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Chapter 102: Wager

As that thunderous and menacing roar spread across the bustling Qingyang Town, the entire town turned silent. Promptly, countless gazes were directed towards the Lin Family residence.

“The Blood Cloth Sect has finally arrived…”

“The Lin Family is really plagued with misfortune. After they handled the Lei and Xie Families, another more vicious wolf arrived…”


All around the Lin Family manor were red clothed troops. They were so numerous and tightly crowded together that not even a trickle of water could seep through. That piercingly bright red color and their menacing aura was truly a sight to behold.

At the head of the group was a man seated upon his horse. This man was fairly muscular and his skin was quite tanned. As he stood quietly, he looked akin to an iron tower. Meanwhile, a suffocating atmosphere slowly emitted from his body, anyone could tell that this man was not to be belittled.

The man was dressed in red robes and wore an ice-cold expression on his face that was not the slightest bit readable. His fiery red eyebrows caused him to look even more menacing. This man was the head of the Blood Cloth Sect, an Advanced Yuan Dan Stage expert that was fairly renowned even in Yan City, Wei Tong!

Beside Wei Tong was a rather scrawny elderly man. Judging by the faint Yuan Power undulating around his body, this man should be the member of the Blood Cloth Sect that had reached Initial Yuan Dan Stage.

“Hehe, our Blood Cloth Sect has personally arrived to your doorstep. Yet a small Lin Family has chosen to shut us out. Do you really think that our Blood Cloth Sect will hesitate to destroy you?” That eagle-nosed elderly man released a weird laughter as he glared at the Lin Family’s manor, a vicious expression on his face.


After that man laughed, the tightly shut gate of the Lin Family manor slowly began to open. Soon after, a large group of Lin Family guards gushed out as they stared nervously at the massive formation in front of them.

“This elderly Lin Zhentian, patriarch of the Lin Family, greets Master Wei Tong.” Lin Zhentian led Lin Xiao and the rest out as he clasped his hands and greeted the red-robed man on horseback.

“I did not expect to see an Initial Yuan Dan Stage practitioner in this tiny Qingyang Town..”

Wei Tong’s cold gaze was fixed onto Lin Zhentian. Soon after, he waved his hands and said: “My Blood Cloth Sect’s motive should be clear to your Lin Family. Gu Ying was the deputy head of my Blood Cloth Sect. Since he died at the hands of your Lin Family, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, evil for evil and blood for blood. You should know what to do.”

Lin Zhentian’s expression slightly changed as he gritted his teeth and replied: “Master Wei Tong, that day, it was mainly a dispute between my Lin Family and the Lei and Xie Families. Deputy head Gu Ying was the one who interfered…”

“I did not come here to listen to an explanation of what happened.” Wei Tong interrupted in an indifferent manner. Soon after, his gaze became even icier as he glared at Lin Zhentian and said: “I’ve said it before, I am here to avenge him. Thus do not bother to explain these details to me.”

Wei Tong’s tone was rather flat and controlled, but within that tone, was a wild aggressiveness. With regards to this, many of the Lin Family members felt rather indignant, yet, they did not dare to voice out their grievances.

Lin Zhentian’s facial expression fluctuated. Moments later, he replied in a low voice: “Master Wei Tong. Please get to the point. What should my Lin Family do in order to resolve this issue?”

Blood Cloth Sect had utilized all their troops on this trip. However, they only surrounded the manor and did not begin their attack immediately. Their actions evidently hinted that their had other designs. Lin Zhentian was a wise man. Hence, he naturally guessed that the Blood Cloth Sect was definitely planning to take advantage of them.

“You are a wise man.” When he heard Lin Zhentian’s words, a smile finally emerged on Wei Tong’s face. His pearly white teeth caused everyone to feel a chill: “Hand over the Steel Wood Manor and Gu Ying’s murderer, then, if your Lin Family submits to my Blood Cloth Sect, I can forget about Gu Ying’s matter.”

When they heard these words, Lin Zhentian’s and the rest’s hearts sunk. They expected the Blood Cloth Sect to rip them off, however, they had clearly underestimated their appetite.

“Master Wei Tong, could you be slightly more gracious?” Lin Zhentian voice sounded somewhat dry as he asked.

