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Chapter 139: Entering the Seventh Level

Lin Dong’s appearance caused Zi Yue to be shocked for quite a while before she gradually regained her wits. She gazed at Lin Dong, who was walking step by step towards the Mental Energy wall, which was denying passage to the seventh level, and she could not help but open her mouth to speak: “The seventh level is not so easy to enter, you should know the extent of your capabilities!”

Since the start, Zi Yue had always believed that Lin Dong’s ability was at most similar to her. Since she had just suffered greatly under that Mental Energy wall, in her opinion, even if Lin Dong was able to reach this level, he would only end up like her in the end.


In response to Zi Yue’s warning, Lin Dong calmly acknowledged her, before his footsteps paused in front of the Mental Energy wall. His eyes slowly closed as the two Destiny Soul Symbols within his Niwan Palace started to tremble violently. Portions of vigorous Mental Energy gushed out endlessly before finally condensing on the surface of Lin Dong’s body.

After finishing this, Lin Dong did not hesitate as he stepped forward. Under Zi Yue’s nervous gaze, he stepped into that Mental Energy wall.

“Buzz buzz!”

As Lin Dong stepped forward, the Mental Energy wall violently shuddered as a strange buzzing sound once again echoed out, while a fierce resistance pushed against him from all directions, trying to catapult Lin Dong out.


Faced with the pushing force of that Mental Energy wall, Lin Dong’s expression became a little serious. Soon after, under Zi Yue’s stunned gaze, he snorted as his body, which was slightly leaning back, once again straightened itself before he slowly proceeded forward into the Mental Energy wall at a slow-moving, yet steady as a mountain pace.


As Lin Dong proceeded inch by inch, ripples formed on the surface of the Mental Energy wall. In the end, the ripples became increasingly violent as Lin Dong’s figure slowly disappeared under the undulations of the ripples.

“He succeeded…”

Zi Yue gazed at Lin Dong’s slowly disappearing back as an uncontainable shock surfaced on her cold yet pretty face. She was somewhat absent-minded as she gazed at the empty space before the Mental Energy wall. It was a long time later before she finally recovered as she mumbled: “How is this possible…”

Since the beginning, she had always thought that though Lin Dong had some ability, it did not exceed her own. Thus, she had felt a little resentful when grandmaster Yan had suddenly introduced him. Yet, this way of thinking finally completely dissipated after she personally witnessed Lin Dong successfully enter the seventh level.

Only now did she understand that grandmaster Yan indeed had a reason for what he did. Lin Dong’s ability was truly stronger than hers!

“This guy!”

As she faced the facts, no matter how cold and proud Zi Yue was, she had no choice but to admit that this realization caused her to feel a little disappointed. Moments later, she gradually recovered her clear-headedness as she softly sighed, before she promptly sat down. Since she was unable to enter the seventh level, she would cultivate here. As for the final outcome of this Tower Battle, it all hinged upon Lin Dong.

“I hope that you can surpass Zhou Tong…”

Outside the Symbol Master Tower, when Zhou Tong entered the seventh level, a chorus of cheers rang out across the vacant space. Yan Xuan and the Yan City Symbol Masters had twisted expressions on their faces, while joy was revealed on Han Yun’s face as he stroke his beard.

“Hehe, Yan Xuan, looks like the victor of this Tower Battle has already been decided.” Yun Han gazed towards grandmaster Yan while chuckling.

Upon hearing this, although the Symbol Masters from Yan City felt angry in their hearts, they could not dispute it. Over the past few years, this was the first time someone had advanced to the seventh level. If nothing unexpected happened this time, the possibility of their Yan City Symbol Master Guild losing was greater.

“Don’t celebrate too early.”

Grandmaster Yan coolly retorted before his gaze once again fixed itself onto the two specks of light on the sixth level. He knew that those two specks of light were Zi Yue and Lin Dong. As Zi Yue’s teacher, he clearly understood her capabilities, and he knew that it would be very difficult for her to enter the seventh level. Therefore, he could only place all of his hopes on Lin Dong…

“Lin Dong, everything truly depends on you now…”

Grandmaster Yan sighed in his heart. If they were defeated this time, the Symbol Master Tower would be moved to Sky Fire City. At that time, the prestige of their Yan City Symbol Master Guild would plummet.

As he gazed at grandmaster Yan’s tightly furrowed eyebrows, the delight in Han Yun’s eyes deepened. He was already able to imagine just how majestic it would be when he brought the Symbol Master Tower back to Sky Fire City.

“One of the specks of light on the sixth level has disappeared!”

While Han Yun felt pleased in his heart, a sudden cry rang out. This cry caused him to be shocked for a moment as his gaze was hastily cast towards the sixth level. Sure enough, he saw that out of the originally two specks of light, only one was left.

After witnessing that a speck of light had disappeared, Han Yun’s first reaction was not to look towards the next level. Instead, his gaze turned to the fifth level. However, when he saw that the speck of light did not appear there, his expression rapidly changed. With a ‘swish’ sound, his line of sight was cast towards the seventh level. Dumbstruck, he stared at the seventh level as another speck of light slowly appeared!

“Another person has entered the seventh level!”

