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Chapter 569

In Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang realized that there was a strange phenomenon, that a majority of the students were only learning Devil Subduing Method s, and the rest of the skills were not very powerful, other than the Devil Subduing Method, he had never seen anyone in Devil-subduing College who used a strong demonic cultivation technique.

He once told Long Xueyi to use the Heaven tour method to search the so-called Book Collection Vault, but he didn't find many Demon Fighting Techniques inside. Even if there were, Chen Xiang would often hear about it, but he had heard it from Zuo Zhenxuan.

"The fellows from Devil-subduing College hate me so much, but they still want to give me a good opportunity to learn even more powerful Demon Fighting Techniques. They have ill intentions." Chen Xiang muttered.

"He must have intentionally lured you out of the Devil-subduing College, and then tried to kill you." Su Meiyao said.

"eight-armed gold ape, I remember that this kind of thing is pretty impressive. A profound beast level seven to nine is equivalent to the strength of a human Hundred refining realm. To let you handle this kind of thing right now, it seems like you really have good intentions." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang laughed: "This eight-armed gold ape seems to be coming from all over the east, I can still deal with it. I thought that at that time, there would definitely be someone who would take advantage of my carelessness and attack me secretly.

At night, Chen Xiang turned into a bird and quietly flew out of the academy. In two days time, he arrived at the place where the eight-armed gold ape had appeared.

"Did you find that guy?" Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi.

"I'm looking for it. These are all big guys, so it's easy to find them." Long Xueyi said.

After a while, Long Xueyi suddenly exclaimed and said: "There's more than one eight-armed gold ape, there's a total of five of them, and one of them is the Eight-Armed Ape King!"

When Chen Xiang heard it, his face was filled with shock. He sucked in a breath of cold air.

"Could it be that those fellows already knew about it, that's why they sent me here? However, why are there so many eight-armed gold ape gathered here? These fellows should all be here on their own." Chen Xiang asked doubtfully.

"Let me try and see if I can hear anything from the conversation of these big guys. They're all gathered together by the Ape King, so there must be something very important going on." Long Xueyi was also very curious about this.

Long Xueyi probed for a while before exclaiming, "This Eight-Armed Ape King found a tree. From the descriptions in its mouth, it is a fruit tree that can bear gold, is the size of a fist, and is as hard as a strong fruit. Furthermore, the fruit tree is also very strong!"

After Su Meiyao heard it, she immediately shouted out: "Diamond fruit, it's definitely right. eight-armed gold ape s are born with the ability to track this type of fruit.

"However, this kind of Diamond fruit is very difficult to produce. It needs a large amount of Life Qi to be absorbed. If you want to get quick results, you have to use your blood to water it!"

Long Xueyi was suddenly enlightened: "These guys are discussing about catching humans. It seems like the Diamond fruit tree is nearby!"

"eight-armed gold ape can only reach the peak of the profound beast at best, relying on their own cultivation, it's impossible for them to change into human form. However, once they can find Diamond fruit, it means that they can level up, as long as they can transform into human form, they can continue to cultivate." Su Meiyao said.

"What exactly is that Diamond fruit? I've never heard of it before." Chen Xiang was more doubtful, judging from Su Meiyao's reaction just now, he knew that this Diamond fruit was definitely a treasure.

"This is the main ingredient used to refine Mixed diamond Dan!"

"Wow." Chen Xiang's heart jumped, this was a Heaven level Pill, he never thought that the Devil-subduing College would actually arrange such a good job for him, although the Heaven level Pill was still far from him, but he was very willing to collect some ingredients to concoct the Heaven level Pill in advance.

"The Eight-Armed Ape King is very smart, but he hasn't told the other eight-armed gold ape where the tree is located yet." Long Xueyi continued to probe, when she heard this kind of powerful fruit, she secretly drooled. Although she couldn't eat the big harvest, there would definitely be many opportunities in the future.

"Don't be afraid, I have some experience in searching for the Diamond fruit tree." Su Meiyao laughed complacently: "Just kill all these houses. If they really want to produce Diamond fruit, they will need to kill tens of millions of people to produce one!"

Killing tens of millions of people to bear even one fruit, Chen Xiang was dumbstruck. He took out the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, even though the other party had quite a number of people, he was not afraid at all.

"These guys have metal properties, you can use fire to kill them." Bai Youyou said: "In the end, swallow them all. The special energy within their bodies, can strengthen your body!"

With Long Xueyi's help, it was extremely simple. When Chen Xiang got close, he fiercely revolved the True Qi in his body, the Innate Qi in the 40,000 Zhenyuan granule s in his Dantian suddenly surged, forming a powerful and dense Genuine qi of universe in his Dantian, then through the effect of the Heaven fire soul, it formed an even stronger Qiankun flame, which was released from Chen Xiang's body.

The eight-armed gold ape were all very big, and were as tall as three people. They had golden fur and a body as tough as diamond. The scariest part was that they had eight thick arms, and the arms were very long.

These flames were the most terrifying they had ever seen in their entire history, causing them to immediately let out a series of howls. At the same time, countless fire dragons spurted out from beneath their bodies, wrapping themselves around these big figures.

Chen Xiang's current spiritual sense and mana were both very strong, and the binding power of his Fire Vine was even stronger. Furthermore, he was using the flames these eight-armed gold ape were most afraid of to bind it, which would be even more effective.

"The flames are truly good stuff. I can see the fear in their eyes. Chen Xiang held onto the blazing Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, his expression was calm, and he laughed lightly.

Looking at these gigantic beasts, Chen Xiang laughed coldly, and flew up, throwing out a violent slash towards one of them. In the blink of an eye, the fire energy above the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was used, causing the fire blade energy to become even stronger, this divine blade was like an angry fire dragon possessing its body, spitting out angry flames, releasing an angry fire dragon that was like lightning, imposing and sweeping through the head of a eight-armed gold ape.

The other four eight-armed gold ape s that were tied up by the fire vines suddenly released heaven shaking, miserable roars, shaking the surrounding leaves to the point that they were shaking and the ground was trembling. However, Chen Xiang was expressionless, as under the restraints of his Qiankun flames, these eight-armed gold ape were basically unable to resist at all.

Looking at the bloody hole on the head, Chen Xiang smiled with satisfaction, and flew over, his left hand turned into a red dragon claw that looked like it had been burned by a furnace spirit, reaching into the eight-armed gold ape's body and grabbing a walnut-sized beast core.

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