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Chapter 554

Right now, if he wanted to enter the Soul Martial Realm, he would need to condense 2000 true essence particles, which was twice the level of the previous realm. Not only would he need to improve his true qi after stepping into the Soul Martial Realm, the most important thing was to cultivate up to the Congenital kungfu soul.

This Congenital kungfu soul was very special, it was formed by fusing the weak consciousness hidden within the true energy in the body with the strong spiritual consciousness. After the Congenital kungfu soul was created, it would be like the Fire Soul, entering into every cell of the body and strengthening a martial artist.

Of course, everyone had different martial spirits. For example, a martial artist who cultivated thunder-attribute zhen qi, his Congenital kungfu soul might be thunder-attribute, but it would take a long time for the Thunder Soul to evolve to its strongest form, so in a few cases, many people wanted to obtain a martial spirit of the five elements, but most of them were unable to do so.

Under normal circumstances, most of the condensed Martial Spirits were auxiliary training, allowing one to sense the surrounding spiritual energy more clearly. When absorbing the spiritual energy, it was quickly converted into Genuine Qi, and the Congenital kungfu soul was also known as the power soul. Warriors used their own powerful spiritual sense to sense the energy in the surroundings and then condensed this consciousness together to form a Martial Spirit.

"For example, the Fire Soul and the Thunder Soul have been in existence for tens of thousands of years before you have a strong power after you fuse them together, and a martial artist's Congenital kungfu soul will need a period of nurturing before it can evolve to its most powerful form. At least, right now, Senior Sister and I have yet to completely unearth the power of our martial souls." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was stuck at the bottleneck of his Solidified Martial Spirit. After entering the late stage of the Spirit Martial Realm, he had already cultivated up to two thousand crystals, and his consciousness had reached the limit, but this was still not considered a breakthrough. He had to cultivate out the Congenital kungfu soul to be able to obtain the Power of giving.

"Will it be because I already have the Heaven fire soul and a lightning soul, that it will be difficult for me to cultivate the Congenital kungfu soul?" Chen Xiang said in a depressed tone. He tried for more than a month but to no avail.

"Right now, your problem is that you cannot feel the power of the spirit, all living things have a spirit, power also has a spirit, you can only feel the power of your body and gather all these spirits together. Once these spirits are complete, it will be a Martial Spirit, but it will only be in its elementary form, but it will bring you many benefits." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang took a light breath and continued to try. However, after a day had passed, he still failed. Now, he was extremely curious about what kind of Congenital kungfu soul he would learn.

"Sister Meiyao, how's your Congenital kungfu soul?" Chen Xiang looked at Su Meiyao who was sitting on the bedside and asked curiously.

"At that time, my strongest form of strength was when my powers fused with the five different types of attributes. I am the Alchemist, and my flames were the stronger of the five different attributes. In the end, my martial spirit became the Tai Chi Fire Lotus Form, looking like a fire lotus, but also like the Tai Chi Diagram." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang sighed, he never thought that the Congenital kungfu soul would actually be so strange.

Bai Youyou said: "My Congenital kungfu soul is an ice sword!"

"Did you guys know what form your Congenital kungfu soul had from the beginning?" Chen Xiang asked again. He wanted to understand the Congenital kungfu soul and figure out how he could cultivate it.

"That's right. Although you know it, you can't release it. However, when your martial spirit grows for a period of time, you can condense it into a human form and release it into your body. You can attack and use it as a defense." Bai Youyou said.

Su Meiyao who was deep in thought suddenly frowned: "Little Scoundrel, when you cultivate your Martial Spirit, release your strongest power, and then try again, can you feel the spirit in your power!"

Chen Xiang's consciousness was extremely strong, but he was unable to sense the spirit in the power, this was a very strange phenomenon, and now Su Meiyao seemed to have figured out the reason.

"Isn't the strongest power the Dragon Power?" Chen Xiang said as he slightly furrowed his brows. He now had over twenty thousand primeval essence grains, so the condensed Dragon Power was extremely terrifying.

"Hurry up and try." Su Meiyao urged.

Chen Xiang sat down cross legged and started to circulate the Innate Qi in his body through the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu technique, quickly transforming it into the Dragon Power, then compressed it into the Dantian.

"Turn all my Zhen Qi into Dragon Power." said with some difficulty. At this time, he and Bai Youyou had no choice but to lean against the wall, because the terrifying pressure that was being emitted from Chen Xiang's body was becoming stronger and stronger. Although they had some strength now, they were very weak.

As the number of Dragon Power s that Chen Xiang had condensed increased, the two girls could not hold on any longer and had no choice but to enter the storage ring. The stone room also started to slightly tremble, the chairs, cups, etc.

At this time, Chen Xiang compressed the condensed Dragon Power in his dantian, forming a small ball that was revolving. Only by doing this, could these Dragon Power become much quieter.

His true energy had completely turned into Dragon Power, and he immediately used the method of sensing the spirit of power in the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu to release his divine sense. He had tried many times before but to no avail.

But now that he had tried it, he could feel the Dragon Power's incomparably active spirit in his dantian. This made him extremely excited, so it turned out that his power's spirit was hidden in his strongest state.

The Dragon Power was condensed into a small ball by Chen Xiang and the scattered Dragon Power spirits were all inside. At this moment, it was simply too easy for him to gather them all.

After sensing the Dragon Power's spirit, Chen Xiang immediately released his mana and gathered it together. The boundless mana enveloped the small sphere condensed from the powerful Dragon Power and slowly squeezed the Dragon Power's spirit together.

Half a day passed, and Chen Xiang suddenly opened his eyes, because in that moment, he saw a dragon soaring out of nowhere, its entire body wreathed in flames.

"Success." Su Meiyao shouted in delight, "It's time for the Power of giving to appear. If it's still nine times stronger, you will have an additional 18,000 primeval stones and 40,000 of them. What kind of strength will you have then?!"

Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao were really looking forward to it, but the ball made of Dragon Power in Chen Xiang's Dantian had already melted and turned into true qi, and the condensed Congenital kungfu soul also started to fuse with every single cell in his body.

"Did you see the shape of your Congenital kungfu soul?" Su Meiyao asked curiously.

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