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Chapter 555

"I see. It's a fire dragon. It's covered in flames and has fiery-red crystal-like scales. It looks a lot more beautiful than the Azure Dragon." As Chen Xiang spoke, the Power of giving had already crazily surged into his body.

"Fire crystal-like scales, this is definitely the Imperial Dragon Race's dragon. How is this possible? You are just a human, how could you have the Imperial Dragon Race's dragon martial spirit?! This is impossible!" Long Xueyi exclaimed.

Chen Xiang could not understand either. According to his knowledge, in order to obtain a powerful martial spirit like the Dragon Soul, one usually had to fuse with a Dragon Soul. That was why Long Xueyi felt it was strange.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou were also incomparably surprised and delighted. They knew that with this kind of martial spirit, Chen Xiang would definitely be able to obtain stronger power in the future.

"I can't know how strong the Congenital kungfu soul is in the short term, but it's definitely not weak." Su Meiyao laughed. She was very happy to learn that her man possessed such a bizarre Congenital kungfu soul.

Long Xueyi scoffed, "That's for sure, our Imperial Dragon Race's Dragon Soul is the strongest. According to his description, the Fire Dragon he saw was most likely the Fire God Dragon, the strongest existence among all the fire dragons!"

Chen Xiang's spirit of power came from the Dragon Power, and because he possessed the Heaven fire soul, his true qi was more like fire. It was understandable for him to have cultivated the Fire Dragon Martial Spirit.

Not only was its speed fast, it also gave him a feeling of incomparable comfort. After all, this was a martial spirit that he had cultivated on his own, unlike the Thunder Soul and Fire Soul that he had fused with before, which could kill him with pain.

After fusing with the Fire Dragon Martial Spirit, the Power of giving started to enter even more crazily. Every time he broke through, the increased power would come from this mysterious Power of giving, but Chen Xiang discovered that he was able to compress the Power of giving inside his True Origin at a much faster rate.

Even when compared to the previous times when he had obtained it, he was faster. He suspected that this was because he had cultivated the Congenital kungfu soul.

"You have already stepped into the Soul Martial Realm, the main thing is to cultivate the Congenital kungfu soul, at the same time you raise your cultivation, you have to cultivate the Congenital kungfu soul to its peak state." Su Meiyao said.

"I thought it would be difficult for the Congenital kungfu soul to grow at its peak condition?" Chen Xiang was confused.

Once the Congenital kungfu soul reaches the Extreme realm, it will exist and perish together with your flesh. No matter how your flesh is destroyed, as long as you do not die, the Congenital kungfu soul will be fine, but right now, your flesh is injured, and the recovery speed is much slower than the speed of your body! "Su Yun said with a calm voice.

Once it surpassed the limit, it would attract Nirvana Doom, and a martial spirit would indeed have the effect of consolidating the soul and body.

He only used 10 days to digest those Power of giving s, and his dantian had an additional 20,000 true essence grains. This was the first time he had true essence grains.

Chen Xiang looked at his own finger, and quickly condensed a touch of Dragon Power. He felt that his control over this Dragon Power was even more fluid now, and when he transformed his Innate Qi into the Dragon Power, not only did he do as he pleased, the amount of True Qi he consumed also decreased.

He had already stayed here for nine years, and because Su Meiyao had frequent interactions with him, he did not feel bored.

"I should be able to start refining the profound level Shangping Dan now. I feel that I have improved tremendously in every aspect." Just as Chen Xiang took out the Yanlong furnace, he heard Zuo Zhenprofound's voice.

"Chen Xiang, because something happened, you can't stay in there anymore, so you have to hurry up and come out. When you heard me, you immediately gave me an answer." Zuo Zhenprofound's voice was extremely anxious.

Although Chen Xiang had stayed inside for nine years, it had only been nine days since the outside. He asked in puzzlement, "It's convenient for me to leave now.

"We'll talk about it when we get out!"

In the middle of the room, a beam of light suddenly appeared. Chen Xiang walked in and reached the big hall on top of the huge building.

"Isn't it only nine days? I still have eleven days." Seeing Zuo Zhenprofound, Chen Xiang immediately said.

"Who would have thought that Devil-suppressing Divine Palace would act so quickly. I just received news that two Devil-subduing College s would be teleported here from other realms within four to six hours. Not only that, there will be a group of elites coming out from the top of the Heaven Realm with strengths ranging from the Extreme realm to the Nirvana Stage." Zuo Zhenprofound also felt that this was very troublesome. He was worried that he would be persecuted again when the time came.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and frowned: "Devil-suppressing Divine Palace is crazy, sending a group of elites down, this group of elites are not going anywhere, especially those Nirvana Stage's, they probably have a much easier time crossing Nirvana Doom than they do in Mortal Realm, right?"

Zuo Zhenprofound shook his head: "I feel that they aren't here just to find the missing Zheng Chu, but also for some other reason. Right now, not only the people from above Heaven Realm, there are also two other Devil-subduing College s who will be moving over!"

"I wonder what Fire Divine Palace will do now. If they do too, then it must mean that there is something hidden in Mortal Wu Realm that they covet, or perhaps they have a reason for doing so." Chen Xiang pondered.

"I'll let you know when I have more information. During this time, you should stay in the Devil-subduing College with your two little lovers." Zuo Zhenprofound said.

Chen Xiang nodded his head and was about to leave, but Zuo Zhenprofound suddenly said: "Right, your two little lovers are not in the residence, they were assigned some tasks by the academy, seems to be in the mountain range over at Sheep Head Mountain, they should be there to capture profound beasts!"

The Goat Head Mountain was very close to the Devil-subduing College, and it was a very dangerous place, because very few people went in there. Furthermore, there were a lot of powerful demon beasts, especially those that had evolved to the profound beast level.

As for whether or not there was a beast in human form, no one knew.

"They should be in the outer area, Little Naughty Dragon, go and take a look." Chen Xiang quickly arrived at the Sheep-head Mountain. The mountain looked like a mountain with two big horns, and Chen Xiang was standing on top of one of them.

"Found it, they're hiding in a cave. There are a few people waiting for them in the cave." Long Xueyi said somewhat angrily: "I think they were forced to hide in the cave. There are still many array formations inside the cave!"

"Quick, tell me the location." Chen Xiang took out the Allheaven Gate, his voice full of rage.

The spatial door opened, and Chen Xiang stepped in to a dark mountain cave. Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were sitting at the end of the mountain cave, holding an oval stone the size of a watermelon in their hands.

Chen Xiang could feel a dense life force coming out from the oval rock in their hands. He knew they were two demon beast eggs, and the kind of demon beasts that had been strong since birth.

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