, the fused Soul Symbol vortex also swiftly distorted. Moments later, it transformed into a profound and mysterious symbol of light. Two cracks appeared on the symbol of light and soon after, the enlarged before finally breaking open, and transforming into three smaller Soul Symbols, which floated within the Niwan Palace.


The instant the three Destiny Soul Symbols appeared, it was as if a raging Mental Energy storm suddenly appeared in Lin Dong’s Niwan Palace. Vigorous undulations spread out from within the Niwan Palace before finally invading every part of Lin Dong’s body.

All of the muscles and bones in Lin Dong’s body started to tremble. His tightly shut eyes suddenly opened, within those eyes, a Mental Energy wave seemingly appearing to have substance burst out. A sharp hiss carried this tyrannical Mental Energy and like a volcano, it erupted out!

When that exceptionally tyrannical Mental Energy exploded out, below the Symbol Master Tower, both grandmaster Yan and Zi Yue lightly sucked in a breath of cold air as they mumbled: “This guy…he actually succeeded…”

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