The appearance of this speck of light instantly drew a huge uproar among the crowd below the Symbol Master Tower. One by one, gazes turned towards the seventh level in disbelief. After all, they had evidently not expected that, besides Zhou Tong from Sky Fire City, there would actually be another person who was able to reach the seventh level.

“Who is that person? Is it Zi Yue?”

After the uproar, numerous whispers sounded out. Most of them guessed that it was Zi Yue. After all, she possessed quite a reputation among the younger generation Symbol Masters of Yan City.

“It is not Zi Yue. Zi Yue should not be able to enter the seventh level.” One of the third seal level middle-aged Symbol Masters muttered to himself for a while before declaring. They understood Zi Yue extremely well, and for one to enter the seventh level, one needed to possess at least the strength of a third seal Symbol Master. Although Zi Yue was already exceedingly close to this level, she was still unable to truly match up to a third seal Symbol Master.

In the sixth level, besides Zhou Tong, who had successfully advanced to the seventh level, there were only Zi Yue and Lin Dong. Since it was not Zi Yue, then…

“It’s Lin Dong?!”

The crowd looked at each other in dismay. Soon after, they gasped in a breath of cold air. They were not unfamiliar with this youngster who had recently caused a storm in Yan City. They knew that this youngster was not even twenty years of age, yet, he had successfully advanced to the initial Yuan Dan stage. This level of talent was rather shocking. However, what they had never expected was that not only did the latter achieve such an outstanding accomplishment in Yuan Power, even his Mental Energy cultivation…was terrifying to this extent.

“This kid is extraordinary!”

The crowd turned to look at each other as the same sentence simultaneously popped out.

“How could it possibly be him?” Han Yun likewise heard their words. When he realized that the person who had advanced to the seventh level was not Zi Yue, but rather that Lin Dong, who he had never valued, his eyelids began to twitch violently.

No matter how hard he tried, he did not understand how that young man standing beside Zi Yue like a supporting cast, could actually match up to Zhou Tong!

“Haha, Han Yun. This old man has already told you not to count your chicken before they hatch.” To one side, grandmaster Yan finally heaved a sigh of relief as he said with a smile.

“Humph, what is there to be happy about? Even if that kid can forcefully advance to the seventh level, it is likely a fluke. After a few days, he will not be able to withstand the Mental Energy pressure of the seventh floor!” Han Yun chuckled coldly.

Grandmaster Yan gently smiled, not bothering to argue as he stared at the two glowing dots on the seventh floor. Right now, the outcome of this match rested on Lin Dong and Zhou Tong. Based on his understanding of the two, this victory would likely be decided on the seventh floor. With regards to the eighth floor, based on their current strength, it would be quite a reach. Therefore, the match would likely be decided by who could endure longer…

Symbol Master Tower, seventh floor.

Compared to the six floors below, the area here seemed slightly smaller. A terrifying Mental Energy undulation was so concentrated inside this level that it felt like a viscous fluid. Therefore, the Mental Energy pressure here was also amplified by several times.


In the serene seventh floor, an extremely solid footstep sounded out. When one looked over, one would see that a figure was now striding forward at an extremely slow speed, like an old bull pulling a rickshaw.

His footsteps were extremely solid. That sensation felt as if he was carrying a mountain on his back. Every time he took a step, an extremely soft creaking sound echoed out from within his body. Meanwhile, sweat poured down his body like a flood, causing his clothes to become completely drenched.

This figure was Zhou Tong, who had advanced to seventh floor previously. He was the strongest younger generation member in Sky Fire City’s Symbol Master Guild. Furthermore, half a year ago, he had successfully advanced to the third seal Symbol Master stage. Nonetheless, might of the Mental Energy exerted by the seventh floor caused him to feel an extreme amount of pressure. Every step that he took was like a massive battle.

“Yan City Symbol Masters are rather ordinary.”

Zhou Tong wiped the sweat off his face as a weak smile surfaced. As a legendary figure from Sky Fire City, even though he was ordinary looking, the pride in his heart would not lose out to others in the slightest. Therefore, for this trip to Yan City, his first objective was to help Sky Fire City win this Symbol Master Tower, while the second, was the discover if there were any extraordinary individuals in Yan City’s Symbol Master Guild. However, the final outcome caused him to be slightly disappointed, it seemed that no one was able to stop his march.

“Among the younger generation Symbol Masters in Tiandu province, perhaps I can only acknowledge that guy from Tiandu City.”

As he recalled the fellow that he had only encountered once before, Zhou Tong’s eyebrows furrowed slightly. Promptly, he shook his head and decided to forget about the fellow who caused him to feel a little pressured. Then, he lifted his head up as he stared that the Mental Energy barrier that stood a mere hundred steps away from him. However, this short distance was like a gulf that was impossible to cross.

“By now, the outcome should have already been decided right?”

Zhou Tong softly murmured to himself. Just as he finished speaking, his ears suddenly trembled as a slightly heavy footstep stealthily sounded out from behind him and entered his ears.

This sudden footstep caused Zhou Tong’s pupils to shrink. After hesitating for a moment, he suddenly turned his head around, only to see a figure appearing before his eyes.

When he focused, that figure also lifted up his head. Plastered on that somewhat youthful young man’s face, was sweat, as well as an unwavering determination.

“Its him… how is this possible?”

As he stared at the young man, who was slowly making his way over, little by little, a storm slowly brewed in Zhou Tong’s heart…

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