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Chapter 103: Temporarily Leaving


Outside of Qingyang Town, a red river that gave out a menacing aura swiftly flowed by, causing dust clouds to form in its wake.

“Sect Leader, that boy is clearly stalling for time. What need was there to agree to his wager?” At the front of the group, the sinister-looking elderly man was somewhat unsatisfied as he glanced at the town behind them while talking to Wei Tong who was beside him.

“The Lin Family’s strength had somewhat exceeded my expectations. An Initial Yuan Dan Stage plus a young Symbol Master who could have possibly reached the 2nd Seal level. If they really went at us with their lives on the line, even if our Blood Cloth Sect could exterminate the Lin Family, we would pay a huge price.” Wei Tong had a chilly expression on his face as he icily said.

“Currently, our Blood Cloth Sect is contesting for territory with the Iron Mountain Sect. It would not be worth it for us to sustain too huge a loss here.”

“It just so happens that I can settle the Iron Mountain Sect matter in these two months. At that time, how can the Lin Family possibly escape?”

“In addition…that boy needs to be killed. Or else there will be no end to our troubles in the future. From that short exchange previously, I can tell that although I am able to defeat him, he also has the ability to escape. If by any chance the scenario he spoke of played out and he finds a place to hide himself to train in secret, we would never again rest easy.”

“That boy knew this, thus he dared to suggest this wager.” The elderly practitioner furrowed his eyebrows and said: “However, is Sect Leader not afraid that the situation might turn for the worse over this period?”

“If we let him escape, then the situation will be even more unfavorable.” A cold light shimmered in Wei Tong’s eyes. Moments later, he chuckled and said: “Do not worry, when the time comes, it would not be easy for him to escape from the Duel Arena using his Mental Energy. Without this card, he is fated to die.”

“And once this brat is dead, won’t the Lin Family and the Steel Wood Manor be free pickings?”

“Sect Leader is wise.” Upon hearing these words, that elderly man also laughed as he buttered up Wei Tong.

Wei Tong smiled. Without further words, he raised his horse whip and led the huge group as they rushed back to Yan City.

“Dong-er, are you certain of beating Wei Tong two months later?”

In a room within the Lin Family estate, Lin Zhentian’s gaze was fixed onto the youngster who stood in the rear as he asked, a tinge of worry in his voice.

“I will have to try.” Lin Dong did not give an overly confident answer. An Advanced Yuan Dan Stage expert was no small fry.

“*Sigh*, you did not do anything wrong. If things did not go this way today, the Lin Family would definitely be unable to avoid disaster.” Lin Zhentian smiled bitterly as he sighed. The Blood Cloth Sect had mustered a humongous force today. If it were not for the fact that he had already successfully advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage and the matter of Lin Dong killing Gu Ying. Even with Lin Dong’s witty words, they would be unable to avoid a complete extermination.

“Two months…” To one side, Lin Xiao and the rest had complicated expressions on their  faces as they secretly sighed.

“During these two months, I will stop training and instead concentrate on refining two Pure Yuan Pills for Dong-er.” Lin Zhentian muttered to himself for a while before he finally declared.

“Pure Yuan Pills?”

After hearing these words, Lin Xiao and the rest were slightly shocked. The so-called Pure Yuan Pills were actually condensed from the highest purity Yuan Power in a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner’s body. It was similar to pills and were termed “Pure Yuan Pills” by the masses. This item had a huge effect on one’s cultivation and was many times stronger than Yang Yuan Pills.

However, condensing a Pure Yuan Pill was also far more difficult than a Yang Yuan Pill. It is said that only those practitioners who had reached Yuan Dan Stage had the ability to compress Yuan Power into a pill. Even so, they still needed a rather long time to do so.

For someone like Lin Zhentian who was currently at Initial Yuan Dan Stage, condensing a “Pure Yuan Pill” would probably take about a month. Furthermore, during this month, his cultivation progress would become very minimal. Afterall, all Yuan Power that he took in would be compressed into a pill. Where would he find any more Yuan Power for his personal absorption?

Yet, though there was quite a cost to bear, this “Pure Yuan Pill”  had a rather substantial effect on cultivation indeed. Think about it, a whole month’s worth of Yuan Power a Yuan Dan Stage practitioner usually uses for cultivation. Even if one was unable to fully absorb all of it, it would likely still be worth at least ten days of tough training.

Thus, the price of a “Pure Yuan Pill” was crazily high. One Pure Yuan Pill could probably be exchanged for a hundred Yang Yuan Pills. This means that a Yang Yuan Pill was worth one thousand Yang Yuan Stones, practically half a month’s haul of the current Lin Family.

However, because condensing “Pure Yuan Pills” consumed too much time and energy, unless one really needed to exchange it for some item or was in a dire need of money, most Yuan Dan Stage experts did not find the prospect of creating a Pure Yuan Pill from the Yuan Power in their bodies very appealing.

This was also why Lin Xiao and the rest were surprised when they heard Lin Zhentian was planning to give up two months of cultivation to instead condense “Pure Yuan Pills” for Lin Dong.