“Heh heh, Lin Zhentian, don’t push your limits. Our Master has already shown extreme gracefulness when he did not immediately destroy your Lin Family. If you continue yapping, your Lin Family will be completely erased!” Beside Wei Tong, that elderly man with a cruel look somewhat condescendingly said in a high-pitch voice.

“The real reason why you guys did not straightaway exterminate our Lin Family was because you guys understood that there will be a hefty price to pay!” Before that elderly man’s words could fade away, a voice subsequently echoed out. Promptly, a figure darted out from the Lin Family and landed on the manor wall. This person was Lin Dong.

“You must be that Lin Family boy who killed Gu Ying?” Wei Tong’s eyes immediately fixed onto Lin Dong. The former’s eyes slightly narrowing, a cold glint emerging as he slowly said.

“You overestimate your Lin Family.”

“Master Wei Tong, believe me. If we really fought, our Lin Family will most likely be destroyed. However, the elderly man beside you will probably die here as well. Competition in Yan City is fierce, if you were to consecutively lose your right and left hand men, I think it will be a major blow to your Blood Cloth Sect.” Lin Dong stared at Wei Tong as he solemnly said.


When he heard these words, that sinister looking elderly man was enraged.  Just as he planned to shout, Wei Tong waved his hand and halted him. Promptly, he chuckled: “So boy, according to you, our Blood Cloth Sect will not dare to do anything against your Lin Family?”

“If your Blood Cloth Sect wishes to destroy my Lin Family, you could certainly do so. However, there will be a hefty price to pay. Surely Master Wei Tong must know this as well. Besides, even if you could destroy our Lin Family today, I am confident that I can escape. In the future, Master Wei Tong will perhaps have countless sleepless nights…” Lin Dong’s gaze met Wei Tong’s as he said.


Wei Tong was shocked as he stared at Lin Dong. In the next instance, a cold murderous glint flashed in his eyes. He heavily stomped the ground and like an arrow, he dashed towards the latter.

“Boy, do you think that you afford to be so arrogant in front of me just because you killed Gu Ying? If you hope to escape, I shall kill you right now!”

Wei Tong’s actions had gone against everyone’s expectations. Nobody anticipated that the head of the Blood Cloth Sect would actually suddenly attack a youngster!

Lin Zhentian quickly regained his wits. Immediately, his eyes reddened. Yet, just before he could intercept Wei Tong, that sinister looking elderly man appeared in front of him and blocked him.

“Clang clang!”

This sudden development caused troops on both parties to immediately draw their weapons. Instantly, the atmosphere turned extremely tense, both parties on the brink of a fight.

Lin Dong calmly looked at Wei Tong, who was now menacingly dashing towards him. The latter’s reaction did not surprise him. However, he did not plan to fight with Wei Tong right now. After all, he knew that based on his current strength, if he fought directly, he did not stand a chance against an Advanced Yuan Dan Stage opponent.

Therefore, when Wei Tong dashed over, Lin Dong’s body also swiftly floated backwards. Then, several black shadows flew out from his sleeves, however, these black shadows were not directed towards the former, but rather Lin Dong’s feet. As he gently tapped off with his toes, he soared into the air. After several jumps, he actually forced his way into the skies. This scene caused several people in the surroundings to gasp.

Walking through the skies. Even an elite Yuan Dan Stage practitioner could not accomplish this feat.

Lin Dong leaped in the skies and easily avoided Wei Tong’s offensive. Meanwhile, the latter had no choice but to stop. With a dark expression on his face, he finally understood why Lin Dong could confidently claim that he would be able to escape. If he utilized this method, it was indeed true that no one could obstruct him.

When Lin Zhentian and the rest saw Lin Dong using this method to render Wei Tong helpless, they heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts.

Lin Dong’s figure slowly landed onto a nearby tree. He looked down from above at Wei Tong and said: “Master Wei Tong, if your Blood Cloth Sect destroys our Lin Family, I will escape and train in secret. However, while I am training myself, your Blood Cloth Sect will perhaps feel very worried.”

“You dare to threaten me?”

