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Chapter 570

After he succeeded, Chen Xiang used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in his hands to kill the remaining four eight-armed gold ape, all of which used an extremely strong flame energy to pierce through their heads.

Of course, when he killed the Eight-Armed Ape King, he even used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell to search the memories in his mind to find the whereabouts of the Diamond fruit Tree.

In just a few moments, had easily taken care of five eight-armed gold ape that made people tremble in fear. After all, his Heaven fire was the one that eight-armed gold ape was most afraid of.

"We can't waste these five corpses, use the Devouring magic kungfu to swallow them." Bai Youyou said.

One of his hands was placed on one end of the pile. As he channeled the Devouring magic kungfu, he used it to allow the Fire Dan Tian to appear at the same time. This way, the refined power would flow through his entire body, allowing him to quickly and safely digest the energy that was being devoured.

During the process of devouring, in order to take advantage of the time and the refined power, he had also swallowed the five beast cores that he had just obtained. At that moment, the boundless pure energy suddenly burst and surged in his body, and the refined power that he had released also increased by a large amount, quickly refining the beast cores and the energy that he had swallowed, disintegrating a large amount of pure life essence and a variety of strange energies. Some of them flowed into his body, some flowed into his sea of consciousness, some fed his soul, and some had a large amount of pure energy.

The Zhenyuan granule in Chen Xiang's Dantian quickly lit up, one after another. He never thought that the corpses of these eight-armed gold ape and beast cores would have such a great use, allowing his body and Innate Qi to increase so quickly. It could be said that it was growing rapidly, causing his face to be filled with shock.

"Three hundred, five hundred, seven hundred... Fifteen hundred, and eighteen hundred. " Chen Xiang was standing at his original spot, quietly counting, not much time had passed, the four gigantic eight-armed gold ape s' corpses, had also gradually shriveled up.

"This speed is too fast." Chen Xiang was suddenly a little worried, because he had just stepped into the Soul Martial Realm not long ago, and this realm was mainly focused on training the Congenital kungfu soul.

"Don't be afraid, this is how the Devouring magic kungfu is. Isn't your Elder Sister Meng'er also rapidly rising in a short amount of time? What's more, you still have the Fire god method." Bai Youyou said: "Back then, I used it even more crazily than you!"

Chen Xiang couldn't help but shiver, because Bai Youyou's words made a scene of a cold and beautiful devil woman devouring everyone that came into his mind.

Very quickly, only a few dregs of the four eight-armed gold ape's corpses remained. Just as Bai Youyou had said, the energy contained within the eight-armed gold ape's body was able to quickly strengthen his body and strengthen his body to the twenty-first stage of the Immortal Devil Body.

But, he had not completely digested all five of the beast cores he had swallowed. This eight-armed gold ape was a mutant, it was stronger than all the other Black rock snake he had encountered last time, and its energy was even thicker as well. Those Black rock snake could not use true energy, so naturally they could not be refined.

"The strongest of the Eight-Armed Ape King, it would take me at least two hours to completely refine all of this energy. If I can condense a total of four thousand Zhenyuan granule, I might be able to step into the middle stage of the Soul Martial Realm and even obtain the Power of giving." Chen Xiang clenched his fists in excitement. Of course, he also knew that this kind of strong profound beast was hard to find and there weren't many of them.

"Four thousand pills, and it's still increasing. The Power of giving is coming." After two hours, Chen Xiang suddenly became nervous. When the Power of giving rushed over crazily, he was also able to completely digest the energy in the beast cores. Now was the time for him to enjoy the Power of giving.

Once he reached the Extreme realm, every time he broke through, the number of Zhenyuan granule would increase by multiple times. The same was true for the others, but they were not as many as the number of Power of giving he had.

The Power of giving could increase his strength by nine times, which meant that he would need a large amount of time to compress it into his Dantian. Chen Xiang was worried that someone might appear, because the reason to kill the eight-armed gold ape was actually the Devil-subduing College.

"If I knew the energy of these eight-armed gold ape were so dense, I wouldn't have eaten their beast cores." Chen Xiang was a little regretful. Previously, when he swallowed those Black rock snake, it was much worse than this.

"What are you afraid of? With me here, are you questioning my strength?" Long Xueyi scoffed.

"Of course not, I'm more at ease now." Chen Xiang laughed, sat cross legged and began to absorb the Power of giving.

"I am your goddess protector. I only strike when you are in danger. Powerful people always make their appearance at the very end." Long Xueyi said as she scratched her head.

Of course, if she knew that Chen Xiang had once seen her as a beast pet, she would definitely throw out all the crude words that she had learnt from Leng Youlan, scolding him until he was bleeding all over.

"In my heart, the Guardian Goddesses are all mature and charming like Sister You You You and Sister Meiyao. Their bodies are slim, their beauty is extraordinary, and their auras are noble and noble. This Little Naughty Dragon of yours, no matter how you look at it, doesn't look like her at all." Chen Xiang mocked.

"Hmph, that's only because I haven't grown up yet. When This Dragon grows up, I will definitely bewitch you, a little scoundrel, until your soul is no longer in your body." Long Xueyi said unhappily.

"Just come as you wish. Also, you can't fool me without taking off your clothes, haha …"

"Hmph." Long Xueyi was not a girl. She had inherited memories from the dragon egg and had stayed inside for many years, which made her the equivalent of an old guy. There were some things that she knew even more than Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao.

Suddenly, a sinister laughter was heard.

"Haha …" Chen Xiang, you are truly powerful, you took care of the eight-armed gold ape so quickly, then what are you still doing here, could it be that you are injured! "

This voice was unexpectedly Dongfang Yao's, because Chen Xiang had already met with this situation a long time ago, so he was extremely calm at this moment. As he absorbed the Power of giving, he sneered: "What are you doing here, I'm the one who killed the eight-armed gold ape!"

"There is a saying that goes' death cannot be proven '. If I kill you, who knows. Besides, what you have is more precious than that eight-armed gold ape." Dongfang Yao's handsome face suddenly became sinister, the Emperor's Qi around his body suddenly disappeared, as if he was a devil possessed by a demon.

But in the next moment, Dongfang Yao regained his senses. Chen Xiang could tell that he was prepared to attack, but he suddenly stopped.

This was a trap that Dongfang Yao and the others had set for Chen Xiang, but now that Chen Xiang had decided to follow their plan, they decided to trick him instead.

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