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Chapter 522 Romance in a Bath

Chen Xiang thought that one could enter the Stellar Transposition Realm as long as he or she wished, but now he learned that there was a limitation. However, twenty days was not bad, because it would be twenty years inside!

Just the thought of it made him excited.

"The Stellar Transposition Realm requires a lot of powerful energy to maintain its operation, but it has been storing a lot of energy since a very old time. However, only I can release that energy. Now, if they want to activate the Stellar Transposition Realm, they must first use a lot of energy to open an entrance, then use something energetic on their own to activate the Stellar Transposition Grand Formation." Zuo Zhenxuan continued.

Chen Xiang suddenly asked, "Sir, do you mean that you can let me enter the Stellar Transposition Realm now?"

"Of course I can, but I have to do that in the Demon Subduing Academy. Give me a couple days to rest, then I'll go back and deal with that old hag!" As Zuo Zhenxuan gave the speech, he closed his eyes and absorbed the Spirit Qi of heaven and earth to nourish his body. After staying in the iron cage for so long, he had already consumed a lot of his elemental energy.

Chen Xiang also sat quietly to the side as he tried to comprehend the strange mantra of the Demon Subduing Force. He wanted to see through the Great Perfection Stage in the eleventh level of this divine technique!

The Great Perfection Stage of Demon Fighting Power was definitely very powerful. It required an integration of mantra of all the ten levels, but it was not easy to execute.

"Chen Xiang, if you borrow my power and fuse yours with mine, you will be able to contend with that Liao Shaoyun! That guy is about to experience the Nirvana Tribulation soon. Even if you can't kill him, you can take advantage of this opportunity to disrupt his chance of passing the Nirvana Tribulation and inflict serious injuries on him. In this way, it will be extremely difficult for him to pass the Nirvana Tribulation in the future." Long Xueyi said.

Liao Shaoyun had already reached the peak of Extreme Realm. As long as he survived the Nirvana Tribulation, he would be able to step into the Nirvana Realm. The longer the Nirvana Tribulation got postponed, the more powerful he would be. He would definitely not suppress his cultivation to delay the time of passing the Nirvana Tribulation. However, if he was seriously injured, he would have no choice but to suppress his cultivation in order to prevent himself from being sensed by the Nirvana Tribulation.

"Are you sure about that?" Chen Xiang took a deep breath. Right now, he was only at the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm. It was already very difficult for him to deal with a warrior at the Soul realm, not to mention the Hundred Refinement realm beyond it.

"Don't look down on me, I grew up much faster than you. If I had to get a rank on my strength, I would be at least in the Hundred Refinement Realm!" Long Xueyi said with a snort.

Chen Xiang had long known that Long Xueyi's strength was not negligible. Now that he heard it, he was really scared. One must know that the dragon power Long Xueyi used was authentic and was not as consuming as his.

"However, you know that you need to fully fuse with my strength. You should know what the consequences will be after that." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang had a very strong flesh body. He felt that even if he merged with Long Xueyi's strength, it wouldn't be any serious consequences. It should be noted that many Nirvana Realm warriors were not as powerful as him regarding physical body and divine sense.

"Alright, when I return to the Demon Subduing Academy, I will immediately look for Liao Shaoyun!" Chen Xiang decided that he must get rid of Liao Shaoyun, the person who had gone against him several times.

"Hmph. Don't look down on my power. Later you will understand that it hurts your flesh body a lot to fuse with my strength, while it will not leave behind any flaws." Long Xueyi said.

In order to get revenge, Chen Xiang didn't care too much. Otherwise, he would be suffocated to death by the anger in his heart.

A few days later, he selected the mantra for the first to tenth levels of the Demon Subduing Force, in a hope of assembling them into the mantra for the eleventh level. However, his efforts were futile, because he did not know how to reassemble it. If he made a mistake, his cultivation would go berserk.

"Let's go!" At this moment, Zuo Zhenxuan appeared to be energetic in a good spirit. A faint mist surrounded his body, making him look like an immortal.

Chen Xiang was extremely happy in his heart to make friends with such a formidable man.

Chen Xiang didn't know how Zuo Zhenxuan knew the direction towards the Demon Subduing Academy. He seemed to sense it after he closed his eyes for a moment. Then, he pulled Chen Xiang along as they sprinted across the sea surface at an extremely fast speed. In just a few seconds, they had left the small island and arrived on the continent, flying among mountains and hills.

Zuo Zhenxuan was jumping up and down one hill after another. His speed was so fast that Chen Xiang couldn't even catch his breath.

"What a powerful flesh body. It seems that I can move faster." Zuo Zhenxuan laughed. His speed was indeed much faster than before. Right now, Chen Xiang only felt as if the streams of air were sharp blades that were slicing through his body.

In just half a day, Zuo Zhenxuan and Chen Xiang saw the tall and imposing buildings. They were none other than the Demon Subduing Academy.

"All those old fellows who attacked me years ago had to die!" A seemingly kind old man like Zuo Zhenxuan suddenly emitted a sharp killing intent. He had been holding back his anger for three hundred years, and now he could not help but releasing it all in one go.

"Sir, you'd better get rid of them one by one. Don't let them unite together, otherwise it'll be detrimental to you." Chen Xiang said.

There were several old fellows in the Academy who had passed the Eighth Nirvana Tribulation. Zuo Zhenxuan was the same as them, but since he knew the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force, he was more powerful than them. If they were to fight him alone, he would take an advantageous position.

"I know! To deal with despicable people like them, we should use their methods." Zuo Zhenxuan smiled sinisterly, leaving the words "wait for me" before .

Chen Xiang looked at the sun in the sky and shook his head before sighing. "It seems that a few powerful old fellows are going to fall today."

His was the prompt of all of that.

"Little dragon, lock onto Liao Shaoyun. As long as those old fellows die, I will make my move." Chen Xiang said.

"Got it." Long Xueyi used the divine ability of Spirit Traveling Around the Nine Heavens to make her consciousness drift in the Demon Subduing Academy, then searched for Liao Shaoyun through sensing his aura.

Not long after Long Xueyi started, a wave of rumbling sound exploded inside of the Academy. Chen Xiang saw from afar a huge building suddenly shatter, and the area within a radius of a hundred miles around the Academy was also violently shaken by the shockwaves, causing the ground to crack.

That was an act of a person who had survived the Eighth Nirvana Tribulation! Such a man could destroy a whole continent in a a single move, let alone a college!

"Damned, I should have told Xianxian and Youlan to come out first." Chen Xiang had been repeatedly enjoining Zuo Zhenxuan to take his action quietly, but he never expected the commotion to be so loud.

As a result, he had no choice but to use his Luotian Gate to open a spatial gate that led to Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan's residence.

After entering the spatial gate, Chen Xiang appeared in the bathroom. He saw Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian naked with some petals in their hands as they gently rubbed their flawless bodies!

Seeing the two snow-white bodies filled with pink petals, Chen Xiang almost suffocated from the visual impact. Especially when he saw the two pairs of sparkling and round "jade peaks", he couldn't help but take in a deep breath to calm himself down!

"Brother!" Leng Youlan hurriedly rushed over as she saw Chen Xiang appear.

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