“There is really no loss for me to give up these two months of cultivation. I’ve only just recently advanced to Initial Yuan Dan Stage, it would probably take at least a few years before I can reach Advanced Yuan Dan Stage. Since this is so, why shouldn’t I assist Lin Dong in his training. His potential is after all in a different league when compared to this old sack of bones.” Lin Zhentian waved his hands and said.

As Lin Dong gazed at the old man’s face, warmth blossomed in his heart. Yet he still shook his head and smiled: “Grandfather, there is no need. I plan to go to Yan City during these two months.

“Yan City?” Upon hearing these words, Lin Zhentian and the rest were startled.


Lin Dong nodded his head. He currently needed too many things. Although the effect of utilising the Mental Millstones to train his Mental Energy was not bad, he lacked Mental Energy recovery Elixirs. These type of Elixirs were rarely seen. In a place like Qingyang Town, it was very difficult to obtain. Therefore, he had no choice but to leave for Yan City. As long as you possessed sufficient funds, you would be able to obtain most of the things you needed there.

Elixirs, Secret Spirit Skills, Secret Arts, Martial Arts and much more. Of course, on the condition that you had enough “Yang Yuan Pills”…

With regards to “Yang Yuan Pills”, Lin Dong had made extremely ample preparations over this period. After all, the fact that he was guarding a vein of Yang Yuan Stones combined with the refining efficiency of the Stone Talisman, it would be rather difficult to stay poor. Of course, these were all due to the Stone Talisman, thus he did not reveal any of it to Lin Xiao and the rest.

Even though the current Lin Dong had a gift for Mental Energy, the Secret Spirit Skills that he practised was limited to the “Materialized Spirit Needle” he obtained from Gu Ying. As for Secret Arts, it was even more embarrassing. Qing Yuan Art was completely unable to satisfy his cultivation needs. These things needed to be replaced and Qingyang Town was clearly unable to provide what he needed.

“You’ve already grown up and can make your own decisions. Since you are going to Yan City, you should have already made your own plans. This old sack of bones has nothing more to say except that you need to remember that Yan City cannot be compared to Qingyang Town. You need to be especially careful there. When do you intend to leave?” Lin Zhentian muttered to himself for a while, in the end, he did not object.

“I will leave tomorrow. After all, I only have two months.” Lin Dong chuckled.

“Okay.” Lin Zhentian lightly nodded his head and took out a low-grade Qiankun Bag. Due to the Yang Yuan Stone Mining Lode, they had now started using these things which they had seen as  luxurious in the past.

“There are one hundred Yang Yuan Pills in here, it could be considered to be the entire savings of our Lin Family over this period. Take it, in Yan City, you can do nothing without “Yang Yuan Pills”.”

When he saw the Qiankun Bag that was being handed over and the earnest expression in the old man’s gaze, Lin Dong’s nose felt slightly bitter. These one hundred Yang Yuan Pills were an enormous sum to the Lin Family. In the past, they would have to sell off a few of their manors before they could gather such a sum.

“Grandfather, don’t worry. I will not let the Lin Family be ruined at the Blood Cloth Sect’s hands.” Though Lin Dong’s secret personal funds were ample, he knew that he could not reject this bag, or else Lin Zhentian and the rest would not let him go to Yan City alone. Thus he immediately received it and softly replied.

Lin Zhentian chuckled as he patted Lin Dong’s shoulders. Then, he suddenly said: “Don’t carry too much on your shoulders. Remember, if you feel that you are still unable to match up to Wei Tong after two months, ignore the wager. As long as you live, there will be hope. A moment of integrity does not make you a hero.”

Lin Dong silently nodded, the fists within his sleeves slowly clenching tightly. If he did not go, the Lin Family would definitely face a calamity.

“Over this period, our Lin Family had also established some bases in Yan City. If there are any problems, go to those places. Your father will fill you in on the details later.”

“Two months later, we will also go to the Yan City Duel Arena. Like I said before, if you are not certain, don’t appear. As long as you live, vengeance will always be possible in the future.”

Lin Dong quietly listened as he gazed at the old man who had suddenly become quite naggy. In the end, when the old man felt somewhat tired, he waved his hand and everyone slowly left the room.

The next day, Lin Dong led a horse out of the Lin Family estate’s main entrance. He did not intend to bring anyone else along and even Little Flame was temporarily left behind in Qingyang Town. Over this period, he did not plan to let anything hinder his training.

“Lin Dong-ge, take care.” At Lin Dong’s side, Qing Tan’s eyes were somewhat red as she looked at the former and softly said.

Lin Dong smiled and rubbed Qing Tan’s tiny head before lifting his own to look at Lin Zhentian and the rest who were standing at the entrance: “Grandfather, Father, let us meet again in two months!”

After saying these words, he no longer tarried and straightaway mounted the horse. Raising his horse whip, the two transformed into a cloud of yellow dust as they swiftly galloped away from Qingyang Town.

Gazing at the back of the youngster who was swiftly disappearing into the distance, Lin Zhentian and the rest sighed. Now, they could only pray in their hearts that Lin Dong would be able to achieve sufficient progress to contend against Wei Tong within these two months…

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