Wei Tong’s extreme anger turned into laughter. This was the first time he was threatened by a youth. However, ultimately he felt a little troubled. After all, he could not easily brush this threat aside. The fact that Lin Dong could kill Gu Ying at such a tender age was testament to his immense potential. Against such an opponent, he must quickly dispose of him. If not, he would be a major threat in the future.

Lin Dong was calm. Right now, his Lin Family was unable to contend against the Blood Cloth Sect. Similarly, no one in his Lin Family could beat Wei Tong. Therefore, he could only utilize this method to somewhat restrain Wei Tong.

“Master Wei Tong, do you dare to have a wager with me?” Lin Dong suddenly asked.

“What wager?” Wei Tong’s eyes slightly narrowed as he sneered.

“In three month, we shall have a death match. If you win, not only will the Steel Wood Manor be yours, but all our Lin Family members will also submit to you. However, if I win, then we shall forget about Gu Ying’s matter. How about it?” Lin Dong slowly said.

When Lin Dong finished speaking, several people were shocked. Even Lin Zhentian’s and the rest’s facial expressions changed slightly. They turned and looked at each other but were at a loss for words. After all, if they could not survive today, then the entire Lin Family will be ruined. At that time, the Steel Wood Manor would be completely worthless to them…

If they were able to delay them for three months, that would definitely be a positive development. As to whether Lin Dong could really defeat Wei Tong in three months, perhaps only he himself knew…

“You wish to have a death match with me?” Wei Tong was evidently startled by this wager. Although Lin Dong had killed Gu Ying, that did not indicate that he had the qualifications to match up against him.

Advanced Yuan Dan Stage could match up against a 3rd Seal Symbol Master! 3rd Seal Symbol Masters was a rarity even in Yan City. He absolutely refused to believe that Lin Dong could reach this level!

“I wonder if Master Wei Tong dares to accept?” Lin Dong smiled.

“Boy, you are just trying to buy some time right?” Wei Tong chuckled.

Lin Dong declined to comment as he stared at Wei Tong and said: “You have two choices, you can get our Steel Wood Manor and our entire Lin Family to submit to you without suffering any losses. Or, if you choose to fight now, our Lin Family will battle fiercely against you, and finally, I will escape.”

When he heard the last three words, Wei Tong’s face involuntarily twitched. These words were typically an embarrassing admission, however, when Lin Dong seriously said them, it caused Wei Tong to be slightly troubled… After all, this was indeed the scenario that he dreaded the most.

He was willing to pay the hefty price in order to destroy the Lin Family. However, he was afraid of a venomous snake lurking in the dark. Especially since this venomous snake was extremely talented. This would cause him countless sleepless nights in the future!

If he wants to exterminate them, he must thoroughly destroy them. When one wants to get rid of weeds, one must completely remove all roots!

However, the current him was not fully confident that he was able to remove this “root”, Lin Dong!

Wei Tong eyes rapidly flickered as he carefully weighed his options.

When they saw his expression, everyone else quietened down. All their gazes turned towards Wei Tong. His decision today, will determine whether they will be a massive bloodshed or whether they will choose to retreat…

“Master Wei Tong, what is your choice?” A long while later, Lin Dong softly asked.

Wei Tong slowly lifted his head as he stared daggers at Lin Dong. Promptly, he chuckled. With a flick of his body, he immediately jumped back onto his horse.

“Fine, I shall accept his wager. However, three months is too long, I shall give you two months. In two months, we will have a death match in Yan City’s Duel Arena. I will be waiting for you there. However, over this period of time, your Lin Family is forbidden to leave Qingyang Town. My spies from the Blood Cloth Sect will be constantly monitoring you. If you dare to leave, my Blood Cloth Sect will massacre every one of you!’

“Let’s go!”

That Wei Tong was a decisive man. With a shout, he turned his horse around and left. Leading the pack, he headed towards the outskirts of Qingyang Town. Behind him, the rest of the Blood Cloth Sect troops also transformed into a tidal wave as they swiftly followed.

As he stood atop the tree, Lin Dong gazed at the rapidly departing troops. His facial expression slowly turned solemn. Two months…

In two month, he must reach the 2nd Seal Symbol Master level, or else a great catastrophe will befall his Lin Family!

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